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Yes, as we’ve seen in a few of these pocket dumps lately, California concealed carry is very much a real thing. And as one of the largest gun makers told us at NRA, despite the besr efforts of Kevin De Leon, Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown, the left coast still buys an awful lot of firearms. More than enough to justify California-compliant models.

So while the future of gun rights there doesn’t look particularly bright, there are a lot of gun owners like 40Wada out there living behind enemy lines. Let’s not forget them.

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  1. Only 4 ways he could have a Glock 43 in California.

    1) Current Police Officer
    2) It was brought in as Single Shot Exemption (SSE) , now closed.
    3) Bought it from a police officer.
    4) Moved into state and imported it as a personal handgun.

  2. So what’s the deal? Law enforcement special privilege?😑 Because the G43 isn’t on our approved roster. No gen 4 is on the roster for that matter.

  3. California? I was under the impression that place was a shithole that makes a policy of breaking the law by denying citizens their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    • Not really helpful. I assume you live somewhere that has a whole shitload of dumb fucking ideas I disagree with – but I wouldn’t call your home state a “shithole.” This attitude encourages the assault on gun rights by making it seem like gun rights supports are anti-California (and therefore unimportant to California policymakers). Way to perpetuate a stereotype.

      I LOVE California. Our weather is second to none. I ride motorcycles and good luck trying to find a better place to do that. I drop the boat in the ocean 14 times a year. California is a big place full of good people with some dipshit attitudes about guns. So those of us fighting for gun rights in the state could use some allies rather than vitriol. Vitriol doesn’t help us at all. Just my nickel minus three pennies.

      • Vitriol? I simply observed the truth. Judging from your extreme emotional overreaction, you must be a millennial, and I must have hurt your feelings. Perhaps you need a safe space to go to. Since you live in California, I’ll recommend a rainbow flag for your bumper sticker.

      • I usually don’t reply to folks like Madcapp; they’re usually trolls or very closeminded. That said, I just like you, and most California gun owners, wakeboard, snowboard, surf, scuba dive and go hiking.
        California 2A supporters are a very diverse crowd fighting together behind enemy lines. But there’s a few folks, in free states, that feel they have to bash us for for where we live. We, as a country, need to support each other as we fight the anti’s.

        • Actually Jack, its not me that’s close-minded. If you go back and read Jason’s initial post, you’ll very quickly see that he immediately and rather aggressively reveals (without any prompting at all) that he’s tolerant of any ideas…so long as they’re in line with his own. Its the 2nd sentence he wrote. Its also another tipoff that he’s a millennial.

        • You could not be farther from the truth. You are free to leave CA, just like anyone with common sense would. I did, because I would rather be considered a domestic terrorist who breaks every gun ‘law’ they pass than live in that fucking shithole where english is a 2nd language and they progress themselves right back under king georges tyranny.

    • California is a really nice place whose government makes a policy of breaking the law by denying citizens their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

      See, that was easy!

    • I’m from so cal and I agree with everything he said. The only good thing about California to me is family and friends. But that’s not actually the state itself. Sure every state has laws we will disagree with. But California has such a long list of bad laws it’s ridiculous. The only sentiments I disagree with is when people say “just move.” My first thought is ok California gun control will be coming to a state near you then (Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, etc.)

  4. California is a slave state and like NJ (I have relatives there) it does not recognize the 2nd Amendment. The only reason people who live there are allowed to have any firearms at all is because the state has not outlawed all of them; yet. I for one will not visit slave states, and do my best to direct my expenditures to places where tax receipts won’t go to support tyrants like those that run that state.

    No, I don’t blame slaves for not fleeing their slavery, perhaps their chains are not yet too heavy for them to bear.

    • “But massa treats us well and we can still work/live on the plantation”

      -Every idiot trying to justify their reason for living in CA.


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