Colombia Police Unrest
(AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)
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For more than two months in Colombia, civil unrest has spilled over into riots and vandalism, and clashes between demonstrators and the police have erupted in violence. Scenes of citizens taking up arms are opening old wounds in a country that had appeared to be moving towards peace after decades of civil war. 

But even before the protests, [María Fernanda] Cabal, a 57-year-old conservative senator from the city of Cali, proposed rolling back Colombia’s restrictive gun laws.  The move would let buyers cut through the byzantine bureaucracy that stops most civilians from owning weapons and allow them to transport guns in their cars. 

In a country riddled with organized crime and scarred by a history of kidnappings targeted at the wealthy, Cabal argues that citizens need greater freedom to carry their guns.

“The life of a citizen should not be worth less than the life of a criminal,” said Cabal in an interview with VICE World News.

— Wes Michael Tomaselli in Colombian, Trump-Loving Senator Has American Solution for Gun Violence: More Guns

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  1. Wow, what’s happened to marxist-Vice lately? First, a friendly documentary on Joe Fox, now promoting self-defense?

    • You’re racist, you’re a homophobe, you’re a misogynist, you’re intolerant. Those are the real reasons why you want to have a gun. Nobody needs a gun for self-defense. That’s what the police and military are for.

      You can’t defend your private property. Only the government is allowed to defend government property.

    • Vice is still very left, but they actually investigate and fairly represent the interviewees. That doesn’t stop them from making snide comments like “in Republican trademark fashion, they appointed all white males to the 1/6 committee.”

  2. A few years ago, at a health freedom conference, I attended a presentation by a Columbian physician. He had dedicated his practice to serving the poor and the indigenous population. He described the horrors that occurred as the government allowed pharmaceutical companies to experiment of entire remote villages. These folk were given no choices and they had no way to resist. The details are too controversial for this blog, but the results were the sufferings of entire local populations.

    Columbia’s Senator Cabal wants Columbians to have the m ewwww and to protect themselves. God bless her.

    • They want, they will shoot and kill any communist dictator that tries to take them over. God bless America, land of the free. By the way anybody have an F 16 or nuclear bomb for sale, uncle Joe said you would need it to stop him from taking control. Besides rifles in my humble opinion are for hunting deer, elk, mule, turkey, bear and other good eating animals.
      The government will now do what the goernment wants to do, the commies have been given free rein in this country and they have taken a lot of control from the citizens who didn’t want to fight them or were stupid enough to jion them.

  3. Amen. Well said and best of luck to our fellow RTKBA proponents in Colombia. The RTKBA is enshrined in our 2A , but it is a universal and inherent right of all people, regardless of nationality. One’s location of birth should not dictate their ability to protect themselves, their families, their property, and their community in these unprecedented times.

  4. Connor,

    “…the 2A is universal and inherent regardless of nationality…Location…”

    Well said!

    • Too many forget that the bill of rights doesn’t really “grant” a single right; it constrains the (federal) gov (to some degree) from infringing on certain rights which are inherent/pre-existing. We are fortunate in the U.S in that we have preserved a robust civilian gun culture and broad firearms ownership into the 21st century, which has been more or less eliminated in much of the world, along with rather well written protections. Colombia’s constitution is likely worth less than the paper printer upon, based on chronic corruption and graft.

  5. Just having a revolver is better than nothing. But why is that the so-called “gun community” says you don’t need a machine gun because “you’ll just waste ammo”?
    But the organized gangs in Mexico and Columbia all have select fire, and full auto weapons.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the amount of people who defended themselves with a basic 6 (or 5 for that matter) shot .38 special is many millions. Then again I’d say the same thing about 32 ACP as well probably.

  6. fyi
    You are on your own. The government is not here to protect you. And the government doesn’t have to insure you get justice.

    “ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is under fire after a judge drops murder charges against an accused killer.”

    “The judge noted in his order that the prosecutor who was assigned to the case was on maternity leave for three months and said the office hadn’t replaced her.”

  7. A bunch of Che wannabe commies riot for free shit and commie crap begets a pissed off population of locals who go hard right paramilitary in response to their lefty bullshit and in the end you get to choose between left wing totalitarianism and right wing totalitarianism and either way the same people will be in charge and the little guy will still get screwed out of property, liberty and life.

    Gotta love it.

    • South of the border, it is a long standing tradition. The government, police, military, and criminals are in open conflict against the people. The cattle must know their place.

      • Why my wife wanted to come to the States. And then 2020ff happened, has been like Old Home Week for her, in a bad way.


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