‘It’s Not the Left That Wants to Take Away Guns. It’s Democrats.’

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Reason Magazine is discovering what we’ve been saying for almost a decade now. America’s gun owners are aren’t just a bunch of old fat white guys. They’re a diverse and varied bunch that doesn’t conform to one particular stereotype. For proof of that, see our ‘I am a gun owner’ series from back in 2013 (images here on our Facebook page).

Here’s the opinion of one of Reason’s non-traditional gun owners who resides in Sandy, Utah . . .

“It’d be easy for me to be like, ‘Oh, nobody needs a concealed-carry [permit],’ because I live in this bougie apartment right across the street from the police station that’s mostly secure. When I’m walking around there’s no danger out here. But for some people, walking from the bus stop to their house is dangerous. I feel like for me to tell them you don’t need [a gun] is really just kind of privileged—trying to take my bubble and to project it onto them.

“I realize my views are extremely radical for American politics—I like Marx’s view on guns. His language was old-school, and I can’t repeat it verbatim, but it was basically: Any attempt to disarm the working-class needs to be obstructed by force. It’s always funny when people say the left wants to take away guns. It’s like, well, no, it’s not the left that wants to take away guns. It’s Democrats. And you know, it seems like most anti-gun people are upper-middle-class and usually white, in my experience.”

– Alex Lambson in Guns are for Everybody


  1. avatar No one of consequence says:

    And the practical difference between leftists and Democrats these days would be … what, exactly?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the person “gets it” re guns, as it were, but there are other issues here as well and we know where leftist policies eventually lead. At least, however, with this one there might be a chance of a conversation.

    1. avatar Tim says:

      Precisely. And if this mob of idiots wants to run on ‘gun control’ & reparations, I say, “God bless you. You may now return to your natural state: irrelevance & out of power.”

    2. avatar Tom T says:

      Exactly. Everything has been split now by some imaginary line and must fall into one of two sides. Nitpicking trivial details is pointless.
      “Im not a liberal, I’m a progressive blah blah blah”.
      “It’s not socialism, It’s democratic socialism blah blah blah”.

      They will claim any minor difference in definition matters…. but anyone who disagrees with them is automatically racist nazi white supremacist etc, etc.

      1. avatar Dude says:

        And I hear people say, “I’m not a republican, I’m a conservative.” Yet, they always vote republican.

        1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

          Dude (or El Duderino),

          Unfortunately, voting R is usually the only practical choice to [hopefully] minimize the damage to our Rights.

        2. avatar El Duderino says:

          I speak not for the Dude.

          For I am El Duderino.

          I’m not into the whole brevity thing.

        3. avatar jbob says:

          I”m liberal and I vote Republican because the Democrats aren’t liberal anymore, they’re totalitarian.

      2. avatar Donttreadonme says:


    3. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “And the practical difference between leftists and Democrats these days would be … what, exactly?”

      The extreme ignorance of the Far Right is very evident on this forum. They simply cannot ever conceive of the reality that plenty of liberal and even far left people own guns and sometimes lots of them. The difference is that the Left is not afraid of looking at the gun problem in the U.S. with a non prejudiced eye and they are willing to fix problems, while the Far Right still is enraged over laws that outlawed out houses as an abridgment of their freedom to endanger the entire community with communicable disease. The Far Left understood the problem and did something about it. The same is true for the gun problem. The Far Right refuses to do anything about the problem which results in them eventually becoming their own worst enemies and guaranteeing that when the problem gets so serious that the bulk of the population who do not own guns inevitably demands supporting complete confiscation of them. Its not rocket science except to the Far Right were 2 plus 2 will never equal 4.

      1. avatar Hydguy says:

        You are an idiot.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          A lying idiot.

        2. avatar MGD says:

          Yep. I support the 2nd amendment, but….

          I love it when people like him say that liberals own guns, yet they vote for the people who don’t want them to have them?

      2. avatar Tom Forrest says:

        Please enlighten us as to what the “far right” needs to do to fix our “gun problem”

        1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          “””””””””””””””””””””Please enlighten us as to what the “far right” needs to do to fix our “gun problem””””””””””””””””

          What every other civilized nation has done for decades and it works history has already proven it.

          Vetting of all gun purchases. The Chicago study proved that second hand unvetted guns were being sold to criminals and nut cases. The average age of the guns was 11 years and were sold face to face many times over and over again unvetted and no not all of them were stolen which brings us to the next law.

          Safe storage laws which would prevent many thefts of guns both in private dwellings and gun stores. Safe Storage would prevent the slaughter of 1,300 children that were killed last year in accidental shootings by irresponsible, ignorant and indolent gun owners who deserved to go straight to prison for years.

          Red Flag Laws to confiscate and imprison nut cases that are threatening people.

          A gun owner I.D. card given out after passing a test for sanity proving the person is mentally fit to own a deadly weapon.

          Failure to do anything means you will soon lose everything and by now the general public at large who do not own guns and are fed up with all the violence and mass murder and mayhem would gladly support no gun ownership at all and who can blame them when dealing with the obstinate thick headed and totally ignorant Far Right. Yes the Far Right are their own worst enemies.

        2. avatar Knute(ken) says:

          Did you manage to find out the 6 letter word for a gun’s front end yet? Or did it go right over all your ‘friends’ heads too?

        3. avatar drunkEODguy says:

          This MF here says 1300 kids died in accidental shootings in the US last year, but WISQAR CDC data puts the number of fatal accidental shootings for all ages at 461. FYI the number for those 0-14 was 49. Not even 50 kids died from AD’s.

          you don’t have to believe me. Open the link below and go to page 44, or alternatively hit cntrl+F and type in “accidental discharge of firearms” to see what a sad lying sack Vlad is.


        4. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          Guns kill nearly 1,300 US children each year, study says
          By Jacqueline Howard, CNN

          Updated 9:52 PM ET, Mon June 19, 2017
          kids and guns kaye dnt ac_00002801
          Play Video

          Kids and guns: Coping with an accidental shooting 04:12
          Story highlights
          A study found the US states with the most and least childhood firearm deaths
          Doctors open up about gunshot victims they’ve treated
          (CNN)Rambunctious third-graders filled a classroom in Seattle on a crisp autumn day. One of the students dropped his backpack, and horror ensued.

          That student had brought a parent’s gun to school and was carrying it in his backpack. When the bag fell to the floor, the impact caused the gun to fire, sending a bullet straight into another student’s abdomen, said Dr. Thomas Weiser, a trauma surgeon at Stanford University Medical Center.
          Weiser treated that third-grader’s gunshot wound while completing a fellowship at Harborview Medical Center in Washington in 2011.
          When the student arrived at the hospital, awake and alert with a bullet hole oozing blood just below her heart, she had a jarring expression of confusion in her brown eyes, Weiser said.
          The forgotten victims of gun violence
          The forgotten victims of gun violence
          “She kind of had this look in her eyes. It wasn’t pain. … There was obviously a little fear … but I remember, my impression was (she had) this question: Why is this happening? She couldn’t really process everything that was happening to her and around her,” Weiser said. “She survived, but she had a terrible injury.”
          Now, a study based on data from 2012 to 2014 suggests that, on average, 5,790 children in the United States receive medical treatment in an emergency room each year for a gun-related injury. About 21% of those injuries are unintentional, similar to the third-grader’s case.
          From 2012 to 2014, on average, 1,297 children died annually from a gun-related injury in the US, according to the study, published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday.
          The study also revealed which states in the US saw most of those deaths among children and which children may be most at risk for a gun-related injury.
          “When you start putting numbers like that to real lives, real people every day who are injured by firearms … it confirms a statistic we already know a lot about,” said Weiser, who was not involved in the study.
          Doctors also emphasize that there are methods available to safely secure and store firearms, away from children, and they recommend that parents employ those methods when keeping guns in the home.
          Boys and guns
          The researchers examined national data on fatal firearm injuries from death certificates in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Vital Statistics System database.
          Gunshot wounds deadlier than ever as guns get increasingly powerful
          Gunshot wounds deadlier than ever as guns get increasingly powerful
          For nonfatal firearm injuries, the researchers examined data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System database.
          Specifically looking at deaths and injuries among children up to age 17, the researchers analyzed the data for trends that may have occurred from 2002 to 2014.
          They found that, among the deaths, 53% were homicides, 38% were suicides, 6% were unintentional, and 3% were related to law enforcement or undetermined. Among the injuries, 71% were assault, 21% were unintentional, 5% were related to law enforcement or undetermined, and about 3% were from self-harm.
          Hospitalizations from gunshot wounds cost $700 million a year, study says
          Hospitalizations from gunshot wounds cost $700 million a year, study says
          As for unintentional firearm injuries, Weiser said, the third-grade girl he treated was not the only accidental gunshot wound he saw in a child. Another such injury involved a boy around 9 who was given a handgun for his birthday.
          “He shot his 6-year-old brother, playing in the backyard,” Weiser said, adding that the new study findings show that boys are much more likely to be injured by firearms than girls.
          Boys accounted for 82% of all child firearm deaths and about 84% of all nonfatal firearm injuries that were medically treated in the study. African-American children had the highest rates of firearm homicide, and white and Native American children had the highest rates of firearm suicide.
          Those patterns of gun-related deaths appeared to fluctuate by state.
          Where children die by firearms
          While the District of Columbia and Louisiana had the highest rates of child firearm deaths, several states — including Delaware, Hawaii, Maine and New Hampshire — had 20 or fewer deaths, the researchers found.

          The highest rates for homicides were concentrated in the South; across the Midwestern states of Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Ohio; and in California, Nevada, Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

          For suicides, which were calculated only for children 10 and older in the study, the researchers found that incidents were widely dispersed across the country. However, separate research has found rates of suicide by firearm to be disproportionately higher in rural compared with urban areas.
          For Dr. David Wesson, a pediatric surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital who was not involved in the new study, the rates of suicide that emerged in the data were among the most disturbing trends.
          “It’s important for parents to be aware of their children’s state of mind and if they’re depressed,” he said. “Just having access to a gun in a situation where you’re upset with what’s going on at school or with your friends, or your own internal emotional state, it unfortunately can lead to suicide. It’s very important for parents to be aware of that, particularly if they have guns in the home.”

          Overall, the researchers found that older children, those 13 to 17, had a rate of fatal firearm injury that was more than 12 times higher than the rate for children 12 and younger.
          “These are preventable injuries that have a major public health impact on early death and disability among children,” said Katherine Fowler, a behavioral scientist for the CDC and lead author of the study.
          Yet she added that some promising trends also appeared in the data.
          “Although firearm homicides of children significantly increased between 2002 and 2007, they significantly declined between 2007 and 2014,” Fowler said.
          “This is a very encouraging trend. There are many evidence-based programs and policies that have been found to be effective in preventing youth violence, including youth homicide,” she said. “Preventing such injuries and ensuring that all children have safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments remains one of our most important priorities.”
          16 US children hospitalized with gunshot wounds each day, study says
          16 US children hospitalized with gunshot wounds each day, study says
          Fowler pointed to a collection of strategies that the CDC has developed to help states and communities build effective programs, policies and practices around violence prevention.
          “Firearm-related injuries contribute substantially each year to premature death, illness and disability of children. These injuries are preventable,” she said.
          The researchers noted in the study that their findings are subject to limitations.
          For instance, unintentional firearm deaths may be significantly underreported, which skews data, and firearm injuries that were not treated in a hospital or similar health care setting were not included.
          All in all, the new findings seem to fall in line with previous research on gun violence among children in America.
          ‘It really is a complex disease’
          Based on the findings, the data suggest that about 19 children a day die from or are medically treated in an emergency room for a gunshot wound.
          Previously, it was estimated that on average 16 children a day are hospitalized due to firearm injuries in the US, according to research presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in San Francisco in May.
          Even under the narrowest definition, there's been at least 1 mass shooting every month this year
          Even under the narrowest definition, there’s been at least 1 mass shooting every month this year
          Of 23 high-income countries, 91% of children killed by firearms in 2010 were from the US, according to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine last year.
          Dr. Stephen Hargarten, professor and chairman of emergency medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, likened gun violence in America to a disease.
          “The fact that these children are injured, they are cared for by surgeons, within the health care system, they have fractures, they have brain injuries, they have lacerations to their body and so forth, so that’s the biology of this disease,” said Hargarten, who was not involved in the new study.
          He added that the agent of the disease would be the kinetic energy from a bullet that is firing out of a gun.
          “The psychosocial components are related to the circumstances of these events, of the domestic violence disputes that result in children getting injured or killed, the psychological issues surrounding the transitions of thinking or feeling suicidal and ending their life,” Hargarten said.
          “Then the social aspects of this are related to the environmental circumstances,” he said. “And the social constructs of companies that make these products that are available to children, that can be used very easily by children, and so it really is a complex disease.”
          There are ways in which guns can be made not so easily accessible to children, Hargarten said.
          Safety tips for parents with guns
          A lock box or gun safe can be an effective way to keep a gun away from children, Hargarten said. Or stimulating the marketplace for smart guns designed to unlock only for an authorized user could be promising, he said.
          Introducing the future of gun safety?

          Introducing the future of gun safety? 02:35
          “That would have an impact in the home — where, again, properly secure it — but even if the child or young adult does find the gun, they can’t use it because they’re not authorized to access the gun,” Hargarten said.
          Being mindful of who is nearby when a gun is being handled in the home can also play a role in injury prevention, said Wesson, the pediatric surgeon in Texas.
          In his 35-year career, the first infant with a gunshot wound whom Wesson ever treated was accidentally shot while sitting in a baby chair at the kitchen table. The infant was only about 4 weeks old, he said.
          “The father was sitting there, on a kitchen chair, and was doing something with his rifle. He said he was cleaning it,” Wesson said.
          Suddenly, the rifle accidentally fired in the baby’s direction.
          “Fortunately, it was a low-power rifle. It just hit the baby in the abdomen and made a big opening in the abdomen,” he said, adding that the baby survived.
          Bullet-proofing kids

          Bullet-proofing kids 02:39
          “Everything was healed up in the end, but it was a devastating and tragic event, and of course you can imagine how the parents felt about it. They were devastated, and that’s the typical story. You don’t expect it to happen, or it was an accident,” he said. “Health care centers and trauma centers and people participating in trauma care can offer a lot to injured people, but the rational approach is to prevent these injuries from occurring in the first place, whether it’s unintentional or intentional.”
          Dr. Eliot Nelson, a pediatrician at the University of Vermont Medical Center, wrote an editorial that accompanied the new study in the journal Pediatrics.
          Recommending to remove guns completely from a home can be off-putting for parents who might keep guns for hunting or protection, he said.
          Rather, “we can point out that parents may underestimate kids’ propensity to handle guns unsafely, even when they’ve been taught,” Nelson wrote.
          “Excellent information can be shared on safe storage and locking methods that still allow quick access to a handgun if it were ever needed,” he wrote. “And finally, given the impulsivity, risk-taking, and unpredictability of adolescence, we should promote safe storage as a routine measure.”
          Join the conversation
          See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter.

          Weiser, the Stanford trauma surgeon, hopes there will be fewer gun-related injuries and deaths among children in the future. He compared gun violence to an earthquake.
          “When you build a city in an earthquake zone, you make the buildings as earthquake-proof as possible. You try to build in as much possible safety as you can,” Weiser said. “And so, why we can’t make safer guns and make safer laws is beyond me.”

        5. avatar neiowa says:

          Vlad paid by the word – Next explain how the “German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” was something other typical left wing bunch of POS. I’m sure Soros would pay well for such a rationalization.

      3. avatar Draven says:

        Meanwhile, the far left thinks that every though and expression needs to be regulated, not just firearms, not just speech. And the far left is not ‘the Democrats’. Sorry, most of the left thinks that getting rid of guns will fix everything…. and onl y a few controls on free speech will fix everything….

        By the way: outhouses are legal in probably 95% of the country…. (by land mass)

        1. avatar User1 says:

          Yeah, give these guys more power. I wonder what they would do with more power. We see what they do with the current power they have.

        2. avatar NavyPO2 says:

          Has Vlad been drug tested?

      4. avatar napresto says:

        “The Far Right refuses to do anything about the problem.”

        Translation: “I want to confiscate your property and make you answerable to me. You don’t want me to. That’s a problem. People on the right are refusing to help me solve my problem.”

        Vlad, sometimes life isn’t fair and we can’t have what we want.

        1. avatar Knute(ken) says:

          Vlad sees it as terribly unfair that he cannot figure out a 6 letter word that starts with an “M” and means the front end of a firearm. He thinks its unfair that we all know it and he does not. But he thinks that no matter how little he knows, he is still an ‘expert’ so long as he knows how to copy and paste.
          Never once has it entered into his precious little snowflake head to do a little reading and find out. Knowledge is racist, don’tcha know?

      5. avatar Dog of War says:

        I find it just absolutely hilarious when leftist SCUM start beaking off about ‘The Far Right’, and using that label to both slander to those that disagree with as well as using that as justification to ignore anything that it said in conversation. The only thing that I think is funnier is to listen to leftist SCUM try to just assert that ‘everyone knows the problem’ and that it’s the right’s fault. All without even one actual example of what actually drives what violence we have in this nation.

        I’ll tell you what though; one thing that the right does know is a little thing call statistical analysts. Stay with me, I know science is really really hard for leftist pukes like you to under stand, but it’s kind of important. So what you do is, you look at the actual data around a situation and you figure out what’s happen. And using that, we know exactly the hows and the whys of any of the US ‘gun problem’. And when you do that it turns out that there is no actual gun problem. We have a handful of deep blue democrat run urban centers that have crime rates so bad that it skews national crime statics. And even with those gun deaths in mind, the actual number of people that use firearms in the defense of themselves or others is far far greater than the number of all people that die from being shot.

        While I have no faith in you actually reading or learning anything from this explanation of the actual truth about guns I’ve given you here. I suggest you think about it anyway, lest you look as foolish as that really retarded Marx loving moron mentioned in the Reason article. Opening admiring that he ‘likes Marx’ and opening admitting that he hasn’t read his works in the same damn sentence. That Alex guy… yeah that’s some real big brained AOC level ‘logic’ at play there.

        1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          Hey Dog of War Monger read my above post on new gun laws and try an explain away my post. This should be good. Andy by the way I am a Socialist because I am civilized.

        2. avatar Hydguy says:

          You are a socialist because you are stupid.
          A rock is more civilized, and smarter, than you.

        3. avatar Dog of War says:

          Yeah, I have been reading your comments Vlad Tepes, and you’ve yet to have a coherent point that doesn’t immediately implode under even a basic level of scrutiny.

        4. avatar Timothy says:

          Vlad, moral superiority is the equivalent of intellectual laziness.

          In the last 30 years, the homicide rate in the US has been cut by 55%, faster than any other 1st world nation while the number of guns has doubled. You want to compare to other nations? Australia’s homicide rate has only dropped 9% in the same period.

          But then, you don’t need to know the facts right? It’s enough to know that you’re “better” than others.

          A person need look no further than your desperate attempts to claim that Republicans are just like Nazis to know that you lack any sort of intellectual capacity.

        5. avatar Ad Astra says:

          Stalin and Pol Pot were also “civilized” socialists.

      6. avatar Sho Rembo says:

        Vlad, all the Dems/left have done is make it easier for criminals and harder for the law-abiding. Not sure how that is good.

      7. avatar User1 says:

        The far left I have seen in America say, “liberals get the bullet too.” The far left says they don’t want government and corporations. They want self governance and they want guns to protect their commune from the right. They do not want the right to be able to control them with fascist government. Gun control gives the white supremacist patriarchy the power to disarm their comrades. They want to smash the patriarchy, not make it more powerful.

      8. avatar No one of consequence says:

        And yet, with all that verbage above and below, you managed to not answer the question.

        Bravo. Oh, bravo!

      9. avatar MGD says:

        Vlad said:

        What every other civilized nation has done for decades and it works history has already proven it.
        Vetting of all gun purchases. The Chicago study proved that second hand unvetted guns were being sold to criminals and nut cases. The average age of the guns was 11 years and were sold face to face many times over and over again unvetted and no not all of them were stolen which brings us to the next law.

        Gun sales are vetted when you purchase through a dealer. You fill out a 4473. I assume you’re referring private sales. You WILL NEVER stop private sales without registering every firearm in this country. It is already against federal law to register guns on a national level and I guarantee you that you will see mass obedience like you’ve never seen before if it’s tried.

        Safe storage laws which would prevent many thefts of guns both in private dwellings and gun stores. Safe Storage would prevent the slaughter of 1,300 children that were killed last year in accidental shootings by irresponsible, ignorant and indolent gun owners who deserved to go straight to prison for years.

        This has already been tried and has had zero effect.

        Red Flag Laws to confiscate and imprison nut cases that are threatening people.

        So, no due process? Golly, I don’t like my neighbor and he acts weird sometimes. I think I’ll call the police and say that he may have guns and is acting weird. I refer you to a practice known as “swatting”. Meanwhile, I suggest you actually look at something you’ve never seen; a form 4473. Please refer to question 11 F and read it carefully. Because of HIPPA, anyone can answer no to that question and get off scot free.

        A gun owner I.D. card given out after passing a test for sanity proving the person is mentally fit to own a deadly weapon.

        I’m all for it; let’s have the same test for voting. You can’t vote unless you can pass a test on what your candidate actually stands for and are mentally competent. You trust the government too much; they’ll declare us all mentally unstable.

        Failure to do anything means you will soon lose everything and by now the general public at large who do not own guns and are fed up with all the violence and mass murder and mayhem would gladly support no gun ownership at all and who can blame them when dealing with the obstinate thick headed and totally ignorant Far Right. Yes the Far Right are their own worst enemies.

        You are a total idiot, Vlad.

      10. avatar Mad says:

        Still the idiot Vlad

      11. avatar Rad Man says:

        Guns and outhouses are constitutionally identical.
        – Vlad

      12. avatar Dani in WA says:

        The extreme ignorance of Vlad Tepes is very evident on this forum.

      13. avatar Marty says:

        Vlad, and what exactly is the “gun problem”? Please tell me, I have to know. Now read and learn something. There is absolutely no new gun control law which could possibly prevent any gun crimes, none. California has some of the most extreme gun control laws, yet a LEO was recently shot and killed with an unregistered MSR. Their mandatory registration law could not prevent this murder. The states with the most extreme gun control laws also have the most violent crime involving firearms. Take my state for example, Utah. We have very few gun control laws and we also have very little violent crime. Does this make sense to you? Guns are not the problem, crime and criminals are the problem.

      14. avatar UpInArms says:

        Hey, Vlad, you wanna know why all your studies and statistics and bullshit ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit?

        “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

        It’s the highest law in the land.

      15. avatar NavyPO2 says:

        Have you been drug tested?

    4. avatar Wiregrass says:

      Marx didn’t want to disarm because he believed in change through violent revolution. Today’s leftists want disarmament because they think they are smarter than the proletariat, already control the media, and think they can slide communism right on in on us all if it wasn’t for those damn right wing gun owners.

    5. avatar User1 says:

      The Black Panthers were very pro gun and they exercised their rights, but they thought communism was the answer to white supremacy and its government. That’s a big reason for them losing. If I was alive back then, I would be friends with the Black Panthers, I wouldn’t be a supporter because of their statism.

      Today a lot of young people think they can be a communist and an anarchist at the same time. They don’t like Republicans nor Democrats. They don’t mind owning guns and training. The problem here is they think communism isn’t a form of governance and they don’t think it will be taken over by one asshole. They are very naive to human nature. Hence why leftists go to dangerous places or hang out with dangerous people and end up learning the hard way.

      A lot of the “right” want to abandon these young people instead of educate them. They rather start a civil war to purge them. They troll and agitate. They instigate confrontation to create an unrecoverable divide.

      The people go after the people while the government, bankers and corporations win again. No one wants to work together to make progress on the things they both agree on. People rather create teams and fight as a distraction. It’s regression over progression.

      It’s like an animal took a shit in your house. You both agree it smells very bad. Instead of working together to get rid of the pile you fight over what the house is going to smell like after you clean up the mess. One wants it to smell like oranges, the other wants it to smell like apples. Whilst you fight the shit remains in your home and now the flies are coming in. Eventually the animal comes back to take a dump on your home again.

      You are going to end up living with large amounts of shit, you are going to be surrounded by it. Your kids are going to be raised in it.

      1. avatar red_dirt says:

        Pretty much this ^^^ Great comment.

      2. avatar Gordon in MO says:

        The young people graduating from most universities and most large city high schools are well indoctrinated and dedicated socialists who will all vote for the democrat (communist) who promises socialism and the most “free” things.

        Demographics show they will be a majority by 2030 if not before. They will elect communists to control house, senate and POTUS and will immediately take steps to destroy America. Of course they will ignore the Constitution except to pass unconstitutional laws.

        Unless there is a major shift in politics the tipping point will be reached soon and the result may be civil war. I am not in favor because the outcome is always unpredictable and mostly not good for anyone. Whatever the outcome it will probably be the end of America.

        Be Prepared !

    6. avatar Ed Schrade says:

      The difference between Democrats, leftists, socialists, communists is …………….

      1. avatar User1 says:

        They all think Republicans are not on their side.

    7. avatar rosignol says:

      Democrats want to (ab)use the system to impose their policy preferences on everyone else.

      Leftists want to overthrow the system, and they expect arms to be useful at some point.

  2. avatar pwrserge says:

    Oh the leftists are perfectly happy with people on THEIR side owning guns. After all, how else are they going to get all those deplorables into the cattle cars?

    1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “Oh the leftists are perfectly happy with people on THEIR side owning guns. After all, how else are they going to get all those deplorables into the cattle cars?”

      You are correct. I would volunteer to be one of the railway guards herding them into the cars. History would repeat itself but this time in reverse with the Far Left wiping out the
      Far Right

      Just kidding I would never stoop to becoming what the Far Right always has been even though Clinton got it right when she used the term “deplorable’s” (she was polite and did not use the correct term “Nazi’s). Those people at Hitler’s and Herr Drumpfs race rallies were not Liberals in any sense of the word. Its no wonder Liberals and Minorities are arming themselves as they do not want to see Herr Drumpf succeed where Hitler ultimately failed but it took millions of deaths to finally get Hitler and in Herr Drumpf’s case the logistics are far too great for a civilized nation to invade the U.S. to get Herr Drumpf and trap him underground in his Herr Drumpf bunker. In the end New York will finally get Herr Drumpf as they are working through the courts as we speak. They must do what the cowards in Congress would not do and that is do their duty to the American people and save what little we have of democracy and I am being rather generous with that statement in regards to us having even a little of democracy.

      1. avatar Hydguy says:

        You keep proving what an idiot you are. NAZIs were socialists. Just a different flavor of socialism than communists. Both are rooted in Marxism.
        I don’t doubt that you would happily follow orders to round up conservatives, because a boot licker like you is incapable of thinking.

        1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          “You keep proving what an idiot you are. NAZIs were socialists. Just a different flavor of socialism than communists. Both are rooted in Marxism.
          I don’t doubt that you would happily follow orders to round up conservatives, because a boot licker like you is incapable of thinking.”

          Look Jethro how many times do we have to pound this information into your thick cranium.

          Hitler persecuted minorities so does Herr Drumpf

          Hitler tried to destroy Unions so has the Republican Party

          Hitler was financed and kept in power by the Capitalvanians so it has been with the Republicans.

          Hitler called the news media fake news so has Herr Drumpf. Hitler destroyed the free press and Herr Drumpf is certainly trying to do the same

          Hitler inherited social programs and weakened them and even transferred state control over various social services to the greed monger Capitalvanian private companies who raped the people. Republicans have been doing this for years.

          Hitler used slave labor and so have the Capitalvanian Republican Corrupt Businessmen who have lured in illegal immigrants as slave labor for decades and then paid off their prostitutes the Republican Congressmen so no civilized immigration reform could be passed such as a guest worker program which would have forced these Capitalvanian greed mongers into paying at least minimum wage and workers compensation.

          Hitler believed in a one party system and gave himself the chancellorship for life and Herr Drumpf has stated he wants to do the same and may never step down from the Presidency and the Republicans have not said a word to the contrary about this.

          Hitler was intolerant of other religions and the Far Right has constantly railed against even Catholicism as well as the usual scapegoat minorities such as Jews and Muslims.

          Hitler believed Germany was the Master Race and invaded other countries in whom he considered the population to be sub-human and so has the U.S. Republicans The U.S. Republicans have invaded far more countries than the Nazi’s could have ever dreamed of doing.

          Hitler did not support state paid for education and ditto for the U.S. Republican Nazi’s as well.

          Contrary to Right Wing ignorance and propaganda Hitler refused to permit gun confiscation. Republicans refuse to pass even common sense gun reforms in the U.S.

          Republican equal Far Right equal Nazi. Its not rocket science.

          Hitler hated and feared Communism and considered his invasion of Russia almost a religious crusade and so did many of the European countries of the time who contributed their own troops to help the Nazi’s, that is right many European volunteers were known as Hitlers Foreign Legions sometimes refereed to today as Hitlers Forgotten Legions. It was French Foreign Legionnaires that protected Hitler in his bunker during the battle of Berlin and so it goes with the Republican Far Right who know little if anything about how complicated WWII really was and how different European Socialism is compared to Communism. Today if you told any European Socialist that he was a communist he would either punch you in the nose or laugh in your face about it. But he certainly would never offer to give up his Socialistic programs either. Its called being civilized.

          I have no respect for people like you who are not willing to tell the truth as to what they really stand for. If you believe that your Far Right philosophy of hatred for free speech , freedom of the press and immigration and freedom of religion is honorable (which it is not) then you should stand up and proudly say “I am a Nazi” and I am proud of it. You fool not the average American you only delude yourself as your rhetoric and paranoia and ignorance proves it. By the way there are Far Right people who do just exactly that with ersatz versions of the Nazi Flag flown right along side Confederate Flags flouting their racism and hatred and the Drumpf Nazi’s who marched at Charlottesville last year were shouting Heil Drumpf as well. That is impossible to put your spin on no matter how much you try to do it and be honest you kissed their boot straps when they did it.

        2. avatar Hydguy says:

          Holy word salad with no real facts or points.
          Please, keep showing us how stupid you are.
          It’s further proof that we need to bring back insane asylums for the low IQ population like you.
          And I don’t know why you call me ‘jethro’. It’s not my name.

        3. avatar Dog of War says:

        4. avatar Timothy says:

          Vlad, best I can tell is that one of two things is true.

          A, you know how your comments are nothing more than ignorance and hatred rolled together. This would mean you are intentionally trying to make this community bond together and increase the odds of us voting.

          B, you genuinely lack not only the intelligence to form a coherent argument, but also have no idea of the impact of your words.

          Should I applaud your 4D chess, or pity your 1D intelligence? That is the real question.

        5. avatar Knute(ken) says:

          The real question is why doesn’t Vlad know the 6 letter word for the dangerous end. With the large amount of copying he always does, does he never manage to stumble on a 6 letter word for the front of a firearm, that starts with “M”? Never ever? Not even once?
          My money is on that he has copied and pasted the answer several times already, but never having read any of what he posts, he remains as ignorant as a box of rocks. Like every other LEFTARD out there.

        6. avatar Knute(ken) says:

          But Vlad cares not how hated and reviled he is. He’s somehow talked bloomberg into paying him by the word, and he has visions of riding his copy and paste horse onto easy street… It won’t work out that way, OFC. The plans of fools seldom do. But he remains optimistic…. at least for now.

        7. avatar Ing says:

          An honest question, Vlad Tepes. What makes you stay in a country you seem to hate when there are so many others that already have the kind of society you want to live in?

        8. avatar Vlad Tepes' Mama says:

          Vladski, my poopski, why is that you are still down in basement bedroom? I call for your supper long time, is hot and fresh your raccoon sandwich with garlic you like so much. Why you no please to tell your internet friends bye bye and come up stairs for warm food and sunshine that is real and not only hot light bulb?

      2. avatar doesky2 says:

        I love the fact that Trump owns your head (what little gray matter of it that exists).

      3. avatar pwrserge says:

        Yeah… New York can file whatever imaginary charges they want. They can explain their argument to a division of Unites States Marines that gets sent in to round up their corrupt communist government on charges of treason.

      4. avatar lefty says:

        Until New York City legally becomes a foreign country,not merely another state[factually they always have been a foreign country] Upstate New York is screwed.That will not voluntarily happen under Cuomo,his buddies,RINOs.Mario was bad,Andrew [or as some of call hm Adolph or Benito]is decidedly worse.
        Reason for me to exit New York State ASAP

      5. avatar Huntmaster says:


      6. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

        Ok. I refrained the first time around.

        You’re an idiot cocksucker.

      7. avatar Mad says:

        You Vlad don’t plan on living long

  3. avatar Danny Griffin says:

    Yes, the Left does want to take away guns.

  4. avatar HEGEMON says:

    Marx, the proto-communist, believed in the collective. So individual rights for gun owners wasn’t permitted. This statement is often quoted by the left, yet their actions are opposite. Moreover, Marx was a liar and generally a reprehensible human being.

    1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

      Marx was naive. By all accounts, he never did a real day’s work in his life. He lived off the money of his friend Engels, who in turn got it from his father, a rich industrialist. Their philosophy was completely uninformed by economics and human behavior.

      Accordingly, the only way even the appearance of actual application of that philosophy can exist long term on any kind of scale is by brute force, so it devolves into authoritarianism. And because it’s impractical, people start to starve, unrest occurs, and the boot comes down harder until it collapses.

      And the Marxists cry “but that wasn’t real Marxism” and keep raising the clenched fist and shouting “forward!”

    2. avatar Eric O says:

      The statement is only a partial quote taken from a message to the communist league in London, 1850. The entire point is from an entire section where he details a militia not that differently than Madison did in Federalist 46.


      Antifa has no qualms about being armed. Know your enemy.

  5. IT’S Authoritarianism, YO!

  6. avatar bryan1980 says:

    When I hear from left-wing gun owners, the first thing that comes to mind: Who do you vote for? The person who’s promising you the Marxist utopia, or the one who defends your right to bear arms?

    Sure, Marx wanted his working-class warriors to be armed for the revolution to do his dirty work for him, but once that’s over, there’s no need for them to own firearms. After all, we wouldn’t want any of those warriors to change their minds once the tyranny is in full swing.

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      So, voting for Obama– who expanded gun rights in multiple ways— and not voting for Trump– who promised a gun rights Utopia and has instead restricted them with the promise to “look into” restricting them further– was the right call?

      1. avatar n64456 says:

        Dafuk???? How the fuck did Obama expand gun rights?? He tried to take guns away from people EVERY. FUCKING. DAY….

        Republicans were the only reason he couldn’t do it; they stopped him cold….


        1. avatar Big Bill says:

          To be fair:
          It was under Obama that guns were allowed to be carried into the Grand Canyon and other National Parks, and Amtrak passengers were allowed to pack guns in their checked luggage. These were changed by laws that Obama signed.
          So, yes, Obama did indeed expand gun rights.

        2. avatar Hydguy says:

          Big Bill: no, the idiot Obozo isn’t the one who signed the bill that required National Parks to adhere to state law in regards to CCW. It was George W Bush. But your attempt to paint the moron as some kind of gun guy is humorous.
          The only people he didn’t mind giving guns to was Mexican cartels and ISIS terrorists.

        3. avatar Matt says:

          Hydguy: it was Obama. That became law in 2010.

      2. avatar pwrserge says:

        Yet more proof that the TDS brigade is too far gone to be completely sentient or be allowed to vote. If you can distort reality that much in your mind, you are not sane and should be in a padded room.

      3. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        – who expanded gun rights in multiple ways—

        Examples please. And giving guns to the Sinaloa drug cartel doesn’t count.

  7. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Theres a difference???Not in my book.

  8. avatar Chris Thompson says:

    It should be illegal for any leftist or Communist of any kind to have a gun. To support an ideology that caused the deaths of millions of people is treason and these Commies need to be rounded up and shot! By the government, I mean. Unless they want to deputize 🙂

    Same with labor unions, they are Communist organizations that always gives money to the liberal politicians that want to vote away our rights and disarm and enslave us to their Communist ideology so we have no means to defend ourselves, I’d love to see all unions banned and union halls all around the country raided and any Commies inside are taken out like the Commie trash they are!

    1. avatar n64456 says:

      Democrats without guns would certainly drop the violent crime and homicide rates…. Dems can’t go a single day in this country without shooting and murdering someone…

    2. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “”””””””””””””””””Same with labor unions, they are Communist organizations””””””””””””””””””

      Like most of the Far Right your ignorance of History says volumes.

      Today with much weakened Unions people have lost their corporate retirement plans except for the greed monger C.E.O.’s who get millions in retirement benefits.

      With less Union power all the unfair trade laws were done away with that let the high paying mfg. jobs be sent over seas.

      Without Union power the wages in the U.S. have stagnated over the last 50 years while corporate greed mongers doubled their wealth.

      People lost paid vacations and paid holidays, as well as company re-training and company subsidized educational plan benefits that could be used to attend technical school or college.

      Just a few of the benefits that were lost when Unions were paralyzed and corporate America turned workers into troglodyte slaves.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Once again I am compelled to thank old vlad. When Trump gets his second term in office it will be as much due to the efforts of vlad and folks like miner49 as it will be to any actual merit on Trumps part.

        More conservative justices. Less socialist bullshit. Thank you vlad. You’re a godsend to traditional American values.

        1. avatar Chris T in KY says:


  9. avatar John Doe says:


  10. avatar Greg says:

    Dem= Commie in my book.

    1. avatar n64456 says:

      In my book

      Dems = Violent criminals

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        All commies are violent criminals.

  11. avatar pg2 says:

    The term “left” gets thrown around like a cheap prostitute….who finances and controls and the “left”? Is the “left” a magical, self perpetuating political ideology?

    1. avatar Knute(ken) says:

      You should know, being on their payroll. Just look at who signed your check. That would be the guy in charge of YOU!
      Did YOU manage to find out the 6 letter word for a gun’s dangerous end? Or are you and Vlad still researching this vexing problem, weeks later?

      1. avatar Pg2 says:

        Funny stuff getting trolled by troll bots. Your programmer has a sense of humor with the Vlad/Knute-bad cop/good cop routine. Unfortunately many here seem to fall for it.

  12. avatar Quasimofo says:

    The most vocal/visible anti-gunners do seem to be typically white and middle/upper class, and I agree with Lambson that the foundation of their anti-gun stance comes from living in an urban/suburban bubble of relative high safety and stability. They do not appreciate that their situation is unusual, both currently and in all of human history. It’s the kind of naivete that leads to sad stories about Westerners getting killed in 3rd World countries and such.

    But, looking at history and Venezuela and various “blue states” currently, the Left seems perfectly OK with disarming the proles when in power.

  13. avatar Maxpowers says:

    Well for the past few years you have violent hate groups like antifa rioting, looting and assaulting innocent people on the streets all the while the police are ordered to stand down and not intervene.

    Conservative voices been censored or drowned out deliberately in some perverted way of combatting “hate speech.”

    People with conservative beliefs getting fired and blacklisted from employment along with getting their Bank accounts closed and being stalked, harassed, doxxed and assaulted.

    That I don’t even truly know what to say about this.

    1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “”””””””””””””””””””That I don’t even truly know what to say about this.”””””””””””””””””””””

      You certainly proved that by your ignorant post.

      It was the anti-fa that fought Herr Drumpfs Nazi’s at Charlottsville but it was a Drumpf Nazi true to Nazi form that deliberately ran an innocent woman down and killed her in the street and then laughed about it and confirmed that yes indeed he was a proud Nazi.

      1. avatar n64456 says:

        Does your neighbor know you are molesting his kids?

  14. avatar former water walker says:

    Left=dims. Pretty simple. Just like the simpletons claiming Odumbo did more for gun right’s than Drumph. Remember Newtown?

  15. avatar lefty says:

    Having grown up in the Bronx until 1973,I’ve been screwed by the Democrats-as well as the RINOs.I trust neither.It isn’t pleasant to say ,but the Republicans need to be put on formal notice :if they want their fat overpaid salaries/ benefits:they’d better conform to -our- positions.If I not ,I’ll sit out the November election.At age 68,I fully expect that the 2nd Amendment will not last beyond my lifetime.Chris Collins[US Congress],Rich Funke [NYS Senate],Brian Kolb[NYS Assembly]have all sold us out,ditto the NRA and SCOPE !
    Question is:who do we turn to??
    Yes I’m actively looking for a small rural off grid property[[with adequate on site ground water] out of New York State ASAP-and I welcome -actual- referrals.

    1. avatar Tim says:

      Escape to Maine. Look up “Lloyd’s Land”. Lloyd Poland sells large tracts of undeveloped forest and defunct farmland. Most of it for under $1,000/acre. We needed to be closer to town, so we bought 80 acres for ~$110,000. The Maine water aquifer is legend. We’re the “Saudi Arabia” of water.

      Come on up to Rockport and I’ll show you.

      1. avatar Hydguy says:

        Maine? With the horrid winters? And how does one get things like guns, mags, suppressors, machine guns, brains, and other basic implements of freedom there?
        And when traveling, where, aside from NH and VT can you go without worrying if you will get arrested for having a standard capacity mag?

        1. avatar Tim says:

          So don’t come here. We certainly need any more urban-douchebag-slaves.

        2. avatar Hydguy says:

          I don’t live in an urban area. I live in a small town in the South.lots of woods, hunting areas, and the beautiful Gulf Coast. Much better than any NE shithole state.
          Do us a favor and don’t retire and get sick of the bullshit taxes and move here and demand the same crap, as you Yankees always do.

        3. avatar Tim says:

          So *stay* there. No one is asking you to come here.

          Afraid of winter? Don’t come here.
          Hate open carry? Don’t come here.
          You love chiggers, poisons snakes & sand fleas? Don’t come here.

          No one wants you here.

        4. avatar Hydguy says:

          And Southerners feel the same about Yankees.
          And there are far more of us who love freedom than Yankees. And there are a lot of Southern states that have Open Carry.
          It’s nice being able to spend almost all year outside, and not have to wear layers upon layers of clothes, or have our cars rust out after 5 winters,. Your tiny little state is overshadowed by the states one has to go through to even get there. Where as I can drive to many states with my guns, and never worry about getting arrested for having a standard capacity mag, or worry about having an SBR or suppressor in my car.

      2. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

        “”Escape to Maine. Look up “Lloyd’s Land”. Lloyd Poland sells large tracts of undeveloped forest and defunct farmland. Most of it for under $1,000/acre. We needed to be closer to town, so we bought 80 acres for ~$110,000. The Maine water aquifer is legend. We’re the “Saudi Arabia” of water.

        Come on up to Rockport and I’ll show you.”””””

        The naivety of the Far Right never ceases to amuse me. You live in the past and are obvious to everything that is going on around you. With today’s society and computers and security cameras more numerous than people you could not hide if you bought a lot on the top of a mountain in the Rocky’s or even Central Tibet. They would find you in a nano second and say “Mr. Jethro have you turned in all your weapons yet the deadline is next week and the jet fighters and helicopter gun ships will make sure you do. End of story one way or another. As the German’s during Hitlers days used to say “You will obey or else and everyone knew what or else meant”. People exist for the pleasure of the Government and its no different whether it be in China or the U.S. as the people in power are your boss and slave-master. That is reality like it or not.

        1. avatar Eli2016 says:

          “People exist for the pleasure of the Government and its no different whether it be in China or the U.S. as the people in power are your boss and slave-master. That is reality like it or not.”

          Clearly you are not a well “man” Mr. Tepes. If I were you I’d ask my doctor for stronger meds to counter-act your bipolar depression. You need help sir not only with your mental state but also with your grammar.

        2. avatar Hydguy says:

          He’s not bipolar, he’s just terminally stupid, and there is no medication that can fix his condition.

        3. avatar pg2 says:

          Vlad is a troll bot profile…wake up.

        4. avatar SkorpionFan says:

          I’ll be reading a comment and go WTF? Then back up to top of the comment and go, “Oh, it’s just Vlad. Skip to next comment.”

        5. avatar Tim says:

          “…you could not hide if you bought a lot on the top of a mountain…”

          Who is ‘hiding’, slave? If you love your urban, welfare sh!thole, stay in it. When the power goes out, the lbtgq freak show is going to eat you alive. Good riddance.

        6. avatar jwm says:

          That’s a double edged sword, vlad. Once you help Trump get a second term and more conservative justices are stacked in the courts you will have to be careful not to be ground up by the system.

          You will have no place to hide. Your mothers basement is not a fortress.

  16. avatar merlin grayman says:

    ” leftist .”
    ” democrat .”
    but, then … i repeat myself.

    addendum …
    ” leftist .”
    ” some republicans “

  17. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    The libertarian reason magazine uses as its first photograph supposedly a gay man wearing a t-shirt of a rainbow Gadsden flag. Holding an AR 15.

    If they believe that this man and his gay T-shirt holding America’s most popular sporting rifle is supposed to represent the leadership in protecting the Second Amendment they are sadly mistaken.

    It would be more accurate to say that this gay gun owner is riding in the 2A wagon. He is not helping to pull or push it. As many right-wing Christian Republicans we’ll have sex in the missionary position with the lights turned out, are doing so now.

    San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk the first openly gay person elected to public office said that he owned a gun and believe everyone should own a gun. He said that in 1978. He and mayor George Moscone of San Francisco would later be murdered in a gun-free zone that was created by then city councilwoman Dianne Feinstein.

    And Dianne Feinstein likes guns too. Especially when people try to assassinate her while she was still in San Francisco politics. After the assassination attempt she went and purchased a gun. To replace the one that she had publicly turned into the SFPD. Because she believes nobody should have guns.

    At least until someone tried to murder her.

    When the Attorney General of Massachusetts Maura Healey visited the Pulse Nightclub to make a speech there after the murders she said she would make sure that this wouldn’t happen again. By making sure no law-abiding citizen could get a gun.

    And the gay people cheered and clapped for her. Gay people want attention. Gun Rights are much much lower on that list of gay wants.

    Never forget homosexuals are socialist Progressive in their political orientation. Very few of them actually believe in Freedom.

    1. avatar Hydguy says:

      Harvey Milk was a predator and a child molester.
      I shed no tears over his death.
      And it’s sickening that the Navy named a boat after that sack of shit.

      1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        I believe it was in the book “And the Band Played On”, where the author Randy Shilts stated that councilman Harvey Milk had an affinity for young teenage boys. And kept one in his San Francisco home. Perhaps this is why no gay person as ever referenced Harvey Milk in the defense of the Second Amendment.

        Perhaps there is “too much baggage” that goes along with that defense of the Second Amendment, from a proud gay man???

    2. avatar Aulani says:

      Woman, and her AR-15. She shoots competitions and actively trains with her various firearms. I would know, that’s me.

  18. avatar W says:

    “nobody needs…”
    That’s how a moderate, or person who considers themselves moderate, begins to embrace authoritarianism.

  19. avatar barnbwt says:

    Wait, is this per the idiot socialists that “aren’t the Democrats” and are supposedly pro-gun at times because “people power,” yet also don’t believe in personal property ergo would have the state take all the guns for its use? I always get a kick out of the obvious contradiction in empowering the ‘people’ by giving the state ultimate authority without any accountability to the people. Not even Russian peasants were this stupid; Lenin had to basically bribe them into going along by promising them electrification and a decreased workload as a result (sound familiar? It’s the same economic ‘theory’ behind modern socialism & the ‘universal income’ courtesy of automation efficiency)

    1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “”””””””””””””””””” Not even Russian peasants were this stupid; Lenin had to basically bribe them into going along by promising them electrification and a decreased workload as a result (sound familiar? It’s the same economic ‘theory’ behind modern socialism & the ‘universal income’ courtesy of automation efficiency)””””””””””””””””””””

      Its just that Lenin was correct, he did exactly that.

      The problem with the ignorance of the Far Right to which you are a star poster boy is that in your ignorance you confuse an economic system with a political one. If we do that then we should praise Penochet of Chile for being a great Capitalistic Dictator who murdered his way through power which the Far Right would of course make a million excuses for because his political and economic philosophy is theirs as well but when the communist dictator Stalin did the same type of mass murder for political reasons then his socialistic society is condemned by the Far Right who forever fails to see the hypocrisy of it all and cannot understand the separation of politics and social policy in either system.

      Lenin was right its just that a new socialistic system in its infancy did make a mistake through excesses such as the 5 year plan and collective farms but as it matured it became modern Socialism as we have to day in all industrialized countries of the world including the barbarous and primitive U.S. of Hey which just has not reached yet the optimum saturating of socialism for the people that the rest of civilized Europe has enjoyed for decades.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        “A few mistakes”

        Yeah… Like tens of millions of people starving to death, most of my ancestors amongst them. It’s a pity we’ll never meet commie, I’d be more than happy to introduce you to the consequences of those “mistakes”.

  20. avatar tdiinva says:

    Only Reason would quote a Marxist and say “see leftists are pro gun.” When Marx said “Arm the Workers” he meant disarm everybody else. Reason is the voice of faux Libertarianism. And faux Libertarianism is just a Marxist heresy that says we can go right to Utopia and skip the dictatorship of the prolitariat thingy.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      And by “the workers” he clearly means “The Party” ie The State. The entire ideology is based upon pitching ancient feudalist oppression to stupid people with doublespeak. Used-car-salesman philosophers.

      Right, a totalitarian socialist government which tolerates no dissent, wants its citizens armed against attackers. You gotta be shittin’ me.

    2. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      “See leftists are pro-gun”
      This is why I say Libertarians are just socialist Progressives who want to smoke dope. They are no longer just Republicans who just want to get high.

      Unfortunately the Libertarian party has been infiltrated by socialists. And the Democrat party has been completely taken over by the Socialists communists. And the Republican Party has been infiltrated by globalists internationalists.

      You have no group to run to anymore. You’ll have to support the individual whoever that is not the party, that supports gun civil rights.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        The term “Libertarian” was hijacked by the Rothbardians in the late 70s. Rothbard called his ideology anarcho-capitalism. He played around with various rationales for the “withering away of the State” before settling on neo-Confeteratism as the best method. Few, if any, followers of the Confederacy understand that Rothbard saw secessionism as a mechanism for disgruntle members of the body politic to break away until government ceases to exist.. It is not about Jefferson Davis & co. If you bother reading what Marx had to say about his end state you will find it is no different than Rothbard’s vision of Utopia. You know what Utopia means? No place and that is why all Utopian systems end up as dystopias which can and do exist.

        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          “If you bother reading what Marx had to say about his end state you will find it is no different than Rothbard’s vision of Utopia”

          Oh, Marx’s end-game makes perfect sense; the corrupt totalitarian socialist super-state conquers the whole world, mismanages all human civilization so badly, that the whole system crashes out, plunging mankind into an unprecedented dark age complete with enormous die-off. And what’s left afterward, are small, local, communal tribes, with vague memories of the communist religion, who brutally labor for the bare survival of the ‘collective’ because cooperation is the only way for such a primitive population to make it in a subsistence environment. Mao and Pol-Pot had a much firmer grasp of Marx’s theories than Lenin did; it was not about advancing the state of mankind through technology at all, but about destroying civilization while simultaneously making it impossible for it to rebuild.

          The failure of socialism to prevail comes from the fact that socialism cannot scale rapidly enough to engulf the entire world and snuff out all the more modern competing systems at once before it collapses in on itself, so those alternate systems remain as examples to the subsequent generations of fallen communists, and tempt them away from the belief system often enough to prevent a final ‘victory.’

        2. avatar tdiinva says:

          And how is that different than Rothbard?

          But you confuse reality with the theory. Both Marx and Rothbard think the state of nature is all unicorns and rainbows.

        3. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          to barnwit

          “”””””””””””””””””””Oh, Marx’s end-game makes perfect sense; the corrupt totalitarian socialist super-state conquers the whole world, mismanages all human civilization so badly, that the whole system crashes out, plunging mankind into an unprecedented dark age complete with enormous die-off. “””””””””””””””””””””

          If you ever attended history class you flunked out miserably. Europe has been living under Socialism since 1895 under Bismark and 1900 in Denmark and it came to France, England and most of the rest of Europe during the post WWII years. Its the most successful type of Social system on earth.

        4. avatar Chris T in KY says:

          Vlad tepes
          Please tell me how many tens of millions of people died in that European socialist Utopia you speak of during World War I, and World War II, as well as the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s????

          It seems the Socialists just have to keep killing people until they get it right?????

        5. avatar tdiinva says:

          Apparently Vlad seems to believe that he is Nikolae Ceausescu reincarnated. Better watch out Vlad before you run afoul of real Romainans.

        6. avatar Dani in WA says:

          “I know that some people in the US associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism. Therefore I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy. The Nordic model is an expanded welfare state which provides a high level of security for its citizens, but it is also a successful market economy with much freedom to pursue your dreams and live your life as you wish.”
          ~Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, 2015, speaking at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

          The cost is borne by income tax up to 60%, a 25% sales tax, excise duties on cars up to 180%, etc.

  21. avatar WI Patriot says:

    “‘It’s Not the Left That Wants to Take Away Guns. It’s Democrats.’”


  22. avatar Bubba says:

    ‘The Left’ may claim it isn’t anti-gun, but that’s only until they get their way.
    If, God forbid, they ever ascend to political dominance, they will do the same thing all authoritarians do – disarm the opposition. History shows this to be a 100% track record of predictable behavior.
    Ignorant hubris couched in western luxury is all that allows modern ‘leftists’ to believe that they’re different and that ‘it would work’ if only they were in charge…

  23. avatar barnbwt says:

    What a clueless dupe this author be.

    “It’d be easy for me to be like, ‘Oh, nobody needs a concealed-carry [permit],’ because I live in this bougie apartment [you realize the socialist utopia you pursue will seize this bourgeoisie apartment from you?] right across the street from the police station that’s mostly secure [that municipal building was shot up for 20 full minutes despite a police station next door]. When I’m walking around there’s no danger out here [that you’re aware of maybe]. But for some people, walking from the bus stop to their house is dangerous. I feel like for me to tell them you don’t need [a gun] is really just kind of privileged—trying to take my bubble and to project it onto them. [for people like you to tell me I don’t need the money I earn is really just kind of arrogant–trying to take my property and steal it for yourself]

    “I realize my views are extremely radical for American politics [thanks almost entirely to the efforts of Marxists like yourself]—I like Marx’s view on guns. His language was old-school[read: “I can’t understand it”], and I can’t repeat it verbatim [naturally], but it was basically [LOL]: Any attempt to disarm the working-class [read: the state’s interest, since workers exist to serve the state in socialism] needs to be obstructed by force [gee, like every other action a socialist state takes, because it’s just a pretty term for a brutal totalitarian despotism]. It’s always funny when people say the left wants to take away guns [funny if you think genocide is a laugh-riot, maybe]. It’s like, well, no, it’s [like] not [like] the [like] left that wants to take away guns[no, they’re just forced to, because of all those damn counter-revolutionaries trying to thwart the peoples’ will!]. It’s Democrats. And you know, it seems like most anti-gun people are upper-middle-class and usually white, in my experience. [So are most of the early-on agitators/leaders in a leftist revolutionary cycle. It’s only the poor folk that do the dirty work and get beaten & shot at, then are ultimately executed by their compatriots. Even the author admits he’s upper-middle-class if not more than that.]”

    1. avatar route66paul says:

      Marx’s ideas were different industries and the workers in these companies. They were already a protected class, by being workers for said company. Marx thought that if the workers had a say, the company would prosper(as well as the workers). When those ideas apply to everyone, it includes the unemployable, the slackers, the handicapped, the retired, all people who were excluded by Marx. Those people will not work together or even work, like the employees would. Arming the workers gives them more power and leaves those with a true need of firearms out in the cold.

  24. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    If you repeatedly vote for people who are trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment, then you are at best a Fudd who only gives lip service to the right to keep and bear arms.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      Careful, that sword you’re swinging cuts both ways…

  25. avatar 342 says:

    The left usually is all about supporting guns until they get power… and then it’s gun control for everyone else.

    The Democrats think they will soon have complete control of the country forever, and hence their current gun control mania.

    1. avatar Dude says:

      Sort of like Google and YouTube were all about free speech and diverse opinions until they were so rich and powerful (after making money off theses people) that they could do without certain groups of people they didn’t agree with.

      1. avatar Bubba says:

        Yes. Exactly the same mindset and pattern of behavior.
        There are no known exceptions.

  26. avatar Derringer Dave says:

    “It’s Not the Left That Wants to Take Away Guns. It’s Democrats.”
    Actually, it’s both.

    It’s Not the Right That Wants to Take Away reproductive rights, It’s Republicans.
    Actually, it’s both.

    Why do both political parties want to deny us our rights?
    Can we get PLEASE some libertarian centrists in office, people who will allow us to keep our gun rights AND keep our reproductive rights? I know it’s a radical idea (sarcasm), but is it asking too much to get politicians who believe in the ENTIRE Constitution, including all 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights?
    Or are we forever stuck with Democrats who count to ten by saying, “1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10” and Republicans who count to ten by saying, “1, 2, 10” ?

    1. avatar Hydguy says:

      ‘Reproductive rights’ is code for infanticide.
      You are an idiot if you try to say it’s anything else.
      If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, she has multiple inexpensive choices to prevent it. There are also free ones, like abstinence.
      Less than 1% of abortions are due to rape/molestation/incest. Less than 3% are due to a threat to the mother’s life.
      That means more that 96% are for convince.

      1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

        to Hydguy
        “””””””””””””””””If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, she has multiple inexpensive choices to prevent it.”””””””””””””””””””””””””

        You are the poster boy for the ignorance of the Far Right. Its abortion clinics that devote 95 per cent of their time for poor women so they can get free birth control or at the least reduced cost birth control and by shutting down these clinics it creates more unwanted births all caused by the Jack Booted Nazi Far Right (who also forced women to become baby making machines for the German military which by the way is why the far right do it today in the U.S. as well)

        The Far Right always prove in their total ignorance to be their own worst enemies. They rant and scream about high taxes because they are by their very nature the stingiest and most uncaring people on earth and they rant against crime which unwanted baby boys usually end up committing or if unwanted girls they then go on welfare. Brilliant the Far Right could not be more Moronic if they went to school to study to be better Morons.

        1. avatar Hydguy says:

          Poor idiot.
          Everything you have said is bullshit. And you know it is, but you prefer to double down on your stupidity.

        2. avatar Anymouse says:

          Yes, Vlad, we all regret the effects of your mother not choosing abortion.

  27. avatar Komrad Klaus says:

    So here we have an articleabout reaching across the political spectrum and uniting with like minded people, at least on this one issue.

    Then you head to the comments and see the same old partisan splitting bullshit. This comment section is part of why liberal gun owners are so quiet. They are shunned by the mainline Dems, and then they can’t get the time of day for conservatives.

    I urge everyone reading this to take the deepest bluest Democrat, liberal, or leftist they know to the range to participate and enjoy our hobby with us. We need all the allies we can get. And who knows, turning a dem or leftist or liberal on guns could lead to some questioning of other lib/dem/left axioms.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      If you got “reaching across the aisle” from that article…I don’t know what to tell you, because we’re speaking different languages. The author’s argument is so conflicted with his supposedly socialist belief system, as to be meaningless. You can’t simultaneously argue that the defenseless should be armed against robbers while encouraging the state to make us defenseless so we can be robbed.

      Most likely he’s just a racist or similar bigot, and believes only “his” people –the oppressed ones & those who agree with him, naturally– should be allowed to arm themselves against oppressors…even as they become the oppressors through socialism. Saddam Hussein was similarly ‘pro-gun’

    2. avatar pwrserge says:

      I don’t need “allies” that support an ideology responsible for the murder of 70% of an entire generation of my family.

    3. avatar UpInArms says:

      ” I urge everyone reading this to take the deepest bluest Democrat, liberal, or leftist they know to the range to participate and enjoy our hobby with us ”

      The problem with that is getting the deepest bluest Democrat, liberal, or leftist within 10 miles of the range without kidnapping them. The last time I suggested a Democrat to come with me to the range I think she shit in her pants. She left in a hurry, anyway.

  28. avatar SurfGW says:

    Not Democrats.

    It is CITY DWELLERS (including suburban) who want to take your guns.

    I know many “Republican” areas where Trump won by a huge margin but where gun-owners are a pariah and city Councils target gun stores.

    Rural areas are the only pro-gun areas including some very hippie dippie areas that have murals of Ghandi and Obama.

  29. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    The law abiding Leftist can always have guns. That’s not the issue. There american citizens. its their birthright. But the Left simply does not believe the ordinary citizen should have weapons.

    “The ordinary citizen has NOT been educated politically enough to own guns”, as far as the Left is concerned. It’s not good enough if a person only had the Boy Scouts or 4H as their first and only introduction to the second amendment. The Left has historically rejected every example of the regular person using guns legally to defend themselves. But they will jump and defend illegal actions using guns by their Left wing heroes.

    They love the S.L.A. and the 1960s Black Panther Party. But show me a Leftist who supports Machine Gun and flamethrower ownership? Or who supports knife civil rights?

    A Leftist having their picture taken with a gun is just a Liar.

  30. avatar Donttreadonme says:

    Thats like saying “no body wants to take your guns, you just need to register them, pay a fortune in permits, but you cant have a semi auto, cant have more than 7 rounds in your “clip”, cant have more than 2 guns, no more than 25 rounds of ammo for each gun, etc…, but like i said, no one wants to ban your guns…”

    Of course the left wants our guns, even if there are a few small groups of lefties that dont. Hell, even some on the right want to take our guns.

    1. avatar SurfGW says:

      There is fear and the urge to control on both sides of the isle.
      The majority of Democrats want gun control,
      but also the majority of Republicans want gun control. Gunowners are treated as reliable votes and campaign contributions, but candidates always scramble to explain how they are not in the pocket of the NRA as soon as their name is on the ballot. And gunowners reluctantly vote Republican because the GOP is less anti-gun than the rabidly anti-gun Dems.

  31. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    I’m reading some really stupid stuff here obviously written by people who know SQUAT about actual history. I’ve been studying history for 60+ years. The closet thing we have to nazis in this country are the Democratic legislatures who have vote to permit abortions up to a minute or so prior to live birth and those who will not pass legislation to maintain the life of a baby who survives an abortion. He may be correct about the true left, they always want some kind of “revolution” and that requires guns. Once in power they may take yours. The Democrats in this country are really into people control. That’s what Medicare for All is all about which is why many of the 2020 candidates want to get rid of private insurance, tax wealth or as Bernie said yesterday put a tax on Wall Street “speculation” to pay off student debt. Without speculation you lose some progress and taxing it means many will not enter that part of the market and the taxes collected will decrease. Noone in this country is anything like a Nazis except the Baby Killers! NOONE! If you think otherwise you DON”T know Nazis.

    1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “”””””””””””””””””That’s what Medicare for All is all about which is why many of the 2020 candidates want to get rid of private insurance, tax wealth or as Bernie said yesterday put a tax on Wall Street “speculation” to pay off student debt.””””””””””””””””””””””””””

      Your post proves that you have learned nothing from History, all 60 years of it and L mean zero. Under Eisenhower the filthy corrupt rich were taxes as high as 90 per cent in some areas. Today under the Corrupt Trump Corporate Socialistic Tax rape law they pay next to nothing in taxes which means that they steal all of the workingman’s tax dollars who are the only ones who are taxed and then laugh all the way to the bank. Bernie Sanders was right on the money “pun intended” and we are at war with our slave masters the Filthy Rich that are bankrupting the workingman with obscenely high drug and medical expenses and they have even lowered what little aid they were giving to education. Its an obscenity for any civilized nation forced to live like this when the rest of the civilized world has had paid for education and health care and drug care for decades because they do no squander 54 cts of every tax dollar on the Military and the balance on Corporate Socialistic Welfare for the filthy rich. Now what part of this do you not understand???????????????????????????

      Vote for Bernie in 2020 and destroy the Greed Monger Criminal Republican Party.

      By the way the French had the right idea when they used the guillotine on the filthy rich as their revolution gave them true democracy and a Socialist life style while our revolution was run by greed monger gangster criminal Swamp Rats that prevented us from ever getting true democracy. They should have hanged General Washington and every other greed monger businessman they could have got their hands on.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        You’re getting more and more violent in your comments. Desperation? But it reveals your true fascist roots. So keep it up. Trump will thank you.

        Vote for bernie? He got raped by hillary. Then she got bent over by Trump. You’re a fool. But useful in getting Trump re elected.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          Something makes me think that commie Vlad here is an overweight neckbeard basement dweller jacking off to his shrine of Joseph Stalin while fondling his Moist Nugget garbage stick thinking of the glorious communist revolution. Basically, the exact same sort of lowlife like the scumbag who got bagged trying to assassinate GOP congressmen a few years ago. Hopefully, he’ll go out in a blaze of glory like his neckbeard buddy in Texas where nobody else gets hurt as he bleeds out and shits $20 chicom knockoff “tactical” gear that most airsofters would be embarrassed to own.

        2. avatar User1 says:

          Maybe reverse psychology?

          You are not that easy to fool are you?

      2. avatar Ing says:

        I’ll ask again, Vlad, and I’m serious.

        There are a hundred nations that have all the socialism you could possibly want. Why stay in the USA when the entire world is your oyster?

        I want to know.

      3. avatar Eli2016 says:

        VLAD I apologize for everything I said about you. You are not a bipolar depressive. You are F_____G insane.

  32. avatar Shire-man says:

    I love the armed leftist revolutionaries. They seem to never recall that the first acts taken upon winning their revolution is to take their guns and imprison or execute the revolutionary leaders. The last thing a revolutionary government wants is revolutionaries out there milling about. If they fought once before they might do it again.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      If Vlad is the best the latest generation of communist revolutionaries can come up with, I’d be more concerned about cleaning up the piles of blood and piss left over when they get wasted like their neckbeard buddy in Texas.

      1. avatar User1 says:

        The Army guy who attacked the feds was not a communist. He was on the right. He disliked the left and made fun of them online. He didn’t like Hillary and her Commiefornia followers. He was a Murican…

        From the latest info I saw, he was mad at the government for how they treated him in the military. He was released early and had to go to college instead. His father was able to stay in the military for many years. He never let go of what they did to him, so he went to the federal building with his gun.

        You won’t here much about the story anymore because the government doesn’t want to inspire more attacks on them. They will likely say they have no clue what his motive was.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          Until somebody shows me evidence to the contrary, it’s a safe assumption that any neckbeard shooter is some branch of leftism. It doesn’t matter if it’s radical communism or democratic / national socialism. Same BS, different douchebag.

        2. avatar Hydguy says:

          No, he wasn’t ‘right wing’. His social media was taken down almost immediately, and then things were leaked to try and paint him as ‘Iggy wing’, but other people were able to find left wing memes and other postings he had made.

        3. avatar User1 says:


          Be in denial all you want, but trolling/shit posting is meant to trigger. It’s a young person’s game.

        4. avatar Hydguy says:

          Lol!! You and your boyfriend, Vlad, need to step up your game. But with a combined IQ that is single digit, I don’t see you really doing much but whine and cry

        5. avatar User1 says:


          Maybe you should look at the video below.

      2. avatar User1 says:

        Remember it’s just a bad dream, fat boy.

      3. avatar User1` says:

        The corporations deleted the evidence and the government took control. I read and watched some of the evidence before they wiped it. His parents have been interviewed a few times, which helps to figure out his motivation. However, the narrative is now under the establishment’s control, they get to decide what it will be.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          Did you forget to use the whole roll of tinfoil again? The crazy rays are getting in.

        2. avatar pwrserge says:

          I give it 48 hours before you find a way to blame this one on the Jooos.

        3. avatar Pg2 says:

          Serge, your lack of genius really shines thru when you comment on “joos”.

      4. avatar User1 says:

        Are you a Trump fan? Do you know about “fake news”? Or is Trump a tinfoil hat guy who thinks Obama wasn’t born in America and there’s fake news everywhere?

        Remember when that Catholic school was in Washington D.C. for the march for life? Remember when everyone was writing their own narratives about what happened purely based on a screen shot? Remember how the right was wearing tin foil hats as they exposed the falseness?

        Every time there is a shooting the corporations delete the accounts and posts of the shooter so the people can’t read it for themselves. Look at what happened in New Zealand. Then the corporate media comes out with their own narrative of what happened. The FBI comes in to take control of the investigation and the evidence; they only release what they want. Look at the Austin bombings: the media was making it look like it was a white supremacist attacking black people and the FBI refused to release the 30 minute confession/motivation video he recorded.

        You are uninformed because the corporations and government want you to be. It’s much easier to control you when you have no clue what is going on. Sadly, for us, you are also uninformed because you want to be.

        Learn how the world works. Also, go learn your European religions. You are lacking wisdom. It’s best not to talk shit when you don’t understand your own environment.

  33. avatar Alternator says:

    Ignorant vitriol all around. You all know less than shit about politics. So, why not just STFU?

  34. avatar Chris Morton says:

    The history of gun control in this country is the history of powerful White people not wanting non-White people to be able to exercise autonomy. Indians, Blacks, Asians, it’s always been the same. Democrats aren’t afraid of guns, otherwise they wouldn’t surround themselves with people carrying them. They’re afraid of BLACK people with guns. Always have been. Always will be.

    1. avatar User1 says:

      Sounds like white privilege.

      Too bad they were able to define “white privilege.”

    2. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      The white atheist Libertarians who run reason magazine did not include a black person holding a firearm among their pictures. They did however have a dark-skinned Hispanic man holding a gun. Which reinforces their support for illegal immigration and their stance of no national borders for the United States.

      Apparently the “new minority” in the Libertarian mind is the white homosexual holding a gun.

      1. avatar User1 says:

        I don’t read Reason’s stuff. They don’t really spark my interest. I did watch a Libertarian nomination debate a few days ago.

        The current states of the Libertarian party is a bunch of smarties arguing about shit that doesn’t matter right now. They spend too much time talking theory and philosophy amongst each other. Like: is owning/controlling animals slavery? They also argue about the age of consent for sex, which kind of makes them sound like pedophiles. What the f*** does that have to do with our problems right now!? No one is worrying about if chickens are considered slaves if you put a fence around the coop.

        Actual Libertarians need to stop the mental circle jerking and stop letting leftists infiltrate to bastardize the party. It ends up being a bunch of white males who are more like Democrat liberals but without the glaring racism. They are also very passive; so passive no man would want to follow them into any battle for liberty.

        1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

          Libertarians suffer from chemically induced stupidity. The Only have ever cared about is “putting things into their bodies”. Smoking marijuana, injecting heroin, shooting up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience. And they have had an affinity for the sexual satisfaction of children for some very strange reason.

          The Atheist Libertarians do not reproduce. They’re just like homosexuals. So the only way they can increased their own numbers is to recruit people. It seems children are their next Target. Offering them drugs and sexual satisfaction.

          And Libertarians also seem to want to have more illegal aliens here. Just as the Democrats do. So they can increase their membership numbers.

          But guns and the rest of the Bill of Rights seem to be very low on our list of priorities.

      2. avatar Aulani says:

        They included a native Hawaiian woman too, in case you missed the main picture.

  35. avatar Hannibal says:

    “left” and “right” are meaningless labels that end up meaning republican and democrat because of the screwed up system we have where someone who believes in the 2nd Amendment but believes gays should be able to get married and women should be able to have abortions will never have a candidate to vote for on the national platform.

    1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      “Gays should be able to get married and women should be able to have abortions.”

      The problem with these kinds of people is that they really don’t believe in Freedom. The people who support gay marriage and abortions are also supporters of the welfare industrial complex. They support undermining traditional marriage. They support Prosecuting women when they have sex with a man and are on the welfare system.

      They like unarmed single mothers with children from multiple different men.

      Gay marriage supporters and pro-abortionists are hypocrites. They are a perfect example of people willing to use the government to interfere in the lives of people in a sexual way. As long as it involves heterosexual sex. Not homosexual sex.

      They love the Welfare Industrial Complex because they love the power it gives them over people’s lives. And they hate the Second Amendment because they know it takes away that power. And gives it to the ordinary citizen.

  36. avatar Eric O says:

    For TFB to claim that “Reason Magazine is discovering” must be equivalent to “TFB is discovering Reason Magazine”. Reason magazine has archives going back at least 15 years with articles wherein gays, blacks, and other demographic groups normally viewed as being left aligned, are associated with gun rights. Recalling several of those articles over the years, a simple archive search was all it took.

    1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      Going back to those 15 years and more I read the articles you described. Unfortunately there are far more articles about black people selling narcotics and being caught by the police than there are articles about black people being denied their gun civil rights.

      A population who only cares about getting intoxicated on their favorite substance will not hold on to their Liberty for very long. But getting high seems to be the only thing to motivate libertarian’s. Other than having adulterous sex. I guess they liked it dangerous.

  37. avatar Barn Animal says:

    Yet every single Marxist nation ever has implemented strict gun control via death squads. Marxists are one of two things, stupid or evil.

    1. avatar Dave says:

      Gun control is enforced with gun violence.

  38. avatar Dan says:

    Lies and propaganda. The words ‘left’ and ‘demonrat’ are SYNONYMOUS……and BOTH are fundamentally COMMUNIST.

  39. avatar gp says:

    “America’s gun owners are aren’t just a bunch of old fat white guys.” We mostly are, sad to say. Just look at the roster of your local gun club. We are the ‘legacy Americans,’ who grew up before schools started teaching hatred of America, and when young people still routinely fired guns recreationally (legally, not in drive-bys.) We are disappearing fast, and demographic trends indicate that the generations that follow will not want or defend 2A. In fact, they don’t care much about 1A either; it’s a toss-up which A dies first.

  40. avatar Roymond says:

    It’s not Democrats; here we have a fair number of “Blue Steel Democrats” who aren’t anti-gun.

    It’s “progressives”. For some reason, being defenseless is “progress” to these people. And though progressives are on the left, they aren’t the whole left.

    It’s interesting to me that I know a significant number of people who would count as being “progressives” except for their support of the Second Amendment. I keep telling “progressive” friends that if they’d progress to recognizing the right to self-defense, they’d never lose another election — I think there are that many “progressive but for the Second” types out there.

    1. avatar Marty says:

      Roymond, if a 2A supporter votes for anti 2A politicians, he/she is really anti 2A. A person cannot possibly vote for a politician who is against firearms and will vote for more gun control and claim to be a 2A supporter. The two simply don’t mix. I guess maybe it’s possible to be a gun owner but not a 2A supporter?

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