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“A county dispatcher in Wisconsin says the suspect in a mass shooting at a spa outside Milwaukee has been found dead,” the AP reports. “Christine Bannister is a dispatch supervisor for Waukesha County communications center. She says 45-year-old Radcliffe Franklin Haughton (right), of Brown Deer, has been found dead. She could not provide more details.” Haughton shot seven people, killing three and wounding four at the Azana Day Spa. We are getting reports that the Spa—“a two-story, 9,000-square-foot building across from a major shopping mall in a middle- to upper-class community west of Milwaukee”—had a “no firearms” policy in place. We know for certain that Haughton had a restraining order against him and was prohibited from possessing firearms. More info as it becomes available.

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  1. Even more proof that stricter gun laws don’t effect criminals. Sadly, that lesson will never be learned by the anti’s – It’ll be more fuel for their fire. They truly believe that their idea will work, and that’s the most infuriating part of it all. After the Aurora incident, in anti-2A speaches it was said again and again that firearms don’t belong in our “schools, churches, and movie theathers”, to which the crowd responded with loud applause. The dayspa will be added to that list in their campaign to strip us of our rights. All we can do is preach the truth in our lives, like RF and the many other great writers here at TTAG do for us.

  2. Shut the front door! I thought criminals only ignored posted policies in the movies. What is the world coming to when the criminals ignore the policies and laws that keep us all safe…

  3. So what gun control laws prevented this from happening? Ohh wait, they just increased the body count. I’m just waiting for the stupid gun grabbers to spin this one somehow.

  4. “Online court records showed a temporary restraining order was issued against Haughton in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Oct. 8 because of a domestic abuse complaint. Haughton appeared in court Thursday, when a no-contact order was issued and he was told to turn all his weapons over to the sheriff’s department.”

    • In a FREE SOCIETY, it is impossible to address the mental health and rage issues that occassionally cause mass shootings. Think about what a government would have to do to find and stop a mass shooter before he did it.

      I will gladly accept a few mass shootings, because I know that noone wants to live under the kind of government that it would take to stop them.

      • It’s a free society? I need permits to drive, documents to exchange my labor for currency, a background check to buy a firearm, and must pay thousands of $$$$ in tribute to live outside of prison. Before 1865 one could go a lifetime without meeting a government worker!

    • redcars,

      There always have been and likely always will be “bad” people. I don’t think we’ll ever identify/prevent all of them from carrying out their plans or acting on their impulses. Some, perhaps, but others will always slip through.

      The idea of being able to prevent these situations is, in my mind, as futile as the idea of preventing anyone from having a gun — or any other weapon. They’re going to happen. And since they’re going to happen, the best we can do is to equip and enable people to protect themselves. (Yeah, preaching to the choir here, I know.)

  5. The problem with your statement is that the authorities knew all about this guy beforehand. They had no need to find him and they could easily have stopped him. 10 to 1 he had a substantial criminal record already.

    The problem is that criminal control is ineffective to nonexistent in our legal system. This is not an accident. It was planned that way, which is why it’s so hard to solve the problem.

    When the anti-gunners and bleeding heart liberals are not screaming for more gun control they’re screaming for more leniency for criminals. They’re just victims of society after all.

    I do want a society where hardened criminals and recidivists are treated very harshly indeed, starting at a young age. There’s your answer.

  6. Only if you never sent mail or served in the military, but your point is well taken. Our society is free, but frequently in a bad way.

    • Isn’t Wisconsin where a GFZ is allowed to be declared but the business owner becomes absolutely liable/responsible for providing sufficient security? I think the trial lawyers are gonna have a field day. My brother lives in this general area – I need to call him. He is against guns . . . . for now.

  7. RIP to all. Unfortunately, we will only hear the politically-correct reason by the media why the man went violent. He could be yet another man possibly driven violently mad by his wife/ex-wife. A number of men (this may or not be the case here) have felt so violated by the Divorce Court’s terms and treatment that they have turned to violence. One out of six (1/6) of adult male suicides occur during the divorce process. Until the Divorce and Family Courts stop being biased against men, staying single and not co-habiting is the most sane and safest option for men in modern western anti-male society.

    • Stay safe. Stay single. Modern marriage version 2.0 or perhaps now version 3.0 is a high-risk dangerous game for men to play. Most men will get burned. Some for life. Some will be killed. Men are increasingly ghosting from contributing to society and joining with women. Go your own way until the madness ends. Society, government, and women need men far more than we need them yet men are treated as disposable commodities. Even more maddening is that most men tolerate it, don’t complain openly, or protest in numbers. However, individually the actions to modern society by men are being felt and known. The anti-male bubble will eventually explode. The question is will society implode first before it can be rescued?

  8. How do we even know the guy was guilty of anything? These kind of killings are presented as hard fact, but they won’t release the actual forensic details. The cops spent their time going door to door from nearby businesses seizing video footage–even before they located their suspect! They locked down half of that little town, before they located the shooter in the building–six hours later! Don’t believe the hype, be skeptical.

  9. PROOF ONCE AGAIN!!! …Gun Free Zones are DANGER ZONES.

    99% of all mass shootings occur in Gun Free Zones. Any anti-gun retards care to explain THAT little fact?

    • I discussed that question with someone who thought it was a matter of “co-incidence” — in that homicidal maniacs choose crowded places for their acts of slaughter, and those places are almost always “gun free zones”. He went on to say that “Psycho students” naturally rampage on their campus, the place they associate as the source of their frustration, failure, and rage, and the campus just happens to be “gun free”.

      I pointed out that James Holmes turned aside from shooting up his campus, CUD being one of the few which permit CCW holders to be armed on campus, and instead substituted a “gun free” movie theater, which had absolutely nothing to do with his frustration, failure, and rage. It did, however, provide safety for Holmes, who was smart enough to substitute the more feasible “gun free” venue for slaughter instead of the more formidable “armed campus”, where one of his intended victims might shoot back.

      He has not responded in almost two weeks.

  10. There’s someone known as “Donna, the Deer Lady” who thought that deer read the “DEER XING” signs, and complained that they should not have posted these signs, allowing deer to cross busy highways, but should move the signs to lower traffic areas.

    Perfectly logical — if you accept the premise that deer will only cross roads at the places posted.

    She is from the same school of “thought” that thinks a “gun free zone” sign applies to homicidal maniacs, who will not kill anyone where such a sign is posted.
    That sign is only obeyed by the designated victims of the homicidal maniac.

    • You don’t live in my neighborhood, 50 percent of the stores are posted. The worse the neighborhood the more signs there are./// Now we have the rocket scientists/mall owners that feel they can post parking lots & keep insurance rates for renters down, where, if something occurs the store isn’t posted, the mall is owned by an LLC, they think they have no exposure. Understand Macy’s? etc. Lawsuit’s will remedy this, Randy

  11. Wisconsn recently passed a Concealed Carry law. Part of that law says that if you post the “no gun” sign you can be held liable. If you do allow concealed guns the law states that you have absolutely no liability in the situation. I am an insurance agent in Brookfield, about 2 miles down the road from the salon. I have had the talk with all of my client on whether they should post a sign or not. 99% choose not to post a sign banning concealed weapons.

    • Best news I have heard this week.

      If a business owner chooses to dictate that nobody who is lawfully armed for lawful purpose of self-defense is permitted on his premises, that property owner is fully responsible for the safety of all who enter said premises.

      BTW — What about the 1 % ? What steps have they taken to fulfill their responsibilities?

      • Yep, sounds fair to me. Now if only the rest of the country would get on board with the same thought process. Sooner or later the remaining few businesses who choose to not allow guns would be sued into oblivion if anything bad did happen in their business.

  12. All recent high profile shootings had one thing in common. A sign on the door telling you to leave your gun in the car. The women that owns the spa needs a good legal slapdown. Who the hell does she think she is telling people they can’t protect themselves. If a business displays one of those silly anti-gun signs, that business should be forced by law to provide trained armed security while open for business.

  13. Does this sound like the victim knew her atttacker?

    “Zina Haughton also was focused when she saw her estranged husband enter the spa with a gun. But (customer)Brunner had no idea from the ensuing conversation that Zina Haughton even knew the gunman. She had no idea it was Zina Haughton’s husband and that she was the target of his anger. …..
    When her husband came in, Zina Haughton put herself between him and the young women behind the reception desk. She did her best to defuse the situation, Brunner said.
    “She talked very low, very calm,” Brunner said. “She said, ‘This is a peaceful place. These are good people. What can we do for you, sir? What do you want?’


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