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Gun control advocates and their mainstream media enablers paint gun owners as pig-ignorant, trigger-happy racist insurrectionists. This campaign by ad agency FRED & FARID to “celebrate” Black History Month reveals the depths to which the antis will sink.

The fact of the matter is that cops shoot more white people than black people. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of these homicides are “good shoots.” So the question is, are you — our caucasian readers — tired of being a target of racist gun control advocates?

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  1. I’m pretty sure there were a helluva lot more than 263 black men killed by guns last year…..

    Hell, pick a single high-crime neighborhood in Chicago and you’d likely beat that number.

    • Please don’t use the language of the anti-gunners! People black or white are NOT killed by guns. A gun is an inanimate object that the anti-gunners wish to imbue with a taint of evil. They want to blame the object for how it is used because of their own irrational feelings.

  2. I don’t think these lunatics understand that when we tell them “This is why Trump won,” we’re not trying to be cute; we’re trying to be instructive.

  3. The most common impromptu target is the cheap, white paper plate – so is that racist too?

      • I know. I used to complain about all the “Shut-up, sit there and take-it” I was getting, until I finally just got tired of ‘them’ responding “Shut-up, sit there and take-it”.

        • Yup, they finally figured it out. That’s what we do, sit around gun shops and talk about how much we hate the black folks. Whatever. In all my time in a gun shop, I have yet to talk about or witness conversation about hating black folks.

        • . . . unless they’re slinging something new or interesting at the store / range.

          They better not teach their kids that they gotta get “equality” FROM us, or else we’ll have another few generations “needing equality”.

      • Pretty stupid.

        We have a target printer pretty local to me. One of their product lines are photoreal targets (well halftoned black and white photos, so like 80 newspaper photoreal). Their targets get sold all over the country, and lots of local shops carry primarily their products. I had run into these targets many times before I knew they existed. Then I had cause to actually go to them directly for some stuff and the guys there looked awfully familliar.

        Because of the use and to avoid issues ALL of the photo targets were employees or relatives of the owner.

        SO of course it is a grand conspiracy to habituate shooters to shooting certain people. RIIIIGHT.

      • OMG
        Every day brings a new opportunity,
        Each breath a new moment for conceptual stupidity to manifest into reality.
        There is no ocean nor valley nor canyon deep enough to contain the unrelenting amount of bovine feces the Left can create.

        Why do you think the Left lives in a fantasy world ?
        ‘Cause they’re on a mission to birth stupid sh!t unto our lives.
        THAT is their mission statement.

  4. “The fact of the matter is that cops shoot more white people than black people. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of these homicides are “good shoots.” So the question is, are you — our caucasian readers — tired of being a target of racist gun control advocates?”

    The fact of the matter is that black and white are used for maximum (affordable) contrast on targets. Black and Yellow would offer better contrast, but yellow printing is more expensive than white.

    • ^ this it’s all about maximum contrast at the lowest cost

      I’d love for the colors to be reversed since I practice primarily home defense training and that will most likely be at night. Cost is still king though so I buy cheap

  5. I’m tired of race baiting everywhere in the media, does TTAG have to get involved with it too?

    • Yes. It’s a matter of legal definition. Not all homicides are crimes, e.g. shooting and killing in self-defense when in immediate fear and danger of death or grievous bodily harm.

    • Yes. “Homocide”=killing a man, period. You’re thinking of “murder”, which includes the concept of legality.

  6. Sigh. They do know that “black” and “white” is just a figure of speech. Most people are shades of pinkish, brown, chocolate, tan, yellowish, olive etc. ah whatever, of course they know. It’s just more progressive shit pot stirring. Yawn.

    • Great, now they’ll call us the OFPG old fat pink guys.

      I’ll take tan lines for $300 Alex.

    • There you go using critical thinking again. Don’t you know that is un-PC and probably racist.

      • NASCAR is racist. That’s all I know. There’s race baiting too. They get you to buy all the gear, commemorative plates. . .

    • Not just that, I laugh when they call Negro’s Black & then people of color, Black, which is the ABSENSE of all color certainly cannot apply here. White is the presence of ALL color, so White people should be the ones called people of color.

      • so if i take all of my tempra paints and mix them together i’ll get white? that’s good to know, because for some reason my wife mentioned that the ceiling in the bedroom needs painting.

  7. I would love to have a white (or medium grey) target set on a black background. It’s more realistic for my nighttime home defense training since the target will be illuminated by the flashlight and the background not so much.

    Until someone in my area starts selling them I will continue to buy the cheap targets black on white targets that are sold near my house

  8. I really don’t care what these people think. I care about those I love, and I care how they think of me. Everyone else, while I don’t try to offend, may be offended by what I say, but I try to speak the truth. And the truth can’t be biased.

  9. Since any single color is bound to offend somebody or other, how about rainbow targets?

  10. I just reply with sarcasm these days. Seriously who gives a shit. Nobody has asked me about my targets. If they do I’ll just tell them that its traditional and meant to represent fleeing slaves. The white targets are northern abolishionists and the pink ones are sodomites and the orange are trans. That’s the way it’s always been dammit. Why should we change now.

  11. I don’t use humanoid targets at all myself. I find them to be in poor taste and inefficient for measuring my precision *preen preen*

    I suppose they’re great if you just want to dump a mag and feel like you’ve accomplished something.

  12. Have the PRICED color ink?! Forget ammo, I could never afford targets!

    Now that I think of it, I don’t think I have ever seen someone with ink black skin. Dark brown, sure, but “black” is really a misnomer.

  13. These would all be good targets for training purposes. When the balloon goes up, you’re not going to be firing at an attacker who is facing you head-on, and that is a uniform color. You’re going to be shooting at someone wearing all kinds of different clothing, in bad lighting. It’s not going to be obvious THAT you hit them, or WHERE you hit them.

    They should sell copies of these at gun ranges.

  14. My concerns as to anyone’s opinions regarding my choices for shooting targets…..?

    “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn….”

  15. Usually I just shoot at bullseye targets, it’s what I do. But I do have a USPSA type cardboard target that I found lightly punctured at the range that I will use occasionally for close range self defense practice. Guess what? It’s white.

  16. Sooooo they want me to shoot their Art? Ok. I can park it right next to that old toilet I was gonna blow up.

  17. I use green targets currently because I got them on a deal and it’s easier to spot holes on them with cheap binoculars. Guess I’m racist against Mexicans.

      • Ooh, I just got a light bulb: Since the Left is always looking for new ways to be offended, how about we say they’re “environmentalist” targets?

  18. Plain and simple.

    Its racist to believe that the color of the target, or any training device, has anything to do with race, color, creed, or ethnicity.

    I don’t protest against white CPR dummies and say the medical field just wants dead white guys.
    Nobody protests the color of cadavers in med school.
    Why can we hunt black bear, but white privileged polar bears are protected?

    The problem exists with simple minded individuals who feel they are entitled to things that they aren’t, its much easier to claim inequality than it is to earn something.

    Sick of walking on egg shells over nothing, and its NOTHING!
    A POC or “person of color” (aren’t we all a color?)has no disadvantages what so ever over anyone else today. Everyone is trying to eliminate racial hate, the people who scream the loudest against it are the ones perpetuating it! They WANT there to be separation and tension, because without it, then they aren’t “special”, and if you aren’t special, then you’re just some Joe Shmoe with a big mouth.

    I know, we’ll make targets clear, so they don’t offend anyone, can’t see where they’re at, but hell, nobody’s mad about it….. right….

    Like said above, this is why Trump won!

  19. The only common target that has a recognizable ethnicity is that rather clean-cut white guy pointing his revolver at you. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) target. With his slicked-back straight hair, he could not look less African. I won’t comment on whether the man in the target accurately resembles the the most typical criminal profile American police officers legitimately defend their lives from by lethal force. Other common targets that resemble humans are obviously silhouettes the color of which is determined by the economy and practicality of the cheap black ink used.

    I won’t give the video a view, even though I expect as with most of these anti-gun propaganda videos most of the views come from the pro-gun community. This nonsense has no end. Not only would a target printed with ten colors be more expensive and make identifying shots more difficult, but I can already the same agitators simply adjusting their criticism to say that racists are shooting Targets of Color (#NoColoredTargets). Because there is obviously no racism in shooting a simple silhouette target that has no recognizable human features other than a genericized outline, this campaign is simply an excuse to pour hatred on police officers and everyone else who trains in the use of firearms in general. This is a bad faith criticism of shooters.

  20. The problem is a majority of anti 2nd amenders are complete morons. They transfer that stupidity to others. So they think that other people must be as stupid as they are. In their small little heads these targets look like black people and in real life they are too stupid to see the difference. Lucky for everyone most people aren’t as stupid as anti 2nd amendment folks.

  21. I hate black targets. Too hard to see the holes. I was using paper plates the other day, and all the white guys at the range were yelling at me, calling me racist. I was confused.

  22. Most targets we use aren’t very good anyway. When I went from shooting the standard range target to a life-sized cutout of a person (i.e. photo of someone holding a gun) it was quite a shift. I walked up to the target afterwards and realized that I was nowhere NEAR as accurate as with standard targets and had his completely non-vital areas because I was still trying to aim as though I was looking for a bulls-eye at the middle of the paper, instead of going for the center-mass of the actual target.

    But imagine the horror if anti-gunners realized that some of us train to shoot actual PEOPLE- some of whom are not white!

  23. I don’t assign my targets a race. I don’t personify my target nor do I fantasize about killing people when I shoot it. I actually prefer white targets with black lines since it is easier for me to see the hits, but at the indoor range, you take what they pass out (for free).

  24. This reminds me that I found a rolled-up stack of old silhouette targets the other day that date back to the early 1970’s. I’ve been using bulls-eyes and sight-in grid targets for a few years now, just because they’re the ones I usually find on store shelves. But now I’m thinking I’ll take a couple of the old ones to the range next time!

  25. I shoot at White on Black silhouettes with a green field in the center of the torso where center mass (supposedly) is. So, I guess I am prejudiced against White People and Leprechauns, which is confusing since I am 98% White European with a Mother whose maiden name was “Darby”.

    This is such a false meme, it cannot even be graced with being called ridiculous. However, coming from the anti-gun, PC obsessed Left, it fits in nicely with the great load of other spurious cr*p they make-up to rationalize their civilian disarmament agenda and masque the abject failure of Democrat rule wherever it is found.

  26. If your article can be answered accurately with a succinct ‘No.’, then you might want to rethink writing it.

  27. I don’t know what this says about me other than I’m a cheapskate, but I shoot white paper plates with a black sharpie bullseye.

  28. I, for one, am sick and tired of being the target of racism supported by the government just because I was born white, a choice I had nothing to do with.

  29. one local bowling alley that has long since closed its range use to let us float full size record store posters down as targets. it was the early eighties; you can guess some of the more popular pop stars to perforate.

  30. I dunno, they might have a point.

    Sometimes I shoot at black and white targets and it causes me to have a nearly uncontrollable urge to lynch minorities.

    Oh, wait, no I don’t. Nevermind. I spent too long talking to my liberal neighbor this morning.

  31. Over the last few years we’ve qualified with grey silhouettes or realistic photos. The guy in our photo targets has a slight resemblance to Prince Charles which makes the Irish members of our department pretty happy. We also shoot at a particularly mean and ugly looking woman – no, not a certain former candidate. One of our guys says it looks like his ex mother in law and he always shoots 95 to 100 on that target.

  32. All black ink is racist. Space is racist. I suppose the black keyboard and mouse pad I’m using to type this is racist. I’m wearing a black shirt too…. Hmm.

    Oh wait. This is why you mongoloids lost the election. Keep it up and see what else you can lose.

  33. My last shooting class, we all had quite a blast 😉 choosing our targets. The targets were photos of all different kinds of people. We had the UN of targets to choose from and everyone generally had a pretty hilarious time calling out to the rest of the class which target “i got”. It was like a class wide inside joke, that we all had a good chuckle about – having a good bit of fun with the sentiment expressed in the video above… ~ signed a black guy

  34. Ummm every law enforcement target (that’s the company name, they make the human silhouette targets) I ever saw was a dark green… *NOT* black!

    • Our TRANSTAR II’s were blue. Although green was the other color UNICOR offered them in. Never saw a black one in my entire 26 years of FED LEO.

  35. So those green popups you qualify on in boot camp mean we’re somehow racist against Martians. Glad I figured that out.

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