California Approves the Sale of Frame Safety Versions of the SIG SAUER P320 9mm Pistol

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Who says all the news is bad?

Look what was just approved for the California handgun roster. That’s a consumer version of SIG SAUER’s M18 9mm pistol…the military’s take on the modular P320 with a frame safety.

SIG’s dubbed the pistol they’ll be shipping to the left coast the P320-M18 California. It will (naturally) come with limited capacity 10-round magazines. Three of them, to be precise.

The P320-M18 California Compliant comes standard with SIGLITE night sights and a removable night sight rear plate. The slide is optic ready and directly compatible with the ROMEO-X, ROMEO1PRO and ROMEO2 red dot optics. The slide and grip module are the same coyote tan as the military version, and it includes (3) 10-round magazines.

SIG SAUER P320-M18 California

This uncharacteristically magnanimous move by the nation’s most anti-gun state comes after a judge issued an order in March blocking California’s handgun roster as an unconstitutional infringement on citizens’ Second Amendment rights. The ruling in the case, Boland v. Bonta, was appealed by Attorney General Rob Bonta and oral arguments were heard by the Ninth District Court of Appeals last week.


Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 10+1 rounds
Magazines: 3 ten-round magazines included
Overall Length: 7.2 in
Overall Height: 5.5 in
Overall Width: 1.6 in
Barrel Length 3.9 in
Sight Radius: 5.8 in
Weight with Magazine: 28.1 oz

Price = $699

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  1. currently on sale at Turners Outdoorsman for 719.99, after labor day add 40.00. Turners is a large gun/fishing retailer in Ca.

  2. California sees the hand writing on the wall, their unconstitutional gun-control by-roster is going to be trashed and they know it. So they add a gun to sidestep one of the complaints that basically more modern ‘in common use’ guns are being denied thus denying second amendment rights because the rest of the country (mostly) enjoys the freedom to choose the firearm they want.

    Its not a ‘magnanimous move’, its a tactic.

    • The Roster only applies to new guns being purchased. After you own it, you can do whatever you want to it.

  3. After the State appealed the injunction, it sought a stay of the order as to all features EXCEPT the microstamping requirement. That stay as requested was issued. The other requirements of a manual safety, mag disconnect and loaded chamber indicator remain in effect, so I assume that this pistol complies with those requirements. Oral arguments on the temporary injunction were just held in the Ninth Circuit, and it does not sound too promising. One of the judges was clearly anti-gun and had already made up her mind; she basically steamrolled the Bruen arguments.

    • Now THERE is a comment that’s actually very intelligent, learned, and competent. Thank you, Mark N.
      TTAG used to have nothing but comments like yours.
      P.S.: You can use the TTAG links at the top of its home page to read articles that are ten years old or more. Look at the comments section of all the articles, and you’ll see what I mean. TTAG readers were so much smarter then, it’s incredible.

  4. I don’t understand. I like my SIG SAUERs. I have one of my P220s at hand as I type, but what the hell does a frame mounted safety have to do with anything?

    • I has to do with California’s mandate of a manual safety, and frame mounted is the more traditional (and perhaps easier to manufacture) location for Sig.

        • jwm, I do too. On a single action automatic. On anything else it’s like teats on a boar 🐗.

        • I don’t know – a thumb safety on a glockstyle gun, that blocks the firing pin, would not hurt? my feelings any…

          Meaning I might buy one. I see no reason for the legislature to get involved.

    • And now Arizona is voting/cheating in wack Dem. Governors. Marxifornians have been moving to other states and flipping them.

  5. if you live in california
    and are tired of the gun laws
    and all the other stupidity there
    just move to america
    we would love to have you

    • I wouldn’t. Californians tend to bring the stupidity with them. Case in point, Austin, Texas. Used to be a nice town.

      • Amen x 1000.

        I was privy to conversations in the 1970s wherein full-on white college-educated marxist subversives (read criminals) with upper middle class parents and multiple layers of cover were *gloating* about the coming of what happening in Austin *specifically* right now.

        Leftists are long term planners. Those who are still living from that time are old, rich, and behind schedule (read impatient). Schedules may change, but the plan does do not, is what they would say.

        • You’re un-American. You: “college-educated marxist subversives (read criminals)”. Go live in a communist country. You’d be much happier there. In Commieland, it’s a crime to have the FREEDOM to have a different opinion, just like you like it.
          Of course, if you open that pie hole of yours and say you have another opinion, you’ll find out what “defenestration” is real quick.
          Shame on you, you un-American phoney. I’ll just bet you say “freedom” every five seconds, but not any better than a parrot.

  6. Gives O shi ts what Kommifornia says.

    SIG should be boycotting that cesspool (or at a minimum any gov’t sales).

  7. There still is the “roster” only the micro stamping requirement was overturned. Guns still have to be approved and have manual safeties and loaded chamber indicators. Plus manufacturers must pay thousands of $$$ for independent testing and cannot modify the gun at all except by adding night sights. Change the grips and you have to re-submit and pay $$$. Plus there was a stipulation for every new gun added by a manufacturer three had to be removed. Don’t worry there is a bill in the legislature to mandate micro stamping by 2027. I’m surprised they didn’t close the roster loophole. C&R handguns are exempt. So if you want that new model you just have to wait 50 years for it to become a C&R! Or just be a cop “rules for thee but not for me”. The roster violates both the 2nd and equal protection clause of our Constitution! Imagine if cars had to be on an “approved roster” passed in 1965. Guess what, no new post 1965 model cars. You can only buy cars with no seat belts, no air bags, no anti-lock brakes, no back-up cameras, no emissions, no LATCH system for child car seats, no engineered crash crumple zones. Seriously this is basically what the handgun roster accomplished. If I didn’t have family in CA I would never go there. You can’t even buy ammo if you don’t have a CA real ID. Their ammo background check only allows CA ID’s and only for calibers in guns you have registered with the DROS system. So NO ammo sales to ANY out of state residents. Once again unconstitutional.

  8. To that commenter “XZX”: You’re un-American. You actually SAID this, you traitor: “…college-educated marxist subversives (read criminals)”. Go live in a communist country. You’d be much happier there.
    In Commieland, it’s a crime to have the FREEDOM to have a different opinion, just like you like it.
    Of course, if you open that pie hole of yours and say you have another opinion, you’ll find out what “defenestration” is real quick.
    Shame on you, you un-American phoney. Phonies like you say “freedom” every five seconds, but not any better than a parrot.

    • Weird. Not to mention incomprehensible. Your family, if any, needs you to get help. Have a nice day, and don’t be defenestrating anybody, ok?

      • Gee, what a surprise: You can’t do any better than a non-denial denial. Blowhards like you always do when they get called out for being weak.
        You do so because you don’t have a leg to stand on when someone points out that you’re un-American. Instead, you choose to be like the communists and say that people who don’t think just like you are criminals.
        That’s the most un-American thing in the world. Just leave. You don’t belong in America. You’re not an American at all, you just say you are.

  9. Leftists are criminals. That status comes with whole Robin Hood, beggar
    the rich, seize power, property, life and all else of value.

    Then there’s that mass murder thing.

    And, as it happened, the folks I referenced were mostly known at later dates to be hard-core organized criminals.

    Anyhow, thanks for making my point.

  10. Hey everybody, let’s all pitch in and buy Loser Boy “XZX’ here a one-way ticket to a communist country. XZX agrees with O.G.communist Josef Stalin: Kill the educated people. Remember, XZN actually SAID these words: “college-educated marxist subversives (read criminals)” and “punished, jailed, and executed.”
    Well, “XZX”, TTAG readers are smart enough to see through your sneaky tricks. You’re just trying to distract TTAG readers and change the subject every five seconds so people might forget your RADICAL and disgraceful, despicable, un-American opinions.
    When you just changed the subject yet again, were you trying to refer to the beggar Lazarus? Who could tell from your drunk-level words?
    And these words were drunk-level vague: “Then there’s that mass murder thing”.
    And who cares about “the folks” you knew? Maybe you knew them at the White Horse Inn with Drunk-Pixie Joseph McCarthy and learned to accuse others to shift responsibility from yourself as a man like him.
    Get a passport for North Korea and go away, XZN. You’ll like it there. You can be one of the “folks” who torture people and kill them when they have a different opinion than your lord and master’s.

  11. A thumb activated safety on a military derived firearm? What will they think of next?

    Up until Glock, they ALL had thumb safeties. Its only the modern gun bearer who thinks his index finger is the only needed safety. In actual use, militaries the world over kept them there for over a century with a good track record of reducing ND’s and occupational injury.

    Until, of course, someone decided to put the safety in the trigger making it completely worthless.

    Having purchased a P365, I added a safety for RH use and now It functions just the same as a 1911 or M9 – two handguns I used in uniform. I’m sticking with what I know works.

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