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So Dave Canterbury, the outdoors skills instructor and writer, returns with his “Urban EDC” for unfriendly areas, courtesy of Everyday Carry.

The first item he lists are a pair of House of Marley Smile Jamaica Wired Noise Cancelling Headphones with Microphone.  Maybe he’s going to plug those into that Swedish canteen.  Or should that be considered a rather large flask.  No, wait, if Russian, it might be a vodka flask.  But these are Swedes.

Or maybe it’s a prop from Get Smart, concealing a radio inside.  I’ll let you follow the link through Everyday Carry to Amazon to get a chuckle in what Amazon suggests for that particular product.  Hint:  It ain’t a canteen.

Either way, that’s a big flask/canteen to carry around.  Me, if I’m thirsty, I just grab a bottle of water and chuck it in a trash can (not the recycle bin) when I’m done with it.

Dave’s brand-new brass knuckles (yeah, Amazon won’t sell guns, but they’ll happily sell brass knucks!) will earn him a felony if he crosses in to Illinois and maybe one or two other states.  As long as he leaves that GLOCK 17 (Gen 4) with the empty chamber in his car he’s golden while traveling through Illinois.  (Yes, with a valid home-state CCW license, you can carry your loaded handgun anywhere inside your vehicle as you travel in/through Illinois.  Given our high, soon to be higher gas taxes, Chicago’s crime and gun-unfriendliness in general, I recommend traveling through.  PS Loaded chambers are okay for out-of-staters with home-state of residence CCWs as well.)

He also carries a Sillcock key.  Because those hard-core survivalists say it’s a “must have” item for bugging out.  Because, you know, a multi-tool won’t turn the knob to access water, assuming there’s any to have.

Dave also carries his RFID wallet with a 20 Euro note.  Because, that Euro note plus $5 US currency will get you an Egg McMuffin and a large sweet tea at McDonalds there in Ohio.

I do like the CRKT “Homefront” folder.  He supposedly carries a brand-new $50 Exotac titanLIGHT lighter and his RayBan Aviators.  Maybe he uses that for a flashlight.  With about one candlepower, it won’t exactly dazzle any baddies out there.






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  1. Once again, this poster probably just cleared the gun before taking a photo and posing it. You know, in accordance with common saftey practices.

      • Unholstering and posing/moving it around with small objects could. That’s the point of safe handling practices. They are preemptive. Nobody plans on having an ND.

  2. The knuckles are… unusual. But then most of what this guy posts falls under that heading.

    I’m not saying it’s wrong. Just not stuff you see regularly.

    • I’m not to sure but I think them knucks are made of an aluminum alloy, I’ve seen a pair painted black, those r black aren’t they? Their not as good as the brass ones, I tested them by hitting a board and found the slim palm back to hurt my palm.

      • Look black to me. I don’t know that much about the various knuckles out there. The only set I have, or have experience with are part of a Mk1 Trench Knife. That set of knuckles is bronze and the grip is entirely different..

        A fairly wieldy knife IMHO but I’ve never punched anything with it because it’s more of a collector’s item than something I’d actually carry or use. As such it’s on my wall as a display item/conversation piece next to some other historical blades. The most use it’s ever gotten from me is cleaning.

  3. Why, exactly, are we not recycling? I know it’s some hippie eco thing, but is it really so painful?

    • Because plastics are bad for the planet… but not bad enough to keep the writer from buying them?

      I dunno… just about as stupid as the rest of the article.

      • Yeah I thought that bit weird. Lets assume global warming and other pollution caused problems aren’t real (they are). I still don’t want to live in a world with ever growing landfills, stinky air, and garbage everywhere. Plus, oil is a valuable and finite resource.

    • I mean, what are we going to make polymer pistols out of if we run out of oil? Compostable plant based plastics? We’ll have to go back to the bad old days of steel frames! But wait, steel’s defining characteristics are due to carbon… that comes from oil!

  4. I never understood this guys carries… like how he carries a .22LR in deep woods for his survivalist stuff.

    But even worse than some of the mix-match unusual carry items here, like headphones and nothing to plug them into, or having headphones at all while you are carrying (situational awareness anyone?), or the sillkock key… because every survivalist needs one to purify water in their canteen… yea… Or the euro note and the crappy light.

    I get it, the article is still a bit odd ranting about illinois and an empty chamber… where TF did that even come from? The guy lives in Ohio…

    Can he survive in the middle of nowhere? Yea, probably, since he was a star on Dual Survivor and all that, I am not questioning his skills…. but when it comes to his EDC pictures, they are extremely odd.

      • It does make sense, but in my backwoods I’d like something with a bit more stopping power. Then again, I am not Dave Canterbury, and he probably knows how to ward off big game a lot better than I do.

    • “like headphones and nothing to plug them into,…”

      Like maybe the smartphone that took the picture in the first place?

      • He could’ve taken the picture with the DSLR he uploaded in a previous EDC, and not even own a smart phone.

        My point is, how can you hear a possible threat with headphones in? Anyone? No? Good… cuz you can’t.

    • I thought Dave mainly hung out in Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky? A 22LR will take care of just about anything he might run into. But I have also seen videos of him using black powder rifles and single shot shotguns using chamber inserts.

  5. I have never even considered buying and or carrying knuckles, is that unusual? Am I missing out?

    • “States Where Brass Knuckles are Illegal
      Some states have outright outlawed brass knuckles. They include Colorado, New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey. The District of Columbia also has made them illegal. In all these cases knuckles are classified as illegal weapons and punishment can include hefty fines and a year of jail time.
      California, Michigan, Vermont and Illinois prohibit the possession, use or sale of knuckles or anything that even looks like knuckle dusters.
      Other states have qualified knuckle dusters as dangerous weapons where you could face at least a misdemeanor for carrying them. They include Alaska, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.
      States Where It’s Up to the Court
      This is where things get fuzzy. Many states do not mention brass knuckles specifically and have left the interpretation of what is a dangerous weapon up the court. Much of what goes into that decision can revolve around how the knuckles are used or whether the user had criminal intent. They include Idaho, Ohio, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Iowa, Utah and Montana.
      Use of knuckles of any kind in a violent crime can lead to felony charges no matter the state.
      States With Less Restrictive Laws
      Some states allow the carrying of concealed weapons and this may extend to brass knuckles. They include Arizona. South Dakota, Louisiana and Indiana. Almost every source agrees that South Carolina seems to have the least restrictive laws on brass knuckles. In South Carolina it is illegal to possess brass knuckles only if “they are used with intent to commit a crime”.”


      Your mileage may vary, but my personal take is that one of the big reasons I carry a firearm and a can of pepper spray is so that I don’t HAVE to punch someone, knuckle dusters aside.

      • In Pennsylvania they are specifically listed in 18 PACS 908 as Prohibited Offensive Weapons. They are very clearly illegal. And yet they are sold openly in every flea market Middle Eastern owned convenience store in the state along with those equally illegal switchblades.

        I’m skipping some less relevant sections of the law in posting it below, but the complete text is available here

        § 908. Prohibited offensive weapons.

        (a) Offense defined.–A person commits a misdemeanor of the first degree if, except as authorized by law, he makes repairs, sells, or otherwise deals in, uses, or possesses any offensive weapon…………

        (c) Definitions.–As used in this section, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this subsection:………………….

        “Offensive weapons.” Any bomb, grenade, machine gun, sawed-off shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches, firearm specially made or specially adapted for concealment or silent discharge, any blackjack, sandbag, metal knuckles, dagger, knife, razor or cutting instrument, the blade of which is exposed in an automatic way by switch, push-button, spring mechanism, or otherwise, any stun gun, stun baton, taser or other electronic or electric weapon or other implement for the infliction of serious bodily injury which serves no common lawful purpose.

        In every country that has suffered a currency collapse foreign currency was accepted by most people. For eample during the Argentine currency collapse in the early 2000s Argentine Pesos became worthless but you could buy stuff with dollars and Euros. So carrying a few Euros may not be a bad idea.

    • They are a deeply stupid thing to carry, particularly in the context when you have a firearm available. If you use these things when you don’t need them, you’re in deep shit legally- because if you hit someone with them you are striking someone with an impact weapon (and if it’s in the face or head, ho-boy). If you DO need them, your firearm should be what you’re using.

  6. Knucks are great if you’re collecting on the docks for the local loan shark, or if youze gotta soften up that union steward who don’t capeesh.

    Now I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers.

  7. Weird collection of stuff alright.

    Roughly once a month I pick up a new water bottle with a “sports cap” on it. Refill from the filtered and chilled water taps various spots around the workplace. Or fill up at home.

    Do I care about recycling? Well, not that much really, I know the market for recycling is so messed up an awful lot of that stuff ends up in the landfills anyway. I just don’t like buying and tossing a bottle a day is all, just seems wasteful, littering even. Use ’em till they wear out, toss and buy a new one, easy peasy.

    No headphones. Especially not when carrying a gun.

    • When I moved to Montana I was shocked at the little to no requirement for recycling. The laws behind it are virtually non existent, but you have to go through crazy amounts of hoops to make sure your boat is inspected and washed off before you get on the lakes here to be sure not to introduce foreign contaminants into the water… Meanwhile, retail shops throw EVERYTHING in the trash aside from cardboard, and the only reason being is that cardboard would clog up the trash compactors too quickly. It’s sad. No recycle pickup by trash trucks or the dumps you take them too, just trash.

      Such a beautiful state, but so far behind – on everything. Especially rules of the road.

      • I am sure that the citizens of Montana don’t care how you did it wherever you came from and would be happy to point out that U-Haul is ready when you are.

        • I’m from Montana. I’ll be glad to help you pack your shit and go back to wherever it was you came from, and leave us in peace.
          But OFC that won’t happen. Destroying our peace was the whole reason you came here in the first place. Instead, you’re determined to come here and turn it into the same shithole you ran away from. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, r ya?

  8. This guy is somehow a wilderness mall ninja. I didn’t know it was possible, but I shouldn’t be surprised that someone who was part of a show on the “Discovery Channel” (or what the Discovery Channel has become) would fit the bill.

  9. Knowing me as I do, it’s best I unload the pistol before drinking a canteen full of Vodka

  10. Brass knuckles are a waste of material. I did like Dave on dual survival.

    G17 is like 2 1911s…but if it’s over 70 degrees
    F they don’t conceal.

    I’ve owned a 19 for 20 years and a 17 for 1 year. The 17 has more days as a carry gun. 19 is too big to be small and too small to be big. Yet I still highly recommend it.

  11. Always the notebook.

    I’ll never get it. Why not carry wig powder while your loading up each morning.

  12. This post literally gave me cancer.

    Water key and brass knuckles for EDC but no holster or phone?

    A writer who thinks it’s worth mentioning that he intentionally doesn’t recycle?


    • oWn the liBs!

      …although since China is not accepting recycling anymore there are a lot of people who will be joining suit, even if they don’t know. My garbage company went to “single stream recycling” where the recycling goes in with everything else. Suuuuure.

      • Wouldn’t it be great if America could do it’s own recycling? Lol… yea, right. Aint capitalism great?

        • If recycling was worth while they would pay you to recycle. Aside from some metals you will pay to virtue signal.

        • Capitalism is great. And nothing America does will help the environment one bit so long as china, india, russia, all of africa, all of the americas south of the u.s./mexico border, all of the stans and just about every damn place else is still slashing and burning the environment.

          All the virtue signaling we are engaged in does less than nothing except to adversely affect our economy and our lifestyle.

  13. Dave Canterbery’s may make a living teaching others who are willing to fork over their hard earned, or parent’s/grandparent’s trust fund money to teach them things… I know for a fact that this man has committed fraud in representing himself. So, why not now believe he is pulling this out of his ASS to have a laugh and make up a list of non sequitur items for “urban survival”. The Glock with .40/9MM/.22LR with conversion components consisting of 2 slides, 2 barrels for the center fire slide and 3 mags each or more is ideal. A component take down AR platform in pistol form is great and even better if you have a can to go with it. A take down over under rifle shotgun in common calibers is very important too. AM/FM/SW/Weather radio receiver is great. Being a Ham skilled in low power operation with a compact transceiver and human powered/variable power sources power capabilities is better. A police and fire scanner that is handheld is great. A outside water faucet wrench for all types of stems it great. A water collection and purification system is paramount. Food, First Aid/Emergency Medical Training and supplies is key to survival. Clothing, Land Navigation, Escape and Evasion Kits, Heat/Fire Starter/cooking sets are very important. Extra clothing, Seasonable Warm Dry Sleeping Kit is invaluable. Rain/Cold Weather/Hot Weather Protection Gear for your local is very important as well. STANO gear such as binos/telos/night vision/thermal is great. Last Item, A bike with attached trailer with extended load-out or skis with shed for snowy areas could save your life if you need to get the Fudge out of Dodge in a hurry. Make sure you have some place to go to. This is called COOP Planning. I am a COOP Planner. My Plan when I retire is to be at the place where their is little to no threat from all hazards in my planning and the COOP site is home. Good luck finding such a place as they are few and far between.

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