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Firearms Policy Coalition press release:

Minutes ago, the rabidly anti-gun California Attorney General Kamala Harris — and longtime San Francisco liberal buddy of Gavin Newsom — issued the title and summary for the most radical and dangerous anti-gun ballot initiative in over 30 years. A title and summary is supposed to be a clear, unbiased analysis of what the initiative does so that voters can understand what they’re choosing when they cast their ballots. But that’s not what the voters are getting here . . .

Kamala Harris did her partner in progressivism Gavin Newsom a huge favor by issuing one of the weakest summaries we have seen in some time.

Thanks to Kamala Harris, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is now 1/3 of the way done with destroying what is left of the Second Amendment in California.

Here’s what Gavin’s anti-gun ballot initiative will really do:

BAN all standard (“high-capacity”) magazines…even “grandfathered” mags
BAN online and mail order / catalog ammunition direct purchases
BAN the importation of ammunition purchased out-of-state
DESTROY virtually all small business ammo retailers with insane new regulations
CRIMINALIZE the sharing of ammunition between friends
MANDATE a new $50 DOJ “ammunition purchase permit”
REQUIRE that ammunition sales are recorded in a new gun owner database

Click here to read the CA AG’s doc. [h/t DrVino]

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    • Unfortunately, the plague of stupidity continues to spread throughout the rest of The United States. What starts in California, or New York, has a tendency to manifest in states that were once bastions of freedom.

      • Cali’s run as the aspirational promised land has largely ran its course by now. Above some (obviously high, but still…..) level of progressive idiocy, even CA, NY control of media and Fed loot, can’t prevent them from crossing the line from idiots to obvious idiots. Causing even those only marginally less idiotic to stop paying attention to them.

  1. living in California is challenge but just can’t give in. there will be plenty of gun shows to stock up but that in it self doesn’t help the future generations

  2. going….going…..gone…she’s sunk captain… and for news on the brighter side in about 4 hours we will have open carry here in Texas….HAPPY NEW YEAR…. (liberals need not apply)

  3. A concealed carry permit required to open carry in Texas……and thats a constitutional right? Any right requiring a permit isnt

    • You are absolutely right, however, they have the power right now, Constitutional or not. I object to the state permission slips, but I also object to being arrested and tried and thrown in jail with a lot of people I’m pretty sure would not like me, so I prefer to think of my Nevada permit as a “get out of jail free” card.

      • “… so I prefer to think of my Nevada permit as a “get out of jail free for $105 card.”

        There, fixed that for you.

  4. God help them, because it seems like the majority of the sheep in CA don’t understand what this means and they’ll vote for it anyway.

    Good time to leave CA. Maybe they can reinforce the brethren in other liberty loving states.

  5. That earthquake can’t happen soon enough, it seems.

    Let’s hope that there is a groundswell of opposition to this inane and insane proposal.

  6. The only question in my mind is how in hell do they think this can stand up to Constitutional scrutiny? Is it even legal for one state to ban the importation of a product that is entirely legal in other states? (Prohibition of liquor aside, as I believe that is covered by Constitutional amendment.)

    Could they possibly ban the importation of Bibles, or the Koran, or out-of state newspapers? Or tax any of those things coming into California? What cheesy law school did these people supposedly graduate from?

    I can only surmise that either their anti-gun obsession has gotten the better of them or that this is just another election year grandstanding effort to bring out their supposed voter base next November.

    Any odds on whether or not this Initiative will succeed at the polls? It does seem interesting that the Lt. Gov and the State Attorney General feel the need to bypass their own legislature and propose a Ballot Initiative.

    • The constitution is dead here, the gun violence restraining order is just further proof.

      It’s just a damn shame what’s happened to my home.

      People who cared about the constitution fought against this and other measures, believe me. But California has a high concentration of Mexican voters who you know for damn sure didn’t vote republican. They vote for the people keeping them here, those people write asinine gun control legislation, we get screwed every election cycle…

      Part of the reason why I get so pissed when people so casually say “move out of there.” Well shit, if and when tyrany establishes itself in place of the America we know, what will you do, move out of the states? No, you’re likely to stay and fight, or at least that’s what you say you’ll do. Likewise, this is MY home, and I seek to one day fix it…

      Eta: def not directed at the commenter above, I just get a little amped about the subject of California…

      • VERY good point! We POTG that live in other, more gun-friendly states sometimes forget that fact. Best of luck to you, and keep fighting in the face of huge opposition and huge ignorance. Without folks like you, California would already be done for.

    • Is it even legal for one state to ban the importation of a product that is entirely legal in other states?

      CA does it all the time. Any new magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds, for instance, is legal here in NM but illegal to import into CA. Also … Approved handgun roster.

    • It worked with CARB for years…a separate US and CA model for every vehicle sold. Now, CA emission standards are nationwide.

      It ain’t right…but they’ll probably be allowed to get away with it, and eventually drag the rest of the country along with them.

      • Yes. If gun control isn’t defeated in CA it will steadily gain ground until CA is the national standard. Run from CA all you wish. You’ll be exhausted and living in Mexico before you stop running.

    • Cliff H says:
      December 31, 2015 at 19:24

      The only question in my mind is how in hell do they think this can stand up to Constitutional scrutiny………

      There is so many laws over the years that have simply been passed ( because of agendas) that would not or have not been Constitutional. If not challenged or a greater majority (or power) says so, the unconstituional laws will stand.

  7. “The only question in my mind is how in hell do they think this can stand up to Constitutional scrutiny? Is it even legal for one state to ban the importation of a product that is entirely legal in other states? (Prohibition of liquor aside, as I believe that is covered by Constitutional amendment.)”

    It doesn’t actually ban importation; rather it requires on-line ammo sales to be conducted through a California licensed ammunition vendor in a face to face transaction (which vendor will likely charge a fee for the service, making the cost savings for on-line sales to disappear).

    • It won’t fix ANYTHING. But with the anti-gun officials in collusion, the fix is in, and it is another step toward their ultimate goal.

      Feinsteins wish come true.

  8. If that passes, I hope California patriots express their displeasure to the politicians who voted for it.

    Get creative in the manner of expressing that displeasure, so that future politicians will think long and hard before they decide to do that again.

    • The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants – Thomas Jefferson

      I’d say that tree in California is really really thirsty. Since there has been a drought and all there.

    • Can you organize a massive, passionate yet peaceful, statewide protest that can decend upon SAC able to push back hard enough without getting anyone pro 2A in hot water?

  9. As a resident of Los Angeles, I’m so over this shit. I’m 24 and have decided to apply only out of state for nursing school. Newsom’s proposal was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I’ll get licensed in another state and probably never come back here. It’s too bad because California is a beautiful place with wonderful people. Time to move on though.

  10. We have the same ammo requirements in PR weapons law.

    They haven’t work a bit.
    Murders went down by 40% without changing any of the gun laws.
    What did they do they changed the police chief to one that was not brain dead.

    And read this… they also started prosecuting people for violating gun laws!! (none of them which are ammo laws)

    They partnered with the FBI so the FBI would prosecute on federal court gun crimes since PR judicial system would almost never prosecute a gun crime for more than a year or two.

    • What really gets me is that 6 months ago the courts here in PR tossed out pretty much all of these laws as unconstitutional. The laws are technically rolled back to federal laws only.

      Problem is that they just ignored it and keep changing people as if the old laws were still valid. The people who get arrested will never be able to fight it in a federal court because they lack the resources to get such legal action moving. The folks with enough money will never be bothered by the police.

      I have been living down here for the last few years off and on for work purposes. Coming from a free or at least freeer state I was thrilled when the decision was handed down. After 6 months if I walk into a gun shop nothing has changed. If you ask, because I’m someone the cops won’t bother (white from the states) I get told not to cause trouble. They will hassle the dealer and such.

      Keep in mind folks, it doesn’t matter what the law says if no one cares. Having the law on your side means nothing if those enforcing the law and running the courts decide it doesn’t.

      Yes, the FBI is complicate in this.

  11. A great example of why a democracy doesn’t work.

    This will pass, easily. Crime will go up until the sheep give up all their rights one by one in the name of “safety”.


      • I really didn’t think I needed to explain to this crowd that the US is [supposed to be] a Constitutional Republic.

        It most certainly is not [again, supposed to be] a Democracy.


      • What gave you that idea? I know people say it quite a bit but that doesn’t make it true.

        The U.S. was born as a Democratic Republic specifically to avoid the pitfalls of true democracy. Over time we have killed that idea, unbalanced the government powers and state-federal powers all while eroding individual freedom and responsibility.

        If you read the writings of the founding fathers it is clear that they never intended true democracy because democracies commit suicide just about as quickly as an uninformed populace with no vested interest in the nation can vote for that suicide.

      • Where?

        Athens sure didn’t work too well, despite them never falling nearly as far into that particular rabbit hole as “we” have.

        The US worked as long as there was a realistic frontier, either wide open or later at least less closed, which put some limits on how oppressive the state could get. That period is now over. Hence we are in the decay phase. Which will last until the Sharia phase, or some such.

        An Unrestrained government doesn’t work because unrestrained governments don’t work. Period. Not just because some particular one failed to get into power the currently PC way.

  12. Where do they get the legal basis to defy the 2nd. Amendment and the rest of the Constitution ? When they took office did they not take an oath to defend the Constitution ? Kamala Harris should be charged with treason.

  13. We need to split this country into the United States of America, with the Original Constitution supplemented by the Liberty Amendments proposed by Mark Levin, and the Democratic People’s Republic of America (DPRA), where they can redo the Constitution any which way they want.
    Division would be the Left Coast and North East (from Maryland to Maine) becoming the DPRA. Basically the Red and Blue state divisions. Residents in current Democrat strongholds in USA territory, mostly the large urban centers, would have 5 years to attend Citizen Classes. After which time they would have to pass written and oral tests to see if Liberal brainwashing had been replaced by common sense. If they cling to Liberal views, they will be transported to the DPRA and dumped over the border.
    The borders, they would be rigidly enforced, whether with the DPRA, Canada, or Mexico. I’m thinking wire fence, electric fence, sensors, minefields, and automated weapon stations requiring human authorization to fire.
    Those who choose to escape the DPRA will also have to pass written and oral exams to ensure no Liberals are attempting to pollute our Republic.

    • With the increased balkanization of the states, the process is already underway. With the likely split of the republican party, it is pretty much inevitable.

    • “Division would be the Left Coast and North East (from Maryland to Maine) becoming the DPRA”.

      Please leave Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont out of this. In Northern New England we have better gun rights than in Texas (but we must continually fight to keep & expand them).

    • The truth is that no geographical lines can be drawn around the “problem areas” because that would wall off most of the metro areas.
      The coming conflict won’t be along state lines, but rather “urban vs. rural”.

  14. Oi. They are going full retard with gun control. I’m not sure how they can “ban” the importation of ammo from other states. Then again none of this stuff will pass constitutional muster. This will probably just increase the black market for ammo sales.

  15. My family has lived in California for 5 generations and I’m not going be driven out by people like Harris and Newsome. If others want to run away, go ahead, but bear in mind, like or not, trends start in California.

    What the rest of the country needs to understand is that these two aren’t liberals at all. In fact there are no true liberals left in California. Rather they are Progressives, who reflect the core of new Democrat party, which in truth is Fascist by definition.

    Also understand that Harris and Newsome represent the Democrat Party base and both are very telegenic. Newsome has even learned to effective mimic The Dear Leader in his paterns of speech. Having known this guy since he was a teenager, I can tell you that he’s as dumb as a box of that greasy hair on his head, but he’s got big money backers, first Gordon Getty and now Bloomberg for whom he will serve as a political vessel.

    Harris the progeny of a pair of New York Marxist radicals who moved to California as agitators in the 1960’s. Unlike Newsome, she has brains and is a truly despicable excuse for a human being. She’s essentially Obama with female genitalia.

    So the bottom line is that you can dismiss California or try to run from it, but these people will eventually be in your business, no matter where you move. They are the Democrat Party’s bench and will on National ballots in 4-8 years. Start forking up to defeat this initiative either at the ballot box, or in the courts because if they win here, these types of laws will spread like a cancer.

      • The place to stop them is at the Federal level. “We” need to be a majority somewhere. Rather than a minority everywhere. Then, “we” need to stifle “their” efforts to make “us” pay for “their” mistaken social engineering. As in, no common Fed, or perhaps even currency aside from a politically impartial gold or bitcoin. No Federal agencies overruling and mandating state policy or intervening in state affairs.

        Then “we” will win, because “our” way is sustainable. Theirs is not absent forced resource transfers from us.

    • This is exactly correct, I would even expand on this idea that running from such laws is ineffective.

      Far worse, running from such laws is exactly what the statist wants to have happen! This means that they have won that territory and emboldens their position.

      You can run, but there are only so many places to run to.

      This is why I believe that an article V convention is the only option, short of a hot civil war.

      Yes I know all the arguments against it – there are counter arguments to them, and I won’t go into all that here, but they are sensible and prudent.

      The statist is after power, and this is a serious business, they mean to win. We need to take them at their word and meet them.

  16. This why the Founding Fathers rejected direct democracy. They feared the power of the mob as much as the power of government.

  17. CA should stop with these halfway measures and just repeal the Second Amendment. Who’s going to stop it? SCOTUS? Don’t make me laugh.

    • Watch the pols in Mass. use that as a model for further ‘gun safety’ legislation.

      I sure can see Washington State emulating a law like that…

    • CA should stop with these halfway measures and just repeal the Second Amendment.
      They should just get rid of the entire Constitution and have a dictator.

  18. The good thing is that this is an initiative that has not yet qualified for the ballot. To qualify, an initiative must obtain the signatures of at least 5% of the number of registered voters in the last election within the next 150 days–an expensive proposition, but not insurmountable. The limiting factor is that Senator DeLeon is not too happy that Newsome is stealing his thunder, and has allegedly cut the funding of Newsome’s staff to delay the process. I suppose this means that Father Bloomberg will likely have to foot the bill.

    The estimated cost of implementation of this proposed change is in the tens of millions of dollars PER YEAR, which the DOJ staff (optimistically) believes will be off set by fees charged under the bill. Which means that law abiding gun owners are footing the bill for an attempt to prevent ammo purchases by felons and nut cases, and for seizing guns from same. Again.

    And when (not if, at least at this point) Newsome becomes governor, it will only get worse.

    • “A Man has rights.
      A Person does not have rights.”

      That’s a really nice way of puting it.

      After all, God (or cosmic slush, random chance, evolution and Darwin….) created man and women and children and…. Not abstract “persons”. The latter is largely an invention of progressive beaureaucracies.

  19. So I wonder if these regulations will apply to primers, cases, bullets, and powder? Will those be recorded in the ammo database? Here in NY state, they banned mail order ammo sales and instituted universal background checks for ammo sales as well. However, it turned out that the ammo background check system is really impossible to implement because of the sheer cost. So they very quietly basically said that for now they are not implementing the law and it thus basically isn’t being enforced. I believe there are a few businesses that will still engage in mail-order sales of ammunition to NY residents, not totally sure though.

    However, in doing all of that, the laws never applied to bullets, cases, powder, and primers. So you can still have all of those shipped right to your front door 😀

    DESTROY virtually all small business ammo retailers with insane new regulations

    What are these new regulations?

  20. I think I’ll rent the movie “San Andreas” and giggle uncontrollably when California is demolished. Oh who am I kidding? I’ll jump up off of the couch and hoot and holler so loud I’ll scare the cats and make my wife think I’ve lost it. Come to think of it, I make her think I’ve lost it just about daily.

  21. California is facing so many real problems that having nothing to do with their fever dream boogeymen. That being said, anyone know who my Christmas bonus is more well spent on in this case? Cal-guns? NRA-ILA?

    • I panicked for a second, donated 100 to NRAILA and bought 900 bucks worth of ammo ONLINE through the killer loophole.

  22. I don’t believe for a second that 2016 is going to get any better for gun rights in certain places like California. They will do whatever they please and fight it out in court to deny the people their rights. When enough people have been impacted, only then will they be rolled back. By that time though, how much damage will they have already inflicted? How many law abiding citizens will have been victimized because some Progressive idiot “did something”?

  23. I left California for the Republic of Texas in 2006. Thank God. I don’t even like to go back for visits to my family. Everything is dirty there, covered in a thin layer of grime and covered in graffiti. Their socialist “experiment” works so well that the homeless destitute and addicted camp in tents right next to freeways in downtown Los Angeles and fight for panhandling position at the offramps. And the people there don’t even realize their condition because they’ve had a couple of generations now without a comprehension of liberty, and the ones who remember liberty have either moved, or will eventually die off and not matter anymore.

    It is a failed state, and they don’t even know it.

  24. I’d like to see gun and ammo manufacturers take a stand and refuse to do business with California police departments if they pass this. I bet that would sort things out pretty quickly.

    • Only way that this will be thwarted is when the manufactuerers do exactly that. When the cops and law enforcement people are harmed by their own laws, things will change.

      As long as its the people vs the government, the government will always win.

  25. Yet another law that will not be complied with and will only hurt the law abiding.

    What else can you expect from the democrats?

  26. She wants to be us ag so that involves having to tote the most “Progressive” (read restrictive) gun regulation in all fifty states with her name attached to it to impress the idiots like bloomberg.

  27. Since when can you have a ballot initiative to take away constitutional rights? Suppose we have a ballot initiative to ban Muslims… or Jews?

  28. Days like today, after reading AG Harris missive on how exactly she is going to further erode Californians 2A rights, makes me fuykn angry. How is further denying California firearm owners the right to freely purchase what we can afford going to increase anyone’s safety?

    I am goddamn tired of anti-gun shetheels like Harris and Newsome and Bloomburg taking our rights from us as they claim with a straight face that it is for our safety when everyone on this blog and every gun blog already knows that the laws already passed in this country could be used to stop the true criminals who use firearms in the commission of crimes.

    This using of shootings as the basis for passing further restrictions on the 2nd Amendment is bullshet,
    I’m tired of having to watch my rights further melt away as incremental elimination of California firearms access goes up in smoke, I do not want to spend another day in this state but college has me for the next 2 years and it honestly feels like a punishment for trying to freely enjoy the 2A escape hatch gifted from the Founding Fathers.

    I cannot wait to leave this state, these politicians, this party behind like a freshly flushed turd.

    p.s. The state need not know what I own, or what I do, or where I go, they do not need to spy on me, they do not need to watch me, they need never spare a thought on telling me what to do, they need never lie to me, though that is the only language they speak, they need only to comply with the collective mandate and concern of everyone like me, the citizenry, they should ever strive to do what they can to stay small and not use threats and violence against me and all the other people of this state and this nation.
    However, I fear that the only door left open to the citizenry for the change they demand from the state will not come peacefully as the state works to make life just a little bit harder in every way they can to their benefit.

    • Move to Arizona. No permit required to conceal here. Open carry is welcome. My bank thanks me for exercising my second amendment rights. This ain’t no California!

      • I’m looking, Arizona seems great but I am kinda a cold nut, like the snow of Alaska, course who knows what tomorrow brings.

      • Imagine the country if conservatives stop fleeing Calif and fgought the good fight here? Leaving just handed the libtards the state…running away is no way to fight. 5% would change everything and the country would not be going to hell. 55 electoral votes all going red…can you imagine the impact?

  29. If bullet buttons can magically turn a firearm into an assault weapon then butterflies create unicorns! Who are these idiots that have ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSTANDING of the components of firearms? Complete morons!


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