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“Gunshots were reported in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center on Monday, U.S. Senate sources said. Workers in the Capitol were told to ‘shelter in place.'” So reports The White House has reportedly been placed on lockdown until the situation becomes more clear. UPDATE: one police officer was shot (condition unknown) and the shooter is now in custody.

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  1. How often are gunshots heard in the less ‘important’ parts of DC with no news report? Now that it’s near the royal family everyone is blowing up. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  2. is this another warning to o’bama that there are guns that aren’t far from him and if he’s not a good puppet, those guns might just get into the white house as that other incident where somebody “got past 4 levels of security to get in the white house”?

  3. Situation is over. Officer was injured but thankfully not fatal – shooter in custody. Everytown & the Ladd-ites are crying because they have to actually work to make a “case” out of this.

  4. Anyone else besides me a little bit bothered by the Home/Office of President of the United States being in “lockdown?”

  5. Nothing to see here. Not enough carnage for a political pundit to scream and yell about, took place in a gun free zone inside of a gun free city and the shooter was stopped by good guys with guns. This will be nothing more than a blip on the radar because it doesnt work with the whitehouse narrative.

  6. Narrative:

    In DC, where common sense gun laws rule the day, only one person was injured and nobody died when a violent and disturbed gun owner stormed the Capitol building. Had (state) enforced the same common sense restrictions, even that one heroic officer would still be at work right now. Further tragedy was avoided as Capitol police were able to quickly determine the threat and neutralize him, without having to determine who the NRA’s common refrain of a good guy with a gun did not clog the ability of the police to secure the scene.

    We call on (state) to make the following changes:
    (Insert propaganda)

    We call on all of us who love our families and children to demand the same from legislatures around the country.

    (Insert tears)

  7. You guys are all wet. There’s lots of material here for the anti side. Gun trafficking, loose laws in neighboring or even non neighboring states that allow guns to be bought and bought to their gun free paradise. If it can happen at the Capitol, it can happen in your neighborhood/ I’m sure there’s more I haven’t thought of.

    • The Anti side will make a story out of anything. It is a beautify narrative when you think about it. When there is a shooting in an area without the laws that they want in place, its because of the lack of legislation. When there is a shooting in an area like DC with all the laws that they want in place, they blame it on surrounding places without those laws. When there is no areas around them to blame, they blame gun culture and the NRA as a go-to boogie man. It works overtime no matter what, there is no such thing as a tragedy that can go to waste.

    • Nope. The guy is a weapons felony fugitive with outstanding warrants.
      He also has a massive internet trail as an Obama supporters, GOP hater and self described “socialist” and minimum wage hike activist.

    • Going to be harder now that it was a law enforcement officer which this administration hates and there was no one killed. Of course we are going to get a statement and a bunch of rhetoric but it won’t last that long without bodies to stand on and grieving families to flank pundits while they decry american culture. It will be a two day affair at most.

  8. I noticed from the media images that the Congress is very content on being protected by people with military style, “assault” weapons with high-capacity clipazines.

  9. Reportedly a crazy southern boy previously arrested last year while ranting about being a “prophet”. I won’t help D.C. gun rights no matter what…

  10. I suppose this qualifies as stupid people, doing stupid things, in stupid places, winning stupid prices. But why did this crazy guy try to interrupt them?

  11. Just saw a mini-blurb on CFRauX News that it was an AIRSOFT pistol that resembled a Beretta.

    Of course the fed jackboots surely didn’t know that immediately after the ‘event’ and surely couldn’t make this pesky little factoid clear to the govt’s propaganda ministry (or did they?), ipso facto the ‘news cycle’ ran with the wild-eyed disaffected gunman ‘shooter’ in DC meme.

    But, then, who ever reads between the lines or questions what they are presented with, really?

    Who knows what truth is anymore when it involves govt, agendas and ‘news’….as for me, it is all looked at as bullshit, propaganda and agenda-driven chcanery unless proven otherwise.

  12. Go home, everyone, the shooter isn’t Muslim; just a schizophrenic. Looks like the real issue is mental health.


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