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A pageant queen and self-described ‘beauty guru‘ has taken a different tack to stardom. In a video that’s gone viral, Brie Lybrand claims that her father, one Steven Bressler, raped her from ages four to 13. At 5:09, the distraught Tulane University grad goes ballistic. “But here’s a little message for ya,” Lybrand says. “I don’t have to be afraid anymore. Let me show you my weapon collection Dad. This is for you. I carry guns everywhere I go in case you decide to show up. So let me show you some friends . . . ” There’s no independent confirmation of any of the information in the video. And her narrative is more than a little OTT, casually (inadvertently?) accusing Bressler of murder. More to the point, Ms. Lybrand’s resume (click here) reveals an aspiring actress. So I’m calling BS—even though the media has gone for it hook, line and sinker. Career-wise it ought to get the job done. As for Lybrand’s grip, muzzle and trigger control, needs work!

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  1. If this is all bogus and she’s just acting, she sure ruined her dad’s reputation. If it’s not BS, she should just take care of it, and stop talking about it ahead of time.

    • STFU applies before a shooting as well as after. Be hard to justify self defense when you’re spreading it all over the webz how you want to cap his ass and even show the guns you’d like to use.

      I ain’t a lawyer, but it doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

  2. The mass media always buys into the accusing story. It always makes for great sensationalism. Sex sells. The accused is almost always called the perpetrator (even just after the arrest and announcement) and the usually unknown accuser is usually referred to now as the victim. All before the first day or court or before an investigation on day one. The accused name and face is shown by the mass media and the accuser’s identity is kept secret by the media unless the person goes public like this case.

    Almost always, after an accused has been cleared in the case of an overt false lie, the DA and police make a speech how such false claims hurt women who really have been raped. Seldom is it mentioned by the DA and police of the damages to and the pain a falsely accused man has suffered and even continues to do so since some people will now always assume he is guilty or needs watching.

    The Society of the wrongly accused has documented well over 2,000 case of false rape allegations.

    • We don’t anything about this story. You cannot assume she is lying. I rather not assume anything. Hopefully her next stop is to lawyer and the police if it true. It started because supposedly her father subscribed to her YouTube Channel and this was her response. There are other sites with more info. its al too early.

      • Seeing as a reverse Google image search shows a similar woman not in a polaroid and of the same age as Brie (making it very mysterious how she came to be her mother), then yes.

        Seeing as the “polaroid” border is pearl white with no dents or warps after “all these years”, then yes.

        Seeing as someone who has the ability to use digital media decided to take photos of the “evidence” and remove a great deal of legitimacy from the documents instead of scanning it, then yes.

        Seeing as the court document she ‘took a photo of’ isn’t representative of an actual court document because she was stupid enough to think filling in a print-out is the same as a legal court document, then yes.

  3. Gun #1 looks like a Ruger SR-22 pistol. She’s probably better off with #2 and #3 for the old guy. (although, the SR-22 is an excellent firearm).

  4. From court documents concerning her parents’ divorce:

    “Steven and Rhonda Bresler were married in August 1984. In November 1998, Rhonda filed a complaint for divorce with the Harrison County Chancery Court citing as grounds habitual cruel and inhuman treatment…

    “In her judgment dated August 21, 2000, the chancellor granted Rhonda a divorce on grounds of habitual cruel and inhuman treatment.”

  5. Bill: She has not proved the accusations she’s made in regards to her father allegedly raping and torturing her. If to be believed she’s only proved her mother was beaten. The Corry Journal also states “A spokesman for the New Orleans Police Department said there are no charges on record against Bresler.”.

  6. Pathetic.

    She’s not faking it because you’ve all got a “gut feeling”? Truly pathetic.

    Right now she’s a KNOWN actress who’s put up a very suspicious video on Youtube in which she’s provided no factual basis for her story and keeps trying to play it up.


    – Threatened to shoot a guy who subscribed to her Youtube account because apparently he has the same name as her father. Even though, by her own admission, he would have had knowledge of her whereabouts for years.

    – Claimed that she was raped at the age of 4 years old. And while *beep* horrifying, is strangely enough an insanely rare occurrence due to the severe *beep* physical problems that occur that she would have required medical attention for at the time. 4 years olds might be a well rounded age to trigger a fallacious emotional response in people to ignore any possible logical thought that her claims might be suspect but that doesn’t stop reality.

    From those two dodgy claims her position is already suspicious. But hey, people are raped and sometimes they act this way.

    But strangely enough…

    The only evidence brought forward are a stock photo of an abused woman that, WHOOPS, reverse Google images comes up with matches regarding that existed BEFORE her fake video. On top of which is that she just happened to have kept a polaroid of her mother all these years and not a single dent or fade of the colour. To the point that the white border around the polaroid is pearl white.

    Another mysterious plot twist is that polaroids were not used much, if at all, during the late 90’s. But hey, I guess since she should be believed on her word then she must be some super-coincidental woman.

    If not for the small problem that despite these “coincidences”, she (despite her ability to take and upload media) doesn’t have access to a scanner to upload her *beep* “evidence”. Relying of PICTURES she took OF the polaroid and the court document as proof. How strange, since that gets rid of a great deal of detailed legitimacy to defend herself. Hmm.

    The “court document” is NOTHING like an actual court notification document and includes nothing of a court divorce hearing. She’s clearly found one on the net and printed it out, forgetting that it needs stamps and certification for it to be real.

    WHOOPS again.

    Am I going too fast with tearing apart her *beep* story? No?

    Well perhaps *beep* morons like yourself, along with the other *beep* idiots out there unable to see past their own ignorance, should stop making a *beep* mockery of REAL rape victims by giving your *beep* support to attention whore wannabe actresses who pretend to have been raped.

    Ignoring that any Youtube user with that name, along with anyone with that name (including an unrelated Council member who is currently being harassed and threatened by this womans “fans” despite absolutely no affiliation), will be getting the brunt of this idiots hate. She makes a MOCKERY of ACTUAL rape victims. You know, those victims who actually went through real violation instead of fake made up *beep* to garner Youtube hits.

    Children who were raped and molested. This bitch makes a mockery of them by pretending to suffer through what they ACTUALLY have just to gain a few Youtube hits.

    And worse still is idiots like you who support her *beep* pathetic cam-whoring idiocy just because you don’t understand the concept that SIMPLY SAYING SOMEONE FICTIONAL RAPED YOU ON YOUTUBE DOESN’T *beep* MAKE IT TRUE.

    • Actually, this is very real, you hateful person. How do I know? I’m a close personal friend of her mom. You are a piece of work, Alexis. Go take your hate elsewhere.

  7. To give a follow up on the crazy Brie girl,

    She recently posted a video on FB claiming she was raped by emergency department personnel while seeking treatment for a head injury. Being this is her 2nd rape allegation, with multiple witnesses (both Male and female) denying she was ever raped; it appears she is just crying wolf again. Just wanted to update the author and the comments and this $itch is just crazy

  8. Brie is batshit crazy. Not only am I doubtful of this story, but she’s a known racist and fame monger. That seems to be all she cares about- being famous.

  9. This girl is nothing but 4 foot of Satan .
    She replies to one of the article. When my daddy was raping me I thought about Disney.
    This woman now dresses like disney characters and if you are raped you do not want any semblance or any reminders you were raped but now she twirls in gowns she used to think about being raped oh come on she is a lying bitty.
    She is beyond evil if you do not do things for this spoiled princess she goes after you and tries to ruin your life !


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