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What happens when you turn engineers loose on JMB’s timeless 1911 design, give them near infinite time and resources, and tell them “do it right, do it better, and do it American?” The answer comes to us from the rolling hills of Cabot, Pennsylvania via The Cabot Gun Company. Cabot’s making it’s world premier today at the NRA National Meetings. They came to play, rolling out four new guns . . .

So just how do you improve on manufacturing a design that’s remain largely unchanged for 100 years? Simple; you control every aspect of the build, and chuck variables out the window like illicit shrooms pre traffic-stop. Parts. Process. Product. In that order.

Cabot controls the variables by using precision machinery in their manufacturing process (tolerances guaranteed to be .001 inch), and ultrasonic testing of raw materials to ensure consistency. Cabot goes so far as to make the machines that make their guns. Cabot reckons their machining tolerance are so tight that all of their 1911 parts are 100% interchangeable, with no fitting required.

In a partnership with Penn United Technologies, the folks at Cabot have taken OCD to the extreme (the only US firearms manufacturer with a metallurgist on staff). They’re even mixing their own carbide. Crazy? A little. The type of company philosophy that NEEDS to permeate the industry? Definitely.

“1911 OCD” translates into guaranteed “post custom” quality and accuracy (their term)—performance exceeding match-grade standards right out of the box. They hand polish each trigger and test random guns with a variety of weights and brands of ammunition.

Cabot 1911’s are formed using a solid block of American 4140 billet steel, wear American wooden grips, sport a “100% American” label, and are built right in Penn’s woods – Americana if it’s ever been imagined. Currently, the company offers four products, all variants of the 1911. “No Frills” starts at $4,300 and “loaded” sets you back $4,950. Want to fondle one of these puppies at the show? Grab a pair of white cotton gloves first.

Is Cabot going to knock the likes of Kimber, Dan Wesson, Wilson Combat and company out of the high-end 1911 game? Not likely. Can they hang with the big boys? Time will tell. With the guarantees Cabot Guns posts on their website, they better be producing a product that matches up to the hype. They’ve made some steep claims, and it’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to follow-through with them. These ain’t your Gran-Daddy’s 1911’s, but they’re sure pretty enough to sit on the mantle beside them.

Function testing, and validation of Cabot’s accuracy and interchangeable parts claims to follow . . .

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  1. $4300 for the base model?! For that many benjamins I hope it shoots like the Stig drives, ie perfectly

  2. This is sort of the equivalent of a really nice Chevy Malibu, all the bolts torqued tight, upgraded seats and an engine swap…for $70,000…and all done in PA. Will find a few buyers.

  3. Tamparus,
    Have u ever used those grips? If you haven’t U should try a set. They are very comfortable and offer a lot of control.

  4. Our family has been making weapons accessories for over 20 years and what a prince or sheik likes is typically shiny, sparkly, with rich textures, beautiful woods, engraving and when held in one’s hand, it all feels esoterically balanced.

    Can’t tell much from the pics, but I don’t see shiny, I don’t see sparkly…I don’t see beautiful wood, engraving and is it all balanced?

    Based on the article, I say F A I L

  5. The new deluxe comes with mammoth ivory grips from Dan Chinnock and start at $7500. I ordered a set of grips from Dan myself for my Springfield EMP, love them, gave $350 for them and love them but can’t see $7500 for a Deluxe with ivory.A EMP runs around $1000 to $1350, like all three of mine.

  6. really? $4500? I will put up my first born and say my $800 Custom II will shoot just as well and last just as long. Shit, I bet that my $400 Rock Island Armory will hang with this Cabot in an IDPA event.

  7. I am going to the factory to look at the finished product and shoot it. If satisfied, will put deposit down for the Jones 1911.

  8. Yes I did visit the factory and was very satisfied that they are producing a pistol worth the price!!
    I have a deposit down and will be picking up my pistol in Feb 2014.

    I have been a collector of quality guns for over 40 years and very satisfied with my new order.

  9. Ain’t no pistol worth that much!!!!! Yeah your filthy rich might buy it but I’d rather have my Sig P250 compact any day!!!

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