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“A soldier (not pictured above) has been shot at Ottawa’s War Memorial in Canada, near the parliament, after a gunman opened fire. The soldier was being treated by paramedics and police rushed on the scene. Witnesses told CBC News that the suspected shooter was carrying rifle.” The report from has no information as to the soldier’s condition. Another attack on two Canadian soldiers yesterday – that one vehicular – killed one and injured the other. That incident is now being called a terrorist attack by a radical Islamic convert. Canada is part of the coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. There’s no information yet whether the two crimes are related in any way. More as details emerge.

UPDATE: reports that the gunman continued shooting inside Canada’s Parliament building – “Witnesses reported seeing a gunman firing at the Ottawa War Memorial and then running toward the government buildings, where more shots were heard. A soldier has been wounded in the attack, Canadian media report. The incident came hours after Canada raised its terror threat level from low to medium. A soldier was killed in a hit-and-run earlier in the week. Two Canadian MPs later said the gunman was killed, but that has yet to be confirmed.”

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  1. Don’t worry, guys, this is the JV team. We’ll reduce them to a manageable threat in no time.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, tee-off’s at noon.

    • Nobody needs a double-barreled shotgun for hunting. These weapons of war have no place on our streets. Time for assault shotgun legislation. /sarc

    • It isn’t, that’s why we’re rolling it back. This fall, the government introduced further legislation to simplify the rules and remove red tape. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. I think any American living in a state like NJ or NY should take heart at our initiatives. It shows that no matter how bad it gets, you still can stand up and take back your rights.

    • Hey, it’s just “workplace violence” – you know, like the beheading by the Muslim convert in Oklahoma and the Muslim army major who killed 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas.

  2. Does this mean the “terrorists” are less afraid of the Canadians than the Americans? Or that they only want to attack Western Countries that won’t embarrass them by classifying their Holy Acts of Jihad against the infidels as “workplace violence”? Hmmmm…maybe that works better than we thought….

  3. Thanks to their absrud multicultural polices Canada has a bigger Muslim problem than the US. Terrorists are far more likely to enter from the Northern Border than the Southern.

    And that is a Mountie in the picture and not a member of the Canadian Forces. Canada has been a faithful ally since 1911. They have pulled more than their own weight in Afghanistan.

      • Yeah and if all those Yankee traders had stayed out of the Mediterranean those fellows would have left us alone.

      • Lol. Google “saddam atrocities” “al anfal” or “halabja”

        The Kurds were very happy to have us invade.

    • “Thanks to their absrud multicultural polices Canada has a bigger Muslim problem than the US. ”

      Probably, as a percentage of population – as an absolute number, no f’n way.

      Remember, for decades Quebec has had the special right to recruit it’s own French-speaking immigrants. A big source of those has been formerly-French North Africa, a/k/a Algeria and its neighbors.

    • +10

      “We’re friendly Canadians. Nothing bad will happen to us.

      We let anyone in just like Europe and the Scandinavian countries. They’re not having any problems with Is-lame-ists.

      And we outlaw guns and knives for self defense for law abiding citizens. We dont need them to protect ourselves. Were Canadian.

      • Your ignorance is astounding but hardly surprising.
        1) Per capita, Canadians own long guns at a higher rate than Americans
        2) Canadians have a long and distinguished history fighting in wars. Google the battle of Passchendaele in WW I. The term “stormtroopers” was originated by the Germans to describe Canadian soldiers.
        3) Canadian soldiers were fighting and dying in WW II YEARS before America joined the war due to its isolationist policy.
        4) Canadian soldiers have been fighting and dying alongside Americans in Afghanistan in the war on terror.
        5) Our gun laws DO work. We have a far lower per capita rate of gun-related crime than the US which loves to bring out these incidents but in fact you are only proving our point that these incidents in Canada are rare! You do hear yourself right?
        6) Even though most of your allies have abandoned you, Canada has always stood by the US NO MATTER WHAT. On 9-11, we landed all US-bound flights and took care of tens of thousands of Americans for days. Google Gander and 9-11.
        7) Our Canadian ambassador risked his life to save the US hostages in Iran
        By the way the movie Argo was a nice film but not accurate as it overplayed role of CIA and underplayed what Canada did.
        8) It is a huge honor for any soldier to guard our national War Memorial, akin to a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier in Arlington. Show some frigging respect.
        We will always have your back America. So maybe, in our time of need when our soldiers are being killed in terrorist attacks, instead of making ignorant remarks online, you can remember who’s always been there for you, eh.

        • The US has the highest civilian gun ownership in the world. I highly doubt Canada has more of any type of firearms than the US.

          I fundamentally do not believe in gun control laws which make civilian carry of firearms / concealed carry illegal. The overall crime rate in the US has decreased as gun ownership has increased. I do not accept that your gun control laws are working. Advanced medical care and other factors turn what was a murder years ago into a survivable incident.

          I do however respect and appreciate support from Canada in foreign wars and as an ally. I will fight for your firearm freedoms such as I am able. If there is a good Canada pro-gun organization you can point me to I will donate money to it.

        • Hey RCMP supporter, we love you as America’s 51st state with its 10 gleaming counties! 😉

          I kid. I, for one, appreciate what our northern neighbors do for and with us.

          From this Upper Mexican, I say thanks!

        • That’s not because of your laws. It’s because of demographics. There are several US states with very loose gun laws that have lower murder rates than several Canadian provinces.

          “Surely with such lax gun-control laws, our murder rate must be much higher than our Canadian counterparts’ rate. But this is not the case: I was surprised to find that not only Nunavut (21.01) and the Northwest Territories (6.87) in Canada had much higher murder rates than Idaho, but even Nova Scotia (2.33), Manitoba (4.24), Saskatchewan (3.59), and Alberta (2.88) had higher murder rates. (Okay, Nova Scotia is just a teensy-weensy bit higher than Idaho for 2011.)”

          Canada is a valued friend.

        • Montreal had had two mass school shootings. My city in Texas has had none. Toronto had a mass shooting right before our Aurora shooting.

        • As you saw above, I have a strong affinity for Canada and Canadians. My mother was from a farm near Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. I agree pretty much with everything you said except your comments about the comparative murder rates. It’s the culture not the guns or gun control. Canada has always had a lower murder rate than the US. I was talking to someone from Toronto about the Jamaican drug gangs that inhabit the city. She told me that 30 out of 40 Toronto murders in 2013 were among the Jamaicans. I told her now imagine what the murder rate would be if these gangs controlled 1/3 of the city. I live in the Northern Virginia suburbs of DC. Our murder rate is lower than Toronto even though Virginia is one of the least restrictive states when it comes to firearms ownership. Across the river in DC where gun prohibition is stronger the UK, the crime rate is among the highest in the nation.

  4. That is why Canada and the US should leave the Iraqis alone. We have no business being there just as Chinese soldiers or Russian soldiers have no business marching down the streets of Ottawa or Houston.

    • You do realize that ISIS has repeatedly said they will come after us regardless? Also, if we had adopted this attitude down through history, we would be faced with a world that speaks German and Japanese where the Jewish people had all but ceased to exist.

        • I believe the Germans sank the Lusitania in 1915. That is 26 years before Pearl Harbor. I guess that shows a lot restraint on the part of the United States. I mean we waited until after the First Wordl War ended before go after the nasty Huns. /dripping with sarcasm

          You have just demonstrated how historically ignorant neo-isolantionists are. I suggest you go back and read up on the early days of the foreign wars declared or not fought by the United States from 1787-1815.

        • “In WW2, we were not the aggressors. The Germans sank the Lusitania, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.”

          You have revealed your true identity, senator Blutarski. And remember, it was the Germans who bombed Pearl harbor. And the Japanese sank the Lusitania in WW1, not WW2. Get your facts straight.

        • Yes, it is partially about oil. Tell me, so you drive, fly, have a lawn mower, or have plastic thing? Or buy anything at the store. All rely on oil and it’s by products. Oil is critical to our economy and national security. If you don’t like it, take that up with your liberal friends and politicians, and let’s start drilling and building the keystone pipeline. Then we won’t need their oil.

        • Saddam invaded Kuwait and threatened to invade KSA. Then after we and our allies kicked him out of Kuwait, he engaged in genocide of the Shia and Kurds, which was only stopped by US forces flying the two no-fly zones every single day of every year between Gulf Wars 1&2. And yes, the only reason Saddam was such a threat was because of oil. WW2 was largely about oil too, and it was won by TX oil. My uncle was killed when his tanker full of Texas oil for the UK was sunk by a Uboat. Oil is critical to everything we do whether you like it or not.

        • Well supposedly, Japan attacked us when we stopped exporting oil to them, as punishment after they had invaded China during the Sino-Japanese phase of WWII (we were one of their biggest oil exporters at the time). They figured an embargo was just the first step to war with us, and decided to beat us to the punch. Plus they also claimed we had no place in the Pacific theater either, so I guess if you twist anything enough, the United States “provoked” the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor.

        • So let me get this straight guys. Are you saying that because we need oil, we should be invading and bombing Iraqis and taking their oil out from under them? I may be mistaken, but that is what it sounded like.

          • That’s what you want it to sound like. Never let facts get in the way of your commentary. They are detrimental to your message.

        • Anonymous says:
          October 22, 2014 at 12:06

          We didn’t take Iraq’s oil. Where did you that idea? We BUY it from them, just as we do from other countries. If they didn’t have people buying it and helping them produce it, they wouldn’t have that wealth.

          Before 2003 UN sanctions prohibited Iraq from selling their oil except for food and medicine (although people on both sides scammed that program). This resulted in vast poverty, and perhaps 500,000 deaths, according to human rights orgs. After we and our allies deposed Saddam, Iraq was allowed to sell all the oil it could produce.

          Please don’t rewrite history.

        • Tdiniva/Bolero,

          Yea I spit out the Lusitania without checking – it was actually the SS Athenia I was thinking of.

          But, while you guys rub each other down with your satisfying retorts like lotion (which didn’t actually address my stated implication), The fact of the matter is, we “invaded” Iraq, the Iraqis didn’t want nor invite us there and… we were there because of the oil. Not for Iran, not for Kuwait… for oil.

        • We didn’t take Iraq’s oil. Where did you that idea? We BUY it from them, just as we do from other countries.

          Of course we buy it from them. Of course they agree to sell it to us. There is money to be made there. That was why we were there.

    • We left Iraq, so now genocide and mass sex slavery is happening. The Kurds and Yazidis are begging us for help. it’s hard to turn our backs on those people.

      Harper was about to meet with that girl who was shot by the Taliban for going to school.

      It can be argued that it may not be in our national interest to be the world police, but to say that the Taliban and IS are in any way to be respected is insane and evil.

      • … but to say that the Taliban and IS are in any way to be respected is insane and evil.

        Nobody said that but you.

        The instability within Iraq is a direct result of our interference within their country. That instability is directly attributed to our invading and meddling in Iraqi affairs.

        • Instability with horrible atrocities by ISIS, or a brutal dictator who killed and enslaved at least as many people on a regular basis and threatened us and his neighbors? Not much has changed, just the face of evil there. Yes, it pisses me off that we expended a lot of blood and treasure on what has clearly changed nothing but the faces in charge. Nevertheless, we did give the Iraqis a shot at freedom. Then yanked the rug out from underneath them.

        • It was stable until Obama pulled every single one of our military out, against he advice of his cabinet and the military. Obama and Biden bragged about how well it was doing as they pulled out every last troop. We are reaping the result.

        • The Iraqis are begging us for help. Comparing the situation in Mosul or Khobane to Houston and Ottawa is inaccurate.

        • Yeah, Iraq was a lot better off with Saddam feeding people into wood chipper and using poison gas on the Kurds. He was just a warm, fuzzy, teddy bear of a guy. We gave the Iraqis a chance to establish a democratic government with the rule of secular law (as opposed to Sharia law). The fact that they blew that chance when the Feckless One pulled out our troops is on them, not us.

        • The Iraqis are begging us for help. Comparing the situation in Mosul or Khobane to Houston and Ottawa is inaccurate.

          That’s Iraqi business. If I wanted European UN troops to invade because there were too many gun owners in the US would you support it. Iraqi people may need help. The last people they want helping them are the US. Maybe it has something to do with all the “collateral damage.”

          Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, for instance, is a hugely pro-American politician who believes Iraq’s security forces will be incapable of protecting the country without sustained foreign assistance. But in a recent interview, he refused to endorse a U.S. troop extension and instead indicated that they should leave.

          “We have serious security problems in this country and serious political problems,” he said in an interview late last month at his heavily guarded compound in Baghdad. “Keeping Americans in Iraq longer isn’t the answer to the problems of Iraq. It may be an answer to the problems of the U.S., but it’s definitely not the solution to the problems of my country.”

    • You are aware that terror attacks were planned against Canada long before we announced any support for the Kurds in Iraq? In fact, they were announced even after we publicly renounced going into Iraq in 2003.

      • You know I was thinking the other day. Iceland has a lot of Christians. But ISIS and Islam don’t seem to be interested in car bombings there or really killing anyone at all. But then again Iceland doesn’t drop bombs or has invaded Iraq killing women and children and referring to them as “collateral damage.”

        Seems to me, a lot of these militant groups in Iraq are forged out of the smoke and ashes of US bombs.

        • And Canada didn’t invade Iraq, either. Funny how things work, isn’t it.

          Seems to me that you really haven’t looked at this as deeply as you believe you have.

        • Yes, like I said, we did not participate. if some Canadian soldiers were in Iraq, that was due to our NORAD commitments, and they did not take direct part in combat. We contributed 300 million dollars to assist in the rebuilding of Iraq- surely you cannot object to humanitarian aid?

          Prime Minister Jean Chrétien specifically stated we were not joining the military action, and we did not do so. Our presense in the Gulf was beneficial to monitoring potential terror threats in the region, preserving the peace.

          Again, I strongly suggest you re-evaluate your position, as you have not properly examined the issues in question and are merely focusing on a symptom and not the cause.

        • I was thinking recently, chocolate comes in various shades of brown. Amazingly, so does poop. But I doubt that poop tastes anywhere as good as chocolate. My reasoning makes as much sense as yours does. Why don’t you taste some poop for me, and tell me if you think it is delicious.

    • Remember that Bin laden’s major stated cause for the 9-11 attack was our base in KSA, the holiest of Muslim countries.

      We had the base in KSA because Saddam threatened KSA, the owners of the oil spigot, for decades.

      After we overthrew Saddam, we were able to shut down our base in KSA.
      This is all a lot more complicated than you think, although the root cause is very simple: an evil totalitarian anti-woman ideology is being spread, and they’re spreading it violently regardless of the prior actions of their victims.

      • While we shut down Prince Sultan Air Base, we still have many warehouses packed full of military gear, ammunition, etc.

        All nicely pre-positioned for Gulf War 3. (GW3, date to be announced)

  5. Couple of interesting data points:

    The vehicular terrorist who ran down two CF members deal St Jean was not an immigrant – he was apparently a pure laine Quebecois who converted to Islam. Make of that what you will.

    The even which set into motion most of Canada’s more recent gun control measures (not that it wasn’t pretty restrictive before, but this was Canada’s Columbine/Newtown or Dunblane) was the mass killing of women students at Montreal’s École Polytechnique by Marc Lepine. “Marc Lépine was born Gamil Gharbi to a French-Canadian mother and an Algerian father.”

  6. Kinda’ EZ to get into parliament eh? Good thing we protect OUR president and the White house so well…oh wait. As far as how EZ it is to get into North America I see tons of Middleast types in my neighborhood. Burkas too. Are they up to no good-beats me…

  7. Latest update suggests one of the attackers was confronted by a retired Mountie serving as sergeant at arms who was armed and able to return fire.

    Newsflash: good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.

  8. Liberal Canadians will never acknowledge that for all practical purposes, their country is a great big gun free zone and a soft target for a terrorist with a rifle.

    • You do realize our Prime Minister is with the CONSERVATIVE party right?

      Please, unless you have lived in Canada, stop spreading ignorance.

  9. Not to put too fine a point on it, Dan, but I believe that the photo is that of an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP. While it’s true that you mention that the photo is not of the wounded soldier, you could do better that that.

  10. Begging the question as to who’s protecting the soldier guarding the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”.
    Today’s attack isn’t a matter of gun control but one of ISLAM IN ACTION. Trust that Allah’s genocidal henchmen are coming our way.

    • Nonsense, I have it on good authority the threat of terrorism is ginned up by militarized police in order increase police powers. Well, at least until it isn’t.

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