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california high capacity magazine ban proposition 63
Courtesy Brownells

When Friday’s decision regarding California’s magazine ban was announced, it wasn’t quite clear how far the injunction went. But as the gun world has had time to digest the Duncan v. Becerra ruling, it became clear that Judge Benitez’s permanent injunction not only applied to Proposition 63 (which outlawed possession of standard capacity magazines), but also to the original ban on “high capacity” magazine sales (which grandfathered in current owners) going back to 2000.

As a result, retailers have begun selling magazines that hold more than ten rounds to California customers again.

How long will this last? Good question. The state is sure to appeal the decision to the Ninth Circuit. In the mean time, California gun owners would do well to take advantage of the opportunity while they can. Here’s a press release from Brownells announcing that the flood gates are open again (and this is not an April Fool’s post). . .

Brownells Resumes Magazine Sales To California After Ruling

GRINNELL, Iowa (April 1, 2019) – Brownells resumed selling its entire magazine selection to California customers after a U.S. District Court declared California’s ban and confiscation laws against more-than-10-round-capacity magazines unconstitutional.

Brownells began filling California orders for all types of magazines early on the morning of Monday, April 1.

All magazines shipped to California buyers are covered by Brownells legendary Forever Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customers can see Brownells extensive line of standard-capacity magazines, including Brownells’ famous 30-round AR-15 magazines, at

About Brownells

Serious About Firearms Since 1939™, Brownells is the world’s leading source for guns, gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Committed to maintaining our great traditions, Brownells has more, does more and knows more – and guarantees it all, Forever. For more information or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit Stay up-to-date with Brownells on YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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    • Reread it because I didn’t believe it… Missed the line about not being april fools the first time… Ha ha. Sorry about that.. Going to get my order in now.

  1. Buy now buy as many as you can!
    Buy for guns you don’t even own!!!
    Buy for guns you might want to own!
    Just buy them, do group buys with your friends!

    • So you’re saying to buy some?? 🙂 😉
      One of my sons looked under some boxes in my shop for a tool and came out and asked me “Dad, do you really have 100 magazines in a box?” I said “No son. you missed the other four boxes”

    • buyers should note that hi cap mag are ok in featureless rifles according to California ffl dealer , if someone knows better please post

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’d even suggest for my Cali brethren to not only buy as many as you can afford, it’s one of the few things worth going into debt for. And by debt I mean busting out the credit cards. BUY THEM FOR YOUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS. Formally “GIFT” (in writing) them as soon as you receive them, regardless of their age or whether or not you own weapons to be used in. Can’t go wrong buying 500 pmags and a few hundred 33 and 17 round Glock mags.

  2. The 9 th circuit will reinstate the ban and confiscation.
    Hopefully this will make it to the Supreme Court where we will see if Kavanaugh will vote for standard capacity magazines

    • Unlikely… The 9th circus is not in a hurry to hand layup gun cases to the SCotUS. They are scarred shitless of being the circuit to set a national precedent on anything gun related.

      • Plenty of people in New York are hoping this does go to SCOTUS so that we can watch Cuomo’s head explode.

        • If New York is added to this the rest of the country won’t be able buy a magazine for the next 5 years or more. They won’t be able to manufacture magazines fast enough for that blackhole.

        • That’s a feature, not a bug. If the SCotUS takes “assault weapon” and magazine bans off the table, we would have a rather spectacular victory in the 2nd amendment war. Basically, the only fronts left would be “prohibited persons” and the NFA.

        • To have this reach SCOTUS and change the asinine magazine capacity laws here in NY… You better believe I’ll go ahead and sacrifice whatever livestock is needed to make that happen.

        • The entire northeast would explode. cuomo, baker in MA, murphy in NJ, the jackasses in CT, RI, VT, etc.

        • The day the Supreme Court takes this up with a favorable decision or people in these states get tired of being bent over and actually do something is the day I’ll celebrate. Until then it’s still up for chance and I’m not impressed.

        • DDay,

          Rhode Island doesn’t have a magazine limit. There was a 12 round limit from 1927 to about 1974.

          We’ve worked hard to keep Rhode Island from falling. The gun grabbers have only started to notice that CCW permit holders under the shall issue standard of 11-47-11 can carry concealed anywhere in the state without restriction.

        • “Just ordered some g19 mags. Real 15 rounders.”

          Just for grins, order up some Glock factory 30 rounders, they are cheap…

      • Especially this case since it’s bundled with a seizure of private property without just compensation. Even many leftist judges are leery of approving that.

    • It was a 3 judge panel of the 9th that endorsed the original injunction and let the case go to court.

      And the case is so well-presented re Heller, scrutiny, failure to show cause, demonstrations of harm for plaintiffs, it’s pretty freaking bulletproof. Even 9th, which has become increasingly 2A favorable anyway, would be hard pressed to find an argument against it that wouldn’t get tossed at SCOTUS. And they’d be afraid if they did that would wipe out half the gun control in the nation all at once, and be precedent for the rest (even more than this is).

      I expect they’ll decline to hear.

      • The Supreme Court doing nothing is just as bad. Like you I think they will decline to hear the case as well. They just refused to get involved in the bump stock ban by not putting an injunction in place so the case could be heard before the ban was allowed. By their in action they approved the ban. We are fortunate enough to have the Supreme Court say they would hear a gun related case for the first time in years. If they were to hear this case how likely are they to make such a wide sweeping favorable decision? Personally though I don’t see the problem for them should they. Their seat on the bench is safe until they retire or die whichever comes first. They are not like politicians that have to worry about votes. Having said that it should make people wonder why they wouldn’t make such a decision.

  3. He he😄Get ’em while you can! That reminds me I need to pickup more 30round mags…are MFT mags any good? They’re really cheap at myLGS. I see mixed reviews online…

        • I’m not. That’s why I run PMAGs almost exlusively.

          Also, the army tested them and and the new PMAGs were the most reliable.

          Can we put this to bed yet?

        • Well, to be fair…..PMAGS have been deemed most reliable by the military. But me mindful that they classify them as disposable items. They have a never ending supply should they wish. For civilians, that’s not the case. Especially when legality hangs in the balance and longevity is as important as reliability (afterall, there is hardly Andy difference). Pmags haven’t been around for 20-30-40 years. We have no idea how they’ll hold up in storage for decades. I have no doubt, and you shouldn’t either, that for LOOOOOONG term storage, or for things that you want your grandchildren to make use of their entire lives (gift them NOW!!!), both aluminum and steel won’t melt, warp or degrade, and are the better bet to survive long term. Just something to think about.

  4. This is hilarious. HOWEVER. If I were a CA resident I would not take advantage of this deal, as much as I would want to give them my business; if and when the ruling is overturned, the state of California will go to great lengths to find out where those magazines went and reach out to touch those who ordered them. Not a headache I would want unless it were impossible for me to ever cross state lines to a place where they sell em no questions asked.

    • Mine immediately got lost in a boating accident but the sentiment is appreciated, I’m sure they will. Hard to track group buys and then distribution… They are going to disappear into the ether and they will have to get a court order to get the sales receipt…

    • Right. California is going to track down several million magazines bought by probably over a hundered thousand different people and confiscate them. Sure thing.

    • The State will NOT go looking for all of those illegal mags, anymore than they have been trying to gather up all of the post-2000 10+ mags. Instead, the owner will simply face nasty criminal liability if caught with them. Purchases are essentially untraceable.

      That said, I don’t want to be the guy caught will illegal mags, if the trial court decision is overturned. Which I think it will, not because it is wrong, but because it heavily relied on dissents in other cases where other bans were upheld, and the Ninth hates all guns. Unlike the trail court, it has never seen the need for “evidence” to support the State’s position on any gun law.
      (The trial court decision is a shot across the bow to the Ninth, daring it to reverse with the new majority on the SCOTUS bench, which now includes one of the dissenting judges in one of the cases cited.)

      • Do you think the 9th will sit this one out, not wanting to be blamed if the conservative SCOTUS overturns it on a national level?

  5. Man I almost wished I stayed in CA to live to see the day I could buy $1000 worth of mags during the empire of Gavin Newscuim out of pure spite……….. Almost.

  6. Hell yeah everybody let our Cali boys load up on freedom! Good news for all the fellas behind enemy lines.

  7. Great for people that didn’t have enough sense to get out of Commifornia. It’s going to suck for everyone else. Retailers will be sold out of magazines for the next year or more while Commifornians play catch up. Here I thought the Obama era was over with. Everyone else that doesn’t choose to live or stay in these God forsaken states gets to wait for the blackhole to fill up with merchandise everyone else could already own. Yea, Commifornians! No wonder people wish that state would drop off into the ocean.

      • I doubt you are my type! I’m already married to a woman and I don’t choose to live in a liberal shit hole. Must be one of those I was talking about. Truth hurts that bad does it? 😂

        • If you can already own it, then why aren’t you all stocked up? What do you care if they’re all sold out. Guy like you should already have all he needs. They didn’t leave because some people prefer to protect their rights instead of run away.
          I’d be just fine with shelves being empty for the next 2 years if we could get these bans in the trash where they belong.

          Stop being an asshole. The 2nd applies everywhere. And your state could become “Commiewhereverthefuck” real quick.

        • I’ve stated elsewhere I’m in need of nothing. Not the point. The point is I have the right to buy just as much as everyone else. Buying products with a frenzy is being an asshole more. Stand your ground and castle doctrine already on the books here. Shall issue CCW permits on the books here. Partial constitutional carry on the books here with full constitutional carry to follow. Can buy whatever the fuck I want here. How much of that applies to these libtards mongoloid states? Oh that’s right Commifornia can buy regular magazines now. For shit to go liberal here a lot of laws will have to be changed or repealed.

        • No no no No. It’s not “I doubt your my type”. It’s —Fck You” ,,,You wouldn’t like it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’d just lay there and laugh. However in my case it would be, I’d just lay there and play dead,” Like my girlfiend does, until I pull her tail, then she squirms a little bit. Maybe I should pull her head off like you do a chickens. At least I’d get a dieing quiver.

        • Oh OK another winer I mean weiner I mean winer. Yep still don’t have even a little empathy for those that have taken the hard rough one for the last 2 decades. I’m sure as hell not going to apologize for not liking a baren market do to a bunch of hoarding assholes. Only because someone got tired of taking it in the ass finally and the court made a favorable decision. What would they have done if the court hadn’t made a favorable decision or if the person or people that started the suit hadn’t, call them bad names? Which actually might be more than has been done in the last 2 decades.

        • The people who are in the business of running nations do not want you to be effectively armed, period. Think that sounds like a conspiracy theory? Look around. I don’t care where you are, your not immune to these infringments. These violations are increasingly bipartisan. What i see behind enemy lines here is alot of folks at the range and on public land flouting most of these draconian restrictions, at some risk to themselves and their families. Imagine just having the wrong grip or muzzle device on your AR and getting a felony on your record. These people are not law abiding citizens, but they are patriots, unlike people who tuck tail and run, or set back from a privileged vantage point and hurl criticisms at fellow Americans and gun owners. We have lots of special names for folks like you on calguns. This is an epic victory, even if the 9th stays the ruling untold numbers of standard capacity magazines are flooding in California as we speak, but more importantly the faux left and their elite funders here have lost the narrative and will have to go through contortions to regain control at great risk to their long game if scotus even just kicks it back for strict scrutiny. One of my hobbies is red pilling liberal friends, which are unavoidable here. I convinced at least 6 to vote no on all the 2016 gun bills. They love statistics and “science”, so simply pointing them to fbi and cdc data on gun violence counters the narritive they hear from their sources of news. You have to meet them where they are and be willing to get in their face, and say things like “fine, if you don’t want to own a gun, no problem but please don’t infringe on my civil right to own one” etc. The quickest way to stop gun controllers is to deprive them of their narrative control. It’s getting tougher as urban areas have a greater number of votes, but it’s not impossible. All of us who are fighting this battle behind enemy lines are doing a real and great service for our republic.

        • Since when are unalienable rights a privileged vantage point? Is this because some of us live in states that infringe a hell of a lot less on those rights? Could that also be why we choose to stay where we are and avoid going to other states at all costs? More special names, really? I don’t know if I can muster any less caring about all of the fuck you, fuck off, and name calling. Sounds like a bunch of misplaced anger to me. Send some of that to your state legislator and the plethora of liberals that seek to enslave you. They may care less than I do but atleast you will be directing those frustrations where they belong instead of towards someone who is halfway across the country with no affect on what your state does or doesn’t do. I do find it interesting that you insinuate liberals are capable of common sense in your experience. My experience says that they aren’t. They also have no concept of individual rights. Only majority rights and it’s pretty clear what those rights are when liberals are the majority. Comprehension that gun ownership is an individual right and other people can own them whether they do or not seems beyond their intellectual grasp.

        • “For shit to go liberal here a lot of laws will have to be changed or repealed.”

          Or the whole Federal system eventually gets overrun by Democrats, in which case the whole country goes coastal California or New York Shitty. Stay tuned….

        • Yep that is a possibility. I’ll keep voting and doing what I can do in my own state with those around me that also value their rights.

      • JWM, I’ve met this type of person in the military; he’s Bravo Foxtrot. He does not understand unity. He does not understand what it’s like to fight behind enemy lines (I.e. us folks in CA, HI, NY, etc.). He does not understand that some of us just cant move to another state. He obviously does not stand with all POTG.

        • Baghdad Iraq 2003 in middle of the same shit as everyone else. Don’t you have a liberals dick to get on your knees for? Until the Supreme Court takes up these cases and strikes down these liberal states this doesn’t mean damn thing. The Supreme Court could hear it and overturn the 9th circuits decision. The Supreme Court just recently said they would hear a firearms case for the first time in years. They also would not put an injunction on the bump stock ban. Go ahead buy them up and I’ll pray that the decision doesn’t get overturned. I guess choosing to stay in these dumbfuck liberal states allows those people an opinion and no one else can have one. Last time I checked the first amendment still applies to everyone. Don’t like it well if you continue to live in one these libtards states then keep crying you’ve been great at thus far.

        • He’s just pissed that the magazine manufacturers will cash in big time and he won’t get any. Here’s hoping that our brothers in arms will be able to stock up for the future SHTF!

        • The only ones that are buddy fuckers are yourselves. Then chose to stay to continue to get bent over. Bet you save on toilet paper though. Single sheet to wipe the rim? The cost of depends has to be tough though. Might have to shit yourself to buy some magazines. 😂

        • Not even close to being the same thing. The French actually fought as in physically fought. Having served in the same theater of operation as the French that is actually saying something. The French flag should be the white flag. Haven’t heard of any such thing happening in Commifornia or any other libtard state for that matter. I guess it’s easier to sit back and piss and moan and hope someone will feel sorry for you than it is to make a stand like a man. So Commifornia El Fuckistan got a small win. Until the Supreme Court agrees that’s all it is is a small win. Someone finally got tired of being bent over all the time is all this is. For that or those individuals I say good for them. Everyone else that was pissing and moaning should have to pay that person or those people for their fighting.

        • What’s really sad is the Rodney King beating got more of a reaction than the attack on the 2A has gotten from Commifornians. That was a fight regardless of right or wrong that was a fight. How important are rights to Commifornians again? Oh that’s right they’ve been getting bent over for the last 18 years.

        • If you moved to NY, you know what I bet? I bet you’d just give ‘ol Governor Cuomo the Iraqvet2003 stink eye, and he’d sign some new legislation right quick or you’d know the reason why. Forget open carry; forget constitutional carry – we’d have MANDATORY carry all up in here! We’d be buried in infinite capacity mags, John Browning would rise up on the 3rd day, and every stripper clip would come with an actual stripper.

          Why… I bet they’d even start making a .46 for you, just to say thanks.

        • Yep that level of sarcasm is about as effective as what has been done to this point. Who are you all really mad at me? I didn’t do this to you. It’s my opinion you let it happen to yourselves. If it doesn’t apply than let it go. If it does apply then do something about it. Cussing and calling me names does less than nothing. I don’t care what you say to me I’m not that much of a candy ass to let a bunch of little words hurt my feelings. If you’re pissed because of what I say and not more pissed because of what your state government has done to you then maybe you should redirect your anger. You might actually accomplish more. Just saying, I’m just saying.

        • Oh yeah if someone said they would pay me I still wouldn’t move to New York. It’s bad enough I have to put up with the liberal assholes around here and we have freedom here (it does me good around election time to see the liberals cry because freedom still reigns). I’m not moving somewhere I’d be out numbered by them.

        • POTG, what does that mean People Of The Gun when government says the people can have guns? The judicial branch of the government just said you can have regular magazines instead of liberal approved magazines after all. What were you doing before when the legislative branch said you couldn’t own regular magazines? Pissing and moaning because people in other states could and that we just don’t understand. The whole country understood when we had the Clinton assault weapons ban (I wasn’t even old enough to vote when that happened). I was barely over the age to buy a handgun when Congress let the assault weapons ban sunset.

        • The “just move” or as I like to call them, the “run and hide” crowd are complete and utter cowards. Imagine if our founding fathers had the same compete lack of backbone. It’s sadly amusing to see these people angrily post this stuff on gun blogs. They are too naive to see the big picture and are scared, so they are literally hoping to be eaten last by constantly retreating. The same POTG who claim to want to stand up to liberal tyranny deride other gun owners for not tucking tail and running like a frightened dog when that liberal tyranny rears it’s ugly head.

        • Sounds like more of the same assumptions to me. Still live in the same state I grew up in. Haven’t ran from anything. I would much rather live right here than California, New York, or any other liberal communist state. Don’t compare people of today to the men that did more than piss and moan and cry like babies to make this a free nation. They are probably turning over in their graves.

    • Hey, every one else had their chance, and if they are caught “short,” they have only themselves to blame.

      • I’m not in need of anything but this probably isn’t going to be much different than the ammo shortages experience during Obama’s era. That will most likely mean should I want to buy magazines it’ll be a constant search to find them in stock at higher prices because the demand is going to go through the roof. Those that have a problem with my disdain will just have to excuse me.

        • Well, then, I guess we’ll have to go over to a socialist planned economy just to make sure you get your share of magazines.

        • Huge difference between a socialist market and a free market with a bunch of hoarding assholes in it. Whatever helps you sooth your conscience so you can sleep nights.

    • That’s a dick move dude. I live in a state where I can legally own any magazine I want. I’m happy for California because they deserve to have the same rights i do and that they fought hard to set a precedent that could easily spread to the national level. Just as I would be happy if their “assault weapon” ban was struck down and stores were sold out of ARs for the next year or two.

      • The dick move is going to be buying every retailer out of stock of magazines with frenzy buying. That’s the dick move. Obama era ammo shortages all over again except magazines this time. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not wanting any magazines right now. Even if I could find them in stock I’d probably pay more for them.

        • Meh… in the grand scheme of protecting 2nd amendment rights, it’s a major victory. That’s what I care about. Not a slight inconvenience because more people have more freedoms.

        • Sales have been off from where they were during the Obumer reign. My bet is that Magpul can surge and handle demand..

          Would not this ruling also apply to Hi, Or, Wa and the other third world hellholes in the 9th? If the ruling suspended gun rights it certainly would be extended across the district.

          AND Close the damn border.

        • “Would not this ruling also apply to Hi, Or, Wa and the other third world hellholes in the 9th?”

          Washington has zero restrictions on magazines…yet.

          Also, fuck off with your third world hellhole bullshit. We happen to be outnumbered by dumb shit liberals who (with the help of billionaires) have figured out how to end run our legislature with unconstitutional ballot initiatives. I still live in a beautiful, safe city.

          The guns in my safe aren’t neutered, and they aren’t lonely either.

        • 😂 A lot of fuck you and fuck off to someone that doesn’t have a dog in the fight. I don’t live there and wouldn’t live there. How many of those same fuck you and fuck off have been directed where they belong, the liberals and their politicians? The majority of gun owners aren’t freedom loving or willing to fight for shit. I have more respect for people in Venezuela that are actually willing to fight for their freedom. It’s just unfortunate they had to learn too little too late. I’ve been to Commifornia El Fuckistan 3 times and 2 of those times was because I had to. Have no interest to go back. Same with New York have no interest to go back. I go out of my way to go around Illinois. You can bet should anyone tell me I am not entitled to my rights I won’t be sitting back pissing and moaning. If people in these states really want their freedom they’d get off their ass and fight for them. No wonder the liberals are winning. Those that claim to fight for freedom can’t even agree on what freedom is. I’m sure you’re right though sitting back being quiet not making any sudden moves is the right thing to do. I mean it’s worked so well this far.

        • Get a better paying job you loser. Some of us make good money and don’t care what it costs. Good for the Californians. You fuckin twat.

        • I make good money you presumptuous cock lick. I don’t feel sorry for a bunch of keyboard warriors talking about how they support the 2A and freedom yet have been bent over taking the hard rough one for the last two decades. The government could say turn them all in and they would line up like sheep. Big government told us we can’t have these any more so we must not be able to. Criminals have more balls. New Zealand gangs are a prime example of that. For everyone with the fuck you and fuck off or any other insult because you don’t like the fucking truth? Change the truth. Stop being a bunch candy ass cry babies. All that does is allow the disease to spread. I’m sure you’re right though if the same level of action continues we will all end up in the same boat. Then we can be like the people of Venezuela, wishing we would have done something sooner. 🙄

        • If you think I’m wrong, what are they doing now? Big government said the law doesn’t and can’t stand. Now they are happy consumers buy up magazines because big government now says that they can. Sheep lining up for slaughter is what this type of action says to me. Sure doesn’t sound like the badassery bravado that I read on the liarsnet. I wonder what they will do if the ruling is overturned? Turn them in or destroy them because big government says so again or tell them the same fuck you I got? Time will tell.

        • So….you don’t make a lot of money is what I am hearing. Because I don’t care what something costs-make enough to buy whatever I damn well please. If price goes up bc CA needs mags, I’ll keep paying whatever i need to get what I want. People like you, who resent that, bc some folks live in less fortunate states (I’m in TX, but I stand with our CA 2A community), are nothing more then useless trash. You say you served, what were you, a fucking cook? Clearly you don’t understand solidarity. You stupid fuck.

        • Clearly you can’t read but I’m the stupid fuck. I make good money. I’m trash but everyone else here has stooped to name calling just because they don’t agree with me. Which one I could care less if you or anyone else agrees with and two the pathetic name calling tells who and what you really are. You don’t like my opinion, I bett I don’t care about your opinion enough to even consider not liking it. You’re not supporting California very much from Texas. Maybe you should pack your redneck ass up move there since you know so much about solidarity or is every vehicle you own up on blocks in front of your double wide trailer or is it only a single? I couldn’t care less if you believe I served or not I have the DD214 and retired ID to prove to all of the stolen valor idiots that I served. Which I absolutely love to mess with those idiots. Asking me all kinds of stupid questions until I get tired of their bullshit and show them my retired ID with the best fuck off look I can muster. Then when I ask where’s theirs I get a bunch of double talk fine show me your DD214 and they can’t do that either. Assuming you know something about someone without having any real knowledge of the person just makes you a cunt (can’t understand normal thinking) not being able to back up your own story after someone else gets tired of your bullshit just makes you a look really stupid. I enjoy making stolen valor idiots look like both. Last but not least my original opinion still stands. Have someone else read this for you so you can possibly understand it this time. You obviously didn’t read my reply very well because I’m far from broke.

  8. Most people are out of stock on most wanted stuff already. Prices are climbing up as I’ve seen on a few places. when the original ban started a few of these retailers chickened out and refused to play ball, now they want to make a profit from it. I still refuse to give my business to them. Such as greg cote, dick.

    • “Gouging” is a Marxist notion. Prices should rise when demand rises like this. Manufactures will be able to ramp up production faster that way. It is better for most everyone. The prices will also come down again, maybe even further than they go up.

      • Facts^^^^

        Everyone cries about gouging, but noone complains about a sale. Different sides of the same coin. Sometimes the market is in the seller’s favor, sometimes in the buyer’s. Is it fair when Trump gets elected and suddenly noone is in a hurry to buy guns and shops have to dump their extra inventory for pennies?

        • I’ve been buying while nice things have been for-sale as well as on-sale during the first 2 years of potus DJT. Did anyone else notice the awesome cheapness due to overstock during 2017? 4 cent non-bulk .22lr, stainless 30 round AR mag’s, 30 + round Glock and Beretta pistol mag’s, kiloboxes of M855, kiloprimers, powder, brass, tools, spare parts, etc. A little bit light on weapons, after the non-standard models got private-saled to anon-good people, but it’s fine to have just sightly more weaponry than one can carry rather than needing an F-650.

        • One man’s ‘hoarding’ is another man’s ‘stocking up’. Depends upon whose ox is being gored.

  9. How does this same thing get enacted in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, etc. Here is a list of states and locals that have capacity limitations….
    *California Magazines over 10 rounds. California still allows rebuild kits for grandfathered magazines over 10 rounds. However, Los Angeles has issued a city wide ban on them just last year.
    Colorado No mags over 15 rounds (Long guns & Pistols)
    Connecticut No mags over 10 rounds (Long guns & Pistols)
    Hawaii No mags over 10 rounds (Handguns only)
    Illinois Aurora – No mags over 15 rounds (Long guns only)
    Chicago – No mags over 12 rounds (Long guns only)
    Franklin Park – No mags over 16 rounds (Long guns only)
    Oak Park – No mags over 10 rounds (Long guns only)
    Riverdale – No mags over 35 rounds (Long guns only)
    Maryland No mags over 10 rounds (Long guns & Pistols). However, high capacity is grandfathered.
    Massachusetts No mags over 10 rounds (Pistols & Rifles) – Exception only if customer provides Class A or B permit (Long guns) or Class A permit (Pistols), Dealer’s license for shipment
    New Jersey No mags over 15 rounds (Long guns & Pistols) – LEO and/or Military Exemption
    New York State No mags over 10 rounds (Long guns & Pistols) – LEO is exempt
    Ohio No mags over 30 rounds (Long guns & Pistols) This was recently removed last year.
    Washington D.C. No mags over 10 rounds

    • You left out Vermont,Sadly 10 rds. for long guns and 15 rds. for handguns. the Fascist Taliban along with a worthless RINO governor signed it into law last April 11 th.2018.

      Vermonters are hopeful though as the magazine is currently being heard in court as we speak,this decision bodes well for Vermonters case.

    • Ohio’s 30 round limit was never really a limit. You could own larger capacity magazines, but the law said the magazine would make the gun an “assault rifle”
      That law was repealed back in 2015, not 2018, as was a national reciprocity with every state’s conceal carry permit holders. Ohio will recognize any other state’s CCW permit, though not every state will recognize Ohio’s permit.

  10. The frustrating part is I was just in a gun shop in Utah. I was on my way home to CA when I heard the word. I’ll be back in Utah in June. I will give some of my business to the shop I visited last week.

    What’s the best hi cap mag for a 10/22?

  11. It’s true – I called Sacramento gun stores and they have shipments coming in tomorrow. Also, bringing in standard capacity magazines from places like Nevada and Arizona is now legal as well.

  12. Which explains why I can’t find any really good deals on magazines. I can usually find some suplus or a good sale. Not lately though.

  13. Lets see how do I put this, Eff the Fascist Taliban in control of the state of Commiefornia.
    Freedom and Liberty are reigning over their authoritarian control,standard capacity magazines are once again flowing to the Freedom starved gun owners of Commiefornia.
    My hope is the distributors ware houses are depleted of supply and manufactures are producing at full capacity to supply “The People of Commieforia” and the state is awash in standard capacity magazines of all types

    • Let the California Magazine Airlift begin.

      Anyone got some C-130s and a few million tiny parachutes?

      • Luv it,Magpul did a Vermont air lift the weekend before the ban was signed,Magpul Vermonters haven’t forgotten.

        • Free MAGPUL PMAGs to be Given Away in Vermont to Oppose Gun Control Bill

          In order to support the law-abiding gun-owners of Vermont and blunt the assault on their Second Amendment rights, RECOIL’s Rob Curtis will give away 1,200 30-round PMAGs on Saturday afternoon in front of the Vermont Statehouse in Montpelier starting at 2pm.

          We invite the public to track the shipment of magazines from MAGPUL’s Cheyenne, WY facility to Vermont using the following FedEX tracking number: 771880807512. Should the shipment be delayed, the distribution will shift to 2:30pm on the date the shipment arrives.

          “We’re grateful to MAGPUL’s Duane Liptak for spearheading the overnight donation of 400 pounds of freedom to the Green Mountain State,” says Curtis. “His swift action means we will get the magazines here before Governor Phil Scott signs S.55 into law, trampling the rights of law-abiding Vermonters.”

          Read more:

      • Don’t forget, the rotor heads can kick out door bundles. I guess they still do that. Last time I pathfindered one of those in the crew chief kicked it of a Huey.

    • What do you mean “if correct”? It IS objectively correct per the judges explicit ruling in which he stated the banming of the ACQUISITION and possession of magazines was illegal. I ordered a stack of mags and a drum mag on Friday and they are already shipped and on the way… the local stores in California were mostly cleaned out by Saturday.

  14. No problem. I have a couple of friends in Cali. I’m buying magazines and shipping them to my friends from a free state. I understand purchases are hard or impossible to trace but one can’t be too careful. F@@k em.

  15. Buy all you can. My minimum is ten mags per “assault rifle.” Own many more than that for my HK-91 and Galil ARM. Couple of hundred en-bloc clips for the M-1 rifle. All ammo for ’03A3 in stripper clips and bandolers. Feeding devices, like ammo, “never too much, always not enough.”

  16. Palmetto is now on my boycott list alongside Cheaper than Dirt. While not as bad – they raised their price of $7.99 for gen2 pmags to $12.30 a piece. Talk about taking advantage of our brothers behind enemy lines.

    • That said,being veteran owned Palmetto was the first announcement I received,of shipping any and all standard capacity magazines to Commiefornia customers.

      • Palmetto was late to the game and only started shipping when they saw all the other retailers doing so.

    • Cheaper than Dirt has always been one of the first and worst to price gouge. I have not bought from them for years over their last round of gouging. If not mistaken, it was over magazines then.

    • Not a fair accusation against Palmetto. I’m pretty sure that they were already charging $12.30 before this happened. I keep an eye on their prices. Even if they did raise the price due to this, $12.30 is still a totally reasonable price (and 10 for $100 with free shipping).
      They are good guys, and do a lot to promote libery. They aren’t scumbags like CTD.

  17. “Brownells, Other Retailers Shipping Magazines to California as Fast as Possible”

    When it comes to retail(ers), I don’t really think it’s about “freedom” as altruistic as it may be, I think it has more to do with the almighty $$$…

  18. There are as many as 8 million gun owners in CA. Likely puts us in the top 3 for gun ownership. That’s a hell of a market.

    • jwm, I know you have your reasons for not leaving California, but if you ever do, you’re welcome to come to Florida. Take you to the farm. Bring a deer rifle and an appetite. Take you offshore fishing. Again, don’t forget your appetite. Or, your vote. Remember, lower sales tax. None on food, or medicine. No state income tax. We can use your help.

      • It’s a kind offer. But when my wife finally retires we plan on going to Utah. The fishing sounds good. Here in CA I like to crab with snares and a surf pole. Dungeness is good.

        • You must be northern California if you have Dungeness. Damn right they’re good! Always order them when I can find them on the menu. I usually have to slum it with stone crab claws when in season. It’s coming up. Along with grouper, red snapper, amberjack…

  19. First, only $50 mags (msrp $35) at Brownells for what I want. 🙁

    Most sold out. I only need about 40. Then I’ll go boating.

    Now clear the roster! That will cut my vacation budget for the kids…

  20. Several big sites (Like Aim Surplus) were not shipping to Cali yesterday have updated their shipping policies as of this morning. The folks who started shipping over the weekend are now experiencing shortages.

    We always think of AR mags first, but the real big deal is going to be handgun mags. There are handguns in California that did not even exist in 2000.

  21. I was stationed in California several times over my military career, and “lived” there for 18 months after getting out. I cleared out of there as fast as I could. I had a wife and 3 kids, and found a job out of state and moved out as quickly as I could. In my humble opinion there is no reason for anyone to say there.

  22. I’m so very happy for my former California residents. Buy! Buy! And buy some more! (Smile)
    There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  23. evil idea…if you have the cash$$$

    ship the cheapest high cap magzine to Gavin Newsom the gov of cali that came up with that law when he was JR gov crybaby !

    Governor Gavin Newsom
    1303 10th Street, Suite 1173
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    so radio jocks in LA had listeners send the mayor of LA 1000’s toilet brushes one time among other things…

    Me I’m not doing it —personally JUST left cali and they don’t get anymore of my money!

  24. Kalifornia has already asked for a stay pending reversal by the 9th circuit. If you live in Kalifornia, you have about 12 hours to order your mag!

  25. Yeah, this is good news for California. It is good news that may not last and no matter what will see more legal maneuverings by the “Guns Cause Evil Shit” crowd.

    I’m not bothered by one state or two state’s gun owners going hog wild buying magazines. All fifty states would be a different discussion, as we all saw during the late unpleasantness. For now if Californians want to take a risk on how the law will finally shake out, well that’s their choice.

    Hope it works out for them and all the rest of us. Heck, it’s even good for the economy. All that manufacturing and retail sales, lots of wages moving around and doing some good.

    Does not affect me. I have in my state nearly every last check the box on pro-gun laws that all the others should have. Campus Carry is missing, that’s about it. I also have so many magazines for all my guns I’ve given some away as Christmas and birthday presents to friends and family and still have more than I can carry.

    Personally, I fled California decades ago when I bought my first .22 revolver (H&R 649, still have it) and the gun shop told me I could pick it up in a week. I was perplexed, I thought he meant it was out of stock and I’d been handling his display piece. He kindly explained to my then ignorant young self about waiting periods.

    Weirdest crap-law I’d ever heard at that time. But like I said, it’s a long time ago.

    I’ve even heard of “assault bullets” and “assault magazines” now.

    It’s a strange planet sometimes, but it’s all we got, so…………..


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