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As requested last night, here are some pics of the Walther PPK in 22lr. The word is that the barrel comes threaded from the factory, but the barrel end is flush with the end of the slide. Meaning you’ll either need a longer skinny mount to use the threads or get an adapter. Either way, it looks swish and feels just like the real thing.

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  1. It’s a zinc POS “replica” with a 17lb DA and 7lb SA trigger. A guy posting on the Walther forums got to shoot it and he couldn’t get more than couple shots off at a time before it jammed. The magazines are not compatible with the vintage guns so no help for anyone looking to avoid paying $100ea for mags for their finely machined vinatge German/French guns. Umarex is not doing this weapon the justice it deserves. I’m sure these will sell like hot cakes just like the P22 and I’m just as sure that we will be hearing about a lot of problems just like with the P22. It’s a shame really. A gun from Germany used to mean quality.

    • The jamming was from being run nonstop by everyone who got in line to shoot it, along with the only ammo they were allowed to use at the show and it being really cold outside where the range was. As rimfire semiautos go, this gun is on par with equivalent pot metal zip guns, so keep it clean and it’ll usually give you a headache-free day of plinking.

      I had read that the mags were compatible with a *real* PPK/S (not sarcasm, as this Umarex polished turd is anything but), however that could be a mistake. Either way, it’s not a selling point for the new gun.

      This gun is a P22 in PPK’s clothing. It’s manufactured as a zip gun, then overpriced. If they marketed it as a Umarex gun, and did the same with all the other “tactical rimfire replicas” they now sell through Walther, I’d probably like them, as they’re a quality, German airsoft company that’s moving up to firearms with .22LR. This is just insulting to Walther, and infuriating to people who gave Umarex a nod for breaking into the grown-ups’ game.

      Walther was never a company known for pot metal zip guns, and using their reputation to pawn off rimfire replicas is ruining that reputation. Walthers should be the $500+ pistol company that it always has been, with an assortment of models to choose from for resurrection back into profit-making glory. Likewise, Umarex could hope to use Walther’s expertise to grow into their own firearm manufacturer, taking the route from airsoft to rimfire to sub-$500 pistols and on from there, and I think the consumer market would love that, too.

      But instead, they’re all just myopic, greedy fuckwits who will inevitably erode to extinction a century-old brand for a quick Deutschmark. The only Walthers I’ll consider buying are the ones that won’t completely melt in a lead casting pot.

  2. Damn i got real exited for this because ive been looking for a nice lil 22lr pistol almost got a threaded beretta 21 but id rather have this is if only worked 95 percent

    • Get a Ruger SR22. They are shipping guns with threaded barrels now. Ruger got it right where the P22 got it wrong, it will eat just about anything.

      • Ruger might be late to the party with a lot of things recently, but they show up in grand style.

        I just wish they wouldn’t plaster that warning all over everything.

    • The M&P 22 is pretty solid if you don’t mind the thumb safety. It’ll eat almost anything you feed it. (Those pesky quiet rounds will make you cycle it after every shot though.)

    • Well, seeing as the Bersa is made of aluminum and steel and not zinc like the new “replica” from Walther/Umarex I’d say the Bersa wins. From what I’ve read it can be a picky eater, but apparently if you feed it right it runs well.

      • I bought a new Bersa 380 & if the 22 is similar its a POS. “Picky eater” is being charitable, mine was unusable as a defense weapon, Randy

        • Strange. I usually only see positive reviews of the Versa 380s. I have owned two for many years with zero FTF and zero FTE. It just goes bang every time. I am even reasonably accurate. I guess your mileage may vary.

          Does anyone have a recommendation for a high capacity 22lr handgun. The grip size on my Buckmark would hold a bunch, it is a shame the magazine is so small.

        • My Bersa Thunder .380 has been flawless with a variety of ammo and is always a pleasure to shoot. I can’t vouch for the .22 version, though.

    • I bought a Bersa Thunder 22 to introduce the wife to shooting and I can’t seem to get it to fail. I’ve had a few “misfires” but upon inspection of the round, it had a solid hit from the pin so it seems to be ammo itself. But if it is a good round, it seems to eat anything I feed it. My only complaint is that spare magazines are hard to come by and expensive if you do.

  3. Thanks for the coverage, TTAG! It does look rather sad, however. Not sure I want one quite so badly any more. *Sigh* Blued PPK in 32 cal it is, then. That’s not gonna be cheap to feed.

    • On the plus side, you might be able to actually FIND ammo for it. I’m starting to see some benefits to owning at least one gun chambered for a tier-2 cartridge, ie one that’s in mainstream distribution but isn’t especially popular.

      • Semi-auto calibers and especially the popular ones associated with high capacity magazines and shooting (.223, 9mm, etc) were bought up in bulk fast. The .38 Special caliber family (basic FMJ for target practice, .38 P+ HP, critical defense) was able to be found with time and Internet searching even up through the earlier part of this week. However, inventory selection for .38 is obviously way down everywhere.

        I found some Federal .22 LR today. A customer at a lgs who I got into a conversation with offered to sell me a box of 500 rounds since he has several thousand stocked at home. He is selling it to me at what it cost him.

        • I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I got caught short on 22LR to feed the lever gun and Mark II. It’s always been in such ridiculous oversupply at 2c/round that I never expected it to disappear overnight.

          I have a few 50-boxes of good quality hollowpoints, but those are being held back as part of the SHTF supply. If I can locate bricks of the stuff that works well in the 9422 there will be several thousand rounds of 22LR in the ammo locker shortly thereafter.

          Lesson learned.

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