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Multiple news sources are reporting that gunshots were fired outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The UK’s Mirror reports that Police have confirmed an “incident” is underway, and are warning people to stay away.

A French journalist claimed police shot a man armed with a hammer, but this is unconfirmed.

Another French Journalist, David Rahul Métreau, said: “All what I can say is that a vehicle resembling an armored truck is in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.”

Witness Mark Johnson posted on Twitter: “Loud bangs just now at Notre Dame. Crowd scattered. Sirens going off.”

Another witness said: “We’re trapped in Notre-Dame de Paris, something is happening outside. Police sirens can be heard. They are not letting anyone in or out.”

The BBC states that the hammer-wielding person attempted to attack a police officer and was shot in response. It also helpfully reminds us that France has officially been under a State of Emergency “since attacks by [Islamic] jihadists in Paris left 130 people dead in 2015.”

UPDATE: Sky News reports that the as-yet unidentified hammer-wielding attacker was “neutralized” by police — an apparent euphemism for “being shot in the thorax” and is in the hospital at this time. “[H]is motive remains unclear.” One Parisian officer was also wounded, and his condition is also unknown at this time.

“[A] couple of thousand people” were apparently inside the cathedral at the time. A photo run by Sky News apparently taken during the operation shows a mass of people assuming the position.

Credit: Nancy Soderberg, via

Sky News states that “Those who were trapped inside were gradually being allowed to leave once ‘usual’ security checks had taken place.”

UPDATE 2: The French Interior Minister states that the suspect yelled “This is for Syria!” as he attacked the police officer. So, perhaps they’re making progress in putting together a motive.

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  1. Wow, you’d think they were having a problem with Muslim extremists in Europe or something…

    ….who could have guessed that?

    • NO!!! It could not be an adherent to the religion of peace, it must be someone with mental problems… Islam maybe?

    • It’s Ramadan until June 24. Muslims feel especially murderous fasting all day and partying all night. Westerners have to be on heightened alert until the orgy of hate and violence is over.

    • The Irish Troubles prove that people can use any religion as an excuse to kill other people. Given Europe’s history over the last 100 years, this crap that is going on is nothing.

      • The IRA’s violence was not based on an accurate understaning of the Bible. Islamist violence however…

        • Some people like to kill people, if they can find an excuse in religion to do it they will. FYI in Acts 5 you had people dropping dead for holding back some of the tithe and lying about it, so….

        • People can try to claim whatever they want but that doesn’t make it true. That’s the problem with personal interpretation.

          But if your religious text (Quran) really is violent, evil, and unnatural then interpretation isn’t the issue.

  2. Hopefully we have no civilian casualties today

    Is SOP for French police to lock people into buildings when a situation arises? What could possibly go wrong, at least the government is here to help….

    • Judging by the update and accompanying photo, I don’t think the purpose of confining the crowd was to keep them safe, but rather to prevent the escape of accomplices.

    • The paranoid part of me wonders if this was a dry run, to see where concentrations of victims will be should a similar situation happen again.

      • That’s not paranoia. You’re just worried that they’ll do what they’ve done elsewhere but with a twist.

        The concept of what you describe here basically goes back to the the Palestinian attacks of yesteryear. Set off bomb or launch other attack to create crowd, attack crowd. Not a new concept. It goes back to at least the second intifada.

  3. At least the gendarmes are armed. Ya’ gotta’ wonder at the intelligence level of a muslim savage attacking a guy who WILL shoot you!?

    • BAN_HAMMERS! *ahem* Never mind.

      French police gets kudos for still using M12, by the way.

      (and no, there is no ID on the subject)

    • ” Ya’ gotta’ wonder at the intelligence level of a muslim savage attacking a guy who WILL shoot you!”

      To them, it’s a beautiful thing.

      Their place in Paradise is assured…

  4. Watching TV coverage right now. MSNBC…”Attacker neutralized.” FOX…”Attacker shot.” We’re all adults here (I hope), we can say “shot.” Just wish it was “shot alot!”

  5. I’m starting to really enjoy these reports. Schadenfreude to the max. It’s like a running gag. Snackbar freak out followed by more #PrayforInsertShitholeHere and Facebook slacktivism.

    Burn baby! Burn!

    • Within a day or two it will be discovered that this muzzie was a known extremist who just returned from jihad campaigning in Syria. Europe, slowly committing cultural suicide. Let ’em.

    • I dunno what all those other people are praying for, but I’m willing to pray that all those places develop a spine and the intestinal fortitude needed to end the problem. (And if they ever do, I promise I won’t criticize their methods.)

  6. Sounds a lot like attempted suicide by cop, to me. Screaming threats at everybody until an armed cop arrives, then attacking the cop? Either SBC or *incredibly* stupid, did he think he was fooling allah into believing this was real jihad? But hey, how about one guy attacks a cop with a freaking hammer and the visible response is HUNDREDS of cops with machine guns, lock down thousands of citizens and tourists. If there was a real threat, say 3 guys with rifles, would they bring a hundred tanks and close the borders for a few weeks? Call in an airstrike?

    • Swat Cops are loving this shit. They live for getting out all their toys and gear and parading around after the fact. The patrol guys are the ones that put these muzzrats down.

  7. So, to be clear, there was no attack inside the church. There was no attack on non-law enforcement civilians. The only shots that happened were when the police shot the assailant. The only person attacked was a Paris police officer.
    That all correct?

      • No, he doesn’t. The articles are vague. Was the dude just standing around with a hammer? Was he ever inside the cathedral? Did he threaten anyone or just ambush the officer? The article says people heard loud banging, and some people said they heard shots. Were those all from the police? Were the banging and the shots the same thing, or was he hitting something making a racket and scaring people?

  8. Some idiot brings a hammer to a gun fight. Even the French can handle that. Sorry, I just had to say it. Seriously, good work.

  9. “… yelled “This is for Syria!” as he attacked the police officer. So, perhaps they’re making progress in putting together a motive”

    Workplace violence, of course. Clear cut.


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