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In yet another attempt to snoop around in matters that aren’t any of their business, the California State Assembly is considering a measure that would make insurance companies include questions on an application for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance concerning the number of firearms in the home.

The bill, AB 3067 by Democrat assemblyman Mike Gipson specifies: “In addition to existing regulations, an application for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance shall include questions regarding all of the following: (1) Whether there are firearms kept in the household, including in any accessory structures, and if so, how many. (2) Whether the firearm, if any, is stored in a locked container in the home, including any accessory structures, while not in use. (3) The number of firearms kept in a vehicle located on the property subject to the applicable insurance policy, and if any, whether they are stored securely in a locked container while not in use.”

The proposal not only mandates insurance companies to inquire about gun possession, but also to funnel this data to the state government annually. As with most such measures considered in California, this one is almost certainly unconstitutional.

Of course, that doesn’t always matter to anti-gun legislators. If they pass the bill and it’s signed into law, it will take at least a couple of years to get it tossed out by the courts. At that time, gun-ban advocates can simply pass another such bill if they wish, and the whole escapade will start again.

The insurance bill comes on the heels of another measure introduced last week that also seeks to gather information about the guns owned by lawful California gun owners.

SB 1160 requires annual registration of all firearms owned or possessed with the California Department of Justice. It also imposes an annual registration fee that can be adjusted (higher, of course) as the California government sees fit. Additionally, the bill would prohibit possession of an “unregistered” firearm, a violation of which would be punishable as an infraction.

“Except as specifically exempted in Section 25288, every firearm that is kept in this state shall be annually registered with the department by the owner of that firearm as required in this division,” the bill states. “Annual registration shall be accomplished in a manner and form prescribed by the department. Annual registration shall include the payment of an initial or renewal registration fee in an amount determined by the department.”

The measure also provides an “out” for gun owners who do not wish to register their guns—simply forfeit them to the state.

“Any person choosing not to register a firearm they own may surrender the firearm to any local law enforcement agency,” the measure states. “A firearm surrendered pursuant to this section shall, for purposes of this part, be deemed a nuisance and is subject to the provisions of Sections 18000 and 18005.”




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    • Recently at least democRats called their own more sleazy democRats out for using race based laws to justify Gun Control. However calling such sleaze out is the job of the so called Defenders of the Second Amendment. But for far too many “defenders” they would rather waste an opportunity by tripping over themselves to be the first jackazz to call the Race of a perp…And the dumbfuks wonder why Gun Control keeps on marching…Well look in a mirror bigots, you know who you are and you know you do not have the balls to stfu and be this kind of man…

  1. here is what their law basically says

    “Our unconstitutional thing means we can do all the other unconstitutional things because we say so and then say its legal because one thing may almost sound like its legal but really isn’t. Then cloak the whole thing in words and phrases and definitions we derived at to have something to argue in court with the slightest bit of nuance to try and shift the burden of proof away from us into our interests by throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sicks to claim its constitutional so we can continue to inflict our unconstitutional actions on law abiding Americans as long as we can or until they come one day and drag us out of our offices to tar and feather us or hang us. All so one day we can bring back the good old interest balancing that’s decided in our favor 99% of the time to eventually do away with all constitutional rights in favor of permissions we control.”

    • They can try and slip that one easily enough. Our annual fees for vehicles are split between a value tax and a registration fee, and that is all they will charge, a fee not a tax for the processing of firearms registrations. There will be nothing in the bill or the hearings suggesting that the whole purpose of the registration scheme and the reporting to insurance companies on applications is to increase costs to owners and therefore to suppress gun ownership.

      I wonder. Black powder firearms are not “firearms” within the meaning of the Penal Code unless they are fully loaded. Does that mean they can escape registration and notification?

      • “…and that is all they will charge, a fee not a tax for the processing of firearms registrations.”

        In that case, it’s perfectly fine to charge a ‘poll fee’ applicable only to blacks?

        If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc, it’s a poll tax.

        That wouldn’t fly with anyone, and you know it.

        “I wonder. Black powder firearms are not “firearms” within the meaning of the Penal Code unless they are fully loaded. Does that mean they can escape registration and notification?”

        Possibly, but what good is that for you when you wake up in the middle of the night and hear a burglar downstairs?

        I don’t know California law, but isn’t there a provision for guns made before 1880-something exempt from the ’68 GCA? Some of those are early black powder cartridge guns, like the .44 spl, a perfectly acceptable choice for home defense…

        • First, federal law DOES distinguish between a fee and a tax. Taxes are imposed for the primary purpose of raising revenue, with the resultant funds spent on general government services. Fees are imposed for the primary purpose of covering the cost of providing a service, with the funds raised directly from those benefiting from a particular provided service. So, sorry, the distinction does fly.
          The federal law defining firearms exempts “antique firearms” for which no cartridges are readily available. California law is similar. They may be purchased in most states (including California but not NJ) without a background check. There goes your .44 spl., .45 Colt and all but the most unusual cartridge firearms. (I own a number of 1873s.) Black powder firearms of course have no cartridges, and are therefore exempt. But as far as I know, the cartridge conversion cylinders may have to be processed through an ffl, even if they are for an otherwise black powder firearm. (I’ve seen opposing answers to that question.)
          I should also clarify: In California, “fully loaded” means that there is powder, a ball or bullet, AND a primer cap in place. So if there is no primer, it isn’t a firearm. Unless you are a prohibited person, in which case it is a firearm loaded or not.

      • .40 cal,

        Unfortunately, I am afraid we are past tar & feathers and are dangerously close to decorating oak trees and lampposts. They constantly prattle about “compromise” and “bipartisanship”, when what they are REALLY seeking is our capitulation to their “superior world view”. That their “superior” world view is objectively false-to-fact and stupid never occurs to them, nor can any discussion of that be entertained.

        Like MajorLiar and dacian the demented, they have their narrative, that they have never examined in any meaningful way, and they won’t budge – “that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!!!”. If I were a more forgiving person, I could almost pity them in their idiocy.

        T. Jefferson wrote us a blueprint; we just need to follow it.

  2. The United States needs to liberate California and make it become part of America.
    Then do NJ, NY, MA, IL, etc.
    OCL Operation California Liberation, or
    OCF Operation California Freedom.

    • The US needs to wall off California and isolate it from the rest of the union. They want to make their own “perfect world” — let them live in it.

        • California has the world’s eighth largest economy with a GDP of just under $3 Trillion, roughly 15% of the US total. Just so you know what you are giving away. Even if the Democrats are trying to spend it into oblivion.

      • Yeah, sure. And what about the several million of us who are actively fighting behind enemy lines to slow the Left’s advancement and possibly take some of CA back? Are you one of the jackholes who loves to condemn everyone in CA as being in the same basket, laughing from the comfort of your own porch while we fight daily for our/your liberties?

        If the same attacks were to happen in your own state, would you roll over and take it, run away to live elsewhere, or stay and fight the evil? If you chose to courageously fight, would you enjoy being called a coward because your neighbor has shown himself to be one?

        • ‘slow the Left’s advancement and possibly take some of CA back?”

          I don’t fight in a lost cause. I moved to a red state.

        • Which left your previous state one tick closer toward Blue, meaning you willingly contributed to the problem you believe you left behind. I choose to stay and contribute my part to stay on the Red side of California’s see-saw. Back in the ’80s, it was very Red. As conservative people started leaving in the ’90s, the see-saw started to tilt. In the 2000s, it became Blue as people like you fled and left us to fight the good fight. Now you look over your shoulder and lay blame, yet your own decision to flee was part of the problem in the first place.

          TEHO, and you may very well be happier where you are. If so, I genuinely wish you a good life. But don’t discount those of us who remain to fight the growing threat that will someday reach your new home as well if good men do nothing.

        • Practically, a national divorce can be achieved through self-selection.

          As Herman Cain used to say, “Save the savable.”

    • Stuck in NJ,

      The People’s Democratic Soviet Socialist Republic of KKKalifornia is not redeemable with its current population. All the productive, intelligent people have bailed TF OUT of that socialist hellhole. You would be hard put to find an actual conservative in KKKalifornia; we’ve all gotten the eff out of Dodge.

      OTOH, the physical state, itself, is one of the most gorgeous places on earth, and when the “progressives” finally drive the state into extinction and poverty, I would love to go back and buy some of that prime KKKalifornia property for pennies on the dollar. “California”, the physical location, is about as close to perfect as can be found. KKKalifornia, the political entity, is a dying, flailing, pathetic disaster, and can’t complete its final spasm soon enough to suit me.

      Whenever any of my friends/aquaintances still mired in the slow-motion train wreck that is today’s “state of California” tells me “hey, it’s not THAT bad! The beach is wonderful! Drive up Highway One!” I realize that it is nothing more than a coping mechanism. The realize that it is circling the drain; they’re just hoping/praying that it will continue to stumble along until they are dead – let their kids clean up the aftermath of their idiocy.

  3. No sympathy. California POTG have chosen comfortable subjugation over dangerous freedom. They deserve the tyranny. They allow

    • Might as well just admit you support biden. You certainly contribute nothing else to the conversation. Let’s just concede large parts of our nation to the bad guys.

      We either hang together or we hang separately. We see which limb you’ve chosen to hang from.

      • Obviously the truth in my comment is hitting a little to close to home for you. So keep whining as your Rights are taken away without a fight. Not forgetting the country, you are leaving for your children and grandchildren.

      • jwm,

        I respectfully disagree.

        IMNSHO, the “best” thing (short of “the boogaloo”) is to . . . let them live with the consequences of their idiocy. We are seeing it in real time. KKKalifornia now, after a (totally fake and hypothetical) “budget surplus”, last year, is facing a multi-billion dollar budget deficit this year, because of . . . Leftist policies.

        As usual, the Leftists will double down, which will accelerate the ultimate demise of KKKalifornia. I’m waiting for the (inevitable) crash to happen, then I will go back and buy some sweet property, for pennies on the dollar.

        I LOVE the (physical) state; I hate the political entity (and a majority of the residents – many NOT citizens). I’m going to be proven right (assuming I live that long), but . . . Darwin is always right; he just moves too damn slow!!

        • All the while POTG in California and numerous other democrat controlled states allow themselves, their families and their future to be destroyed, because they allow it. Period. You claim Darwin moves to slow. I see no movement whatsoever from the people who’s duty it is to protect and defend their Rights and the Rights of their children. From the tyranny that is destroying their futures. if your rights aren’t worth fighting for. You never really deserved them to begin with and the founding patriots sacrificed their lives for nothing, but cowards who allowed themselves to be turned into subjects of the same tyranny. They fought and died to eliminate.

  4. (1) Whether there are firearms kept in the household, including in any accessory structures, and if so, how many.
    (2) Whether the firearm, if any, is stored in a locked container in the home, including any accessory structures, while not in use.
    (3) The number of firearms kept in a vehicle located on the property

    (4) What is your race / ethnicity.
    (5) What is your religion.
    (6) How did you vote in the last election.
    (7) What color of the rainbow spectrum do you identify as.
    (8) Are you a supporter of the Great Leader.

  5. Part of the reason I left Dem controlled MN was the stupidity of said Dems. Funny thing is most of the state is rural and conservative. But the major population centers are and long have been Dem./leftist controlled. The Twin Cities metro, Duluth and Rochester and for some reason the Iron Range in North Central MN. always vote Dem. Been that way for decades. Looney limousine liberals and dependent class voters thinking socialist and now “Woke” politics are in favor in those areas. While the rest of the state would prefer more sensible governance. But numbers count.
    Likely the same with California. The major population centers rule the state regardless of what the rural counties would prefer. Numbers/democracy in action. Mob rule is all it means.
    Much of the Dem party couldn’t care less about the Constitution or rule of law. All they care about is power, control and showing anyone who isn’t part of the party they are not in charge and will be punished for any dissent. Shut up, pay taxes and do as you are told. Thinking or basic liberties are not permissible.

  6. How many people are going to answer that truthfully?
    If they were to pass this fascist law, how many insurance companies would call it quits in CA?


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