Gun Rights Orgs Do Battle With the Administrative State’s Anti-Gun Overreach

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  1. The tit for tat clown show contines primarily because what the general public knows about Gun Control is everything they have been told by politicians and the media…not my fault.

  2. I do not care if silencers are legal or not.
    I will not suppress my gunms right to free speech.

  3. Guys, the government has broken its word to the American people for over 100 years now on this issue. Seems kinda silly to think they wouldn’t stop breaking their word. Own a gun, dont own a gun, everyone do what they feel like they need to do. Government permission is largely irrelevant. If they want to take a person’s rights away, they’ll do it, and they wont think twice. The name of the game now is “law fare”. They just make up stuff, then you can go bankrupt in court, and if you win, they’ll just ignore the law and you can enjoy another round of “law fare”.

      • Tyranny was always here Darkman. Civilisation requires the populace to be civil. Government was suppose to do their best to protect the civilised from the uncivil. Government right now, however, seems to be hell bent on protecting the uncivil from the civil. At that point, they lost legitimacy. Now all we can do is wait for the rest of America to wake up to that as well.

  4. If you value your gun rights, please consider donating to those gun orgs doing the heavy lifting of suing those fascists…

    • And your local state organizations that have a more detailed plan of attack on the state laws and restrictions where you live.

  5. The Third Injunction of ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule. And This One Covers an Entire State.

    • For the score keepers…The temporary injunctions, collectively, now cover ALL members of FPC, SAF, GOA nationwide ….AND ALL residents of the State of Texas even if they are not members of one of those organizations.

    • Thats incorrect (the portion about the entire state). Straight from the injunction order:

      “The Court declines Texas’s invitation to extend injunctive relief to within the sovereign borders of the State. (See Dkt. No. 45 at 6). This is because “the scope of injunctive relief is dictated by the extent of the violation established,” Califano v. Yamasaki, 442 U.S. 682, 702, 99 S.Ct. 2545, 2558, 61 L.Ed.2d 176 (1979), and, at this point, Texas has only shown a likelihood of irreparable
      harm with respect to its own compliance costs. Injunctive relief within the borders of the State of
      Texas would be overbroad. See VanDerStok v. BlackHawn Mfg. Grp. Inc., No. 4:22-CV-00691, 2022
      WL 16680915, at *2 (N.D. Tex. Nov. 3, 2022) (finding that “an injunction must ‘redress the plaintiff’s particular injury,’ and no more”

    • The ATF says there were 255,162 registrations during the amnesty period.

      The ATF estimates there are 3 – 7 million braced firearms.

      The congressional research service estimates there are 10 – 40 million braced firearms.

      The minimum range is 3 – 10 million braced firearms.

      If there are 3 million and 255,162 were registered during the amnesty period —- 8.5% were registered —- 100% – 8.5% = 91.5% who did not comply.

      If there are 10 million and 255,162 were registered during the amnesty period —- 2.55% were registered —- 100% – 2.55% = 97.45% who did not comply.

      So, based upon minimum estimates over 90% did not comply.

      • The message the JBT at ATF (and their prog overlords) need to take to “heart” is the % of noncompliance with their dictate. Is not a insignificant # they can imagine away.

        “WILL NOT COMPLY” is real.

  6. why would they?…why play their game?…laws only work when the majority of people choose to obey them…

    • Laws were never intended to prevent crime. They were historically put in place to present the penalties for committing crimes. The belief that more laws will prevent crime from occurring is nothing more than democrat political hyperbole being used to show to their acolytes that they are ‘Doing Something’. Regardless of how ineffective it is in solving (insert problem). Real or Perceived. Which is how an ideology works in controlling a group of people who are ruled by their emotions, rather than any intellect they may possess.

      • There has never been one law that prevented crime.

        The decision and action to commit a crime lies with the individual. A law will not prevent an individual from making the decision to commit a crime.

        Sure, there may be someone who thinks “If I do this the law will get me so I will not do this”. And in that sense it can be thought that the law ‘deterred’, but not really. In reality it was a choice made by the individual and the law can not make a person not commit a crime because the law can not control free will.

        So for any ‘crime prevention’ aspect claim for the law – its pure BS that laws can prevent crime and they are 100% ineffective at preventing crime. The law simply can not actually control a persons free will to make the choice to commit a crime or not commit a crime.

        Criminals choose to commit crimes, law abiding people choose not to commit crimes. The only ones obeying the law are the law abiding, and even then ‘obeying’ the law is still a matter of free will choice so even then the law did not ‘benefit’ society because adherence to the law (e.g. ‘obeying’ the law) is a matter of free will choice and not that the law is written down and passed by a legislature.

        History has shown that the more the ‘law abiding’ are burdened with more law and restrictions on freedoms the more likely they are to rebel against the government while the more likely the criminal element activity will increase to take advantage of the ‘law abiding’ being restricted more. In other words, even with increased laws, crime still thrives and grows because criminals do not obey the law and take advantage of those who do obey the law.

        This is even being played out today here in the U.S. with increased crime rates where people are more defenseless by government restriction.

        And its already happening in gun ban countries in Europe where over half of their violent crimes are no longer investigated or placed in stats. For example, annually, ~33% of the U.K. female population in the U.K. has been violently raped (or sexually assaulted in some manner) and 1-in-4 sex workers murdered and the police don’t even bother to investigate over 90% of them because the perpetrators are not known so it never makes it into stats or official figures because there is no one to prosecute. Its pretty much like that in all of Europe’s gun ban countries with all its defenseless victims. Civilized my butt. Crime actually increased with gun bans in these countries, its just that the authorities quit investigating them because they could not catch the perpetrators so it doesn’t go into stats and reports.

        Here in the U.S. what you see in stats for violent crime is not all there is. What you see in stats is about 8% of the overall violent crime, and that’s because the stats are derived from arrests and prosecution and the overall arrest rate in the U.S. for violent offenders is only about ~11% and the prosecution rate overall is ~4%. Out of that 8% the so called ‘gun violence’ violent crimes are less than 0.08% of those and the rest are violent crimes committed with other weapons or means. Although it varies some outside the U.S., its about or around the same rates in even gun ban countries.

        The fact is that laws or bans or restrictions do not prevent crime, no matter where you are in the world.

        • “There has never been one law that prevented crime.”

          There were several – and they all included the death penalty!

      • You nailed it. At best, the Law may act as a deterrent, but even that’s questionable. The Speed Limit is a good example. That’s a Law that is frequently violated by those that consider themselves Law Abiding.
        The Law is like a Lock, it only serves to keep out those that abide by the Law.

  7. The Government has no right whatsoever to tell us what firearms we may or may not own. They have no right to tell us whether or not we can purchase a firearm or how many we may purchase at one time. The Founders drew up the Bill of Rights as a documentation of GOD given rights no one shall infringe upon. That means the Government has not got a dog in the fight when it comes to We the Peoples’ rights to firearms ownership since that right comes from a higher authority. In the end we may have to resort to an Article 5 Convention of the States to remove all of the damaging illegal infringements the busy body politicians and tyrants in black robes have inflicted on our Bill of Rights.

  8. About laws, criminals, and deterrence, there is evidence that criminals pay attention to laws, and adjust their behavior accordingly, but usually, nit in the way that the lawmakers intended.
    Years ago, Louisiana had a problem with convenience store robberies, so they raised the minimum sentence. This put the minimum sentence served for robbery above the minimum sentence served for murder, and resulted in more clerks being killed.
    In Cali, people 14 and under can not be charged as adults, regardless of the crime. A 14 y.o. was arrested after a car chase, and the 5 guns in the car with him had been used in 6 murders and more shootings. His gang was using him as an assassin, knowing that if caught, he would have to be released from juvenile detention at age 21.

    The ATF is trying to ignore the laws governing their conduct. Still.
    Note also their battlespace preparation in their recent announcement about drug use and gun purchases.
    They have announced that drug use not only disqualifies purchase on a 4473, but also claims that drug use, by itself, without a felony criminal conviction, makes possession of a gun or ammunition illegal, which it does not.
    Unfortunately, the ignorant will believe the headline now, and fail to fight when they try to pass that as a law.

  9. MURDER, GREED, AND CORRUPT POLITICIANS was the chief cause of THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Today is no different. The Second Amendment was not put in place for Gun Collectors, Hunting, or Target practice. It is to keep Crooked Corrupt Politicians in place.
    An Honest Politician has nothing to fear or loose of its Armed Citizens. A Corrupt Crooked Politician has everything to Fear and Loose from it’s armed Citizens.

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