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Apparently a teacher in Dalton, Georgia barricaded himself in an empty classroom before firing a shot through an exterior window. We all need our privacy sometimes, but it’s hard to explain this one. More details as they become available. For now . . .

It appears one Jesse Davidson, social studies teacher, locked himself in his classroom and wouldn’t allow students in. The principal went to investigate, and was told by Davidson to “go away.” Trying a second time, the principal received a stronger warning not to enter: “I have a gun.”

Cue the whole-school lockdown. Then a single shot fired from a handgun through an exterior window. No apparent injuries.

Davidson is in police custody.

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  1. Somebody found his Facebook page and it had anti-gun memes, also apparently he was getting ready to retire. This smacks of the guy trying to sabotage the debate about arming teachers.

  2. Could be an act or attempt to debunk the teacher concealed carry concept.
    This is literally the level these crazy liberals are willing to embark.

    • As I stated under the first comment above, I immediately had the same thought that this teacher is a rabid gun-grabber who was willing to go to prison for a chance to end the armed-teachers initiative.

    • While this was definitely what I thought IMMEDIATELY on hearing this, the second and perhaps more important point is that this fool managed to bring that pistol into his classroom IN A GUN FREE ZONE without being discovered until he fired a shot.

      Secondly, what if he had in fact been a shooter? An unarmed principle at the door to the classroom, if it had still been full of students, would be helpless to do anything to stop the potential carnage.

  3. Don’t wait. Pull your children out of public school and home school them yourself! It’s way safer and you don’t have to wait for someone else to protect them. You may face some challenges but it’ll be worth it.

    • As I understand it each school receives federal funds based on the number of students enrolled WHO ACTUALLY SHOW UP FOR CLASS.

      Any significant percentage pulled out for home schooling will result in one of two things: 1. Laws banning home schooling, or 2. A desperate response by the school board to respond to the safety concerns of parents.

      • This is not how schools are funded in the US. 92% of all school funding comes from state and local taxes, and the federal percentage will actually drop a bit over the next 2 budget years.

        • I think he was saying that an appreciable amount comes from federal sources, and that a significant decrease in enrollment would cause a reaction at the federal level. Obviously, both of the responses he provided could be pursued locally also. I think he is discussing a nationwide reaction due to the number of laws and proposed laws that are national.

        • In TN the state and federal money is distributed across the state based on Average Daily Attendance. Within local counties, if there is more than one school district, the money is also divided by ADA. So, yes, butts-in-the-seats is very important to all the districts.

    • “Georgia law bars any person (including the holder of a “weapons carry” license) from carrying, possessing or having under the person’s control any firearm while within a school safety zone (meaning in or on any real property or building owned by or leased to any elementary, secondary, or local board of education used for elementary or secondary education), or on a bus or other transportation furnished by the school.”

      …a few exceptions, but I’m 99.9% sure this socialite met any of them.

  4. “It appears one Jesse Davidson, social studies teacher…”

    ‘Social Studies’.

    A Leftist’s *favorite* college major…

    • Uuum…Social Studies in high school is basically history. Atleast it was for us in NYC around 2008. Doesn’t really have anything to do with leftists.

  5. This looks like another domestic terrorist event to enable the Left’s political operatives in the media to control the direction of political discourse. Now there will be less support for arming teachers in class rooms. The left does not have to win elections if they can using violence and propaganda in concert to achieve their goals.

    • Right, because all of the domestic terrorism is carried out by pacifist lefties. How about another instance of nutter going nuts. All the lefties have to do is say Oklahoma City, and the math sorta works for them, or are we gonna stipulate lefties use guns but righties use bombs, ala Eric Rudolf or Timothy McVeigh. Because for every nutter lefty like James Hodgkinson, you can pick out someone on the other side, but they’re all crazy, lets just agree that crazy is, like, crazy.

      If this was 1972, maybe it’d be different.

      • Not all recent terroristic acts have leftist origins but there has been an uptick of extremist leftist behavior recently attempting to directly influence politics. Shooting or assaulting congressmen for example to directly affect votes. These aren’t revenge attacks because people hate the government like Oklahoma City. This is more about winning by alternative means rather than the ballot box and it’s worrisome.

        • “This is more about winning by alternative means rather than the ballot box and it’s worrisome.”

          Creating fear through injury of innocents for political gains… genuine terrorism.

  6. “Jesse Davidson, social studies teacher”
    Let me guess, not a defender of the 2a rights but a psychotic retard who thinks Bernie is not commie enough?

  7. I can only bet Soro’s or bloomberg paid this guy to do it. Financially, he’s set for life. No need to be a teacher anymore.

    • Jeezus, how much money does everyone think Soros has? $8billion net worth isn’t enough to do .0001% of what he gets credit for, he’d have been out of money 20 times over.

      • Strangely enough, it doesn’t actually require that much money to buy politicians. Usually a few hundred thousand here or there will do. In the rare cases you might need a $145,000,000 bribe (a la Uranium One), but that is almost never required.

        Paying social justice warriors on the other hand is a super cheap endeavor. Most will work for $20/hour and be happy for it.

  8. Maybe he saw the high school scene in the original Red Dawn movie and had delusions of Russians parachuting onto the football field.

  9. How convenient. Discussions about end of forbidding teachers to carry in schools just started and social studies teacher shows the world how crazy can educator be and still keep his job.

    Too many coincidences!
    Once – it’s coincidence,
    twice – it’s bad luck,
    but three times and more – it’s enemy action!
    (Adjusts tin foil hat)

    • Using the term “false flag” will bring you ridicule and comments about tin (or aluminum?)foil hats, but recent events have basically been flags drawn by crayon. If this was not a false flag, then certainly it was selective news, and very coincidental timing. It can play out the same way.

      However, if an assailant entered the school and committed acts of violence, would this “teacher” have confronted the assailant, or would the teacher need to be locked in a room for privacy before drawing his weapon?

  10. My first thought was false flag, followed by an Occam’s Razor argument for a leftist hell bent on sacrificing himself to further his side’s political narrative. Who knows what is actually the case.

    I’d love to know when he bought this sidearm. If it was in the past couple weeks, I think we would know our answer…

    • Got it from his father 30 years ago, who knows when his dad bought it. But his lady dumped him last week.

      How do I know, voices man, voices.

  11. This sounds like a mental/nervous breakdown with a failed attempt at suicide, or suicide by cop. That would explain the locking the kids out and telling the administrator to leave him alone. At the end of the day, he didn’t hurt anyone.

    And don’t blame this on the subject he was teaching or political views. I’m a former secondary Social Studies teacher, and I’ve written articles for this very site. Blaming politics or his field of study makes about as much sense as an AWB in response to Florida. Keep in mind this was a rural mountain-town in GEORGIA, not some yuppie Denver suburb.

  12. Let’s pretend that teachers were allowed to take guns to school. By my count, he would still be charged with 5 crimes, instead of 6. However, in reality it’s still very illegal for even a teacher to bring a gun to a school, yet it did not stop him from doing it.


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