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If you have nothing resembling a real life and read lots of gun blogs as I do, you see “why we’re winning” posts all the time. You’ve probably run into them yourself; little blurbs exemplifying how guns are becoming more accepted in polite society such as ARs being sold at WalMart (can WalMart be considered polite society?), gun range outings on Living Social, more women buying guns and getting into shooting, etc. You get the idea. It’s really nothing new any more and gets sorta redundant which is why you don’t see it here much. But here’s a slightly new twist, just looking at it from another angle. Namely, the anti-2A crowd has run out of ideas to the extent that they have very little left in their quiver, other than senseless acts of despereation like, well, internet squatting…

We take you now to Mordor on Lake Michigan courtesy of, which reports on a gun shop that’s set to open in the neighborhood of Oak Park. Justin Delafuente will be selling guns through the store and on line at his new operation, Windy City Firearms.

However, someone has scooped up to start a blog about gun violence.

“I want to move the dialogue beyond the bipolar political rhetoric and look at the human aspect of gun violence,” the blog’s author, who has refused to identify himself or herself, said in an email to the Tribune. “I grew up with guns in my home, and witnessed gun violence firsthand.  We deliberately chose to live in Oak Park because we wanted to live among people who for the most part share our values of social justice and nonviolence.”

You can certainly understand how the anonymous digital claimjumper would want to preserve the peaceful oasis that is Oak Park as it sits in the middle of one of the country’s most violent cities. Except Oak Park isn’t all that peaceful.

See those lighter shaded areas? Those are the most crime-ridden parts of Oak Park. And that doesn’t mean the dark blue areas are crime free, only that they have less crime in relation to the rest of the neighborhood.

So that load o’ horse hockey about living among people who value nonviolence is a really just a transparent little fig leaf. He or she found out about the soon-to-be-opened gun business and decided to make things as difficult for them as possible. Oh, and the courageous proprietor of the new blog – you know, the one who only wants to move the dialogue along? – has only one post and recently turned the comments function off after readers contributed some inconvenient dialogue.

So here’s hoping those Armed Intelligentsia members trapped behind enemy lines in Rahm’s realm will find it in their hearts to help Mr. Delafuente’s new enterprise get off to a good start once it opens. The next time you’re going to buy a gun, why not place your order through Windy City Firearms?

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  1. Lesson #1: Register your domain names before publicizing your company’s opening;

    Lesson #2: Always register controversial derivatives of your company’s name (e.g. / – these are just examples of what should be registered and I’m not saying they are a fraud or involved in any lawsuit).

    • The problem with that is there are tons of TLDs, and wasnt ICANN talking about allowing any TLD, or did they scrap that idea? If that guy was smart, he would register “”

  2. LOL @ Mordor on Lake Michigan
    I Think I have a new name for my home town of Chicago now.

    This guy should have scooped up the domain name before he went public but so is life.

  3. acording to go daddy . com
    Billing Contact: Private Registrant [email protected]
    A Happy DreamHost Customer
    417 Associated Rd #324
    Brea, CA 92821
    Record created on 2011-11-29 19:46:58.
    Record expires on 2012-11-29 19:46:58.

    you say they live in oak park….???? why’s the address in the other anti gun state of Kalifornia??? smells fishy to me…

      • imagine that….i’d say they will let the domain expire and the rightfull owner can pick it up…and watch those racey videos. at go… ta love it

        • I say call GoDaddy and complain about cybersquatting and a fear that the site will be held hostage by someone who has no intention onusing it appropriately.

    • Go Daddy offers a feature where they use themselves as the registrar. So that is the information for Go Daddy and not the customer requesting the domain.

    • They have anonymized the URL’s “whois” information, using the host’s (Dreamhost) address, phone number, etc., instead of their own. Perfectly legit.

  4. Why not purchase from there? Because sales tax around here is 10.25%, and that guy is willing to be a dick, he said that he will only sell handguns to LEOs. Maxons is closer to me and they’ll sell me anything I want which isnt on the name ban.

    • I think the no-handgun sales to non-LE is a concession to the Village of Oak Park… I don’t think it’s by choice?

      • It was a concession. But he should find another city to open up shop, or litigate the matter rather than sell us out. The legality of that requirement could be contested now that the handgun bans have been overturned. Did the NRA, ISRA or any other group offer legal assistance to him? At the end of the day it is his choice as to what concessions to give, but it is also my choice as to where I am going to spend my money.

        • That part of Illinois is so virulently hoplophobic I’m shocked the village isn’t suing to keep him out of the town!

          It sounds like his business plan is to act as an online ‘receiving station’ for civilian gun owners who need a place in northeastern Illinois to pick up their ordered firearm.

          Selling handguns on the spot is bad business in that part of the state,as the proprietor would have to fight a nasty & expensive legal battle with the city council to do so:assuming he wins, the seller can then offer handguns for sale to civilians….at 10.25% retail tax and a three day waiting period. Doubt he’s gonna sell enough Glocks to recoup the cost of that legal battle. Just FYI,a gun that retails for $399.99 would cost nearly $440.00 with the 10.25% tax applied.

        • Mark up on guns around here is a lot more than else where in the country. I know new Glocks cost a lot more than $400. I have a FNP-45 Tactical, tax on that would have been over $100. Even cigarettes in many places around here are almost $10 per pack for Marlboro lights.

          There are plenty of places in NE IL that sell hand guns, from big box stores like Cabellas to small mom and pop shops like Maxons.

          Post Heller/McDonald, couldnt he be awarded attorney fees if he won?

  5. I live in Oak Park and talked to the shop owner he can’t sell handguns to non law enforcement because there is still a town ordinance that restricts the sale of handguns, He had to get his foot in the door first now he is going to try to get them to change it. Taxes here are 9.5% , the shop owner told me he can do transfers from gun brokers on handguns and long guns for only 25$. His website should be up in a week


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