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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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Somehow the People’s Republic of California manages to amaze me every year as they find ways to be even more anti-gun and oppressive. This past weekend gave me some downtime and I spoke to a friend of mine who is a longtime left coast resident and federal firearm licensee. Sam buys and sells guns as a federal licensee. He is also regulated by California’s Department of Justice as a firearm dealer.

We all know how California loves their gun control and how they love to enforce firearm laws and stick it to any firearm owner or related business whenever possible. But this time, it’s gone a little too far.

The pandemic caused a range of government offices close or suspend their operations and interactions with the public. California has been experiencing a massive surge of new cases across both rural and urbanized areas of the state and some of their hospitals are struggling to keep up.

Many states, counties and cities have rolled out extremely proactive, well-thought-out plans to handle the renewals or extensions of licenses that expire during these periods when government offices are closed down. Many states by virtue of a blanket executive order by the governor’s office mandate that a license holder is able to have extended/temporary privileges due to current events. They are not penalized for possessing an expired driver’s license, concealed carry license, or other similar state-issued permits.

That’s not the case in California.

The California Department of Justice, which regulates the state’s firearm dealers, is presently closed. They are not processing certificate of eligibility or magazine permit renewals. And instead of issuing a blanket extension to those who may be impacted by the state’s shutdown, California has basically given them the middle finger and told dealers that their renewal will sit until the state reopens.

My friend Sam is jammed up on is his high cap magazine and ammo vendor permit and the certificate of eligibility (COE) now that they’ve expired. Without the COE, there’s no ability to DROS guns. Users with expired permits are locked out. Without the magazine and ammo permit, that technically bars him from even possessing the magazines or having the ammo in his inventory.

These renewals are typically done online. But not during the shutdown. The renewals just sit in the DOJ’s queue. Maybe they don’t realize that by failing to process the renewals, they are turning otherwise honest business owners into violators of gun laws. Or maybe they do.

The DOJ isn’t responding to emails, either.

With all the technology we have, would it be so hard to assign one state employee to log in and work from home to process temporary renewals so as not to criminalize lawful business owners? Apparently that’s too much to ask in the Golden State.

What does this mean for Sam? It means he’s out of business until they allow him to reopen. Adding insult to injury, he’s potentially in possession of illegal magazines and ammo to boot. Plus, he will continue to pay rent, electricity, and insurance for a business that isn’t legally allowed to operate until the government decides to reopen, cashes his check and issues him a new magazine and ammo permit plus a new COE.

All the while, Sam’s employees have nothing to do and no paychecks coming in. He can’t afford to pay people at a business that’s not legally allowed to open.

Every other type of license that has an expiration date during a window where the government is closed due to COVID19 has been extended or been given grace periods; driver’s licenses, licenses to practice law, medical licenses, civil engineering, etc. These folks all have the ability to operate with expired professional and business licenses through the shutdown.

But in California, the firearms business is different. There would be a full-scale march on Sacramento if marijuana dispensaries’ licenses expired and the state demanded they terminate operations until a new license was issued after the lockdown. Whenever that happens.

Sam, who a lifelong resident of the Golden State puts it like this . . .

They would extend a license for someone selling free range almonds, or some gluten free recyclable bags, but fuck gun people.

We have contacted the office of California Governor Gavin Newsom to see if they could explain why firearm dealers were being singled out and prevented from temporarily operating with an expired license. A dedicated public servant such as Governor Newsom should be concerned about small businesses failing during trying times such as these.

His press office has not returned our calls.


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  1. The desired results are being achieved by the socialist-democrats without them even lifting a finger.

    • Sorry, they are not socialist democrats. Call them by their proper name, communist. You’re welcome.

      • And the communists in California, Washington state, etc. now have control of the entire government in D C ( district of communists) to back them up. Secession !

      • Newsom doesn’t give a dam about the people in general. I bet his armed guards around his home are carrying and his law doesn’t affect them. How can the Democrats believe what’s good for them is not good for us.

      • A socialist is just a communist that hasn’t gotten around to setting up firing squads and gulags yet.

    • They’re going to wind up having to jail A LOT of people. A law is only as good as its enforcement, and enforcement is only as good as its punishment. Are we going to jail the whole otherwise law-abiding nation because of poorly conceived rules and regulations? Good luck with that. Expect massive non-compliance on most every business and BOR front as we head into the Biden et al, administration.

      • Yet another feature that, at first, appears to be a bug.

        You see, the thing is, when an ungrateful peasantry becomes unruly enmasse, they leave the ruling class no choice but to detain them enmasse. With their benevolent hands forced, detention facilities necessarily become spartan, crowded, and uncomfortable for the offenders. Though its discomfort, detention naturally lends itself to earnest re-education.

        It’s something of a self-licking ice cream cone.

        Problems liquidate themselves.

      • “Are we going to jail the whole otherwise law-abiding nation because of poorly conceived rules and regulations?”

        There’s a way around that. After the arrest and at the arraignment, offer them a deal –

        Plead guilty and the state offers immediate release and zero probation or prison time, but loss of gun rights. Offer only available right then and there. Instant newly-convicted felon, who can never own a gun again.

        Watch how fast many accept that offer on the spot. Have an assembly line arraignment. In, out, fast. Next case, please?

        (That’s the way to do it. Play them guitars on the MTV…)

  2. Gotta love those status quo fighting democrats doing everything they can to insulate the elite and destroy the small businesses and working classes.

    • To celebrate the upcoming illegitimate inauguration of joe biden, I wrote a song for joe…Sung to the tune of the Ballad of Jed Clampet…

      Here’s a story abouit a rich ratbassturd with a money hungry crime mob family to feed One day ol’ joe was shootin off his mouth and up from his behind came a bubbling scheme. Election Fraud that is…White House Gold. The lights went out and ol’ joe the got million votes he needs so he packed up his bags and he moved to D Cee. Now ol’ joe’s justa grinnin and sittin in an executive chair. And after a nap and while his wife and family are away ol’ joe slips out to sniff kamala’s body hair. Bada Boom.

      Copyright 2021…Debbie W.

    • Hey China Joe is going to spend $2 Trillion to bail out worthy businesses (and Commifornia gov’t).

  3. This is exactly what is going to happen nationwide under the hobnail boot of the Biden reign. Unless…………………..

  4. I would think he’s clear to keep doing business. If charged, it would be an easy court win for a competent lawyer.

    Tack on court fees and damages to a lawsuit, and you could come out on top, as a matter of fact.

    • That’s part of the problem. Say he opens up and the state decides to go after him, he’s going to be paying for a lawyer (while he’s basically closed for business) and the state can just delay the trial for as long as they like…..

      even if he wins his case and the state pays his court costs, he’s just going to be paying them along with every other tax payers. The lawyers get rich, the political class walks away and everyone else gets to pay the bill.

    • While I had not heard of this, I would think that Calguns Foundation is on top of this. Since the NRA won’t even try to fight the state of California on matters affecting firearm owners, retailers, collectors, etc., Calguns has to be there for us.

  5. I don’t think that this guy can be prosecuted. First, there is a stay on any prosecution dealing with prosecution for possession of large capacity magazines pending an appeal after a trial court judgment found the ban was unconstitutional. Second, if he bought the ammo legally, he gets to keep it legally–he just can’t sell it.

    • They don’t need the possession of large capacity magazine charge.

      The arrest (and conviction) will be for operating a business with an expired business license.

      There may be a legal dodge – Trump declared them a critical business. Is there anything in that declaration that can extend a license for the duration of the emergency? Could Trump issue an executive order taking care of that? Like, all business licenses get an automatic extension? Biden may not want to kill something pro-business that keeps people employed…

      • The optics may be bad if Biden is seen as anti-business in a declared emergency.

        Biden might be leery of the potential blowback, especially if it applies to all business nationwide…

  6. Licenses are granted for a specified period so the licensee has to grovel and lick the soles of the office holders when the period expires. Because the next day the license is null and void unless the office has determined the serf is submissive enough to be licensed for another year.

    Without that precious function how can the 32 million subjects in .CA be protected from certain death?

    An expired license turns the seller into an illegal arms dealer and we can’t have that in polite society.

  7. Believe me this bastard only made it in through fraudulent votes! The same scenario played out here in COMMIEFORNIA the same way BIDEN weaseled his worthless A _ _ in as PRESIDENT!

    • Newsom is being groomed to be president, do not have any doubts there. The four family cabal in Ca(Brown, Newsom, Pelosi, Getty) have been active for 80 years. They have raped California and now want the whole country.
      If the patriots of our country do not help to fight this monster, he will only grow to engulf the rest of the country.
      Believe me, many Californians are patriots, we can’t fight the monster by ourselves. We need to get the feds to wipe out the corrupt politicians that are working against the people in our state and country.

      • Problem as the feds are all corrupt the Supreme Court justices corrupt they have BI as corrupt 80% of judges are corrupt prawley 95% of judges in California are corrupt Sounds like it’s time for a Civil War

  8. We would all be better off if the government did nothing beyond basic functions. The thousands of pages of new laws and regulations every year never seem to benefit anyone except the wealthy and connected. The real scam is that the democrats have convinced people that it’s only the republicans that are for the rich. They get away with that by dumbing down the country through the miseducation system and running nonstop propaganda from the colluding media. They aren’t trying to win through debate and ideas only because they don’t have to.

  9. The people of California created and tolerate the administrative monstrosity that they live under. Worse yet, they seem unperturbed by it’s machinations/operations. I lived in California for a couple of years in the late 1960’s. No way would I even consider a redo today. For the attention of those who reside elsewhere, the travail that inflicts California seems a communicable disease. Keep a close eye on the antics of your elected representatives, lest you be unpleasantly surprised.

    • Everything’s a “coup” these days. EVEN A CHICKEN ‘COUP.’
      I still maintain that Californication should be cut loose from the USA. — Make them a separate country. Then we wouldn’t have to support them and all those “illegals.”
      We wouldn’t have to worry about amnesty.
      Gee, we could even close the borders, get rid of Nancy, get rid of a few social media platforms, …….. starting to sound better and better

  10. Color me shocked NOT! Comrade Newscum has done quite enough to this state.
    I am done with California.
    They hold a super majority and with the gorilla primaries, and a squishy GOP, there is nothing that is going to change anytime soon.
    Sorry if I sound like a Debbie Downer but let the place burn to the ground. I hope to be out of here soon. If it burns maybe it will help things along.

    • Just let that nest of vipers on the west side of town alone, maybe they will stay there. So what if it is the best land in the area, they will never come bother us.
      Everyone has to fight these vermin, or they will take over your town.

    • Opie, TRUE the NRA did file bankruptcy. But only in COMMIE/YORK so they could rid themselves of that liberal bastion. They are moving to TEXAS to enjoy more FREEDOM and LIBERTY!!! Long live the NRA and “T” for Texas!!! I’m a LIFETIME MEMBER of the NRA by the way and DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!

      • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the NRA has become a worthless and toothless organization. You’re much better off joining the American Firearms Association or Gun Owners of America and also donating to the Second Amendment Foundation who have actually won a number of pro-gun rights lawsuits.

  11. I am hugely unsympathetic to residents of crapistan who are so brainwashed they put up with this stuff.

    Defiance is the only way.

    PS…..ANY police officer enforcing this crap is a domestic enemy

  12. The solution for the red states is to become 2nd Amendment sanctuary states where they reject any federal gun laws that go against state gun laws (which are far and few between). Missouri is one of the states doing it. It means that all of the federal gun laws and regulations, including those of the NFA, are null and void in a 2A sanctuary state. Not only do federal laws violate the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens, they also violate rights of citizens and states as outlined in the 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments.

    In fact, California is in violation of the 14th Amendment by infringing on its citizens’rights to keep and bear arms.

  13. When is the talk going to transfer from personal protection to protection from the government.

    Anybody with a brain knows that when the government has all the guns, It’s a communist state and people have little options. Biden says, “Bingo” we are coming after your guns!!!!!!!!

    Where is the outcry towards, BLM and antifa from the government, for all the damage, mayhem, and death they caused. They are doing the governments work. Therefore, they just get a slap on the wrist. Oh how the Democrats hypocrisy reigns supreme.

    Why is it that only Democrats are accused of elections fraud????????????? Friends of Bill?????????

    It’s pathetic!!!! We are in for lots of turmoil.

  14. WARNING: The State of California is a dangerous place. If you live there or even visit there, you WILL BE exposed to dangerous chemicals, murder, mayhem, cancer from unknown substances, foreign and third world diseases once eradicated from North America, air pollution, water pollution, social pollution, a vast epidemic of invincible ignorance, all sorts of illegal behavior, avoidable fires and mudslides, birth defects, sexual confusion, multiple brain disorders, moral bankruptcy, a variety of completely ignorant philosophical, political and religious beliefs, a multitude of sexually transmitted diseases, and a population of zombie-like residents who make up both the electorate as well as elected officials who defy all known science, by possessing the ability to exist without the use of a working brain. You will no longer possess the rights afforded to US Citizens under the Constitution of the United States. Failing to heed this warning could result in injury or serious death!

  15. Yup. … “The folks at the top are doing pretty damn well…”
    Look at Newsome.
    Look at Pelosi.
    Hmmm. Now, how can I get one of those big expensive commercial freezers full of designer ice creams at taxpayer expense?

  16. California government officials fear and resent arms owners. Why should arms owners not fear and resent them? These officials also don’t trust owners so why should owners trust them? California’s hoopla makes owners wonder what they plan once they’ve been disarmed.

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