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We always want to let our readers know about good deals floating around out there. Check out these prices on some exceptionally good gear from Maxon Shooter’s Supply . . .

For one day only we are featuring space-tacular out of this world deals on ALL off world weapons! Due to high demand though all sales are only while supplies last, and no returns will be accepted.

  • Save $750 off a new Morita and $9,999,750 off a new Infinity Gauntlet!
  • Save 20% off ALL Type 6 and Type 13 lightsabers!
  • Over-stock Type II Phasers are only $89! *subject to 2 strips of latinum Ferengi commerce authority tax
  • Atomic Disintigrator’s are $100 off!

Psst… something else too.

We’ve hidden a handful of Easter Eggs in our ad for the true fans out there.

The first person to guess 3 correctly will win a $100 Maxon Gift Card. That’s right. It will FINALLY pay to have ALL that useless geek trivia memorized.

Good luck everyone! You can enter your guesses here, and enter as many times as you like! The winner will be contacted within a week.

Be sure to check with your local ATF office regarding any special licensing or tax stamp requirements that may be required. Here’s a larger version of the ad:

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  1. Apple Foxtrot Delta, you can always tell a Jeddi, but you can’t tell him much. F-K-A.

  2. Snap your fingers in an Infinity Gauntlet and half the D’s in congress disappear.

    There’s the softball, anyone taking a swing?

    • Why only half? If you’ve got the gauntlet, you can choose whatever percentage you’d like.

  3. What, no Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulators?

    That makes me angry! (Huff-huff-huff) Very angry indeed!

  4. I REALLY want a Phase Plasma Rifle in the 40wat range…..but I guess it’s only what you see……

  5. Hell If the Type 2 Phaser comes fully charged/Includes power adapter I’ll take three at that price.

  6. Goddamnit, and wouldn’t you know I just paid full price for an Infinity Gauntlet from these guys not two days ago.

  7. I don’t believe that’s a type II phaser, at least not according to my Star Fleet Technical manual copyrighted in 1975 by Franz Joseph.

    The Type II Hand Phaser was the ones used in the original series. The one pictured was used in Star Trek Next Gen.

    Trekkie mode off. lol

  8. You fckers, there ain’t no eggs. I enlarged the picture and I never seen no eggs. My eyeballs hurt, ain’t looking no more. Even if you told me where to look I wouldn’t look, because there ain’t no eggs. I still figure Fargo owes me a skillet full of fried tators too.

  9. Maybe their looking for the references?

    I’ll bite:

    Avengers: Infinity War
    Star Trek
    Total Recall
    Buck Rogers
    Star Wars
    Starship Troopers

  10. If they don’t have a Zat or a Particle Magnum I’d settle for a Lucian Alliance rifle.

    Sure, it looks suspiciously like a QBZ-95, but that’s just because the Chinese ripped off the design.

  11. ..and isn’t the gauntlet supposed to be Left-Handed?

    Believe it was in movie.

    ~scratches head~

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