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As requested last night, here are some pictures of the new Springfield XD(s) 9mm version. Just like the 45ACP version, but with a smaller barrel.

Note to manufacturers: black guns on a black background may look posh, but trying to photograph them sucks.

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  1. I love my XD .45 and would not mind this one for CC, but, that first pick looks like the results from a long night of JD, Metamucil, and corn dogs.

  2. Nice, I’ve been waiting for a M&P Shield 9mm, but I’ll be picking one these up if they become available before the shield I’m waiting for arrives.

    • That doesn’t make sense. Have you shot one? I have, and I’m not sure I’d be comfortable carrying something with that trigger without a grip safety. Or at least an external, but that requires muscle memory.

    • Have shot EMP, Kimber Pro Cary and the Super Carry Ultra, several hundreds times. Never had any problem shootng. Feel safer carrying, condition One, knowing I have a grip safety as “extra protection” when drawing and pointing at my ” junk” with a weapon loaded and cocked and 230gr ammo. ( a misstep could ruin your day)


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