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The following list (from reddit) are proposals that the Democrats in the New York State assembly wanted included in the recent gun ban bill, but didn’t make it through. It looks like they tried to keep this list a secret, but there’s an old phrase about sunlight and disinfectant.

  • Confiscation of “assault weapons”
  • Confiscation of ten round clips
  • Statewide database for ALL Guns
  • Continue to allow pistol permit holder’s information to be replaced to the public
  • Label semiautomatic shotguns with more than 5 rounds or pistol grips as “assault weapons”
  • Limit the number of rounds in a magazine to 5 and confiscation and forfeiture of banned magazines
  • Limit possession to no more than two (2) magazines
  • Limit purchase of guns to one gun per person per month
  • Require re-licensing of all pistol permit owners
  • Require renewal of all pistol permits every five years
  • State issued pistol permits
  • Micro-stamping of all guns in New York State
  • Require licensing of all gun ammo dealers
  • Mandatory locking of guns at home
  • Fee for licensing, registering weapons

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  1. I really wish the firearms makers who reside in NY would pack up and leave. This state obviously can’t stand weapons of any sort.

    • The majority of the people in NY are not simpletons, ideologues, fascists or fools. Sadly, far to many of their elected legislators are. I suspect that there will be a considerable amount of negative blowback by We The People down the road against the legislators that voted for this dog’s breakfast of bad law. Time will tell.

      Yes, any company quartered in NY needs to make arrangements to leave the state for friendlier climes. The sooner the better. The only thing that gets the legislatures attention is money. Removing jobs and tax revenues sends the strongest message that such idiocy will not be tolerated. Remington, Kimber, Checkmate Industries, and any other manufacturers of anything related to firearms need to get out of Dodge and get to where they will be welcomed and prosper.

      • “The majority of the people in NY are not simpletons, ideologues, fascists or fools. Sadly, far to many of their elected legislators are.”

        Don’t buy that. They elected those legislators. That, by definition, makes them all those things and more.

        • There are two New Yorks. Manhatten and the surounding boroughs + Westchester Country + Long Island and then there is the rest of NY. The problem is the area around Manhatten gets all the attention because of the 8 million + libtards in that area that provides the money and politcal cover for those elected. The rest of New York is ignored except when they need their tax money.

          The people of upstate NY are outnumbered and ignored. The Limousine liberals rule NY followed by the Unions and only during elections the NY Minority Groups. Then you have MSM which is based in NYC and willing and complicite to the libtard policies. Sadly, the Wall Street Crowd is complicite and often do not care as long as nobody touches their business. They don’t care because they have enough money to do whatever they want and many only work in the city but live in NJ or CT.

          Many New York don’t really give an eff about anything outside of NY but are more than happy to tell others outside of NY what to do. They are very self centered and have elitist views.

          Sink Manhatten into the sea and you have a much different place. All of the United States gives FAR too much importance to NYC and thus they feel the politicians can rule however they damn well please.

          What is worse, they infect all the surrounding states with their bullshit. When you see a map that show political influence it starts in NYC and the NY-Metro area extends past CT into MA and south to NJ and PA. It really is a desease with no cure because the people are brainwashed and politicains are drunk on power.

        • America is not good or bad because of its leaders, but in spite of them. NY needs to look long and hard at what their major malfunction is.

  2. The forces of Sauron are going all-in. They know that they get one bite at the apple, and then the folks with Constitutional rights on their side (us) will be righteously stomping all over their plans.

    I can smell the stench of desperation intermingled with panicked overreaching. The tide is still against us, but it WILL turn, and when it does…

    • Have some respect, Alphageek. Sauron allowed the Haradrim and Easterlings to bear arms! Hell, pretty sure the orks’ love of crude weaponry is how Century Arms keeps afloat.

      And this is why we cannot compromise. Their idea of reasonable gun ownership is no gun ownership, or damn well as close to it as is possible.

      • “Hell, pretty sure the orks’ love of crude weaponry is how Century Arms keeps afloat.”

        I choked on my drink I was laughing so hard.

      • And just like the local, state and federal LEO/LEAs work for our government, many for noble purposes, the Haradrim and the Easterlings were allowed to bear arms because they bent their knee to Sauron. Had they refused to continue working in Sauron’s interests they would have been disarmed and slaughtered. It’s kind of astonishing how well the metaphor works.

        What other explanation could there be for rewarding retired LEOs/LEAs with a continuation of the special 2A rights they enjoy during their careers?

        • People apply to become LEO’s because they are attracted to being Authority rather than being merely the Subjects of authority. When carry was illegal they alone could carry, often 24 hours a day and in retirement, too. In pleasant districts or their home towns they often have the motive of reducing crime. In the cities and with feds, I have seen pay and early pensions as the incentives they speak of. The love of power often becomes a problem: At the drugs/cops interface corruption is, in many cities and towns, endemic. The cops/prostitutes interface also presents problems, ‘the bribe that never sees a bank account.’

  3. As horrible as the implimentation of this would be, I’d give it as much thought as a scribled-up napkin on the floor of the cafeteria. Looks like every action possible that they used as a brainstorming tool.
    Of course, the final product wasn’t much better than brainstorming so it can’t be disregarded completely.

  4. What gets me is that every single one of those FLAME DELETED gun grabbing legislators would state publicly that “no one is going to take the guns”.

  5. Any firearms maker stupid enough to stay deserves to deal with these morons. This is what happens when you allow the COMMIE scum to rule your entire life.

  6. Fee for registration!? God forbid the non-gun owning taxpayers suffer for electing the morons in office.

    Can they at least throw in a free rape whistle at the confiscation?

    • It will be a commemorative rape whistle formed out of shredded AK-47 flats. For the children.

      The question then becomes how many times you are allowed to blow the whistle? Seven if you’re a regular civilian, or if you’re a police officer you get a “high capacity” rape whistle that you can blow 15 or more times?

      Obnoxious NY State Assembly Member: “Seven blows of a loud whistle should be enough for anyone. If you’ve blown the whistle seven times and nobody has come to help you, then that should tell you something. More than that and you’re just violating noise ordinances for no reason.”

      • Influence with and over police is often a favorite perk of state and local politicians. They become dismayed when citizens become less dependent on the PD. It reduces the value of the perk. Ticket fixing is their last redoubt. No?

  7. Pretty funny he claims he hasn’t seen the list, then interrupts the guy and tells him not to make it public since it’ll expose them… Err hinder compromise.

  8. WHIPPING POST? You mean to tell me they didn’t ask for the cat-o-nine-tails for gun owners with high-cap magazines, and the-thing-that-goes-UP?

    Those idjits are S-L-I-P-P-I-N-G. Don’t tell anyone!!

  9. I wish all these things had passed. It might’ve finally sparked the resistance this country so desperately needs.

    At the very least, it would have demolished that gray line between “infringement” and “declaration of war on rights.”

  10. I know I’m going to get a lot of flak for saying this, but I wish they would have passed all of that into law. The reason I say this is because I believe once the public sees how crazy these people are, we can then swing public opinion to our side, and win the hearts and minds that are on the fence.

    • I agree but if it were to lead to any sort of civil disobediance I fear it would just as easily swing opinions in the grabbers favor. People who dont give a &#!4 or dont understand may just say, “Hey all they want is your guns and your going to start a war over it?”

  11. If that doesn’t convince you that fascism and tyranny are alive and well and thriving in the USA then nothing else I say could change your mind. 🙁

  12. This is a good read for all gun owners. Think they won’t be after your “sporting guns” and classic guns? Those are just the next step. It’s pretty interesting to know that these idiots would have probably considered my Grandfather’s Remington 740
    .30-06 to be an assault weapon on my first deer hunt in 1992.

  13. I wonder if these law makers have any idea what would have happened to them if they had gotten their total “wish list”

    • They’d be like the dog that accidentally caught the mail truck.

      And it would be WAY easier to destroy this stuff in the courts since it would be so plainly in violation of recent SCOTUS decisions and several of the Amendments.

  14. this is so disturbing, I am not sure what to say. this is going to get ugly, fast.

    do your best to repost this on all your twitter and facebook accounts, upvote the post on reddit so it makes the front page.

  15. It is my opinion that the Antis know that they will eventually loose in the courts. The Antis who hold office are trying to move the ball as far as possible so that their eventual loss will take a long time. Preferably long enough for them to make as much political capital as possible and even attain higher office.

    Several of those propositions are already covered by Heller. They are throwing all the “poo” that they can hoping some will stick. That list didn’t stick.

    • McLaughin’s great!

      indignant responses of the person answering just goes to show what little respect of the people and what little intelligence and logic in which these laws are made. The exchange on video is a perfect example of how downstate (NYC area) and Upstate NY thinks and how little respect downstate NY has for the rest of the state and how they believe that they are better than the rest of the state (and many in NYC area believe they are better than the rest of United States and pretty much if you do not live in NY you are hicks)

    • There is nothing to think about. Politicians all promise whatever it takes to get your votes and most of the time break those promises. During elections you can assume that most politicians will break half or more of anything they promise. Politicians know one thing, people get wrapped up in the moment and they can promise whatever the eff they want, because everything they say will be soon forgotten and NOBODY bothers to hold them accountable for anything. We live in an ADD world and the next Squirrel to run by gets our attention. This is just one more lie by one more politician. We have lost much our critical thinking skills and we do nothing to hold politicians accountable. Much of the voting public is blissfully ignorant unless something personally impacts them. Most of America knows more about American Idol and X-factor and every other damn reality show than what is happening in their own backyards. It is very easy for opportunistic snake oil selling politicians to come to power in our current United States.

      In addition, IN the past two elections the Republicans ran idiots for candidates. The Republicans have to offer better candidates, have to be more involved in social policies — hell the Republicans better damn well offer up a better imigration police before Obama puts one on the table.

  16. I wrote the gubnor of NY an e-mail where I told him how astonished I was with all his schooling and prestigious jobs that he still had no clue what the definition of “infringed” is. I also told him that he had either never read the Constitution of the United States, or his rich family hired someone to do his school work for him. That guy needs to be unemployed and homeless ASAP in my opinion, preferably in a third world country far away where the only english spoken is “Die Yankee dog!”

  17. It seems to me that pro-gun-rights activists underestimate the economic motives behind the anti-gun dem’s shameful grave-dancing push: The likelihood of very serious social tension is rising by the day. MOST Americans have no pension savings. Those that have pension plans often have bad plans (401(k)’s). Entitlement costs are rising. Unfunded Fed and State pensions present an enormous burden. On top of all these realities Democrat politicians have to somehow keep delivering the goods to their predominantly urban voters/clients. They know they may have the votes to increase spending, but that they’ll be forced to raise all sorts of taxes to support that. As inflation and taxes cause the standard of living to decline for the median-income family, resentment of the taxes (sales, RE, fees, income, FICA) will predictably explode. YET, if they fail to keep delivering benefits and grants to the inner cities, those inner cities will “explode even more.” The pols would like minimum numbers of effective guns in suburban and rural hands when these likelihoods mature into realities. Which they will. Google Kyle Bass or just look carefully at federal and Illinois/Michigan/Maryland/NJ/Cal/NY pension obligations and past-year budgets. In good times they want your guns. In bad times they really really want your guns.

    • That is a scary truth. Federally, we do not have a sustainable economy. All the entitlement spending and government spending cannot continue at its current pace.

  18. Just wait until those big city yankees figure out that an old farmer’s 1955 vintage Winchester Mdl. 12 Magnum can fire One Hundred and Forty Four 7.62mm “rounds” with a single pull of the trigger in under 4 seconds! That equals a cyclic rate of 2160 “rounds” per minute!

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