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“President Trump on Wednesday voiced support for confiscating guns from certain individuals deemed to be dangerous, even if it violates due process rights,” reports. ‘I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,’ Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence. ‘Take the guns first, go through due process second,'” This he said despite . . .

Vice President Pence’s caution on gun confiscation.

Trump was responding to comments from Vice President Pence that families and local law enforcement should have more tools to report potentially dangerous individuals with weapons.

“Allow due process so no one’s rights are trampled, but the ability to go to court, obtain an order and then collect not only the firearms but any weapons,” Pence said.

“Or, Mike, take the firearms first, and then go to court,” Trump responded.

Here are some more choice Presidential quotes from the firearms chin-wag:

“Don’t worry about adding in the bump stock ban, I’ll do that myself — fortunately we are able to handle that without going through Congress.”

“The background chekcs are so important….people are afraid to do background checks because they’re afraid of….somebody. ….I don’t care who’s endorsing you, you’re going to be MORE popular if you do it.”

“It takes so long going to court to get due process – I like taking the guns early — so I like what you’re saying, but take the guns first, go through due process second”

“Some people don’t like the word comprehensive….I like the word comprehensive. I’d rather have a comprehensive bill. Can you merge yours into this bill or would you rather have a Fix NICS bill?”

“It would be really nice to create something that’s beautiful, that works.”

“What surprises me is that nothing has been done for so many years…I don’t understand why this hasn’t happened for the last 20 years…..there is so much commonality between Republicans and Democrats.”

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    • Ol’ Helmet head showing his true colors! FUCK this shitbag! He a New York Republican at best…and even thats being too kind…more like a democrat in sheeps clothing. Come take mine first SHITBAG.

      • Pretty shitty to tarnish democrats like that. Whether they are for or against gun control I can’t name ONE who lied to voters about it like Drumpf. I’m an independent, but Republicans should truly feel betrayed.

        • Those considered dangerous needs to be defined very carefully. Certainly leaves liberal pro control family members in a position to sabotage a law abiding gun owner of their 2nd Amendment rights. Obviously if the individual has threatened or open display of violent behavior it probably should be considered. However I can see lots of law abiding gun owners carrying body cameras both front and back. Talk about hyper politeness to all if a concealed carry person and some printing is seen or open carry with the individual next to you anti gunner with false reporting, which has occurred in the past. Does leave a big door open. New legislation needs to be crafted extremely careful.

    • Okay, everybody take a deep breath and relax. These Trumpian comments mean nothing…yet. Saying crap like this is his stock and trade gets everyone off balance. Sounds to me like we are going to have to take “better” data going to NICS at the state level and maybe some kind of bump stock ban; beyond that, not too much.
      Give it a little time.

      • We still don’t know what Nixon meant by “guns are an abomination” since he didn’t get a ban passed

      • I hope you’re right. It does seem like his usual “throw them off balance” line he uses. I voted for Cruz, then Trump and so far he’s done better than I dared hope for. We need somebody to kick the deep state right out of here. I’ve been listening to Micheal Vlahos on the John Batchelor show. I think they’re right in that we’re already deep into America’s third civil war. We just can’t see it from our perspective yet.

      • “and maybe some kind of bump stock ban”

        I have heard with my own ears, from two separate days, Trump saying that bumps stocks are gone, that he is going to do it without Congress. He just said in this latest round that he has it already set up to go. There is no maybe about it.

        How many more times does he have to say it before some will believe him?

      • 1st and foremost- he is a negotiator.
        We think he is betraying us? He is calming the enemy down.
        If he gives too much- then he is betraying us.

        • Johnny108…you are absolutely right. The pissed off people here need to understand the realities of politics. If you dig your heels in and give nothing, we will end up with a dem congress and president and another useless “assault weapons ban.” The media descended on those poor kids in Parkland and aimed them at the NRA. Elections are won and lost by independents. Consider this before you condemn Trump. He is walking through a political mine field and trying to preserve our 2A rights as best he can.

        • The tired old “making sauage,” politics is hard and ugly shtick? I’m sure them bosses need all the help they can get.

          Y’all are making excuses for your masters.

      • I hope someone talks sense to Trump. He just walked into a trap that the dems set for him to alienate him from his base supporters. If he signs gun control legislation he looses my vote and the impeach Trump movement will gain my support. Right now I am on wait and see while sending in money to pro gun groups and calling my senators and reps.

        • I feel the same way. Lets see just exactly what Trump really does..he maybe telling the libtards what they wanna hear. I contacted all of my state reps. Senators and congressman to vote down ANY gun laws or restrictions. If all of us stick together and the NRA doesnt cave , we shouldnt have a problem.

        • Trump is a democrat.. Hate to say it.. But next the military has to arrest these pieces of shit because if that doesn’t happen were going to have to get organized real quick on fighting confiscation by ourselves.. The real sign will be If the military doesn’t enforce the constitution, then we know the Russian collusion was always against us and this country has fallen..

    • First gallant South Carolina,
      Nobly made the stand,
      Then came Alabama,
      Who took her by the hand.
      Next quickly Mississippi,
      Georgia and Florida….

        • *beat down* not really. You should read up on how Grant actually won. Which I actually credit him for, he fought like a damn Russian general on the eastern front, before there ever was such a thing. Up until he came along, the union army was too chickenshit to take the fight to the enemy. But this modern northern concept that he easily whipped the south is pure ignorance. Northerners believe this because they don’t learn about the actual war anymore. Grant won on extreme brute force and overwhelming numbers. It’s quite an amazing story, really!

        • The Cornfeds were somewhat successful in the Eastern Theater, between the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia. But the war was a disaster for the South in the Western Theater and the Trans-Mississippi Theater. And the war in the East was just a war of attrition, never really gaining or losing anything except for soldiers lives. The war was lost for the CS in the West.

        • The north won by the same “numbers game” philosophy that turned WWI into such a bloodbath. There’s really no question which side had the better fighters or horsemen.
          Unlike the Revolution, foreign powers mostly stayed away or threw in with the Union. The Confederacy stood little chance in a long-term war of attrition.

        • Civil War fantasies are stupid. The south isn’t mounting a successful armed rebellion ever.

        • Sure, they could breed the North out of existence, it doesn’t take long to breed with all the sister/cousins.

          Yes, I’m saying the south is full of inbreeders. Not all of them, there are a few in North Dakota too.

        • Wrong again. There’s statistically more inbreeding in the north and west than there is in the south. But do you know where the most inbreeding of all is? The Middle East.

        • Jokes man, jokes, heck West Virginia was in the Union, and you know about kissin’ cousins in WV.

  1. Sometimes having a politician who is not a lawyer is awesome. Sometimes…. well, you wish he at least took a decent Civics or Poli Sci 101 course…

    • Yet more proof that the Trumphole has never read the Constitution and has no idea why it says what it says. I think he’s generally done an awesome job, but I can’t say that his plot to kill the families of suspected terrorists didn’t worry the hell out of me.

      Democrats are scared of this guy because of his so-called authoritarian tendencies. Well… yeah, here’s some authoritarian tendencies clearly on display.

      Hopefully Jeff Sessions will slap some sense into him. Until then, it’s just more Trump shooting from the hip, spouting words. Where the heck are Eric and Don Jr. in all this mess?

      • I suspect they’re off camera *facepalming* and planning out what they have to say to Trump after he’s done “shooting from the hip”.

        Hey, at least he hasn’t started droning citizens to death without due process the way his predecessor did.

  2. “Just when your beautiful girlfriend convinces you that it would be kinky to put her pinkie finger in your butt, she switches then rams a 10″ dry Dildo up your ass.
    Trump is the girl friend and the dildo is gun control. The old switch-a-roo. POTG just got donkey-punched”

  3. Just got a donation request from the Trump 2020 re-election campaign while I was seeing Democrats on Twitter gleeful Trump was giving them everything they wanted with nothing in return. I sent his re-election campaign a note back they and their gun control buddies could eff themselves. Trump should see if his new gun control no due process crowd will write him a check. Hopefully he gets primaried by someone that learns from this.

      • I plan to make my way down to Town Office and un-enroll in the GOP first chance I get.
        It’s time to start searching for a hard core 2A third party candidate for 2020.
        Meanwhile get to loading ammo folks.

      • I would need to see Pence come out hard core 2A ‘Merica. At this point Trump seems to be waffling on his core campaign promises so I wouldn’t mind seeing Pence kick him to the curb as long as he stands for Freedom and the 2A.

    • After this, who doesn’t?

      Donald, thank you for keeping the Clinton crime family out of the White House, now go back to doing reality TV and let Pence take over.

      • That’s good. I’m a member too. Shame they have zero power and can’t do shit. But we have to start somewhere. Perhaps in 30 years they may be relevant in the legislature.

    • Not true, the NRA does not support these latest statements from Trump. The NRA has got to be worried, every issue of the American Rifleman has been gushing about the Trump presidency, and praising his every move.

      We need to stop the GOA and NRA alternative garbage, the NRA is doing well for us, they just tried to keep Trump in their good graces by heaping praises on him. It didn’t work, and they will turn their attention back to the legislators.

      Just remember , WE ARE THE NRA, and TRUMP WILL FEAR US

      • Trump doesn’t give a runny crap about the NRA, or nearly anything else, at all, whatsoever. Every single thing he says is about him. Republicans are scared to death about all of the crap he says, but kinda like the fact that he does little and can get their way. Democrats are scared to death about all the crap he says, and that allows the Republicans to do their thing. The citizens are scared because of the crap he says, and the fact that congress can’t get their own crap together for 3 minutes in a row.

        In the end, that’s a lot of crap.

      • Trump cares about how he can work this sham office as a way to make $ business deals for himself and his family…that is his main motivation. Regardless, good or bad, he just is not very intelligent at working any angle – he is just odd.

      • Maybe y’all should actually stop and think about what he is doing. Slow your roll y’all Trump is just guaranteeing a 2018 landslide victory for R’s. Ok think about it, there are 10 D senators up for election in states that Trump won. They have one of two choices, they can vote for it, and pretty much not be elected, they can not vote for it and still lose. You guys may not see it, but Feinstein just destroyed the Democrat party, and she doesn’t even know it.

        • And if they vote for it and it passes because of RINO contributions, then it’s the force of law, and gun control was passed via Trump leadership & cheerleading on the issue. The kind of leadership he was elected to provide for the passage of HPA and National Reciprocity…which he previously favored, yet flat-out told Scalise would be grounds for veto in any gun control bill he wants sent to his desk.

  4. This is what happens when you elect a big government NY type who doesn’t know or care about the Constitution.

    • Still better than Hilary! Trump wanst my first choice, and if I had to vote again in the same election. I would still vote Trump.

      • Right, which is why it sucked that he ended up the nominee. Extremely bad choice on one side vs. extremely unreliable choice on the other.

    • Trump’s idea that police can confiscate your firearms without due process is exactly what happened during Hurricane Katrina when police were seizing firearms. Once seized the burden and expense of an attorney would fall upon you to get your firearms back.

      I also heard Trump say that conceal carry reprocity legislation is now a dead issue and I am guessing that the Hearing Protection Act that would remove suppressors from the NFA regulations is also dead. President Trump and the Republican Congress had a year to get the two items passed and signed and now we have nothing.

      Well the rest of you kind folks can keep supporting Republicans while I will continue to vote Libertarian.

      • And yet the writers on this site and the majority of commenters still favor FedGov to make all their “rights” magically be upheld via Federal Decree vs. let States decide how free or tyrannous they want to be. And yet outside of a few really bad States ALL of the States are saddled with the NFA, GCA, etc.

        The logic fail of it all is so painful.

        Concealed Carry (still unconstitutional) became popular because individual States pushed hard for it. Now “National Reciprocity” is a thing. But it’s completely stupid. “Constitutional Carry”, which you know, is actually in the Constitution, is also an issue that the States have led on…and more States falling like dominoes. But no, no. Let’s just ask Big Brother to cure all our ills because Heaven forbid that not all 50 States have their full 2a rights be acknowledged…

        We have and will continue to have the government we deserve.

        Until we realize that the concept in general of having Washington DC rule over the whole land mass we call “America” is completely fruitless and futile when it comes to liberty then the best we can hope for is whatever Big Brother FedGov is willing to give us as privileges disguised as rights.

  5. You Trump supporters finally figuring out you got conned and elected a traitor who only used you to gain more power?

    • No. They’re still going to argue he was better than Hillary…which will be totally ignorning the fact that our whole political system is disease and that Trump vs Hillary was just a symptom of that…

      • I kinda wonder if he was, strategically speaking.

        You KNOW if Hillary were in office a GOP congress would laugh any of her proposals out the door

        They can’t do that with Trump

        • I said it would be no worse if she won and that people could vote 3rd party or not at all. But I got accused of being an undercover democrat and worse things. Mostly by peoole who couldn’t think outside the republican brand anyway, and who even now support Trump because they think they’re getting their way, which if they’re fudds they might be.

        • That’s EXACTLY why it would have been BETTER if she won. Republican opposition to HER gun control bullshit would have been resolute. You just watch-since that lying con man claims to be from their party, the Republicans are going to roll over and spread the cheeks. He ISN’T a Republican. He ISN’T a Democrat. He is a lying asshole with NO moral compass whatsoever. And since he will sign tax cuts there go gun rights.

        • If Hillary were in office several congressman and senators would a have ridden her coattails and the razor thin majority we have in the senate would have gone to dems.

      • I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary, who was I going to vote for in November, Hillary?

        I still want Ted.

      • Trump is a shameless flip flopper. He used to be a Dem and 10 years ago stated he supported the AWB.I knew when push came to shove, he would back down as he is all mouth and no backbone.

        • I’m so tired of whatabout Gorsuch.

          Right, because it’s the most important thng…..and you know it.

        • I’ll say it: Gorsuch isn’t worth spit. At least, his appointment isn’t worth our Second Amendment rights. You want to know how much Neil gives a shit about my right to bear arms? Read Thomas’s dissent when the Court refused to overturn the unconstitutional kalifornia shit just a few days ago. And then notice that it only takes FOUR votes for cert. And the notice that Neil who isn’t worth spit didn’t support the request for cert.

          This is a gun rights site. Anyone who thinks hobby lobby’s right to deny birth control coverage to its employees (a right Gorsuch was down for) at the expense of my gun rights is ON THE WRONG WEBSITE. Gorsuch sold our second amendment rights out harder and faster than Trump did. Don’t take my word for it, Clarence Thomas already wrote it out:

  6. Look. Better now than in a year when the Dems have control of both houses. A Dem sponsored bill would be more radical than anything the GOP bumpkins can cobble together and Trump could bo goaded in to signing anything provided he coud be convinced that he was the very stable genius who made it happen…

    • Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

      This is the tired ol’ BS argument that we have to give up a little now to avoid giving up more later. IE: Appeasement.

      Do you really think that’s going to satisfy the gun grabbers? Have any of the previous cake giveaways stopped them from coming back and asking for another piece?

      • The progressives aren’t even pretending any more, all the constant media blitz is how to repeal the second amendment, abolish NRA, registry, ban semi automatics, hi cap mags, etc etc, I don’t think a bump stock ban is going to have them say “well, darn, those Republicans aren’t so bad after all, we can just let them stay in office…”

        And I don’t get the Republican strategy, seems they intend to tick off the conservative base and then run again as Democrat Lite, I don’t anticipate that working out for them, nor will I support it.

        Somehow the republican leadership forgot they are in power and can do things.

        • Unspoken: Just as likely repub leaders know what they can do, and are doing it, opposing Trump until he says he will do as they demand. Established Repubs= Estab’d Dems = Power-Hungry working under the assumption they’ll eventually be taken care of by the NWO globalists.

    • R.I.P. Bill Paxton, one of the more talented and likable actors who made memorable characters …

      … and R.I.P. constitutional rights – from the lips of a president who berates the First Amendment rights of journalists, to a gun control policy authorizing “seize first and figure it out later”.

      Like that would have made a difference in this shooting. Just get the FBI to respond to credible leads. Putting armed guards in schools is a much better use of Homeland Security guards than having them inspecting stinky feet in airports.

  7. I can’t wait to see what that PwrSerge guy has to say about this one. He keeps digging his hole deeper with his mouth. At the bottom of his hole, he can bury his credibility there.

    • Hey, don’t panic. let’s wait until he’s made a few more dozen hours of public anti-gun statements, and actually infringed upon the RKBA before we talk about how it’s OK because Hillary would have been worse.

      • Disagree.

        Would still have been the same congress and the GOP majority would have probalby felt more empowered to not cave in to Hillary, at least not too much.

        What we have now is a GOP POTUS asking a GOP House and a GOP Senate to act on an issue that has gathered a lot of political momentum.

        IMO, we’re more likely so see some national gun control with Trump blithering from the White House then we would have been with Hillary shreaking from the White House.

        • C’mon now… Lets get real. They caved to Obama on almost everything because they were scared of being called racists. You think they’d stand up to Hillary while being pounded in the media for being sexists?

          • Stereodude: Yes, of course, they aren’t afraid of anything they need not face [AKA talk is cheap]. Remember the last-minute tax bill. WE MUST hold Congress’ feet to the fire until they burn, and NOT RE-ELECT 93% of them. A 9% approval rating seems more reasonable as a re-election rate.

    • I want to see how Alexander Jones tries to fool his followers into thinking Trump is pro human rights and that he is playing 3D chess better than anyone has.

    • Ok fucktard… show me the law that passed, hell show me the text of the executive order. Like a rational human being, I’m going to wait until I see something on paper.

      • I agree, where is the paper? Also, the republicans in the House and Senate are getting a lot of heat from us, the base saying don’t you dare enact any further gun control. We shouldn’t discount the silent majority, and neither should the Republicans.

  8. Is this for real? Not even 1 year into office. Could you imagine if Obungo had said this? Off with this man’s red head.

    • I think the son-of-a-bitch is serious, he’s going to do it; Unless he receives a major
      catagory(sic) 5 shit storm from “We The People”

    • “If today is more than mere jack-jawing, it will not have been a good day for President Trump.”

      He apparently flat shut Steve Scalise down when Scalise mentioned adding 50-state carry to the bill.

      Scalise needs to tell Trump he will not get his vote on the floor of the House if tries that…

  9. Don’t waste time commenting here. I just went to the white house website and let the President know what I think about all of these issues.

        • I guess his copy of the Constitution is missing the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments, then…

          I wonder how his all-star “second amendment advisory council” feels about this. Anybody know where those guys are?

    • Just sent to the Whitehouse – 2-28-18 @ ~ 6:31 PM:

      Read your book “Crippled America” Chapter 11. You are waaaaaaaayyyy out of line with the Constitution in not only your pressing for ‘Bump Stock’ regulation, but “Fix the NICS” regulation, increase in legal age to purchase rifles, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, your ‘take the weapons now, do due process later’, stance. Not to mention, all of your improper comments about all of them. Here’s how you got it wrong: No one (applying any logic) believes that government (much less the Federal government) can protect them on the individual level. Because it cannot. It is WRONGFUL, not just ‘wrong’ for anyone to claim it is even possible, much less hold out to the public that the Federal government can / does perform such a function. The Federal government cannot even protect its own workers, the military can not even assure its own protection of Service members, Federal penitentiaries cannot even guarantee protection of incarcerated prisoners. Stand up, instead, for the Second Amendment! The Second Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence says that [“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends”] is our “RIGHT AND DUTY” to “throw off” our government and “provide new Guards for [our] future security”. That [by the most basic logic] requires, and DEMANDS, PARITY OF ARMS with our government WITHOUT THE INFRINGEMENT AND HAMPERING OF HAVING TO ASK THAT SAME GOVERNMENT FOR PERMISSION FOR THE NECESSARY ARMS TO DO SO. Either way, the citizenry of the United States will exercise their authority under Paragraph 2 of the Declaration of Independence, should they so desire, and deem it necessary, and nothing makes it look as necessary as when a bunch of our ‘neighbors who needed a job’ (our government) looking like they want to do a warrantless, and un-reimbursed gun-grab. Give us instead, Nat. Reciprocity, and the HUSH Act (or similar dereg. of “suppressors”). Open the rolls transferrable full-auto firearms [again, parity] T.Y. – Joe R

      If I don’t post again, I was ‘killed by indians’.

      • Don’t worry Joe.
        That won’t know it was you.
        Ya didn’t cuss enough in capital letters to reveal your true identity.

        BTW, Good ¢.02 to Ol Ginger Top…

  10. So he hasn’t a clue of the Constitution ,my thought is does he think the resistance will save the day for him with all their votes.

      • To play devils advocate here: it’s not all that different than confiscating a vehicle or other effects for a murder or drug bust. Due process (hopefully) happens but after the confiscation….

        That said. People will die when the inevitable no knock raids happen….

        • If you were confiscating the car before the accident it is, there isn’t a Bureau of Pre-crime Tom Cruise movie happening. You can lose your house/car after being charged, not before. And even that is BS. But Trump is thinking in 8 dimensional chess, or some such crapola.

        • Show me where the Constitution says that right to keep and bear cars shall not be infringed. Until then, I will persist in believing it is indeed very different to seize arms.

  11. It’s only been 37 incidents in 3 FU–ING YEARS. How long does a Constitutional due process “speedy trial” take? Maybe we should be working on our Court System, instead of our Confiscation System. Mr. President, YOU have been distracted and/ or lied to … again. Feinstein was SO HAPPY THAT SHE PULLED IT OFF!

  12. Im waiting for all of the Trump and Republican apologists to chime in with how this is “better than what the Dems would do”. This “lesser of two evils” group think i hear about every election cycle is going to be the end.

    News flash: Republicans are no longer friends to gun rights and they havent been for some time. The sooner we quit the naive circle jerking, the sooner we can elect people that will do somehing useful.

    Trump wants to open Pandora’s box and you folks are worried about an assualt weapons ban? Better start thinking big picture. With what hes proposing, BOLT ACTION RIFLES could be on the table. Due process is a bigger deal than any other thing out there right now. This should horrify EVERYONE. Will he do it? No. But the fact it was even suggested is a big damn deal.

  13. Trump sat there agreeing with every anti-gun proposal from the Democrats (including banning assault weapons), and said “let’s put it all in a bill and get it passed.” When Steve Scalise asked for national reciprocity to be in that bill Trump refused. Trump is a traitor on gun rights. Do everything you can to sabotage him in 2018 and 2020 in favor of pro gun candidates.

  14. All HAIL President Pence! Or Cruz…ok Serge was mentioned. Serveral evil gun bills were passed in Illinois TODAY. Only RHINO Rauner stands in the way. Glad I’m not invested in AR15’s…oh well Serge.

    • You mean in AR-15 production I hope. You had better have the scary guns you want pretty soon if you don’t already. I don’t remember if you do from your comments. I am starting to think I had better get a .50bmg by 2020 or sooner if someone uses one or more in an attack. Right now M8 API is pretty cheap, so cheap that once again I have bought ammo before the gun. I wish Mk211 was a bit less than $60/round.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking, Trump will kill the 50 BMG the same way he promised to kill bump stocks “All by himself”.

        Now I just need 10 grand for the gun,

        • A Serbu BFG-50 is only $2,400. I auto-loader would be nice but I’d rather have a bolt or single shot than none at all. I like the idea of being able to stop cars and shoot through light cover.

    • Ok…

      1. HB1468 is a largely meaningless 72 hour waiting period. (and hasn’t passed the Senate)
      2. HB1469 hasn’t passed, that’s the one to look out for. (Magazine and body armor ban, they can go fuck themselves if they think I’m surrendering my $2k+ of body armor or any of my magazines.)
      3. HB1465 is a ban for people under 21.
      3.1 It still needs to pass the Senate.
      3.2 I don’t see how it will stand up in court given the arbitrary 21yo limit.
      4. HB1467 is annoying, but it is very narrowly defined and would exclude trigger modifications and even binary triggers.

      Not quite the total disaster I expected, honestly. 1469 worries me, but that’s going to be the hardest of the four to pass. The fact that it still hasn’t is a good sign.

      Of the three bills that passed, none of them would actually affect me. Given the anti-gun attitude in Illinois, I expected much worse. They still haven’t grown the balls to try a full assault weapons ban.

      As for Trump… as I said elsewhere, I’ll judge by what I actually see on paper. I remember people blowing up just as hard when he offered a DACA amnesty to the DNC, how did that work out?

      • It doesn’t affect me either Serge…I’m 64 years old. I don’t own an AR.I hate Illinois for a myriad of reasons and living a scant mile from Indiana(GOD’S country) makes it worse. My taxes are sky high and I get nothing in return. Illinois is unofficially bankrupt…and the demtards are joined by RINOS as they think they’ll be elected. Good luck Serge on keeping what you got.

        • The point is that even with all the hubbub they still went for the low hanging fruit. The only bill that actually worries me is HB1469 and it seems to have stalled.

        • On a side note, I’m moving to either Texas or Arizona within the next five years even if this garbage fails or gets vetoed. I’m done with this bullshit.

      • Would not affect me directly.

        But you have to want to protect others rights.

        Those that dont care about other’s rights are all the same – worthless shitasses.

        • Again… Illinoisistan. I’m fighting, but the only thing that is more than window dressing is the magazine / armor ban that is going to be a hard fight to pass.

  15. What does he mean, ‘take them early’ as in the case in Florida? That murderous thug never would have had them if that dingbat sheriff israel had enforced a few laws that are already on the books. The murderer would have been arrested, charged, and in jail with a record, and no chance of jumping through the hoop of a background check to buy a gun. If that sheriff and his yahoo department had done what they were supposed to do, rather than actively flout the law, the incident never would have happened at all… Trump is losing his mind…

    • “…in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida” authorities had plenty of time and opportunities to do their job and they did nothing.

      Does anyone really believe that when a guy is so dangerous that cops have to take away his guns, he (just because he’s now disarmed) suddenly ceases to be dangerous? Can’t that guy use anything else to harm others?

      This concentration on the tool instead on the person never stops to amaze me

  16. Well, hold on you guys, Trump is still playing 11 dimension
    super ninja mind-fuck chess.
    lets wait and see…….(Sarcasm off)

    • Or peekaboo. I’d rather have an evil genius at this point, what we have now is a 71 year old fart joke, not evil or genious.

    • No. If he doesnt know what he really thinks….he should keep his stupid mouth shut.

      Just saying shit out loud gives the antis ammunition (so to speak).

  17. Could’ve had Cruz, who would fight this shit. Could’ve had Rubio who would fight this shit.
    Could’ve had Paul, who is fighting this shit.
    Had to have Trump. I tried repeatedly to show people that Trump is no fan of the second amendment, I pointed out that he was an antigun liberal right up until he ran for election. I’ve been quiet the last couple weeks because I don’t want to just say I told you so, but here we are. This man has no more respect for the Constitution or the people of this country than Obama did.

    • Most people care nothing of the Constitution except for how their pet issues affect them and people they relate to. They’re fine with it being tread on as long as it’s an Other’s rights being trampled. I think that’s a part of the greater problem.

        • Look up the CNN “Town Hall” agitprop from last week. A little badgering by a high-school kid had Rubio shitting himself and stammering like a teenager caught masturbating.

          If that chump were president now, he’d already have signed away our ARs and AKs, and probably thrown in semiauto shotguns for good measure.

          I don’t trust Trump in the slightest, but Rubio is clearly useless under pressure.

    • I would vote for anybody exactly like Cruz, but that doesn’t look like a perv with evil juju mind juice.

  18. For God sakes Donald..the only reason a lot of us Deplorables voted for you was your pro 2nd amendment fuck this up an you will be one term mistake.Get some advisors around you that know what the fuck is going on!

    • That people haven’t kicked in HIS door over this, is troubling. The only outrage is here? F all of ya then.

  19. Hmm… well Trump has been know to say a bunch of stuff that seems to give the Democrats everything they want but leaves them to twist in the wind later. I am going to give this a day or two before hitting the panic button. But this is really alarming if Trump is sincere.

  20. Calm down. People still don’t understand how Trump works, I’m disappointed in some of you. He’s saying crazy shit again, he will not screw us.

    • No. “He works in mysterious ways” is only ever to be applied to deities, not government officials.

      The “Not Hillary” card has expired. It’s on freedom-loving citizens to hold his feet to the fire.

        • Pork spending budget bill, corporate shill tax bill. So those are the only two large things he did, and both are anathema to his words of the campaign and the last 15 years of conservative thought.

        • You can call it what you want. I said specifically. The tax bill is exactly the move in the direction I want, lower federal taxes. Our corporate tax rates have always been absurd, that needed to change.

          The spending bill was nothing new. There are things we simply need, and until we get a congress willing to cut welfare spending, the entire discretionary budget won’t make a damn bit of difference. If we cut entitlements, we have a massive budget surplus. Hell, I’d settle for making all the handouts cut to the point where they are being paid for by the taxes specifically raised to support them.

  21. I would wait for the final result before we pass judgement on Trump. If he screws us, we can always help the Democrats impeach him.

    Further, Congress still wants to be reelected. Trump may know already that nothing is going to pass Congress; therefore, he may have been just full of hot air today.

    • Why would the Democrats want to impeach someone that gives them what they couldn’t get during Obama’s time in office?

      Once things are signed, you are not going to get them back regardless of who takes office in the future.

      Trump is making the Democrats look good right when they need to. He is making Republicans look bad right before they have to win an election, hence the flip flopping they are doing.

      The Democrats asked for $100,000 for the car. Trump says I will only give you $50,000. The Democrats would have taken $10,000. Trump then tells the Republicans figure out how to pay the Democrats.

      • The Progs hate him for beating Hillary. It wouldn’t be hard to get him impeached if the right and the Progs decided to get together.

      • What makes you think that Trump intends to give the Democrats any of what he talks about?

        As others have, quite correctly, pointed out Trump laid out pretty much everything the Democrats wanted on immigration and they still wouldn’t take it. Fighting with their far-Left base meant they walked away from an offer of basically everything they had spent years saying they wanted, caused them to throw the DACA kids under the bus and forced them to basically run this mid-term on planks of sanctuary states/cities, chain migration and open boarders. They lost across the board on that one because of infighting in their own party.

        So again, I ask what makes you think this is any different? We all know what the Democrats really want and if they’re not willing to take anything other than what they want but won’t currently admit that they want then they will again walk away from a “reasonable deal”, leaving everything on the table and looking like sore losers who can’t get over HRC not winning.

        People forget that this isn’t “the real world”. It’s politics. A knife fight in a telephone booth that’s mostly based on bullshit.

        • The *quickest* way to shut Trump down is for Scalise and the other conservatives to make quite clear to Trump that if he pulls that stunt, they will join the Dems in a vote for impeachment.

          That would ‘Get Trump’s attention’…

  22. The 4th Amendment protects citizens against unreasonable search and seizure. The 5th & 14th Amendments prohibit federal, state and local governments from depriving any person of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” There are quite a few constitutional hurdles to jump before President Trump (or any other government entity) starts confiscating guns from any U.S. citizen first and worrying about due process later.

  23. *yawn* Lot’s of people say lots of things. Wake me up when something actually happens.

    Until then try to keep your panties from getting all knotted up.

    • Yeah… I was busy at work all day and I come here to find this hyperventilating bullshit. I mean seriously guys, I thought we were the side that looks at the facts before we start jumping to conclusions.

      For an excellent example, look at what happened today in Illinois.
      All they managed to do is get the dealer licensing bill to Rauner’s desk along with some token restrictions and a very narrowly defined bump stock ban. (One that only actually bans bump stocks and not more or less all semi-autos like the version last year would have.) Hell, the text of the document doesn’t even ban binary triggers.

      There’s HB 1469 which is a magazine and body armor ban, but given that it hasn’t passed yet and the text hasn’t been published, I’m rather hopeful.

      • “I mean seriously guys, I thought we were the side that looks at the facts before we start jumping to conclusions.”

        Both sides have their paranoid factions that jump into panic mode at the drop of a hat, or the spouting of a few words. They also tend to be the most vocal and therefore the ones most prone to throwing out comments on a website like TTAG.

        It’s also part of the way the media on both sides works. Flip on over the Breitbart and they’re fanning the flames of this kind of paranoia. People in the comment sections are flipping out and talking about buying tons of semi-auto rifles and mags “before they’re banned”.

        Great, how annoying for those of us who just wanted to buy a few pistol mags which are now going to be 3x the price if we can find them… awesome. But hey, gotta get those clicks!

      • “All they managed to do is get the dealer licensing bill to Rauner’s desk along with some token restrictions and a very narrowly defined bump stock ban.”

        Never mind. It’s a waste of time… Just like arguing with a leftist. 🙁

        • You haven’t been paying attention to Illinois politics, have you? The fact that we managed to keep the damage down to just that with a DNC controlled house and senate, is a minor miracle. …and no, “vote them out” is not a solution in Illinois. Chicagoland controls the majority of both house and senate seats.

        • You apparently missed the edit:

          “Never mind. It’s a waste of time… Just like arguing with a leftist. 🙁 ”

          Your voluntary role as apologist for Trump is fanatical and, frankly, moronic.

  24. there is so much commonality between Republicans and Democrats [representatives].

    YEP, they all gotta go.

  25. You’d think a guy who was the target of a Special Counsel investigation would care a little more about due process.

  26. Ok. Let’s see

    Strengthen background checks- this is fix NICS- which frankly as I understand it provides states motivation to- you know actually report felons to now pretty much useless NICS. This does not mandate a state does so. I’m OK with this relatively speaking—we have a law it should be properly enforced.

    Laws to give sheriffs the authority to confiscate guns after being called out for good reason—again this is already out there—and I’m concerned about potential abuses—but not much different than what is already out there. (People will still die in raids-which sucks). BIG question: does it mandate a due process proceeding in short order!?

    Firmly believe the AWB talk is a Dare to the Dems (anyone really) to try it. A clever ploy to dare the dems to try it ahead of mid terms? I still think this is a non starter and congress know it. Dems are in a tough spot. don’t try it and piss off the base or try it and piss of the fence sitters in close districts

    I’m against an EO to ban bump fire stocks. But this is likely to be overturned by the courts at a minimum- and most likely open the machine gun registry—which any of the clever among us might view as a positive.

    A lot of talk of allowing teachers to carry in schools which I support.

    I’m eating Popcorn on this one. Waiting to hear details. Trump is playing antagonist here: I believe the ultimate goal is to get national reciprocity/fix NICS passed- and potentially weaken the NFA.

    • You didnt listen to the trump moron, he sold out everything your still hoping for. He won’t get it, but it will be in spite of him, not some brilliant machevleon gambit

      • For some reason this comment made me chuckle…

        Entirely possible we are being sold down the river to try and win some elusive victory (probably not pro 2a) or more likely this is a ploy to try and stop the blue wave from continuing into mid terms. If this is the case I don’t see this helping the cause: bad calculus. This would only help the libertarian party- and then not enough to actually make a difference

  27. I contacted every elected official in my election to quarry them on their 2A position, even the damn land commissioner, district attorney, county judge, all of them.

    Forget Trump, he sold us out!!! Never get fooled again in the Republican primaries, elect a mainstream politician

  28. It just occurred to me that maybe Trump’s real motive is to generate increased gun sales. They’ve been kinda flat without Obama. I wonder what that Sunday meeting with Wayne & Chris was really about.

    • The way that you guys refuse to see that you just got sold out is baffling me, let’s face it, Trump caved, to gun control of all things

      But that’s because he never had the conviction to start with, he feigned his way as a supporter until now

      • It takes a majority of 60 in the Senate to move a bill. It takes a majority of the Republican-controlled House to pass a bill.

        Nothing is going to happen. DOA.

  29. Regardless of whether it passes or not, if Trump tries to push thru gun control, he will not be a two term president.

    Plus, 2020 will result in huge losses for the Republicans.

    President Trump…you’d BETTER be afraid of the NRA. Many folks aren’t NRA members, but they are big supporters. They carry a lot of weight at the voting booth.

    • Exactly, dont fear the NRA, fear the voters like us. 5 millions members (im a life member myself). And as you said probably a 5-1 ratio of supporters that count themselves as NRA members but have just let there membership lapse.

  30. Hmm… with all this talk of Trump supporting an AWB, I wonder what midterm results will look like. Nothing quite riles up conservatives when it comes to gun control.

  31. What do we call Trump supporters, class?


    What do we call Hillary supporters, class?

    Ugly old women!

    Now that Bernie has climbed on the BS Russiagate bandwagon, what do we call Bernie supporters, class?


    What do we call anarchists, class?

    Realists. As we like to say, “Don’t vote – it only encourages them.”

    The reality is that anyone running for office is precisely disqualified from holding office.

  32. Wow, attacking the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments in one meeting! Under budget and ahead of schedule Mr. President!

  33. Maybe Trump isn’t going to run for a second term. Maybe he knows he won’t even be around to sign any gun bill if one gets out of Congress. Maybe Mueller’s got something. Pence No. 46?

    Lots of maybes. Stay tuned.

  34. A second revolution can be prevented. Let’s organize a million man March to the Whitehouse, together we stand. Let us do our talking in unison. Those wanting to eliminate the Second Amendment do it with rally’s, and here we sit spouting to each other and putting our hopes with the NRA. WE MUST MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD IN UNISON.Help me get this ” Save the Constitution, rally started. Who’s with me?….. My phone number is 620-778-9026 this is scary for me, to post my phone number but something’s got to be done, non violently

    • This is a good idea. I called it the OFWGs multi-million man march. It shouldn’t be limited to OFWGs. Everyone that supports and wants the the Constitution and Bill of Rights respected should show up.

      We need to have more people march on Washington than have ever marched before.

      That would get their attention. I can see all of the pickups stuck in traffic on the Beltway now.

      • Ideally Independence Day, Washington DC. I’m not good with words, can’t spell for shit, I need some help to organize this. I am very serious about the marching on Washington, I’m thinking if we start now, passing out flyers, contacting friends and what not, by the time 4 July roles around POTG and true patriots could be organized.

    • “A second revolution can be prevented. Let’s organize a million man March to the Whitehouse, together we stand.”

      You’re forgetting something important –

      The Leftist media won’t cover it *anywhere* near as extensively as they did for the anti-Trump protesters.

      But there *is* a way to force them to cover it. It will require several hundred volunteers willing to get their cars impounded for our cause.

      Here’s how it will work – Right before weekday rush hour in Washington DC, volunteers will stop their cars on the freeways into the city, get out, lock their cars up, and walk away from them.

      Most of Washington DC will not be able to show up for work, effectively paralyzing DC. This will require *lots* of vehicles abandoned at each location since the tow truck companies will be hauling them out as fast as they can.

      Oh, and the white shoe polish lettering on the inside of the car window glass will have our slogans on them for the TV media folks to see as they haul the cars away. “Don’t mess with my 2nd amendment”, for example.

      Al we need are 500 or so volunteers willing to get their cars towed and take the rap in court for whatever they get charged with.

      That will get *massive* national attention.

      If the hippies can chain themselves to trees to stop logging companies from cutting trees as a ‘protest’, we can do something similar to *them*…

      *snicker* 😉


  35. Maybe the President is just trying to make 2018 a record year for firearms purchases. And here I thought satan left Obama for a second.

  36. The main problem is … had the incompetent FBI and Florida Police Department done their DAMN JOBS they would have been able to avert this latest tragedy. The blood of those children is as much on the hands of law enforcement (many of whom are both incompetent and arrogant) as Cruz himself.

  37. Since this is all about saving kids why dont we do away with smart phones and raise the driving age to 21. We would save a lot more children.

    • Disagree.

      The Republicans would link arms to stand in opposition to a Hillary proposed gun ban. But since Trump wants it, they will roll.

  38. “Trump was responding to comments from Vice President Pence that families and local law enforcement should have more tools to report potentially dangerous individuals with weapons.”

    Correct me if I am wront… People were warned and no one did shit…

    More gun laws only work if people act on them… and no one is acting on the gun laws we have currently…

    So who is Trump jerking off now?

  39. When you elect a man with no personal constitution, you can’t be surprised when he craps on the actual Constitution.

  40. One Term President and Douche Nozzle! Due Process Be Damned! Disarm the Trumps while their being investigated under Russia/TRUMP collision special committee!

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