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Bullet maker D Dupleks builds some pretty wild expanding ammo. They’re unveiling new products for 20/70 and 410 calibers at the SHOT show. The company already makes the DUPO 7 Short Magnum for the 410-caliber Taurus Judge. “DUPO 7 steel slug expands at the first moment of impact when it hits material which consists water. Slug forepart opens till maximum, forms strong shape, which creates a powerful shockwave. When steel reaches breach point six regular splinters together with slugs main body creates 7 wound channels.” It should be interesting to see how they improve on that. Meanwhile, in the animation above, D Dupleks reckons homeowners can be judge, jury and executioner.

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  1. The bad guy here got exactly what he deserved. Anyone attempting to break and enter into another’s home is up to no good.

  2. Wow, I love how some people think cartoons are only for children. Judge ,Jury and executioner he said… But this is a breaking and entry and self-defense on the part of the homeowner. Should we ask the robbers motive or intent…
    When someone chooses breaking and entry as their profession, they have to realize the occupational hazard of being shot by the owner who should assume the worst is about to happen to himself and or family.
    I know how hard it is for some to realize that the robber (probably a great guy, just down on his luck or misunderstood) has no problem taking your life, including your families lives if they get in the way of his work.
    The cartoon is a little to cute for my taste but to the point. The ammo is one hell of a fight stopper. It’s sad that a home owner has to worry about choosing between defending his life and doing nothing or relying on karma to work it out for him, due to the fear he’ll be sued by an injured criminal. This is why ammo for home protection is designed to be the most lethal of all ammo on the market.
    Dead criminals, (be sure you realize I’m referring to the ones breaking into evil gun owning homeowners homes, not your generic criminal.) don’t murder,they don’t rape and they don’t sue! A sad but true real world perspective…


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