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Federal Premium already has great a name for itself in the ammo biz. We figured we’d likely be in store for something new and innovative when we set out to learn more about their latest products at Mossy Oak’s social media content event in Pike County, Illinois.

JJ Reich didn’t let us down, especially when he talked to us about Federal Premium’s new Gold Medal Grand shotgun ammunition.

Now, seasoned Federal Premium followers will know the Gold Medal name, but the newest concoction takes this trap, skeet and sporting clays ammo to the next level.

The level of sophistication in these competition-level shells is pretty remarkable, all the way down to the longer-lasting laser printing. These’s no mistaking what kind of ammo this is, whether it’s out of the box or been dirtied or scuffed.

When compared side-by-side to a typical load, there’s noticeably less felt recoil when shooting Gold Medal Grand. It’s no wonder this is aimed at competitors who fire shot after shot; it’s nice to know your shoulder’s not going to be as sore.

The biggest factor in that is likely the two-piece wad system, which uses an air bubble to help reduce the felt recoil. Called SoftCell Technology, the same process is used in Federal Premium’s new Hi-Bird, a load with many of the same qualities, but meant for bird hunters.

Gold Medal Grand is available in 10 new 12-gauge loads, giving just about any style of competitor an option. Hi-Bird comes in five 12-gauge offerings.

If you’re the kind of person who’s going to be shooting for days, Gold Medal Grand is for you. If wingshooting is more your thing, give the Hi-Bird a try and you’ll still feel the difference.

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  1. Notice the video carefully sidesteps shot antimony content. Without that information, any comparison of target grade vs field grade shotshells in the Federal line is just useless advertising copy.

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