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Heidi Czerwiec (courtesy

“Apparently, it’s not enough that UND’s administration is attacking the quality of education by cutting programs and experienced faculty and jacking class sizes,” University of North Dakota Assistant Professor Heidi Czerwiec opines in a letter to “Now, we must also feel under physical attack as well.” Wait. What?  “I look up from my office computer to see two figures in camo with guns outside my window. My first thought is for my students’ and my safety: I grab my phone, crawl under my desk and call 911 . . .

Seriously? Ms. Czerwiec crawled under her desk? Well, she is an English professor. Maybe she’s using hyperbole to create a little dramatic tension. If so, there are no rhetorical holds barred.

I can barely talk—first, with fear, and then with rage when the dispatcher reports back that yes, in fact, I’ve probably just seen ROTC cadets, though they’re going to send an officer to check because no one has cleared it with them. They thank me for reporting it.

A few minutes later, a university officer calls me back—not to reassure me, but to scold me for calling 911. He says ROTC has permission to do this exercise. When I tell him that this was news to 911 and that they encouraged me to call whenever I see a gun on campus, he seems surprised.

He also tells me that ROTC will be doing these exercises for the next couple weeks.

So I reply that I guess I’ll be calling 911 for the next couple weeks—and I will. Every time.

It’s not my job to decide whether people carrying guns at school are an actual threat. It’s my job to teach and to get home to my family.

Just so we’re clear: North Dakota punishes false reporting of a crime with up to a year in prison and/or a $2000 fine. More than that, I respectfully suggest that Ms. Czerwiec consider the fact that those ROTC cadets are practicing with replica (i.e. non-firing) rifles. Equally, America’s armed forces protect the liberties which she enjoys at the University of North Dakota. A memo she clearly didn’t get.

It’s already highly inappropriate to conduct unnecessary military maneuvers in the middle of the quad. But with school shootings on the increase and tensions at UND running high, it’s especially irresponsible.

We’re already under financial and emotional attack. We don’t need to feel under physical attack, too.

To quote Morris Albert, feelings. Nothing more than feelings. Nothing less, either.

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  1. So, the responding officers can put a stop to that first time by arresting and charging her for false reporting. She’s just admitted intent to commit a crime.

    Stupidity might not be against the law, Professor, so you are safe there. But, if you do something stupid that might get someone killed, that might well be against the law and you should face the consequences of knowingly doing such.

    • The first time she was unaware. Continuing to report after openly admitting that she is aware no crime is taking place is a crime.
      But she shouldn’t be arrested for writing such a stupid letter without actually following through on it.

      • It may be a crime to conduct swatting, but….she, education, guns. Really doubtful the local authorities can stand the publicity of prosecuting her. The may be in great sympathy and do nothing other than call campus cops to see what is what.

        • I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that in North Dakota, in a publicity contest between ROTC cadets and a panty-wetting hysterical English professor, the soldier boys will have a definite advantage with the vast majority.

  2. You’re what we call in America a freaking moron!And they actually gave you a job at the school???I can’t seem to get over the bullshit the endless amounts of bullshit that comes from your mouth if I was the police sergeant that kept responding to those 911 fake harassment calls I would put you in handcuffs and place you under arrest and that would get rid of your job And put you in jail where you need to be since you’re so scared of living in a free country You dumbass person!And this from one of our higher educators What a crock of shit!

    • “And they actually gave you a job at the school???”

      You do not honestly believe this “professor” could get a real job outside of academia? With this sort of lack of critical thinking skills, she could only be employable though academia, or maybe some bloated government program agency where results don’t matter.

      Really makes one wonder why anyone considers PhD an accomplishment. The more stories I hear out of places like Mizzou, UND, Yale, Emery, and UT-Austin, I am valuing my degrees less and less, wishing I had gone to get a technical degree instead.

      • So disappointed my school (UT Austin) is on that list, but rightly so, I’ve been extremely disappointed in the way they have handled the campus carry law, but hopefully, the ones who oppose will leave and more intelegence will take its place!

    • She probably realized how stupid she looks, so now she wrote a letter to get sympathy to soother her narrow mind. ROTC is such a great thing, it actually makes men out of boys and brings awareness to the brave men that fight for our country. Glad she supports such a thing. Moron.

  3. Who is she going to call to report that uniformed officers with guns have responded to her call?

      • You mean that turtle is standing on the back of another turtle that’s standing on the back of another and it just keeps going on and on *forever*?

        Oh, Wow!

        (Sound of a water pipe going *glug*glug*glug*glug*glug*…)

        • More like she’s a post turtle.
          You know she didn’t get that position by herself. She doesn’t belong there; she can’t get anything done while she’s there; and you just want to help the poor, dumb thing down.

    • She’ll be the teacher That has to be removed by force And placed in a mental institution for a 72-hour hold To make sure she’s actually saying. LMAO Just another Fruitcake administrator In a school that wants to get a little publicity Over her anti-gun propaganda bullshit!

  4. You nitwit, those guns are there to protect you, not hurt you. You liberal who believes that guns should only be possessed by the police and the military, well guess what? ROTC is the military!
    Or are you one of those who cowers in fear of any weapon, regardless of who holds it?

    • The “except for military and police” bit has always been temporary cover to feign reasonableness in the short term. Progressivism is a schizophrenia comprised of knee jerk reactions to things one doesn’t understand chained end to end, a non-stop maelstrom of faux moral outrage. “Police and military only” has been giving way lately to suggestions of unharmed police and we have seen the categorization of soldiers as ticking timebombs who should be disarmed and the super progs seem to have always been anti military in general.

  5. They are under emotional attack?
    OMG! Quick, crawl back under your desk, grab your binky, and start sucking your thumb while rocking back and forth.

    My gosh, this country is going downhill at a very fast pace.

  6. 2008 Cum Laude Graduate of UND here.

    I’m ashamed of that teacher at my Alma Mater.

    The ROTC did that ALL. THE. TIME. (Except for those 6 months of winter we got in ND of course…)

  7. It is a process of progression this gun control thing. It will continue to progress until guns are illegal or our lawmakers put a stop to then trampling of our rights. I dont understand how idiots like this professor are allowed to have influence on this national debate.

  8. I’m actually not too bothered by this. We used to use ducks in one of the nearby parks instead of on campus, in part to avoid confusion by those who didn’t know what was going on. We still had people who were a little wary and concerned, but it wasn’t the end of the world. The cops would talk to the cadre and that was the end of it.

    If she wants to call 911 every time, more power to her. It’s a variation on what I am teaching my kids – you see a gun, you tell an adult. No thinking, just do it. If she is legitimately concerned that there are dangerous people with weapons, make the call. If she does it just to harass ROTC, that’s when she will have a problem – but it doesn’t sound like she would ignore others with weapons, so I’d let it slide for now.

    • You’re missing the point entirely If she keeps calling 9-1-1 and Reporting ROTC Members carrying guns And she reports this in a panic like she seems to be doing hiding under her desk If someone eventually comes to the campus With Terrorist intentions And the nine-one-one operator receives a call that says There has been on campus with guns They’re less likely to respond With the intent that something wrong is really going on they’re more likely to think that it’s the goofball in the office again calling to report the ROTC people instead of would-be terrorists. Very big problem

    • She has admitted, essentially that she is no longer genuinely concerned that the ROTC students are potentially dangerous and that future calls will be purely out of her fake moral outrage out of a sense of “what if.”

      Future calls will be activism and an attempt to make a point. The next call should land her in jail. She has as much as admitted a refusal to gauge any actual danger.

      Good policy for kids, certainly, however half the purpose is so kids can learn from the adults’ assessment. She isn’t supposed to be a kid anymore, but that is the emotional maturity she is demonstrating.

      • I agree with you and the others who point out that this could create a discount of a real threat that she might report.

        However, at this point I take her position as the same bluster that we saw in 2004, 2012, and this year about people moving to Canada. All talk, no action. She may not make a call and the next time will be a perceived real threat.

        Still, once she makes the first harassing call, bring the house down on her. For now, though, I am willing to allow her grumbling.

  9. I’m sure that in many respects, crawling under her desk really does contribute to her students’ safety.

    Intellectual, psychological, and political safety.

    And, isn’t there a tale about ‘crying wolf’ someplace in our European heritage? Oh, that’s right – cis-male dead white people stuff.

  10. It appears the the Assistant Professor may wish to lecture at a school which does not have an ROTC program so that her delicate sensibilities remain unoffended.

    Of course the comedic value is just too much;
    “911 what is your emergency?”
    “There are people with guns and camo in the quad. They could be mass murderers”
    **sigh** “It could be the ROTC again, but I will send an officer to check”
    “Thank you. I just don’t feel safe here”
    “911 what is your emergency?”
    “A man in uniform, possibly impersonating a police officer, has now joined the people in camo”
    “That is the officer. What is your location? You are making false reports”

  11. When I was in ROTC 30 years ago, if memory serves me correctly, we drilled with real weapons even on campus. There was only one guy, a real f-up that got a fake one, he went into JAG I think.

    • How can that be? I thought JAG officers were all figher pilots and SEALs!

    • Also, I don’t think that that Colonel said the rifles weren’t real but rather that they didn’t use any ammo in the exercises.

    • When I was in school, ROTC on our campus (Army ROTC) drilled with M16A2’s. No magazine in, just the rifle. But they had to trot around campus in full ruck, with a rifle, every other week.

      • Wow, what a great idea. Resisting the urge to tell anyone that the guns weren’t loaded would also be wonderful. Let the population acclimate to guns being round constantly without adverse effect.

  12. What size backpack does she need to carry the necessary quantity of underwear for a school day?

  13. If there was a real threat on school grounds this drama queen bitch is the last person I’d want in charge of my kid. She’d probably choke and run if a stray dog crossed her path leaving the kids defenseless. She looks about as fit ad a fuckin happy meal. If you don’t have a strong mind and/or body what right do you have teaching children anyway, they can take one look at you and know you can’t even take care of yourself.

    • Notice she said she would “crawl under her desk and call 911,” without even mentioning what she did with the kids in her class.

      • Well, presumably, if she crawled under her desk, she was probably in her office, since most college classrooms do not, in my experience, have desks for the instructor. Let’s check the article… oh, wait! There it is!

        “I look up from my office computer…”

        That old devil, reading comprehension, strikes again!

          • “how she would protect her students if in class”

            I’ll take a really wild guess here: lock the classroom door.

            Oh yeah….and think real positive thoughts.

        • She mentions thinking of the safety of her kids, not what she would do with them. I went to UCSB and UW, both schools had some profs with desks up front of the classroom, some didn’t. I guessed that she might be in her office as well, still no mention of how or what she would tell her students. Her office computer could have been a laptop taken to the classroom, or not, still no mention of how shes gonna handle the kids. Besides the fact that you need to take into account the time of year, students are in session, doesn’t mean she was in her office or the classroom necessarily, still no mention of what she would tell her kids. My point was, kids or not, office or classroom, this chick is a fucking choke artist who cannot be trusted in a crisis and is pretending she is saving the day by ducking under a desk and calling 911, without telling us something like “I had to tell my kids to…” or “had I had students in my classroom/office I would have told them too…” Now if you want to fixate on some semantics that essentially do nothing to credit or discredit my argument, which is undeniably sound, well fuck me dude, sorry I didn’t get a little more specific after already typing two paragraphs that were so long in surprised anyone read them at all. But yeah, sure, reading comprehension and all that, way to bring me down a peg toughguy.

  14. Anyone have any reference links that aggregate data on the number of swatting caller who are punished?

  15. Somebody call the WAAAmbulance for this poor woman. Her “feels” got a stubbed toe, dontchaknow.

    Jeeze freakin’ louise.

    I don’t recall my university professors being this pathetic, even those I considered just left of Marxism. Then again, this was 20+ years ago, and the decline on “higher” education standards has obviously increased faster than anyone thought possible thanks to these “exemplary professors.”

  16. Well, the game is to de-normalize what they don’t want. Is the end to get rid of guns, and “those people”-ing gunny folks is a means, or the end getting rid of “those people”, with the guns a means. Or maybe both. Convenient, that.

    The counter-move is to use all that energy to de-normalize their POV. (Recalling it’s the audience one is playing to.)

    So, calmly be astonished by their freak-out. Ask what the big deal is, as if what is freaking them out is the most normal thing in the world. Don’t apologize.

    “Wow. I’m sorry you are so bothered. That must be hard for you, what with this being completely normal and common.”

    And make them own their own response. It’s the 2-year-old’s tantrum game, and the response is the same. “Well, if you can’t manage yourself so that we can continue our work, how about you excuse yourself.”

    This is why my usual example of “open carry” for politics is hunting or plinking rifles slung over the shoulder, while getting coffee. Because it’s *perfectly normal*, *incidental*, and hijacks all their arguments.

    “Oh, I just want a cup of coffee on the way to our hunt.” – Normal.
    “… Don’t wanna leave the gun in the car: somebody might grab it.” – You aren’t the problem.
    “Where’s the cream?” – Back to the business at hand.

  17. So I reply that I guess I’ll be calling 911 for the next couple weeks—and I will. Every time. North Dakota punishes false reporting of a crime with up to a year in prison and/or a $2000 fine.
    Quit playing games and throw the little Bolshevik in the pen on maximum sentencing.
    End this Communist Party real quick.

  18. She didn’t have enough sense to make tenure before going full ‘tard, she won’t last long.

  19. She attended college for eight years, and has been teaching for a decade. She has undoutably seen ROTC drilling on campus before this event. It’s instantly recognizable to anyone that has seen it at least once. She’s full of crap. She likely never approved, but now feels entitled to do something about it. Screw her, lying dirtbag.

  20. Should just be made clear — if she persists in this, she will be a) prosecuted and b) fired for cause. If she’s enough of a halfwit to still do it after that, she can’t be helped.

  21. The self-satisfied smirk on her face tells it all. I’ll bet she spends a lot of time on Facebook getting her prejudices reinforced.

  22. Here tell in high school she was voted most likely to breed outside of her species. She also won the title of ugliest boy at her senior prom.

  23. I think there should be a real campaign for conservative retirees to go back to university and take classes to just F@#$ with the teachers and their PC practices.

  24. Is it any wonder that modern college students are such little snowflakes? You could find an example of this professor on I would guess 95% of the college campuses across the nation. Teaching tomorrow the lies of today.

    • “Teaching tomorrow the lies of today.”

      I like that.

      Could I make a recommendation toward making the phrase maybe a little more catchy?

      “Tomorrow’s lies taught today”

  25. You know what will happen if she eventually keeps calling nine-one-one and Reporting this as a Complaint or a terrorist threat? I’ll tell you They will eventually Build the school for hours that the officers were taken out of service to respond to a bullshit call on campus And they will be hit with a huge fine To pay for the man-hours and the patrol cars and whatever else they bring To the scene on campus. Once receiving this will hurt in your will be over and she will be let go end of story. I happen to know this because when Universal Studios first got started in Orlando Florida The earthquake ride kept tripping the mechanical fire alarms When the big Flames would shoot up during the ride And station 10 which my father worked at as an Orlando fireman Had to go into service at least twice maybe 3 times a month To show up make sure no one was on fire the building was structurally sound And eventually The city of Orlando Build the Universal Studio amusement park a couple million dollars for service time that the trucks and the Manpower were taken out of service to respond to a false alarm. Shortly after that no more mechanical alarms from Universal Studios.

  26. Jesus Christ. The more time passes between my brief time in college and the present, the more I think dropping out was the best decision I’ve ever made. There is so much wrong with academia, and so much wrong with the way our society straight up tells people that success is impossible without a $100,000+ piece of paper.

  27. As a future LEO, I would take great joy in charging her each and every time she called after that first time.

  28. I teach English in Southwest Florida, and my school has over 700 JROTC Cadets. They do rifle drills outside my window every day. In camo, dress uniform, and everyday clothes. First off, they’re twirling rifles… Not firing, not sneaking. Throwing rifles up in the air. Not in in a mall ninja, oh so cool way, but in the very recognizable way of JROTC cadets everywhere. Not scary. Not threatening. Humorous, though. Especially when they smack themselves across the arms/legs/head. Secondly, most of the Cadets, especially the seniors, show great maturity and understanding when it comes to firearms (had a great conversation about qualifying with either acogs or iron sights when they enlisted), and I would not hesitate to go to a range almost any of them and feeling totally safe and secure in it. I feel bad for this teacher/professor. Letting herself feel that kind of terror at the sight of a rifle drill, not taking even a moment to assess the situation. It must be horrible to live in that kind of fear of something so unthreatening.

  29. The ROTC and what they represent is what is keeping her from wearing a Burqa, oh wait… she would look a whole lot better in one… maybe she has a point?

  30. Yeah, because uniformes representing a branch of our nation’s military along with weapons at a university that has an ROTC program must mean there is an attack…

    Hell, one of the universities that I attended not only had a large ROTC program but also an indoor live fire range. It was mostly used for the marksmanship team and folks taking the legal/justice coarse to become police officers but it was right there on campus.

    I do wonder how someone who lacks the expertise to know a safe exercise by uniformed personnel isn’t an attack has the ability to know that these exercises aren’t needed.

    Good news is, filling an English professor slot is one of the less difficult Prof jobs to hire for. Maybe the next one won’t be such an idiot.

    Christ, cadets training at a school with a ROTC program and she couldn’t make the connection….

    • She made the connection just fine.

      Her ilk is empowered to act like this right now. They’ve been breeding the social acceptance of such stupidity for decades.

      She tips her hand with this line (emphasis added):

      “It’s already highly inappropriate to conduct unnecessary military maneuvers in the middle of the quad.”

      She’s not clueless; she’s manipulating.

      • All seriousness aside, in another comment here, the prof allegedly stated she had no idea what was going on, saw two armed men in combat gear and then reported. Her comment was that she was doing what was expected: “If you see something, say something.” Are we as a people creating ourselves a quagmire about suspicious activity?

        Fear of being foolish apparent has kept some people from reporting activities that preceded horrible attacks. Fear of embarrassment, or even being responsible for eventual harm to another, keeps alot of people from reporting. Then we have a situation where information was lacking, activity looked very out of the ordinary, and police were summoned. This is all a very slippery edge on which to stand. If we want warning that leads to stopping an attack (of any kind) we must be willing to endure a few bad calls. Not everyone “knows it when I see it.” Suspicious activity is truly in the eye of the beholder.

        (Deliberate attempts to harm others through “swatting” is not a justified “See something, say something. It may have been the case here, but maybe not)

        • No, it isn’t a slippery edge. This isn’t something that was “out of the ordinary” as the ROTC and UND has been doing marching and rifle drills on the lawns for a long, long time (just like we did down the road at NDSU when I was there a a couple decades ago). This professor is not new to the University. The ROTC communicates to the staff and school letting them know they’ll be doing this weekly. Unless you count ACU’s as “combat gear” it’s not like they’re in helmets, wearing armor and covered in MOLLE pouches. They’re the same cadets who were doing the same thing the week prior…and the week before that…and back in October when the weather was still decent.
          It’s nothing more than a political statement and an opportunity for her to bask in the glory of her own self-righteousness, not some slippery slope of “see something, say something”.

          • I am just using this episode as a jumping off place to ponder the implications of “see something, say something”. POTG might never (cough, cough), ever make a mistaken determination because we are all about guns and can make accurate split-second determinations. That is not the case when non-POTG are looking at what POTG would easily conclude is nothing.

            It is not POTG who need to be concerned about “see & say” mistakes, it is the general population. The group POTG should be trying to reach is not ourselves, but the uninformed and misinformed. We can laugh all day at the anti-gun idiots, but when they make that phone call, it is POTG who lose. Once the call is made, we are in the react mode, and everything we say sounds like an excuse. The reason is that it is so easy to claim, “If the gun had not been there, nothing would have happened”. We can scream “rights” and “shall not be infringed” all we want, but if the gun had not been there, the mistaken (not a swatting) call would not have happened either. Being right does not make us right, it is all about how we get the public to accept that we are right.

            • You are obviously missing the point here. These are School functions happening on school property Governed by the school and the ROTC program director. If you are a teacher Professor or teacher’s aide on school property Taking a paycheck from the school you need to be up to date on school activities. This woman is just trying to stir the shit pot. She knows just as well as everyone reading this blog that the ROTC men and women drilling with unloaded rifles In the Common Grounds is no threat to her or anyone else On campus. She is simply filing a false police report And taking time from the officers To respond to calls that they are actually needed at. If this continues she should be suspended without pay and forced to pay back the officers and the police force for their wasted time and use of their equipment To go on these bogus calls. If this was one of your neighbors calling every time you unloaded your truck from deer hunting because you’re unloading rifles and ammunition They would have been arrested by the second time they called the police department to report this as filing a false police report. This couch needs to be fired at the very least disciplined to the full extent Of the campus is law. She’s a Freaking troll !

        • Sam, you raise an interesting point. Some counters to consider from her own words:

          (1) Rather than take a moment to observe the behavior of the two individuals, her solution was to hide under her desk and call 911.

          From a “responding officer” standpoint, I’d personally rather have more information than “I saw two guys with guns.” I’d want to know what they are doing, which way they are heading, etc.

          Taken as a “whole,” her actions don’t speak to one that is merely doing her part…unless “her part” is to see someone, jump to conclusions and then pass ALL further responsibility to some “other.”

          (2) She said, unless she was misquoted, that even the military has no right to be there. See the bolded part I quoted above.

          (3) She said she’d keep doing this. Now, that COULD be that she’d keep trying to “do her part,” so I’d be willing to take that one either way.

          But, on the whole, she seems to have an agenda here, and SWATting students of her university is acceptable to her. She seemed against the notion of being informed that they (the students) had a legitimate reason to be doing something that is perfectly acceptable.

          My conclusions only in part depend on the reporting; the rest lie on her own words, even in her “rebuttal.”

          Gotta confess, I’m still a bit ‘bothered’ by the hide under the desk bit…that’s not helpful, brave, informative or protecting anyone. It’s awfully reactionary and seems played for large drama…’guns icky, I must hide.’

  31. So now, to report a real mass murderer on campus, you have to tell 911, “It’s not ROTC and I’m not that dingbat English professor.”

  32. Big Jim that doesn’t seem to add up to,me . Every city has businesses that have multiple false trips a month , 2 or 3 is rather light for some. It’s usually 3 free no cause alarms a year then $100 a pop. Fire safety and or the Fire Marshall’s office will get involved and work with them to correct the issue after a few.

    There is no way 3 false trips a month would ever add up to “millions ” unless the brothers down there are making like 50K and hour ……there must be more to the story .

  33. I like others emailed this twat waffle, and her auto reply was a copy/paste of her op-ed. Before sending the Dean of the English Dept an email, I perused this “educated” person’s bio–her PhD (piled higher and deeper) is a Phd of Poetry…really, this is considered worthy of such status? She is the perfect example of an “educated” idiot…who has no real skills to offer the world.

    Anyhow this is UND’s reply

    thank you for your message. We hope that the actions of one faculty member (who is leaving after this semester to pursue other options, a decision that had nothing to do with this situation) will not tarnish the reputation of the long-standing commitment UND has demonstrated to those who serve in our armed forces. The fact is that the University of North Dakota has a long, proud tradition of Army and Air Force ROTC programs on our campus. Some of the finest men and women at UND are ROTC cadets. In fact, UND President Ed Schafer was an ROTC cadet here. In addition, the University is proud that for many years we have been identified as a Military Friendly School, most recently in November when UND was once again named a Top Military-Friendly University by Military Advanced Education & Transition. We are proud to be listed in the 2016 Guide to Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities, which serves as a research tool for service members, education services officers and transition officers. This designation is based, among other things, on our Army and Air Force ROTC programs, was well as our service programs and benefits for veterans and a long-time and very productive relationship with the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

    Again, I appreciate the fact you took time to write, Art. My best to you,


    Peter B. Johnson

    Executive Associate Vice President
    Media Relations Coordinator/Community
    Relations Officer
    Public Relations Group

    It seems at no point did the university disavow this rocket scientist or say there would be any action taken to tell her she is an embarrassment. Oh well guess that’s the world of academia; this is “shaping” the future of America, God save The Republic

  34. The people initially reporting this story may have gotten some facts a little off. I read about this incident the other day and was so irritated that I found her e-mail address and sent her a message. She responded with a polite message saying the story was not accurate. Here’s what she said:

    “Much of the information being dispersed on this incident is misleading. I saw two young men with guns outside my office. They were not obviously part of any training, and we had not been notified there would be any training that day. I called 911 to report it in order to protect myself, my students, and my coworkers. 911 was glad that I did, as they had not been notified of training either.”

    “I have nothing against ROTC or its cadets — they are some of my finest students. But in this current climate of school shootings, I’m sure you would agree that having students run across campus with guns while classes are in session is unwise and irresponsible.”

    “When I said I would call 911 again, I was saying that any time I see something suspicious that is not obviously part of a drill, I will call it in. At the university, we are told, ‘if you see something, say something.’ I am doing my job.”

    • I figured there was something like this. I worked at a large university in California, and we had ROTC marching around Los Angeles!

      Two members, apart from any group formation, not recognized as in uniform, with M-16s (even if replicas) would merit a 911 call even by me. Heck I called 911 when in college over a gun on campus issue, when a guy not affiliated with the school drove up, parked behind a dorm and pulled out a rifle. Turns out here was just shooting tin cans in the woods outside the school. Note this was a rural, tiny campus where everyone knew everyone. The cops only cited him for trespassing, which I thought appropriate. (there was another access to the trails other than the campus, and in anycase you weren’t supposed to park on campus even though you could walk through it to hike).

      If she had meant, I am calling 911 on ROTC everytime then I would be against her. What it sounds like is she misapprehended reasonably what was going on, and then was offended (not altogether unreasonably) by the rude manner the ROTC acted, and thus felt the need to assert herself and that she was in the right.

      • “Two members, apart from any group formation, not recognized as in uniform, with M-16s (even if replicas) would merit a 911 call even by me. “

        Okay, so Fudd, then. Got it.

        What makes you think “group formation” and “recognized uniform” are the indicators that someone with rifles is not a threat?

        What is it about “the gun” that makes you so “uncomfortable” that you can’t attend to rational threat assessment such as looking at things like:

        –What are they doing with those guns? Pointing at people for example?

        –Mags in the mag well? Bolt closed?

        –Shouting at others?

        –Acting aggressive in any, way, shape or form?

        Seriously. This tripe is no better than those morons from a year or so ago that said they’d draw down and fire upon a gun OC-ing a holstered side arm if he walked up their driveway.

        It sickens me that so many PotG jump right in, with both feet, to the “The Gun Is The Problem” mindset.

        Guns icky. Got it.

    • She’s crawfishing, John. In the original article, she said she was told that ROTC would be doing exercises for the next few weeks. And her response was, that she will be calling 911 over the next few weeks. “Every time”. Not “if I see something suspicious”. Now the excrement has hit the fan and she’s crawfishing.

      • If she is unable to do her jobIn the environment that was describedUpon her hire She should simply be told to pack up her shit and get off of school property and never to come back Because there is going to be a trespass warrant served against her. If teachers And professors Are going to put up such an uproar over ROTC Drilling On a college campus They’re friggin Retarded stupid And just playing Ignorant. And should not be teaching students anything.

  35. Hand cuff these asshats and send them a bill for mobilization of LE every time they pull this stunt.

  36. Given that she has clearly stated her intent; I would charge her with abuse of 911/false report. I don’t know what kind of laws ND has on the books for this sort of thing.

  37. She’s just aiming at a hostile work environment lawsuit.

    Lawsuit lottery is going to be the norm until we get the Tort system under control in this country.

  38. That pudgy dude from the photo seems to have some real anxiety issues.

    Although the thought of him climbing under his desk in terror EVERY DAY for the same reason is pretty hilarious actually. So he’s not all bad.

  39. English professor… meh, I’ve had English professors. This is a ‘poetry’ professor who specializes “”Body issues (the corpse, deformity, bondage/discipline)”

  40. Back when I was in JROTC in high school, our drill team was practicing for a competition near the parking lots of our hotel. Just marching around with inert rifles. Some douche got all scared and called 911. Cop showed up and was cool about it.

  41. To really understand these type things, you really gotta get into the minds of Lefties (it is not so hard, the thinking is surface deep). Back up a moment and consider what this prof stands to gain that would outweigh the risk of being jailed for false reporting.

    She collected bountiful coup. She now has creds that will make her a star in university worlds. She is a hero(in) because she stood up for “doing the right thing”. And all this can be parlayed into position, salary, perks, and maybe a name reserved parking spot wherever she goes next. It’s all good.

  42. Perhaps one of her students might consider calling in to 9-1-1 that their professor has gone ape-shit, is crawling around on the floor, and appears to be having a breakdown of some sort – possibly endangering the students.

  43. I wish I expected more out of academic types. But I really don’t. How can someone be such a whimpering coward as to pretty much threaten to harass the ROTC out of existence?

    • After holding her hand they should walk her out to her car and place their big foot right upside her ass and tell her we don’t need instructors like you And she’s just an assistant She’s a pencil pusher What a bullshit job Actually have her get out and do some actual work Jesus Christ these educated assholes!

  44. Hmmm, I live in a small town. I have spoken to a 9-1-1 dispatcher who was “unaware” that our city police force will come to my location, and jump start my car. Until I asked her to check. She apologized, and my car was soon on it’s way to receive a new battery.

    “911” is not the end all of what maybe aware or unaware of what’s going on at the Quad. Looks like the University of North Dakota tossed the wrong experienced teacher, due to cutbacks, and the rookie is running amok.

  45. There has been a spate of examples of college professors acting irrationally, hysterically, and illegally.

    Colleges have become the employer-of-choice for lefty losers whi can’t actually work in the real world.

  46. The engineering major asks, “how do I get this widget to work?”

    The business major asks, “how do I get a good ROI from this investment”

    The english major asks, “paper or plastic?”

  47. I think the ROTC should conduct all of their drills outside her building on the Quad. After sending in uniformed cadets to loudly announce the drills.

    • I have uniform Cadets meet her at her car in the morning in March with her to her building all in the name of keeping her safe Exclamation point. What a waste of space another one of these moronic instructors that think they have the answer to the world When really They’re stuck behind a desk all day long Preaching bullshit and their morals and their way of living to other people in forcing it upon them Boy that’s a real teacher. I thought teachers were supposed to encourage their students To do their own thing In life Not preach to them like a socialist demanding they do as they say Or else.

  48. So for the record, my junior-never actually-joined-the-military ROTC experience says those are actual real M1s, though not functional (they filled the barrels with solder and took a hammer to the firing chamber).

  49. I was the commander of the UND ROTC program from 2010 through 2013. She and those like her did this every year. To say she was unaware is a lie. Our cadets would be in full field uniform and cadre would be in the quad observing. No reasonable human being could miss that these were ROTC cadets. They harassed us every year and made statements that we should be thrown off campus and we should be “banned from the view of the public”. They are a despicable bunch that are trying to cause controversy…nothing more.

    • Just like in every state in the United States of America it is against the law to prank call nine-one-one operators and dispatchers to report false Information or a false crime. To the commander of the ROTC program from 2010 to 2013 I can recommend that you make a phone call to the local Police department and speak to the sergeant in charge Of that area The sergeant that commands that area for the local PD. Have a long discussion with him on what has been going on with these English teachers and these other paranoid anti-gun Progressive liberals calling and making prank calls to the nine-one-one operator And taking precious time away from field units that could be responding to real emergencies. Could you imagine Police responding to this bullshit while somebody’s being home invaded and butchered. This would end most quickly All you have to do is like I said once before contact the sergeant that is in Command of the area around the campus with the local PD sit down and have a long talk with him and explain what these teachers are doing and the Panic that they cause and the Bullshit that they are preaching. Next time she makes that stupid freaking call They will simply come out Come to her classroom Place her in a nice New pair of shiny Smith & Wesson handcuffs And take her ass to jail. Showband out within 24 hours To find out that she is no longer employed at the State University. Or put on administrative leave indefinitely. The men and women in this country that serve their military forces Since the beginning of this country’s start are the reason behind the freedoms we enjoy today. This cannot should not and will not be allowed to continue to happen. This piece of garbage needs to be put on a leash a real short one.

        • That is the problem with campus police departments They never come down hard on the university for anything because they are paid by the University. The proper thing would have been to do Was to call the local police department That covers the surrounding area of the campus whether that be a sheriff’s department Or a city Police department And let them know what is going on and how you are being Attacked By this individualWith prank calls to nine-one-one operator They will start an investigation On the Campus PD and how they are responding to these calls and why they haven’t put a stop to them Once the city police department or Sheriff’s Department County Sheriff’s Department gets involved They have to shape up Or shape up Rather Or take a lawsuit in the story I would have gotten an attorney And nail her ass to the wall. Just my $0.10 worth

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