Brownells BRN-180S Uppers Now in 7.62×39 In Stock and Ready to Ship

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From Brownells . . .

The newest version of the popular Brownells BRN-180 upper – chambered in the 7.62X39 intermediate cartridge – is in stock and shipping now.

The new upper offers the same adjustable piston gas system and folding-stock compatibility as previous BRN-180 uppers but combines them with the globally available 7.62×39 cartridge made famous by various Kalashnikov designs.

Like all other BRN-180 uppers, the 7.62X39 uppers fit onto most standard AR-15 lowers as well as specially designed BRN-180 lowers available at Brownells.

The 7.62X39 uppers work with AR-15 style magazines in 7.62X39, but will not work with Kalashnikov pattern magazines.

Models of the BRN-180 7.62X39 uppers include:

  • 078-000-724    BRN-180s Gen 2, 10.5” 7.62X39           $969 retail
  • 078-000-723    BRN-180 Gen 2, 16” 7.62X39                 $969 retail

The 10.5” 7.62X39 upper is in stock and shipping now. The 16” 7.62X9 is scheduled to be in stock soon.

For more information about the BRN-180 uppers, lowers, stocks, parts, and accessories, visit

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  2. Brownell’s website says this mates to their existing BRN 180 lower receiver but what magazine does it use for 7.62×39?


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