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Well, it’s almost winter, anyway. Check out this compendium of the stupidity that are gun laws in the state of California as compiled by Marvel at the ingenuity of Golden State gun owners as they find ways to get around the foolhearty foolproof gun control laws there and still remain legal. Shake your head at the way gun makers have had to modify their otherwise standard products to make them Cal-eligible (think bullet buttons and break-open ARs.) Then count your blessings that you live somewhere else. If you do.

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  1. I don’t know if they’re masochistic or just brave, but I have to salute the few remaining CA gun owners. They sacrifice a lot, but their resiliency keeps the state from going completely anti-gun.

    • “I don’t know if they’re masochistic or just brave, but I have to salute the few remaining CA gun owners.”

      I don’t believe there are just a few gun owners. Problem is nobody ever asks the citizenry, at least since 1982, when an attempt was made by popular vote to license and restrict gun ownership.,_Handgun_Registration_Initiative_(1982)

      That was when the antis learned to not count on the people to support their lame agenda.

      The libtards have since took control of the state government and now have no need for popular sentiment on any issue.

      For other reasons wife and I left CA, at least now we live in a free state.

      • The constituency that has a voice in the state of California is “Labor.” The unions and community activists, don’t care about firearms, only that their palms get greased. And when the leadership of such “movements,” are ideologically bent on pushing a far left agenda, Second Amendment rights will be marginalized. The way we will eventually win is through the courts. The Heller and McDonald decisions are having their impact.

    • The LCP is a single shot exemption – its not ment to be shot until it is converted back to its original configuration. Doing this is one way to get around the CA handgun roster.

      • Carl,

        Thanks for the information. I’d never seen one before, but the single-shot aspect is a deal breaker for me. I thought it might make a nice “baby brother” to my HK P9S .45 w/ 8″ barrel.

  2. That LCP is the funniest. I carry a LCP sometimes. May need to cut a small hole in my trouser pocket for that barrel.

  3. The Commiewealth of Massachusetts also has some majorly stupid laws, written by the Massholes that run the state. It’s sad that the place where liberty was born is also the place where it died.

    • I was offered a job in Boston and turned it down, weather + taxes +gun laws made it a deal breaker. I’d have to sell half my collection and probably register the rest with those communists.

  4. So what about the Ruger Mini-14? M1A? I have at least read it was not targeted like the AR and AK series so some of its restrictions are not so bad?
    Are all guns subject to the 10 pound trigger pull? Or just handguns?
    I guess pistols such as the LC9 and revolvers such as the Redhawk are Kalifornia Kompliant, but what about single action revolvers such as the Ruger Blackhawk?
    What about semi-auto tactical shotguns?
    What about a Ruger 10-22 with a hi-capacity magazine? Is this a Kalifornia assault rifle?

    • I think single action revolvers are exempt from the California ‘safe’ handgun roster. All rimfire rifles are not included in the assault weapon ban. M1As are just as military as ar-15s, but they are not banned unless they have flash hiders. Still, that did not stop California police from arresting an owner of a legal M1a… twice.

      • Does the Mini-14 and the M1A require the stupid magazine buttons and tools that the AR and AK have?
        I guess the pistol grips on long guns are supposed to be a big bogey man?
        I take it flash hiders and muzzle brakes are a no no as well?

        • No button yet for either. I think it was that both rifles had wood stocks at the time of the AW bill, add black plastic and they do become evil immediatley. No plastic stock for that rifle, no telling what it might do then.
          Mini not nearly as good as most AR’s but per CA law I can carry a long weapon in vehicle while traveling as long as not loaded or ammo attached to weapon.
          I get stopped with the Mini I will have some “esplaining” to do, AR even with bullet button there will be black helicopters and SWAT teams.
          Not allowed to carry handgun in vehicle for self protection. When I do travel with handgun it is in locked container in truck tool box which is a “gray area”. Supposed to be in trunk.
          Always have paper targets with me, “Officer going/coming to/from range”
          10 round max any new magazine.
          Last week while looking for springs/followers on line found that I could buy hi- cap mags for almost anything as a rebuild kit, just don’t assemble while in CA.
          Tempted to buy but thinking about black helicopters and SWAT teams.

          • You can carry a handgun if you have a LTC. Those, are easy or hard to get depending on your County Sheriff. If you get involved and elect a pro-2A Sheriff, virtual-shall issue can be had. I live in Sacramento where I NEVER thought it would be possible, until Nov 2010, when many pro-gun folks got involved (CalGuns Foundation, SAF, etc…). It took being involved, supporting, and a lawsuit to get it though.

  5. How are .22lr replicas of training weapons of Assault Rifles legally handled in the Peace Loving, Peoples Paradise of the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia?
    Are there magazine capacity restrictions on .22lr weapons?
    Is the Nylon 66 an ” Assault Rifle”?
    Are high capacity tubular magazine Cowboy Action Lever Action Carbines deemed Assault Rifles? Henry Lever Actions?

  6. At least they can have hi-cap fixed magazines in CA, out here in Cook County, even high cap fixed magazines are illegal. Another interesting part of our AWB:

    (a) “Assault weapon” means:
    (1) A semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a large capacity magazine detachable or otherwise and one or more of the following:
    (A) Only a pistol grip without a stock attached;
    (B) Any feature capable of functioning as a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand;…
    (D) A shroud attached to the barrel, or that partially or completely encircles the barrel, allowing the bearer to hold the firearm with the non-trigger hand without being burned, but excluding a slide that encloses the barrel;…
    (2) A semiautomatic pistol or any semi-automatic rifle that has a fixed magazine, that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition;
    (3) A semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and has one or more of the following:…
    (B) A folding, telescoping or thumbhole stock;

    I always thought a rifle with out a stock was a pistol, and a pistol with a stock was a SBR. And does anyone know of a semi-auto rifle which doesnt have a hand guard which could be a violation of sections B or D? Thankfully, this law, except for the name bans, seems to be largely unenforced by both retailers and LE.

    • What I want to know is, how is (D) distinguished from a simple forestock? I’ve never seen a long gun without some means of being held forward of the trigger with the off hand.

  7. In California an assault weapon is defined as having the following features: centerfire, semi automatic, detachable box magazine, and a pistol grip. If the rifle is missing one of these features then it is legal here in california. A 1022 with a pistol grip and removable magazine is cool, an AR 15 with a bullet buttoned magazine is cool, an M1A, SKS, or Mini 14 are all good because they all lack a pistol grip. This doesn’t include the barrel length regulations.

  8. Also, 10 rounds is the max allowed. Doesn’t matter if it .22lr, 5.56, or 12 gauge. The only exception I have ever seen is on single action, tube fed .22 rifles and I imagine that is because no one cares. That being said, there is a difference between what the law says and what is actually enforced. We aren’t allowed to have 25 round magazines for our 10/22s but everyone has them and I have never seen the police or range officers say anything or heard about it. We get by in California.

    • It is not illegal to have a large magazine (30 rds), it is only illegal to purchase, sell, manufacture, or “import” from another state. If you “had them before” the ban, they are legal.

  9. Thankfully my state (Ohio) only has one stupid gun law. In Ohio, it is legal to buy, sell, and own a magazine of any size for any weapon, but it is illegal to put more than 31 rounds into said magazine because some anti-gun wacko decided that if a magazine holds more than 31 rounds, then it becomes an “automatic weapon”.

    Amusingly enough, if you do the NFA dance, full auto weapons are perfectly legal in Ohio (actually, all NFA items are).

  10. I am grateful I live in Indiana. Most of the rules here are not too bad.
    I wish Deer could be hunted with real Rifle Cartridges.
    You can hunt with Slug Guns and Carbines with .357 and .44 Magnum rounds; but no .243 or .308.

  11. Sometimes pushing things in one political direction can have unforeseen consequence.

    As an example: A female government official working for the Tunisian government was on a power-trip and slapped a male fruit vendor and ordered the police to ruff him up shaming the man in public. All because the vendor would not pay her a bribe. He committed suicide. That resulted in the Arab Spring which is now starting to bring in conservative Sharia Law based governments in the Arab world. Such conservative religious governments have strict definitions for society and job/career limits based on a person’s sex, etc. Her slapping the man is resulting in a backlash with other countries also moving further to embrace Islamic religious governments. Since I don’t like feminists I find the whole thing kinda funny based on this one issue. Other international political results might not be very funny in the future.

  12. The Ruger LCP you see in the picture is converted to single shot simply for the sale. Once you own it, you convert it right back to being a normal semiautomatic like the other 49 states. You usually then take the long barrel and slide back to the FFL for a refund of the “core” fee. Since single action handguns are exempt from our “not unsafe” roster, we can legally obtain all of the usual handguns out there. Add a bullet button and you can buy a Draco!

    One does have to be careful with an M1A in CA. If it has a flash hider, but not a muzzle brake, it is defined as banned. Switch the muzzle device or go with no muzzle device and it’s legal.

    We see our laws as a farce worth making more farcical. The state doesn’t know what to do with regulatory experts, technology manufacturers, lawyers, and hollywood folks who know how to hack laws and manufacturing. Microstamping has not actually taken effect in CA… Wonder why? Heh.


  13. I escaped the People’s Republic of California in 2004, moving to Idaho. Idaho’s gun laws take up about three pages, most of that being restrictions on what the local and state governments can do to limit our right to keep and bear arms.

    Idaho’s gun laws are best summarized as follows: “If you commit a violent crime with a gun, you are in deep shit.” Idaho tends to follow the philosophy of the LUTHA Party: Leave Us the Hell Alone. Thank God I escaped the PRCa – living in Free America is great!

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