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Some of you know I got into this blogging business when I started The Truth About Cars. I have to say the car industry is, in the main, suffused with thieves and liars. I’m glad I’m out of it. In contrast . . .

I’ve had [almost] nothing but great experiences working in the firearms industry. In the rare cases where a gun company took umbrage at our reviews or coverage (e.g., Remington and Masterpiece Arms), we’ve been able to mend fences. With the sole exceptions of Charter Arms and Swarovski. (Our door is always open.)

As our Quote of the Day indicates, it looks like there’s a burned bridge between TTAG and Rock River Arms. So be it.

The contretemps over RRA’s and Springfield’s Illinois gun dealer carve-out and payments to anti-gun pols notwithstanding, I have nothing but admiration for the men and women supplying arms, ammunition and gun gear in support of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

Then again, we’re in the industry. What’s the view like outside? How do you find the firearms industry? If you like a particular company’s stance or style, now would be a good time for a shout-out. If you’ve got a ten-foot pole for others, go for it.

And kudos to Stag Arms for creating that . . . thing for American Gun Chic.

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  1. Industry, including blogs, advertisers, wholesalers, all of that seems great to me, by and large.

    Some sad exceptions here and there, but overall I haven’t come across a more ruthlessly honest industry – precisely because the customers demand it.

    Never, ever let up on that, either!

      • I have, as well as recent updates to the fixed between Mr and (the original) Mrs Glock. Gaston is a dirty, greedy old man. So what? He invented a fine product and built a company that treats its customers well. I’ve owned a dozen various models over the years and have never had a reason to send one in for repair, though I have heard good things about Glock CS.

      • Capitalism can be a dirty and a profitable activity.

        The godless socialist and the god fearing christian both agree. Its good to be a hypocrite hating gun makers and still using their products.

        If it doesn’t apply let it fly.

  2. Caution, rant: The gun industry makes plenty of money and they hate us and think we suck. They give us nothing, NOTHING. No support for our rights. None. They operate and pay taxes in deep blue states. They give loads of money to politicians actively trying to steal my rights. Yes you did RRA! STFU you pack of weasels. There are some exceptions Magpul and Barrett come to mind. If we lost all our rights tomorrow they would keep merrily selling to the jack booted thugs and not give a crap about us.

      • Seems, my rear end. See my Gordon Gecko quotes below. The quotes apply to the gun industry is my point.

        Cue the Taylor virtue-signalling, but Magpul took incentives to leave Colorado. They were looking at leaving prior to the magazine limit legislation.

    • Ruger has consistently for a few of the last years donated millions to the NRA. It is a 100% American company providing employment for thousands. It’s CS is noted for being beyond reproach (and at the other end we have Taurus; let’s piss customers off as much as we can). Their manufacturing plants are in NH, AZ & NC, all states with a strong 2A sentiment. A reputation for rugged, reliable firearms. If you can be the largest firearms manufacture and do it all here, even buying the raw materials, why can’t all companies. I agree with Trump, make America great again and make our own stuff here.

      • I’ve used Taurus CS and have no complaints at all. That was around 5 years ago. They responded quickly to my phone call with an RMA and no hassle to get it. While any time without a firearm is a long time, overall they got it back to me fairly quickly and went above and beyond on repairs. Only thing I could say is they could have thrown in some swag (tshirt, hat, spare mag) for me having to send it to be repaired in the first place. Since I’ve sent it back to them the firearm has run like a top. Clean, dirty doesn’t matter still runs. Any kind of ammo will feed as well.

  3. In general, I like what the industry produces more than the industry itself.

    Which leads back to the fact I tend to prefer inanimate objects over most people.

    (A fair percentage of people here are OK…)

      • Don’t sweat it, you and uncommon_sense are solidly on the OK side…

        (Some of those with no sense of humor on the other hand… )

        • Do you really have to ask, Gray? We all have the same favorite! It’s The_Resistance/Concerned American/ “paid Bloomberg troll du jour” of course!

          What is the community if not for the entertainment?

        • The ones with a sense of humor are my faves (Ralph), but a close second is when gems of true wisdom rain down from the proven reliable sources and from those completely unexpected. And most anyone else with a functional cerebellum. (Egads. that kinda leaves me out!).

          …and I do have a *very* soft spot for the trolls. I especially miss that little fvckwit troll that called itself ‘god’, that little twit was so much fun to slap around, I think I hurt its little feelings. 🙂

          The resistance-twit isn’t much fun, since all it does is copy-paste the same stale, debunked crap…

  4. Yes, with a few recent and notable exceptions, I do. I think we’re getting better guns these days at lower price points than just about any time in history.

  5. Many companies think they are hot shit and can charge a fortune for a mediocre product. Fine, I don’t (and won’t) buy it. Many companies are fantastic and offer amazing products, services, prices, and/or customer service. Awesome.

    Then there are companies like SA and RRA. Great products, but who got way too big for their britches and stabbed the community in the back for a few pieces of silver. At least SA hasn’t attacked their customers yet, but I’m not holding my breath. And this is coming from someone whose first firearm was an XDM.

    So for shoutouts? Silencerco, Hi-Point (awesome customer service for brick makers), Aero Precision, and Magpul.

    Shitlist? Dick’s, Big 5, RRA, Troy Industries, and Blackhawk (think LEOs are citizen +)

    Potentially redeemable? The NRA, and SA.

        • I just checked it, it loaded fine on F-fox.

          It was a pic of a Hi-Point pimped out in gold with a Silencerco ‘Ospry’, I think it was…

        • Just saw it. I’m not cool enough for that 🙁

          Maybe one day if I eat my Wheaties…

    • While SilencerCo may be doing good things for the gun industry with the HPA and everything, I have friends who have worked there (they designed the majority of SilencerCo’s silencers) who felt the Waldrons were mean-spirited, callous and put the bottom line over all else, including product quality.

      • I just might be able to guess who you’re talking about. Maybe not, but the scuttlebutt is plentiful enough to go around in these parts.

      • Really? Damn, that’s a shame if true. All of my interactions with them have been fantastic and their products awesome. Hell, they swapped out all of my Trifecta mounts for ASR ones for free in less than a week.

  6. Why, if it weren’t for the gun industry, I’d have to make my own firearms from scratch. That would be REALLY ugly!

  7. I think Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory should take a real long walk off a short pier carrying anchors. If these companies actually cared about their employees they would sell or quit and reinstate a new president CEO to run their entire company. The only reason why they are coming two the blog the truth about guns is simple they thought gun owners wouldn’t find out about their selling out to the anti-gun lobbyist. Then once it was discovered they try to claim some crap story that they didn’t know then this website the truth about guns expose them in a way that the readers discovered that they did know what was going on and they did know where the money was going to and they basically turn their back on gun owners and gun dealers of America in favor of being able to still manufacture their product and make money. Unfortunately the men and women who work at these manufacturers are going to take a hard hit unless these companies owners cell or quit and have one of the people of the gun actually run their company instead of being counters. If they don’t want to release the reins of leadership over there company so be it rest in peace Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms. And furthermore on Rock River Arms being aggravated by the story that the truth about guns put out about their company and their company practices and donating money to the lobbyist of anti-gun groups. Wooden that just too bad I guess you shouldn’t have gotten in bed with the Devil now you have to take the Wrath of the American people turning their backs on Rock River and Springfield y’all did this to yourselves you made your bed have a good time laying in it by yourself.

  8. I was going to say, “Yes, I like the firearms industry.” … until I read the comments from Jack and Geoff PR. Sadly, I think there is a lot of truth in their comments.

    I understand that firearms businesses want to be profitable and remain in business and I support those virtues in any business … as long as that business is not directly (or potentially even indirectly) undermining our families, culture, and nation.

    Alas we do not live in a perfect world and it is next to impossible to exist in our imperfect world without at least limited support of agendas that work against us.

  9. I really like Ruger, Blackhole Weaponry, Aero Precision and Glock for their customer support. (Shoutout to Dave Mallery from Glock)
    I like outfits like Tactical Firearms Solutions for their out of the box thinking and products.

  10. Not much navel gazing from me. Like /love or hate of a corporate entity? I reserve the like things for gun shops. And websites like TTAG. I don’t hate SA or RRA-bit I’ll never do business with them. I sympathize for their employees…

  11. well, like most industries there are manufacturers like henry that make a solid product and back it up, and there are also all of the other possible combo’s of that equation. there is a pretty good selection of (legally) available stuff despite the constraints on what we are allowed to own.
    i’m glad ithaca still makes pumps and parts, although they tell me there won’t be any other 1911 caibers offered. cz has my attention with pistols and rifles (hoping for a single stack metal pistol).
    15yrs in the powersports industry acquainted me with players there. i would nedd to attend a few shot shows to really be able to comment on the firearm bunch.
    and i am certainly enjoying the renaissance in the blade industry.

  12. I don’t get emotional about the Gun Industry.

    Gordon Gecko:

    “The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.”

    “Don’t run when you lose, don’t whine when it hurts. It’s like first grade. No one likes a cry baby.”

    “You’re walking around blind without a cane, pal. A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place.”

    “It’s not a question of enough, pal. It’s a Zero Sum game – somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn’t lost or made, it’s simply transferred – from one perception to another. Like magic.”

    “Lunch is for Wimps”

    Bud Fox:

    “You once told me Gordon, don’t get emotional about stock”.

  13. I have been treated well and have been happy with all of my guns, the manufacturers and my LGS. The reason I buy budget priced guns mostly is the fault of gun snobs on gun forums. I’ve had long guns since the 60s and only developed an interest in handguns in recent years. My first handgun was a Hi-Point C9 because I wanted my first handgun to be cheap in case it wasn’t for me and I had to see if the gun snobs could be right in their constant bashing of it. It was big, heavy and ugly but it was also reliable and accurate. I then figured that if they were wrong about Hi-Point, they might be wrong about others. That led me to buy a Phoenix HP-22 and a couple of Taurus. They were good so I figured I would ignore the gun snobs and buy the budget guns I want. I have and am happy with my Marlins, Mossbergs, RIA, Henry, Ruger and Smith & Wessons (pistol and AR-15).

    I think guns, customer service and prices are probably the best they have ever been because of greater competition, social media and communications.

  14. I’m in the gun business and I like the industry, BUT I don’t trust the manufacturers further than I can throw them. And one point or another, they’ve sold us out or they will sell us out. Every one of them. Almost.

    But dayum, I like the products. A lot.

  15. Mixed bag. Most of the small time folks are great. They shoot, carry and train themselves. They are directly affected by the same legislation that affect us and fight as though they are being personally attacked.

    The big boys are obnoxious jerkoffs. Some of the Ruger board shoots at my local range and every one of them I’ve met has been a pompous Fudd. If the big boys wanted to they could end the assault on the 2nd in one legislative season. Cease supplying the police and feds with any arms or ammo whatsoever until the full faith of “shall not be infringed” is honored for every citizen of this nation. Instead they make back room deals and sell us out for short term contracts or PR opportunities with lunatic leftists who will never be appeased in the first place.

  16. Manufacturers of guns, ammo and gear are very good, with only rare exceptions (which escape me at the moment). Regardless of how appealing (or not) their products are, they all tend to be forthright.

    The weak links in the “industry” are the slipshod web sites and LGSs. In particular, some of the assholes who work in LGSs. But look, working the counter of a gun shop is not a career unless you own the place. It’s still retail sales and there’s only so much you can make in that job, regardless of what you’re selling unless it yachts or Bugattis. You can’t get good people unless you can pay them and most places don’t have the margins.

  17. I love my Stag Arms model 2L. There are companies out there that do actually care about their customers, but I to think they are few and far between. Most companies (ie. Remington, Taurus etc.) Could care less about the customer, just as long as someone is buying their under quality crap. If they get caught shipping a gun model they know is a dud, they’ll contunue to ship it until its absolutely nessasary to address the issue. I buy quality, but I also try to take customer service into account. I read online that H&K civilian customer service is sub par…but I don’t know anyone who’s ever had to use them so I had no problem buying their products….there is that to be said. But, I try to stay away from any Freedom Group companies or products, and anything whos biggest selling point is its price.
    I think that MOST companies out there could care less about us, or they’d do more to make sure we as the consumer could consume our supressors and SBRs and giggle switches without infringements. Thats a LOT of missed revenue due to illegal goverment policy.

  18. I think it’s safe to say that the perception is that most gun manufacturers and their executives, staff and employees are Conservatives and for gun rights. That’s obviously not the case, especially with those companies that reside in small ( blue sections of America. They all must be assumed to be possessed of the values of those areas, namely (D). Yes, even Henry’s rifles. So no. None of those care about our 2nd Amendment rights more than their party plank, and most should be assumed to roll over on supplying you anything if, like Colt, they garner a large and sready enough federal or foreign contract. Think if you one day you found out that a convent of nuns owned and ran Victoria’s Secret, sure everyone needs underwear, but you couldn’t shake the notions of questioning their motivations from your head, and you simialarly shouldn’t with the gun industry. And, also similarly, you have to wonder what the $$$ from your support of their products is buying elsewhere.
    There’s a business saying, “Never let one customer, or one supplier, get bigger than 10% of your total business or else the loss of them might be too great.”
    Lake City Brass (Olin Group) in Missouri is nearly 80% of rifle/pistol brass manufacturing in the country. St. Mark’s Powder in FL produces for gov’t contracts. Most of our precious weapon and ammunition suppliers are NOT FOTG.
    Support whoever in your own terms, but I support those who suport the idea of our continued mutual support and I monitor them regularly. We could start a list here, or I could start my own blog, but you know the culprits, and some of you are more guilty than them.
    I always say “If you live in a blue state, you MAY be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name; are a liberal, progressive, coomunist, globalist, or rino, the problem is part of you, and your mother owes us an abortion.”
    And guns ain’t the only problem.

  19. I just wish that they would boycott the police departments of states where the 2nd ammendment is under fire. Just imagine if glock, S&W and sig stopped making contracts with police departments in slave states.

    • Aquatic: If you don’t work for the government, how would your particular company perform if the company started instituting situational/emotional boycotts? It’s a lot easier spending other people’s money.

  20. So, the car industry is “suffused with thieves and liars”, but the gun industry is not. I used to believe that and then I bought a chronograph. Now, I am forced to choose who to believe, the ammunition manufacturers marketing claims or my own lying eyes.

    • No, it’s couldn’t possibly be due to that; your chronograph just needs calibration, that’s all!


  21. Much Love for: Sig Sauer, Trijicon, Flir, Noveske, Wilson Combat, Aero, AAC

    These are companys I go back to time and time again and have never had an issue that they didn’t resolve to my satisfaction.

    Business as a whole, no matter what sector is just that, BUSINESS!!! If you don’t like it don’t support it. But all business comes back to the bottom line and that is something that cant be ignored. So love it or hate it, it is what it is. I will not be spending my money with RRA or Springfield.


  22. From a customer service perspective, the best way to judge a good company from a mediocre one is to see how they treat their customers who live outside the US. American gun owners would not tolerate for a second some of the games that certain companies play in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc, etc. Note that said companies play games by blaming importers and others, as if they didn’t agree to the importer carrying their products and providing necessary support.

    • As an Aussie I’ve had excellent service from Hornady and Lee Precision. Hornady replaced a broken (but still functional) part on a reloading press free of charge including express international postage. Lee would send their die sets out here cheaper than I could buy them locally.

      As for “Big Green’s” local importer, they are a bunch of @$$holes who strongarm the local gun magazines with threats of withdrawing advertising if there is ever a bad review.

  23. Shout outs:

    Thunder Beast Arms Corp. (Cust. Serve)
    SiCo (Cust. Serve)
    Ruger (Warranty Service) (Overall)
    Colorado Clays (Best square range I’ve been to. Thanks for the internet transfer too!)

    Shit List:
    RRA (Best customer service in any industry, at least IME, but at this point GFY. Serious atonement required.)
    Taurus (Good warranty work, but it shouldn’t have been needed.)
    All you liberals trashing campsites and calling the cops because you saw a .30-30/bolt gun/”assault weapon”. You’re why we can’t have nice things. And no, there is no fucking trash pickup service in the mountains! Pack it in, pack it out.

  24. Do I “like” the gun “industry” as a consumer, the answer is, I vote with my dollars. Which is as it should be.

    This is not the same thing as asking whether I like particular salespeople, products, or marketing in general. As a consumer, it’s better to think of capitalism as an adversarial system where people are constantly trying to separate you from your money. It’s not personal. It’s (financial) self defense and it’s better to keep both your head and wallet on a swivel when it comes to marketing.

    Marketing is always and everywhere the enemy of the consumer. I have bought a lot of products that I wish I could send back, or light on fire because I am pissed. That’s why consumers seek out unbiased unfiltered advice like we find on TTAG. And when that ceases to be the case, we go somewhere else.

  25. Like any other large and diverse group, you have both good and bad, informed and ignorant, smart and stupid. The industry is as a whole far better than average, and those who don’t live up to what they should are generally held accountable. Thanks in part to reviewers and news sites like TTAG. Thank you!

  26. With few exceptions, the gun industry is a principled capitalist – meaning that it’d sell rope to its own hangman. To our hangmen? 30% off with an additional 5% off LEO & military discount!

  27. The ugly truth about the gun industry and advocacy groups like the NRA is that a little talk of gun control has been very good for business.

  28. Hi-Point has been mentioned already, I’ll mention them again. They really take good care of customers, and I appreciate that.
    CZ-USA makes amazing products.
    Lucid Optics has incredible CS as well; they take pride in their scopes and sights and have treated me right.

    Overall the gun industry is out to make a dollar, but as a whole they’re more open and straightforward than most industries. Whether gun companies treat me right because they fear backlash or because they love what they do, the outcome is the same: I get to enjoy their fine products.


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