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This is it. The last day California gun owners can purchase a long gun without having the great state of California maintain a record of the sale. Needless to say, this frightening extension of the Golden Sate’s handgun registry has confiscation-fearing gun owners flocking to stores to stock up. Long guns are now thin on the ground. Just Guns owner John Deaser tells that sales of long guns are up 30 to 50 percent. “Supporters of the new law say it will improve public safety and help keep guns out of the wrong hands. Deaser says many of his customers are stocking up on long guns now rather than waiting until 2014 when they would have to register. ‘These are law-abiding citizens,’ he said. ‘They’re not trying to beat the system or anything like that. They just don’t want to be tracked.'” CBS ends the piece by quoting a customer who says he’s just buying because of the season. How long before it’s open season on CA gun owners’ RKBA? Oh wait . . . [h/t Tom]

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  1. “…customer who says he’s just buying because of the season. How long before it’s open season on CA gun owners’ RKBA?”

    An extremely relevant question which is directly on point and the entire motivation behind the run on long guns.

    The other issue is giving them to one’s child so as not to have to register them upon an intra family transfer as a gift. Done and notorized!

    • “How long before it’s open season on CA gun owners’ RKBA?”

      PFFFT! It’s not even a question anymore, and hasn’t been for decades now! Their RKBA has been under constant and sustained, heavy assault for the better part of the last century, and all of the rest of us were in the sights of the “Powers That Be” not long afterwards.

  2. I wouldn’t be sure that California won’t make people do the register for firearms purchased today, you aren’t picking them up for ten days.

    As background, California increased it’s sales tax that went into affect 01/01/2013. I purchased some AR lowers in the end of December 2012, and paid for them in full at that time, and when I went to pick them up, I had to pay the additional sales tax, because California doesn’t see the sale as complete until the firearm is delivered.

  3. 80% lowers.. Yup sounds about right to me!
    Oh and what does get registered won’t be anything beyond a bolt action rifle.

    • I did an 80% and it worked out okay. I was actually looking at and they’ve done a pretty cool thing where they mold whites plastic into the area you have to mill out, so you literally just cut the white out. Looks like it makes it very easy to do it.

      • EP Armory (a California company) does the same thing. They are selling now for $65 (used to be $100). Their forum suggests that they may have QC issues with the placement of pin holes, but others are thoroughly pleased.

    • Also check out
      they are a little different but pretty cool design. Not that I have any at all…

  4. …’tis a sad day indeed. I was eying a JR .45ACP carbine to add to my collection, but decided to buy more ammo for the “longs” that I have already.

  5. You mean that this is the last day they’ll be buying them in California, rather than crossing the borders into OR, NV, and AZ to buy them instead – and very likely without any intention of ever installing a bullet button.

    If I lived out in the middle of nowhere in rural CA, there ain’t any way in hell I’d honor any of these laws.

    • They likely won’t be buying them from any dealers in those States, either. I can already see a lot more traffic on ArmsList and other auction sites out of The People’s Republik of Kommiefornia.

    • legal dealers out of ca will charge ca gun buyers for the price of the gun, but then ship it to a ffl in ca to do the paperwork…so you can’t legally avoid it. i am not sure how private sales work, but that might be an option.

  6. I wonder how many of the sheeple will blindly and obediently register their private property like good little subjects — which will be confiscated from them at a later date without due process as their fellow Kommiefornians have already learned (and a lessen they obviously missed) — instead of peaceably disobeying like up-standing citizens should.

    • First, the law applies only to purchases from 1/1/14 on, not to owned rifles. (No retroactive registration requirement) Second, California requires ALL sales to be processed through an FFL, so there is no avoiding the registration requirement.

  7. April of 2014 is when NY State goes full commie. Just around noon today, a Federal judge in Buffalo NY issued a ruling on the NY Safe law. Of course he upheld all aspects of law. This lawsuit is costing the state NRA organization 100’s of thousands of dollars. It will be a long slog to the SCOTUS.

  8. I just left one of the most active LGS here in the Sacramento area. I just needed to do a private party xfer – which in CA is just like a brand new purchase. It was a madhouse.

    The worst downside of being in CA – at least in my local area (Sacramento) – is that buying any gun is almost a criminal process by default. Because the DOJ is breathing down the neck of EVERY gun dealer, every gun dealer has to be perfect. And since the laws are often complex and difficult to understand – they’re naturally in 100% opposition to decent customer service.

    This all has the net effect of making people at the counter almost guaranteed to be upset at the stupidity of the law, not the LGS, But the LGS is the one carrying out the stupid law. It’s a vicious and stressful cycle. It’s a little better – because I’ve a got a CCW – but ONLY a little.

  9. I thought I was out-clevering CA only to discover that for some reason the city of San Diego needs to know the S/N of long guns to make sure they are sold with a proper trigger/cable lock.

  10. Isn’t California running big deficits? Cost issues were largely why Canada liquidated its late 1990s-early aughts long gun registry (which was, BTW, run by the same firm–CGI Group–that set up your Obamacare website):

    As in Canada, public safety may be a smokescreen for a porkbarrel IT contract to some data firm that donated to California politicians’ campaigns.

    • The budget this year had a $10 billion surplus. And it passed on time. Thank Jerry Brown for that.

      Further, California already registers handguns, has for years. So adding long guns, aside from the extra staff needed, should not be a huge deal. And unlike Canada, there is no law (currently anyway) that requires retroactive registration for existing long guns, thus avoiding the issues faced in Canada. Sad to say.

      • From what I understand there’s tons of accounting trickery in that “surplus.” Lots of unfunded liabilities not counted that are going to end up being paid for.

  11. Require firearms to be registered at time of purchase = Mad rush to buy firearms = sales tax revenue

    Float the idea of an assault weapons ban = Mad rush to buy firearms = sales tax revenue

    Float the idea of documenting ammo sales = Mad rush to buy ammo = sales tax revenue

    Yeah….its just because the left is anti-gun. They found a full proof way to force people to spend money without restraint which pours money back into local, county, and state coffers.

    • Kind of goes hand in hand with increasing price of gasoline. Price goes up, sales tax, etc. goes up, state declares a surplus, state assembly spends more that they don’t have. It’s always intrigued me how every so often (usually when prices have come down for a bit) that at least one of the state’s oil refineries has to go down for “maintenance’ and creates an artificial “shortage” forcing the price back up… State wins, oil companies win, taxpayers/consumers get their drivelines bent (aka: shafted!).

  12. Bought my new hunting shotgun before the deadline. Unfortunately if I buy my new hunting rifle it will be after the law takes affect. Really doesn’t matter. All my handguns are registered. I shop online for ammo and accessories. I’m going for a hunting license in a couple of weeks. The state knows me and the fact that I own guns.

    They won’t come for my guns. If it’s that bad they’re coming for me. As long as I’m free, and all the other vets that support the 2a, I’m a threat.

    But not even slow joe and difi are stupid enough to want stir that ant hill.

    • But not even slow joe and difi are stupid enough to want stir that ant hill.

      Oh, they want to. They just can’t.

      And where the hell is Slow Joe anyway? We haven’t seen very much of him since his gun control pipe dream went up in smoke.

        • Probably keeping his mouth shut to try to stay out of trouble so he can apply for the underdog position in the run for POTUS 2016; not that he stands a chance.

  13. Immigration should help.yeah right.

    All who disagree should be sick and tired of minorities. Political correctness and apathy is why you are where you are today. But who am I to say, I’m just a racist bigot. Good luck all you lazy politically correct and thanks, now were all screwed.

    • Not very nice there NG…or Christian if the site search on your monikershows. I dont see ANY reference to “immigration” in the original article or comments so IMHO yout comment is at best OT and I hope a clumsysy attempt at humor. If not….TTAG has a pretty diverse group of readers here and some of us have low tolerance for racist trollery. Lots of other places on line to go if you are into that.

      lets keep this the “clean and well lighted space” (Hemingway quote rRobert references as a guideline for posting…)

  14. As Fed law allows out of state sale of long guns why can Ca residents just go to State of __________ to purchase? Added benefit of screwing the Idiots out of any sales tax $.

    • neiowa, ffl’s out of state can only sell us CA compliant firearms and they still have to abide by the waiting period. Or at least that’s how I understand it to work.

      If we private purchase anything that needs to be registered and then bring it back we have to register it ourselves with DOJ or face felony charges.

      I live in the bay area. For me the closest place out of state is 4 hours away by car. I would do that if it was the only way to get ammo(and planned such a trip if the internet sales ban had gone into effect). But I would have to make the trip twice to buy a rifle or shotgun, a total of 16 hours. Not worth it when I already have a safe full guns.

  15. This is all about fear and confiscation. They (GOV) fear the people and they should, we will only take so much of this crap they keep dishing out and telling us to swallow. If they ever need us to defend them in anyway we should do An about face and let them reap the seeds they have sowed. I personally wonder when they move in to confiscate some innocent gun owners weapons one of these days or nights and all hell will break loose. If even a tenth of the gun owners in the state rise up, the Government is going to have a hell of a problem. What would the Feds do if the people was to rise up and take back our freedoms. If they moved against the freedom fighters in CA. The whole Country could revolt, they are on very volatile ground here.

  16. It would be interesting to see what sales for long guns are in 2014 vs 2012 before the long gun registration law was proposed.

    Personally I dont care on a practical level as I have all I need in my safe now. But I have to say I do not trust Our Dear Leader nod His Most Attractive State AG Kamala Harris to respect the privacy of that information. Nof after F&F, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, and ACA scandal andthe many repeated lies told by this Admin and the States complicity in the

  17. arrgh. sorry for typos.comment box no workee for edit in my old kindle which does not load the comment box well in either in mobile or desktop view…and suffers from my fat fingering too. Sorry will save future commenting on the laltop which does.

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