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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
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If you tell enough lies often enough about guns and your goals or civilian disarmament, some people begin to believe them. Apparently.

Gov. Phil Murphy insisted the state is not against guns. But he said the only choice for New Jersey and other states is to work on preventing gun violence on their own since Congress has failed to pass meaningful gun laws.

Murphy said the U.S. is still reeling from the effects of the Dickey Amendment, legislation that ultimately stopped the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from studying gun violence.

“To more effectively combat the scourge of gun violence, we must undertake the important multidisciplinary research that Congress had blocked for more than two decades,” he said.

However, the process will take time, even after the basic infrastructure is set up.

– Ximena Conde in N.J. Center on Gun Violence Research wants ‘all hands on deck’ approach to stem shootings

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  1. The reasearch has been done, by your own CDC. I’m sorry the facts dont line up with your gun grabbing agenda. Please educate yourself on what the Dickey Amendment actually did. More idiots it NJ, this is news?

  2. What a crock o’ shit! Everyone knows who and what the ” gun” problem is, just need to find someone with testicles large enough to deal with it .

  3. From the article: “that black youth are 10 times more likely to be killed with a gun compared with their white counterparts”.

    And since the vast majority of those are killed by other blacks, the solution seems obvious – don’t allow blacks to have guns.

    • The left is not concerned with protecting blacks. If they were they would do something to reduce the number of black abortions. They would do something about black unemployment other than blame white people.

      Blacks are tools of the left being used to further the socialist (communist) agenda. If someday they figure that out, things might change…..or not.

      • The primary problem with the black community was identified over 50 years ago by the Democratic icon Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

        And he got piloried for it by his fellow Democrats.

        The problem….missing fathers.

        Moynihan at the time said the missing black father rate was a crisis at 20%.
        Today it’s at 75%+.
        The white rate is is now also in the 20’s.

        And you haven’t heard a single presidential candidate (on either side) mention it in the past 40 years.
        And the MFM doesn’t touch it either because they pushed the policies that made it worse (worship of single mothers, hating religion).

        We can be a really stupid nation some times.

    • Take their concealed carry permits away………That should stop the shootings…

  4. Phil Murphy is a liar. The brain-dead in NJ love him and the worthless ideas he represents.
    Nothing more needs to be said.

  5. QUOTE: he said the only choice for New Jersey and other states is to work on preventing gun violence on their own since Congress has failed to pass meaningful gun laws

    I would say this should be an argument, then, to dismantle the roughly 10,000 existing federal and state “gun control” laws, including NFA, GCA, Hughes Amendment, …

    I would also argue that if a law is deemed to have insignificant impact (eg, the 1994 assault weapon ban) on criminal activity, then the law should automatically sunset. Or even that almost every law should have a roughly 10 year sunset – requiring Congress to re-validate everything from tax code to health insurance, etc. This has the side benefit of fewer laws overall, at least at the federal level, with automatic removal of useless or harmful laws.

    • Yup. And with term limits which assure the reevaluation will be under different congressmen, senators, and president. Either the results of a law speak for themselves, as compared with the promises which got it passed, or they do not. Sounds like a good plan, anybody see a drawback?

  6. “New Jersey Throwing Tax Dollars at ‘Gun Violence’ Research”

    Must be nice to be able to piss away others $$$, I wonder what’s going to happen when the they need infrastructure $$$, and how they’re going to explain to their citizens/constituents that they don’t have it because they pissed away…we had a similar situation here, doyle robbed the DOT coffers and spent it all over the place, and then left others to clean up the mess…

    • What’s going to happen?
      More taxes will be levied on taxpayers. More fees. More charges. More people leave.
      It’s not enough that NJ has some of the worst property tax rates in the US or that the revenue base is decreasing every year as people move out of state. When I say “good riddance” to NJ and leave maybe a dozen or so “undocumented” families the Democrats love so much can make up the revenue shortfall.

  7. They are just too stupid to realize that what they need is thug control, not gun control.

    • They are not stupid. That’s what they need if the goal is people safely living their lives.

      Since what to do, and not, around violence and guns is well known and has been approximately forever … they must want something else.

    • But the representatives of the five families in Tammany Hall would vehemently object to such a proposal.

  8. America,,, when did a penny become useless???
    When N J wasted it on useless gun research…
    You could get more miles out of education research…

  9. “After the CDC got it wrong with their research, using facts n stuff, NJ is gonna try again making the marching orders clearer this time.”

    This “write the actual lede” game is fun.

  10. Murph is an idiot but if he spent the money on gang research he just might accomplish something. What the hell does he think is the problem in Trenton and Newark other than dipshits fighting over turf and control of drug distribution?

  11. Well, if the NFA/GCA/Hughes amendment/carry laws/AWBs aren’t “meaningful,” let’s start with repealing them.


  12. “Gov. Phil Murphy insisted the state is not against guns”
    In the hands of Their People of course. The taxpayers is another matter.

  13. What a bunch of BS comming from the Libitard idiots of NJ. Waste more time and money on a fake subject. They might as well ask why cars crash, and kids drown in home pools.

  14. Hell ya!

    Its not like its THEIR money.

    No problem burning cash on the ash heap of political correctness, as long as its not THEIR dollars.

  15. Regardless of color, gender, or age, criminality is the most likely predictor of death by “gun violence.” Let’s look at the “victims” of “gun violence.” 65% to 85% of the dead are criminals and are most likely dead because of their criminal lifestyle.

  16. The Dickey amendment—-supported by the NRA by the way—specifically prohibits the kind of politicized bogus “science” that “multidisciplinary research” portends. We’re already seeing the CDC hard at work attempting to define simple gun-ownership as a social pathology. The next step is to define the pathology as “deviant” and then to decide that the resultant newly defined deviant behavior should be “treated” by medical professionals. This is called the “medicalization of deviance” and is a political tactic that’s been around for a long time.

    The NRA back in the day had the foresight to anticipate something like this happening with guns and effectively stopped the kind of government supported data collection and manipulation that would undermine our 2nd Amendment rights. Make no mistake, in order to combat the “scourge of tun violence” progressives are intensely frustrated by our constitution, the Bill Of Rights, and laws like the Dickey amendment.

  17. The checks in the mail, I love you more than anyone, and we don’t want to take your guns.

    Three greatest lies of all time.

    Add to that the lie that congress prohibited spending on gun violence research or whatever they call it. It was not permitted to be used to further the policy of disarming people. No one ever made it a crime to spend private money on the subject, they just discovered what John Lott did years ago. It never fit the narratives.

    I only know 3 people living in NJ. Two are preparing to move. The third is stuck there for the time being. All are high income types who can’t wait to GTFO.

  18. STILL no such thing as ‘Gun Violence’, Mr. Murphy.

    IF there was, mine would have killed you long ago.

  19. What happens when they find out most gun crimes are by young men of color? Call it racist?

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