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Sharp as a Marble gun blogger Robb Allen’s mate puts himself (and his daughter) on the cutting edge of open carry. “Not on this video was the one elderly lady who I ran into immediate upon arrival. She was nearly in a panic on the phone with someone that some guy had a ‘machine gun’. I calmly explained that he was simply openly carrying a firearm which was legal if he was fishing. She stormed off in a huff saying ‘well, I don’t see why anyone needs a machine gun’. Other than that? A few looks an an inquiry or two, no panic and no blood in the water (minus any the two catfish and one ray that were caught might have left).”

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  1. Wondering if you feel if we should simply stay at the back of the bus metaphorically speaking.

    What is wrong with the Open Carry of an AR platform?

    That it might give someone the vapors? Okay, show me where that has constitutional protection?

    That it might start conversations about firearms laws? Okay…show me the down side
    It is that someone might decide they don't like the idea? They don't have to like the idea, they just have to accept that we have the right to keep and bear arms.

    That someone might call the cops? Given the state of knowledge among some cops, that isn't a bad thing.

    Why should we be timid and tentative about exercising our rights?

    Here is a great example of people doing ordinary activities while they happen to be armed. We need to make that as common place as people doing normal activities with their pants on (with apologies to Robb who may not allow wear pants).

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