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U.S. AG calls Trayvon Martin shooting "unnecessary" (courtesy AP)

“Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday called the death of Trayvon Martin ‘unnecessary’ and vowed to proceed with a civil rights inquiry following the acquittal of George Zimmerman,” reports. The US AG made no secret of his loyalties in the case. “We are committed to standing with the people of Sanford, with the individuals and families affected by this incident, and with our state and local partners in order to alleviate tensions, address community concerns, and promote healing… And we will never stop working to ensure that – in every case, in every circumstance, and in every community – justice must be done.” Implying the justice wasn’t done. Counterintuitively, Holder’s statement has pleased more than a few People of the Gun . . .

Their thinking: if the Justice Department pursues Zimmerman in court the move will highlight the Obama administration’s Big Government bully boy gestalt. Add that to Obama’s forthcoming signature on the U.S. Arms Trade Treaty and the pro-gun voting base will come out in force in the 2014 elections—slowing if not stopping the progressives anti-gun agenda.

I bet Dan a steak dinner the DOJ will rattle its sword but ultimately leave Zimmerman be. We shall see.

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  1. Of course Holder’s tax payer provided body guards would not have let Martin get within 3 blocks of Holder.

  2. Unnecessary, maybe. Illegal, no…now that this farce of a show trial is over. It is shocking to hear this from a US Attorney General that appears not to know the difference.

      • LET THE EAGLE SOAR!! “Weirdo?” “Fey fascist”, is more like it.

        This is highly improper for “Place” Holder to weigh in on a simple homicide case. He’s playing to his “Progressive” proto-fascist fanbase. Not only will he not keep his fat yap shut, HE SHOULD BE DOING TEN TO THIRTY.

    • What are you jkp, a brain dead libtard?

      The state did not meet the burden of beyond a reasonable doubt; the Jury shows that by a finding of not guilty using the affirmative defense of self-defense. The defendant is always presumed innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt of guilt.

      So a Jury as provided by the US Constitution found him not Guilty, not really hard to understand unless you do believe in the US Constitution.

      • Are you literate, Shane? He’s talking about Eric Holder’s presumptuous comment about the shooting being “unnecessary” when he ostensibly wasn’t there when it happened and can’t make that kind of call.

    • That’s the question the Anti-Zimmerman people can’t answer; What would you have done if an unidentified individual was on top of you, hitting you with hammer blows, and causing your head to repeatedly bounce off the concrete? I don’t think Zimmerman acted intelligently in this situation, but I think any individual would have responded in the same way once the violence was initiated.

      • From what I’ve seen, it seems to be that the people upset about Zimmerman’s acquittal are of the belief that Zimmerman walked up to Martin and executed him with a shot to the back of the head.

        They are in denial that there is any possibility that Martin attacked Zimmerman, which validated the shoot.

        Zimmerman may have been unwise to approach Martin on his own, but the facts of the case indicate that Martin attacked him and showed no signs of letting up until Zimmerman was beat to a pulp – or worse. This is completely ignored by the MSM and anyone else who is upset with the verdict.

        • Actually, Zimmerman did not approach Martin. He turned around before in intercepted him. If I recall correctly, Zimmerman had already lost track of him. Martin initiated the actual contact between the two.

    • The problem being that Holder has no brain, thus there’s no mortal danger from bashing his skull into the pavement.

  3. Friggin ridiculous.

    BET. Ebony. NAACP. Intervention by a black president and black AG on an issue that is a local matter? And they’re accusing whites of being racist, even though it wasn’t a white person that did it?

    The FBI has already said there was no civil rights violation and that it was not racial in nature. The original investigating PD said there was no crime. The original prosecutor said there was no reason to indict. The jury of his pears said not guilty. How much more does they want? Don’t answer that, we already know: They want his head.

    • Didn’t you watch the trial? He’s guilty of Breathing While Cracka. He unfairly interrupted while Martin was administering sentence. DoJ can’t allow a creepy ass Cracka to get away with that.

        • Bartlett Pears.

          I am really certain we need to get some black hoods and black sheets for “Rev.” Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and the Grand Imperial Dragon would be Holder.

          At one time inciting to riot was a crime. In fact it’s worse than the rioting itself, because the instigators stay in hotels and watch it on TV while eating expensive food and drinking outrageous drink.

    • Hey now. The Pres and the AG are “colored people”, not black.
      It’s not the NAABP,(black people), nor the NAAAAP, (African American People).
      It’s the NAACP. Colored People. And since Ive never met an invisible person, we are all colored in some fashion…

      • We are. And some of us are still behaving like whining children.

        I would agree the promise of the Civil Rights Movement did not deliver on its promise, but there is plenty of blame to go around on that. I was a civil rights supporter in the early sixties, in high school. I endured Hispanic-on-White prejudice in New Mexico. And I realize the worst problem is black men fathering children out of wedlock (or even just a promise) and then running away like rats.

        But it takes two to tango; black women must be prepared to accept some share of the blame, also.

    • George Zimmerman will himself pay for the sins of crackas everywhere for a couple hundred years of slavery.

    • BET. Ebony. NAACP. Intervention by a black president and black AG on an issue that is a local matter?
      That’s why it’s now called the Department of Just Us. They are the ONLY ONES. Caucasians, Asians don’t count any more.

  4. So were deaths in Benghazi, as a result of Fast and Furious, but in those situations no African-Americans were killed, so why should Holder make an issue of it. If gun-running to Mexico requires DOJ input (So, just how illegal is that, Eric?), there’s the same DOJ involvement in running guns to Syrian rebels.

      • Never said they did. Somewhere at the DOJ is a non-descript office that will provide input to all transactions made by other Departments. I’m just putting as much crap at Holder’s teflon-shoe’d feet as possible.

  5. sucker bet for Dan. Re-read the DOJ’s statement and focus on the key words “limited federal criminal civil rights statutes without our jurisdiction”. . . . (translation, we only have two things we can charge him with theoretically, and since he was not a cop, Section 1983 is off the table. As they already probed to see if George and 33 of his closest acquaintances are members of any hate groups, well, take a hate crime off the table, too.

    “Experienced federal prosecutors will [now] determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any of the limited federal criminal civil rights statutes within our jurisdiction, and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the Department’s policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial.”

    Read more:

    • Maybe, but I’m not sure you realize how much they want to instigate a race war, to take the focus of their myriad crimes.

  6. I bet Dan a steak dinner the DOJ will rattle its sword but ultimately leave Zimmerman be. We shall see.

    I’m with you, Robert. The DOJ ain’t gonna do shit. They’re TALKING shit. But, they would have even less of a case than Flori-duh’s state attorney had against Z.

    And, I agree it would cast the administration in an even worse light (if that’s even possible). Yet…. it doesn’t seem to stop them. Maaaaaaaybe this time? Hmmm.

    I’m not a member of the tin-foil-hat-wearing club. BUT… I have to wonder WTF is going on here. Are the politicians and media actually disappointed at the LACK of civil unrest? Is that why they are fanning the flames of a trial and case that is legally OVER? It’s done! Game over! Move on!

    The feds have no case against Z.

    And, the Martins CAN’T go after Z in a civil suit! Why is the media harping on this possibility when it does not exist??? In Florida, those cases determined to be self-defense are granted immunity from civil suits… BY LAW.

    It’s all sabre-rattling intended to foment civil unrest and racial discord.

    • let’s clarify something. the Martins CAN go against GZ in a civil suit. This will require GZ to testify in a SYG type hearing. If he wins, then he will have immunity. If he has immunity, he can go after them for his expenses of defense. . . . if he loses at the hearing, they still have to prove up a preponderance of the evidence and all of TM’s background evidence, excluded in the civil trial, gets brought up. this is the crux of their decision. They are throwing the dice if they do.

      • Immunity from civil suit has NOTHING to do with SYG in Florida.

        Self-defense = immunity from civil suits in Florida.

        The Martins can FILE a suit. Then Z’s lawyers will file for immunity and get it, based solely on the fact that it was already determined to be self-defense. Done and done.

        YMMV in your state.

      • And just to reiterate – SYG applies if you have the option to retreat, but states that you do not have the OBLIGATION to retreat under certain circumstances. In this case GZ was on the ground, straddled, being pummeled in a manner that would cause any MMA ref to stop the fight. He had no viable option to retreat, even if (and I suspect at that point he did) wanted to. Therefore SYG does not apply. Self defense was his only option and as he was obviously at a serious disadvantage in the physical encounter he was justified in resorting to his next best option.

      • Actually, since he was found not guilty, 776.032 will prevent a civil suit by the Martins. TM shouldn’t have pounded him into the side walk and turf.

    • The feds have no case against Z.

      @Racer88, the state of Florida had no case against Z, but look what happened.

  7. “I bet Dan a steak dinner the DOJ will rattle its sword but ultimately leave Zimmerman be. We shall see.”

    I’ll gratefully accept a box of Omaha Steaks.

    • Off topic – Omaha Steak is nothing special it’s just a label. They get their meat from another Packing / Slaughter house. I took a palatalized frozen load of meat to them (OS) once from a Cold Storage place in Garden City, KS. The boxes ware labeled EXCEL Meats. In addition OS Warehouse people were jerks entire load had to be RE palatalized by lumper on their marked pre weighed pallets . Granted that was 10+ years ago but true.

      • Did you mean “palletized”? On a pallet? I’m not sure that other word exists. If it does, it will be an education for me!

        pal·a·tal·ize (pl-t-lz)
        tr.v. pal·a·tal·ized, pal·a·tal·iz·ing, pal·a·tal·iz·es
        To pronounce as or alter to a palatal sound.
        pala·tal·i·zation (-t-l-zshn) n.

        Don’t think them steaks uttered a sound!

        • Ya know what I was suggesting there CB Rambo.

          So To stroke your ego I mean as in Hardwood pallets. AKA CHEP pallets, #2s, etc But the damm spell checker here did not like Your/our “palletized” or what ever you freeking like.

          So continue with your Holder / Odumba bashing(+1) or have another beer and go kick another dog.

          Good Night WB

    • How about Obama steaks? They’re not really rare (unfortunately), not well done by any means, and really hard to swallow. But if you’re constipated, they will clear you right out…

  8. “Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday called the death of Trayvon Martin ‘unnecessary”

    Unnecessary, Holder should know all about unnecessary. Like letting guns walk into Mexico during Fast & Furious, that was unnecessary. Well, it was necessarily unnecessary in his and this administrations battle to curtail gun rights. I’m sure Brian Terry would agree.

  9. “I bet Dan a steak dinner the DOJ will rattle its sword but
    ultimately leave Zimmerman be.”

    Unlike on the riots thing, I’m in complete agreement with you on this one, RF. I think the situation is currently too amped up to drop it right this second, but a little saber rattling, a little “we’re reviewing the case,” and a couple months go by, and they can drop it with a whole lot less impact.

    On the other hand, the Shellie Zimmerman perjury case will, I predict, go ahead as scheduled and intended, because I’m pretty sure Angela Corey’s still driving the bus on that one. She’s got a bloody nose, and she’s looking for payback.

    • Because Obama and Holder have always done what was right and legal…

      Obama’s recess appointments… Fast and Furious… IRS… etc etc etc.

  10. If he does act it is only further evidence that the rule of law is dead under the Obama administration, and race and politics matter above all else.

  11. The term “justice” is is completely one sided in this case. It seems that justice only applies to one of the two, Martin.

  12. As has been pointed out here and many other places, there is no evidence to support the limited options of federal charges.

    What I am really interested in hearing is what Eric Holder says at the NAACP convention on Tuesday.

    • What he said to the NAACP in Florida today: “The shooting was a tragedy” and he is personally committed to a thorough investigation.

      The Fed’s MMA of Geo. Zimmerman is just begun.

  13. His press conference should have started like this…..

    “This is not my fault. I didn’t lose this gun. I think. “

  14. We no longer live in a Constitutional Republic. It started to die shortly after 9/11/01 when our elected leaders decided that it was worth giving up some of the rights we were endowed with by our Creator in exchange for a feeling of security. (Note I say feeling of security, we haven’t actually gained any real security as a result of the horribly misnamed “Patriot Act”.)

    Now we have a President who openly flaunts the Constitution. Don’t like a law, even one you signed, just don’t enforce it. Or enforce it for some people, like your political enemies, don’t enforce it for others. Grant waivers which the law never allowed to your biggest supporters, deny waivers to Christian business owners that you know damn well didn’t support you. You know they didn’t support you because you use the IRS to harrass and keep tabs on your enemies.

    Our “Justice” Department paid employees to go to Florida and stir up racial tensions and participate in protests against George Zimmerman. Does it surprise anyone that in the banana republic we live in that the President and his Attorney General would do everything in their power to harrass a citizen who was found not guilty by a jury of his peers?

    • The Bush administration was bad, but the Obama administration is a million times worse. They have taken every unacceptable policy the previous administration put forward, made them their own, and then pushed them to ridiculous extremes, while exploring new and exciting frontiers in Constitution desecration.

  15. What about the black youths his brother said he mentored/ helped?

    That will be great to see intriduced as evidence and whitnesses as in a racial discrimination case ( of one minority on another, what a joke) then to see the Federsl DOJ loose the case, which it would take the SCOTUS I would bet, then we would see true dancing in the streets as the AG Would have his ass handed to him on a silver platter.

    This is all so rediculous it isn’t even funny.

  16. It’s over. One died and the other has been pulled thru the wringer. Nothing is gained by the feds trying to come down on GZ. It’s time to be seeing this in the rear view mirror.

    • This isn’t about ‘justice” for Martin or revenge against GZ or racial justice or anything else rational people would consider reasonable – it’s about political posturing for the low-information voters, nothing more, nothing less.

  17. I’m rooting for Holder and the rest of his thugs to try to prosecute Zimmerman in advance of the 2014 election.

    I want the lame duck in chief to have another bitchy, whining hissyfits on national TV when he doesn’t get what he wants.

    Then, maybe, finally, the low information voters will recognize POTUS for the snake oil salesman that he is, Holder will be seen as the snake that he is, and the electoral backlash will be fierce.

    • I’m rooting too. Burden of proof for a hate crime case is even larger than that of this case, and given that Zimmerman is a multi-racial man living in a ethnically diverse community who started a business with a black friend, who protested the police’s treatment of a black homeless man, and who welcomed people of diverse races into his home to tutor them… good luck with that.

    • Ralph,

      Well said. Although technically not double jeopardy, it looks like he Feds want to be sure that everyone fears them. Released by police? We’ll get you arrested, and send the FBI to investigate. Found unanimously not guilty? We’ll use the full powers of the AG’s office to try you in a Civil Rights violation.

      Why anyone puts faith in the Feds is a mystery to me.

    • Just asking…but in a theoretical Civil Suit would the Defendant’s attorneys be able to introduce all the ugly stuff about TM that the Judge in Florida suppressed?

      • Depends on the judge. In the end, if the judge feels that the evidence’s probative value is outweighed by the risk of it creating prejudice or confusion, then it is out. Judges also have a nasty tendency to make evidentiary rulings in favor of the party with the weakest case.

  18. Carter Strange. Danielle Delpercio. Channon Christian. Chris Newsom. Melissa Huggins- Jones. GOOGLE THESE NAMES.

    This depraved AG could care less about these, and the hundreds if not thousands of other incidents where blacks attacked whites with HATRED.

    We are under pure tyranny, complete lawlessness, and a rogue govt that is working overtime to create racial tension that will inevitably lead to a race war.

  19. Oh & the Senate voted to block the UN Arms treaty by a vote of 54/46, so no more of that!

    So look into who voted for it (46 of the traitors) and make sure rhey do not get re-elected!

    This crap must end!

    Hopefully people are waking up and going to vote for America as it should be and not what the “O” has promised for “Change”, don’t let this slide!

  20. I thought this administration was supposed to be the intellectual one? yeah, put Mr. Corruption of the Judicial System up front and have him talk to everybody.

  21. It’s a great day when the US AG essentially states that our judicial system of trial by jury isn’t suitable for administering justice.

    • As in the common surnames Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Brown?

      When can we all get past the concept that ethnicity or race actually matter at all? What matters is what a person does with and in their life, not who their ancestors were.

  22. I would counter with, “The beating of George Zimmerman’s head against the concrete was also unnecessary.”

  23. Holder’s skull must be hollow, let him push this and see where it gets him and his boss. They are using the mass media to make it seem like people give a damn about this, like it is “the old south.” It is total bullshit.

    Black people are fond of saying “it only takes a drop” (of African blood) to make you one of them. Well that doesn’t seem to apply to George Zimmerman in the eyes of this government. Fortunately, the reality is that Obama’s hardcore supporters are fewer than ever and they are flailing. Obama is totally reliant on professional activists and paid demonstrators to make it look like he has a popular base. He is trying to scare us with images of helter skelter, but you should not be fooled. There is no race war on the horizon.

    They are only digging themselves deeper, cynically trying to exploit this case to cover their own asses and promote a disarmament agenda at the same time. They have severely overplayed their hand and the liberals will pay dearly for many election cycles to come. You can’t play fast and loose with peoples lives and rights like this and expect to win, not in the USA, not yet.

  24. A steak dinner sounds pretty good. Aside from tender juicy steaks, the attorney general would have shot a guy beating his face in too (and no one would ever question the attorney general). Oh that’s self defense they would say. Look at it in another light – if a guy suddenly tackled the president and was beating his face in and the secret service shot him… would anyone question that? No… they wouldn’t. But now we are going to make a civil rights inquiry… sure.

  25. There is no evidence that GZ is a racist. There is evidence GZ is very much a non-racist. There is extensive evidence Obama and Holder are racists.

  26. They did say they would be the most transparent administration in history.

    One of the first rules of Chicago politics is to control the AG’s office. With it you can protect your allies and punish your opposition.

    • It’s got to be extremely difficult to be transparent when you keep focusing attention on the darker part of yourself. Just sayin’.

  27. I couldn’t fit it all in a post, here. It is very clear that Eric Holder and the entire administration are rejecting the Sanford, FL jury verdict. Click my name for linkie.

  28. As I write this I ‘m watching a doc about Mussolini. All this chatter about DOJ not having a case against Zman misses the point. We are at the stage now in America where the state starts INVENTING EVIDENCE. Zman very easily could be the poor dumb putz that they create evidence to convict him. Time to re-read Unintended Consequences.

    • Please do not insult Il Duce by comparing him to the One. Mussolini, despite his many short comings, was a well read, multilingual and a scholarly man. The Prez is a credentialed idiot.

      • What you said – basically agree. However, how could Il Duce, and so many other intellectuals throughout history, routinely be SO VERY WRONG about so many things? Mussolini was a hard core socialist before he was a fascist and an unrepentant war-monger. Really gives well-read, multi-lingual scholars a bad name.

  29. As everyone, and especially Holder knows, getting one’s head slammed repeated into the sidewalk is no cause for alarm, just another normal interaction like a handshake. What a ludicrous overreaction on Zimmerman’s part to interpret that as a hostile act and how ridiculous of him to consider Martin’s clearly friendly straddling and pummeling as a threat. Obviously, racism is the only explanation.

  30. The only one with a case, who will be suing, is GZ.
    Stupid, crazy, evil libtard democrats got nothing.
    GZ will be a rich man when this is all over.
    Ha ha ha. Swallow the lead Skittle, losers.

  31. All this coming from an unindited criminal as is.
    Is worth what Holder is……..ZERO along with his boss.

  32. He’s right, the shooting was unnecessary. If black urban culture didn’t teach black youth to be thugs and attack people without cause to “prove their worth”, Trayvon never would have assaulted Zimmerman and no one would have been hurt.

  33. Just occurred to me how Zimmerman can get the race baiters off his back. He needs to have his first interview on Telemundo or another spanish speaking network.

  34. Zman was cleared by the local police and when that didn’t flush the local DA decided to prosecute and he was cleared by “a jury of his peers” (5 white women and a woman of color are his peers? His defense team ok’d them and I guess they were right). Now that won’t flush with the DOJ and the court of popular(?) opinion and looks like he will be tried again? Just keep trying him until a certain minority in this country gets the verdict they want? What ever happened to double (or triple) jeopardy? If I was the Zman I would be talking to Snowden and see if he was lookin’ for a roomy. What in the hell is going on in this country???

    • You missed some steps. After the local police, detectives, chief, etc looked into it and interviewed him and yada yada, the local prosecutors also declined to press any charges. Then mounting public pressure apparently required Federal intervention, at which point the FBI did an investigation and found that this had NOTHING to do with race or racist motivations at all and also walked away. That wasn’t enough, so a special prosecutor (Angela Corey) was found who was willing to prosecute. She obviously did, after withholding evidence from the defense team, apparently trying to delete evidence, and then firing a whistleblower on her staff who brought this to light. Then she tried to railroad GZ on a case with zero merit.

      This is good stuff here, from Alan Dershowitz:

  35. Anything they throw at George Zimmerman now is an out right lie and Zimmerman will end up suing them for defamation. Why can’t liberals accept things…i.e. Gun Control…the vote was taken….it was defeated…liberals whining “it’s not over”. Now Zimmerman is found not guilty and here are the liberals again trying to make something out of not getting their way. Grow up.

  36. “The idea of neutrality in the speech context not only requires that the state refrain from choosing among viewpoints, but also that it not structure public debate in such a way as to favor one viewpoint over another. The state must act as a high-minded parliamentarian, making certain that all viewpoints are fully and fairly heard.”
    — Owen Fiss
    Source: “State Activism and State Censorship,” Yale Law Journal, 1991

  37. It is interesting and somehow disconcerting that even the U.S. Attorney General does obviously not respect the justice dispensed by an U.S. court….

    We may or may not like said court decision..but this is how it is.


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