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“Police in suburban Denver say 12 handguns and three rifles were taken from the gun shop featured on Discovery Channel’s ‘American Guns,'” the AP reports. “Wheat Ridge police had said earlier this week that they didn’t have an immediate tally of what was taken during a break-in at the Gunsmoke Gun Shop early Wednesday. They said Friday that no assault weapons were stolen.” Speaking of shameless exploitation, thank God for that! ‘Cause criminals never use handguns whereas “assault rifles” were responsible for the Sandy Hook Slaughter! Well one was. OK, the gun wasn’t responsible. A madman did the deed. But he did it with an “assault rifle.” And if the bad guys had lifted an “assault rifle” from Gunsmoke it would be one of only a handful in circulation. Oh wait . . .

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  1. I wonder if they are even a real family. I mean that girl was sixteen the last time I ever watched an episode. I dont make other peoples business mine but dont get what self respecting father would allow his teenage daughter to dress the way she does on national television.

    • Well, mom’s bolt-ons probably got her everything she has, so she’s just trying to give her daughter a head start in life. Besides, college is expensive, and Paige can work off those surgery bills down at the Pussycat Lounge while she trolls for rich old guys.

      • Comment of the year!! I’d rather see Mom naked than the daughter. And I’m 40ish.

    • We should have an over/under poll , complete with prize, on how long before Paige appears in Playboy or just “the internet” wearing nothing but a 1911. I don’t see any way her “modeling” career doesn’t progress to that.

      …and I’m not trying to be offensive or mean. The whole show just shamelessly exploited her body and she’s clearly just fine with that, judging by the posters she was selling on their website. But… show’s over and I think she’ll want to stay in the spotlight somehow, and it’s no mystery where her assets lay.

      • “The whole show just shamelessly exploited her body and she’s clearly just fine with that…”

        Many teenage girls are just fine with that. My issue is her father being fine with it. Its his business therfore I would assume that he holds the contract with the producers. I dont have kids so Im armchair quarterbacking here but I assume teenagers will find ways to wear what they want, even if it means hiding and changing clothes at a friends. But I digress, the father should have 100% power to tell her what she can and cant wear on the show. Maybe it was negotiated as part of the contract? Sick thought but I wouldnt be surprised. Either way, even if shes okay with it, he has the power and clearly he was fine.

    • We could argue the relative ‘morality’ of having your (presumably) 16 year old daughter’s ‘inherent abilities’ carry a reality show all day. Honestly, I’d never even heard of this show until this post, so I pulled up a few clips.

      Here’s my real question… Does anybody here have a 16-18 year old daughter? Seriously. I don’t care if you raise them Amish and send them out in sack cloth, the minute they leave your sight they will be changing into something, well, different. Anybody ever been to a mall? Bueller?

      While the little chica in question might be as dumb as a bag of hammers, she also may be smart enough to know to play dumb well (some guys dig it) and maximize her merch sales while she has the body to actually sell merch.

      Honestly, if this show is somehow exploitative of a 16-ish year old girl, I can only imagine the psychotic rage a few hours of Disney Channel or Nick brings about.

      • I dont think her morality has anything to do with it. The father being the business owner is the one with morality issues. I dont know the terms of the contract he has with the producers but if he cant control what his kid wears when the cameras are rolling or just dosnt care, maybe he shouldnt reproduce. Exploitation of children makes me sick.

        Ill deffinatley give you the, “smart enough to play dumb.” But again the man in charge seems to have no problem with it, if thats the case.

        As far as the content of reality television even Nickelodeon and Disney… one of many reasons I dont have cable/sattelite.

        • Fair enough, I guess I just look at it as scenario where they’ve already made the decision to be on one of these shows. The whole concept of which is to pick the biggest bunch of oddballs possible, encourage their idiocy, then triple-distill it in the editing process. It’s inherently exploitative – at a $10K+ paycheck per show. More if your ratings are good…

          I just scanned through a few episodes on YT and maybe I missed something, but I didn’t see her wearing anything much out of the ordinary for HS girls.

          I’m thoroughly against forced child labor, child sex workers, and child soldiers. This? Maybe I’m too jaded, but to me this is just somebody cashing in on a terrible trend in TV production. If she was 12, I’d be a bit concerned, but at 16 they do much worse on spring break.

  2. This was such a dumb show. And yes, the jail-bait farmers daughter thing was exploited for all it was worth.

    • Paige made that show great. I wish is was still on the air. Nothing better than guns… except boobs.

      • Joe she was sixteen and dumb as hell. No offense, youre entitled to your opinion. I had no problem with her being sixteen and carrying on the show even though Im pretty sure its not legal anywhere. There was a whole entire episode where she had to learn how to take apart and clean her 1911, the one she carries and supposed to be hers. If she grew up around guns and carries but dosnt even know how to perform basic maintinence, shes dumb as hell. Sorry but even if she was 18 and hot, brains matter to me.

        • I could be wrong about Colorado’s laws, Memphis, but I think private property rights would allow her to carry, seeing as how it is a family business. Again, Colorado law may say otherwise, so YMMV.

        • It’s an entertainment show. It’s not reality. It’s not a firearms training program. It’s not a public service announcement. It’s not news. It’s explosions, guns, helicopters, more explosions and helicopters, and some boobs mixed in to keep it interesting. She’s over 18 now but who gives a crap; it’s not real life. Obviously you just had to rant about how stupid I am for finding a young, dumb woman attractive because your ideal woman is a fat, old hag who is smarter than you.

      • Ummm no. If you took that as a personal attack then, Im sorry. I would reasses the last sentence of your last statement and then take a long hard look in the mirror before running off like that. I said you were entitled to your opinion and that I meant no offense. I think I made that clear. My rant was directed towards the show. Maybe you should get some cranberry juice and relax a little?

  3. Of course no assault weapons were stolen, because there’s no such thing as an assault weapon.

  4. Well, I’m sure Jerry Lee Lewis wouldn’t have given her a second look, too damned old,lol, Randy

  5. I doubt there were any semi-automatic rifles there to be stolen. None to be had in my local gun stores. 😉

  6. She’s 16? I thought she was 20. Oh well dumb as a stump all the same. Im fairly sure her only purpose was to attract viewers because she certainly didn’t know anything about guns. Makes me question if she’s an actual family member.

  7. “But he did it with an ‘assault rifle.’ ”

    I don’t think so. The only ‘assault rifle’ at the scene was filmed BEING REMOVED FROM THE TRUNK OF SOMEONE ELSE’S CAR. This was the police story for many weeks: that two handguns ONLY were used in the attack.

    It was only after a month or so that the MSM began changing the reality of the situation. They wanted that there “assault rifle” connected with the murders.

    • You really, truly need to do some background research before you post things like this; A bit of time spent on this and other reputable sites will tell you that what you claim is false.
      We do NOT need any more ‘conspiracy theories’ to encourage our enemies to make us out as crackpots; They already have what they feel to be sufficient examples, and giving them more ammunition in ‘high-capacity’ amounts is a mistake.

    • Did you even watch the video you speak of? that was a shotgun. That it was handguns only was NOT “the police story for many weeks”.

  8. Eh didn’t this happen to red jacket too, as will hayden lost his ffl and had to use someone else’s? So woulnd’t the FFL be up his ass for not securing the weapons properly?

  9. Who give’s a rat’s hat about a few guns? Just tell me that the burglars didn’t steal Paige. ‘Cause if they did, I will hunt her them to the ends of the Earth.

  10. What bothers me is how they let her get the silicone sacks at such a young age.

    As far as the missing guns – I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was found that Rich was actually behind the “break in”. If you look up the word slimeball in the dictionary there’s a picture of Mr. Wyatt.

  11. Come on, you guys! you’re just a bunch of OFWG lusting after the pretty teenager hiding behind being offended prudes. At least be honest. I thought she was very sexy even though I’ll be 70 my next birthday, I still like to look and appreciate beauty. Eye candy is eye candy.

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