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State law allows Montana school boards to let anyone carry a gun in schools,” reports. “Custer is one of only three that do — fewer than one percent of schools in a state that loves guns.” The rest of the article is incredibly depressing. Suffice it to say . . .

The arguments against “allowing” teachers to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to bear arms are pathetic. Like this:

In Cut Bank, self-described “gun nut” and superintendent Wade Johnson has been on both sides of the debate. A few years ago, he asked school trustees for permission to carry a gun. They said no. And after reviewing research that showed New York City Police had hit their target 18 percent of the time in shootouts, he now agrees.

“That’s unacceptable in a school,” he said.

You know what’s unacceptable? The fact that my daughter, her classmates and teachers are undefended from a school shooter or a terrorist attack. Like tens of millions of other innocent lives.

This after the Sandy Hook spree killing. And the Belsan school siege, where terrorists held 1,100 people hostage — including 777 children. That ended with the death of 385 people. [Note: I make no apology for the picture at the top of this post.]

Could it happen at your kids’ school? Of course. Is there anyone there, on site, who’s prepared to defend the students, teachers and administrators by force of arms? And what happened to candidate Trump’s “day one” pledge to end “gun free zones”?

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  1. This reminds me of the original movie Red Dawn back in the 80s. When socialist Cuban troops pear trooped into the town and picked the high school and middle school as there LZ Landing Zone. It’s because even back in the 80s schools were gun-free zones and funny enough the ranking officers went to the local gun stores and pulled all of the background 4473 forms and use those to determine who had firearms in the community. Kind of scary some 30 years later and we’re still worried about the exact same thing except now from within.

  2. We already have enough security measures at schools that are supposed to stop this.

    If this country had better mental health laws and mental health checks on gun ownership like what the rest of the world has incidents like what happens here in this country would not be happening on a daily basis.

    What happens in the rest of the world does not compare what happens here everyday.

    What ever incidents that happens in the UK, Europe, China, Japan, Australia and Canada is rare.

    By allowing unlicensed conceal carry on school ground you are already violating numerous constitutional rights and rights of the schools student and staff.

    Along with the fact there have been dozens of incidents of teachers injuring themselves or neglectfully leaving guns unattended.

    • The mental health system should go back to performing lobotomies as was common in the 1940’s and 1950’s. They are a permanent solution to violent behavior, yet allow the coconut to live safely in society, albeit somewhat somber and less excitable. Meds never work for very long — the coconut becomes “sane” again on meds and decides to stop taking their meds.

    • I am curious, what rights are being violated when I exercise the the 2nd? And just to be clear, having your panties get in a wad is not violating a right.

    • So you are saying that if we had better mental health checks, mass shootings wouldnt happen? So you think the gunmen in paris passed a mental health check? Or the guy who drove a bus into a crowd of people? Did he pass a mental health check?
      There are only 2 things you are resistant to. Knowledge and common sense.

    • “Easier to chant the approved abstractions, and warn against the non-approved ones: ” (borrowed from Mark Steyn

      Not approved – self defense is a natural God given right, delegating your self protection to the State is irresponsible, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, stats prove citizens are the quickest responder….

      But I digress, we need to import more of the 3rd world.

    • “By allowing unlicensed conceal carry on school ground you are already violating numerous constitutional rights and rights of the schools student and staff.”


      could you elaborate on that?

      • Pretty sure the answer to your question is NO.

        Considering he is making all of this stuff up as he goes along.

    • Describe “better mental health laws” for me please. I want specifics. I want to know what you think can be done to better the mental health system without compromising individual rights. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    • “Along with the fact there have been dozens of incidents of teachers injuring themselves or neglectfully leaving guns unattended.”
      You failed to cite a source for this information. Very few teachers even have access to firearms at school because the vast majority of schools are GFZs.
      You generalized a lot without any facts to back up your argument.

    • Have these clowns even figured out what they are “resisting” yet?

      Could it be the lawful democratic process (the election) where they ran a crook who was so arrogant and unbelievably flawed that their fellow Americans voted for the other guy? In such case they are “resisting” democracy and the will of their fellow American. This makes them enemies of the republic. they got told “no” in a lawful vote and LOST. now they want to “resist” by wearing genital hats and threatening to blow up the white house?

      We already know they’ve been “resisting” the unalienable human right of their fellow Americans to keep and bear arms in self defense, thats been going on a long time.

      Oh, sure, they’ll tell you its all “common sense” and they aren’t intending to totally revoke said right, just “reasonably regulate” it…….

      But how many times have they been caught saying that if they had their druthers, we’d have “Australian style” gun control- complete with “mandatory buy backs”(confiscation).

      We all know better liberals. We know you want to “reasonably regulate” our rights out of existence.

      You ain’t no “resistance”. You are the problem.

      WE are the resistance to YOU. You’ve had your way for decades. No more. Get used to losing elections- because if we can put a guy like Trump in the oval office, NOTHING can stop us.

      BTW- here are some instances where armed teachers saved the day-

      I also see that they have yet to acknowledge the FACT that bad people still commit horrible crimes in those places they still claim gun control works.


      You can’t piss down our backs and tell us its raining……….

      Time to repeal “laws” that are NOT laws, because they contradict the Highest Law of The Land.

  3. We homeschool. The entire faculty and staff are armed, and all visitors are welcomed and encouraged to be, likewise.

    • My daughter is 30 now. If she was of school age now I would be having a very serious discussion with my wife about home schooling. I have seen the material home schoolers use now. Its amazing just how much material is available to parents now. Also I have seen home school parents net work with other families to use a YMCA pool for group activities!!!

      I know the colleges have had to except them because their scores are so high. Also they keep winning the national spelling bee!!

  4. Robert, my friend, you keep harping on no guns in schools. Solve the problem for yourself and home school. You can have as many guns there as you want and a low chance of a school shooting there. Where is it written that the government is responsible for your child and her education or safety. It’s up to you. On a related note, when you join a home school association, you can be the firearms instructor! ?

  5. It’s legal to carry in schools here, so I am free to exercise my rights when I visit the granddaughter.

  6. California used to allow CCW holders to carry at schools. But two years ago, the Legislature in its infinite wisdom, and despite the lack of even a single incident caused by someone lawfully carry a gun on a school campus, banned all carry of arms and ammo except in locked containers, or only with the permission of the school superintendent. A few schools (as reported here) gave blanket permission to CCW holders. This rather upset Assemblyman McCarty from Sacramento, who is sponsoring a bill this session to remove the superintendent’s discretion in such matters, thus enacting a blanket ban on all school campuses (except, of course, for police officers). Hypocritically, at the same time another bill is pending to allow RETIRED police officers to legally carry firearms on school campuses, without the need to obtain anyone’s permission.

    I don’t know about the local elementary and junior high schools, but there is an armed city police officer on all of the local high school campuses every day. At my kids’ (former) school, that officer is also a school counselor.

    • Sad realty is that, as a result as the seemingly endless contradictory and unfollowable laws that the California government keeps throwing out…

      more people currently violate California gun laws, than actually follow them.

      I don’t even know any LEO’s, let alone regular people, that are following our insane laws here anymore.

    • When I was growing up in Sacramento in the 1970’s it was considered to be a conservative town. Very sad how things have changed. I’m glad I retired to Kentucky after the 21 years in the Army.

  7. Interesting.ironic that the elected body that gets to chose how/or if they will instruct children on the Constitution is allowed to decide if a Citizen has the 2nd.

  8. If I had children they would be charter or private schooled meaning no. Government (re)education is a form of child abuse. Support school vouchers!

  9. –what happened to candidate Trump’s “day one” pledge to end “gun free zones”?—what happened to candidate Trump’s “day one” pledge to end “gun free zones”?

    awwww that’s cute, you actually believed something an Electoral Candidate said?

  10. Grandkids are homeschooled. As are my brother’s. I have 2 kids in college and yes they are in “gun-free BS zones”. I have never visited them in school and told them at least carry something. They do have lots of security on campus but so what…you do what you can.

  11. One thing Johnson should not have done is look at what the NYPD hit rate is. That doesn’t make for a good example considering that NYPD guns have a 12lb trigger pull. I’d suggest looking at the hit rate of police and sheriff deputy’s in the state of Montana not the NYPD.

  12. Now-adult child’s high school was and is GFZ per state law. The neighborhood on one side, not so much. Constant lockdowns due to gunfire in the hood, drug busts, etc. Armed police on campus all the time. The irony was of course lost on the school system.

  13. “And after reviewing research that showed New York City Police had hit their target 18 percent of the time in shootouts, he now agrees.

    “That’s unacceptable in a school,” he said.”

    So you’ve decided that a 0% hit rate is better than 18%. No wonder school kids can’t do math.

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