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[UPDATED 4:16 PM Central]

We are getting additional information in regarding the shooting incident at Ft. Lauderdale airport in Florida earlier today. According to the local police department the suspect in question arrived on a Canadian flight with a checked firearm, retrieved it in the baggage claim area, loaded it in the bathroom, and then began shooting. From Fox News’ reporting:

The suspect in custody was identified as Esteban Santiago, Florida Sen. Bill Nelson told reporters. He said Santiago was carrying a military ID, but did not elaborate.

“The shooter was a passenger on a Canadian flight with a checked gun,”  Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca wrote on Facebook. “He claimed his bag and took the gun from baggage and went into the bathroom to load it. Came out shooting people in baggage claim.”

Santiago was taken into custody without incident and was unharmed, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.

“This scene is considered fluid and active,” Israel added.

Air Canada is now stating that they do not have any record of an individual by the name identified by Senator Bill Nelson arriving in Ft. Lauderdale on any of their flights. The shooting took place in Terminal 2, which services Air Canada and Delta as well as their respective regional partners. Delta operates flights to Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York, and Raleigh from Ft. Lauderdale, but no international flights.

Firearms are allowed in checked luggage on domestic U.S. flights provided they are (1) unloaded, (2) in a hard sided locked container, and (3) declared to the check-in agent when arriving at the airport. Each airline has variations on this policy but all of them have some sort of way to check a firearm during your flight. Flying with firearms on an international flight (if the shooter was “a passenger on a Canadian flight”) is possible with prior ATF approval and additional paperwork. That said, typically international arrivals will gather their checked luggage before clearing customs and would not be obtaining their luggage in the common baggage claim area as indicated in this case by local law enforcement.

Concealed carry is illegal within the terminal buildings of an airport in the state of Florida even with a concealed carry permit.

Speculation in the comments section below (plus video from CBS on Twitter) indicates that the firearm used may be a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, a compact handgun with a maximum capacity of 9 rounds.

The latest report indicates that five people are dead and eight have been transported to local hospitals.

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    • You know, if I was from Alaska and landed in Ft. Lauderdale, I might have gone postal as well. Funny place that Florida.

      • Don’t know about Canadian gun laws but I do know something about airlines. Air Canada code shares with Delta. You can have an Air Canada flight boarding pass but never ride on an Air Canada airplane during your commute. I heard that he originated in Alaska, U.S. proper. Then I heard that he connected in MSP for the last leg to FLL. I don’t know if he had a transfer in Canada, I expect he did, but again, his boarding pass still could have been a code share flt#.

      • The flight originated in Alaska, thus inside US borders. That said, I’m familiar with CAN law, and I would NOT try to bring a firearm with me on Air Canada. Canadian authorities are very touchy about guns and my supposition is that their national airline follows that lead. Also, the Canadians can’t find this man’s name on their passenger lists. So there is something highly suspicious about the story police have put out. Many aspects of it make no sense.

        • If you think that sounds funny…Then take trip onto Youtube and check out what stinks about Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT and Orlando night club shooting as well as the Boston Bombing.

    • Well, he flew OVER Canada from Alaska to Minneapolis then on to Ft. Lauderdale. I’d guess Delta/Alaska as they have a codeshare.

        • Why you professionals have all of the answers. Good work! Now teach the idiot some of your techniques that can’t get it straight the first fucking time. There are such a thing these here days called computers. You think he got the information from a carrier pigeon?

        • Lolol its always a high capacity Glock or Assault Rifle. Terrible that it happened but would be refreshing to see actual facts about the weapon– caliber, make , model? They can get it right if it’s a car accident–, blue 1999 Honda Civic etc, why can’t they get Firearms right? Oh, Yea the narrative!

    • almost definitely not a shield.
      1. Too thick
      2. unless it has a grip sleeve, the shield doesn’t have finger grooves
      3. looks like a rail under the barrel, shield doesn’t have one
      4. looks like a beveled slide, shield is flat.

      • Someone was saying earlier a Walther 1st Gen and I have to agree it looks somewhat like that but I’m not a water guy so I’m not real up to date on anything Walter except for the old PPK.

        • First gen posted, 100% sure.

          I have flown into that exact airport with a gun checked in my baggage and loaded and concealed it probably in the same bathroom this guy used. That’s pretty scary and sad.

    • That pic posted on twitter is grainy enough to make it look like bigfoot. But not a shield. And std cap is 7 rounds in 9mm, 8 rounds for the extended mag. Less in .40/.45

  1. I live in Florida and all I can say is that these gosh damn news reporters keep saying he had a concealed weapons permit so that he could actually carry his pistol in checked luggage. I’m like dumbass biased news anyone can carry a pistol into the State of Florida in checked luggage as long as they’re 21 years of age or older and not a felon. They’re starting to talk about all this other crap now that he reloaded 3 magazines and it could be between 10 and 30 or 10 and 50 rounds of ammo he had. Out of a subcompact.

    • The whole baggage aspect of this is entirely beside the point. It happened in baggage claim, which is a completely unsecured area, and anyone could enter there with a firearm at any time if they chose to. The fact that he had previously checked the firearm in his checked luggage and retrieved it once again in an unsecure area isn’t relevant to anything at all.

      • Oh I agree with you a hundred and 10% don’t get me wrong I’m just telling you all what I’m hearing on the news about how they won’t stop talking about concealed weapons permit like that had anything to do with it and the gun in the luggage that’s all they have to talk about right now because they’re just speculating on everything else as they usually do make it up as I go along but I just wanted to give you guys a reference for those of you who aren’t in Florida the media is just making a real big to-do out of this not that they shouldn’t because human life was lost and that is a tragedy but there are using their liberal Progressive spin on it as usual and that’s what I was just trying to put forth for everyone it continues on.

        • Yeah that wasn’t directed at you so much as the news. All the chatter is about guns in luggage, and it isn’t even pertinent here whatsoever. When you check the bag it goes into the secure side of things and you have ZERO access to that checked bag until it arrives for you back in the unsecure side of things. Considering it’s completely legal almost everywhere to carry a firearm on your person or in your bag in the insecure sections of an airport it makes no difference whatsoever if the guy retrieves a firearm from his luggage or just walks in the front door with one. The whole focus is an irrelevant red herring but will allow the leftists to attempt to pass some sort of law prohibiting travel with a firearm, which would be a ridiculous and massive violation of rights.

        • Roger that brother once again I agree with you. These liberal lefties are absolutely ridiculous but I would be focusing on is the fact that it was in baggage pickup meaning no one will be armed in baggage pick-up not that you can’t be but most people are they’re getting off an aircraft without a firearm so they are unarmed Sitting Ducks as they’re picking up their luggage. This may be one of the reasons why he picked this area of the airport where he knew people would be loaded down with luggage and unarmed.

        • FWIW, I travel with a firearm relatively frequently and in places where I’m allowed to do so, I actually will go into the bathroom in the baggage claim area and holster up my CCW piece out of my bag before leaving (I think the last time was my previous trip to Austin for Texas Firearms Festival). Managed not to shoot anyone though.

        • They have areas clearly marked by signs that’s a no firearms or concealed weapons of any sort past or Beyond this point and that is in the terminal areas that connect to the planes the common ground is the areas in which you go in to purchase tickets check in your luggage and have the service areas where you can eat and drink those areas of always been okay to carry a firearm I just dropped off my wife about three months ago to fly out of state and carry my weapon right in the front door walked all the way to where I could carry and then the sun comes up where it says no concealed weapons or Firearms Beyond this point and I kissed her goodbye and she went on her way.

      • But in Florida, it’s illegal to carry at “an airport”, not just in “secured areas”, as I understand it. So, obviously, this can’t happen, because there’s a law against it. /sarc…

        • No you are wrong sir it is absolutely legal to carry a concealed firearm if you have a cwp permit in the unsecured areas of an airport which are areas known as common ground by the state of Florida law. You are not able to access the terminals that the airplanes actually hook up to that is a sterile area and you cannot pass into those areas because of metal detectors and security and Orlando Police Department in Orlando International and Fort Lauderdale PD or the sheriff’s department of that County. They handle the security into the terminals so that there’s armed security going into where the aircraft are loaded with people.

        • Yeah, like Ben, the last time I looked into FL law it prohibited carry anywhere inside of an airport with the exception of unloaded firearms in TSA-approved cases scenarios for the purpose of checking on a flight. IIRC the law said “terminal” but then defined that as literally any public space inside the airport.

        • Yep, that’s where I saw it first, and a couple of other references, but Dave must have more up to date information…

        • If it is legal to CCW in an airport in Florida, then is wrong or outdated. They state that you cannot carry anywhere in an airport in Florida. You can, they say, transport it locked in a hardened case as part of checking it in as luggage or retrieving it from baggage claim.

        • I had to check I called the airport apparently the law has changed and I was wrong. I’m glad that you guys put that information up so that I don’t break the law anymore actually walked into the damn airport caring thinking it was still legal to do so didn’t see one sign about NE gun-free zone or anything like that and I look I constantly do that to make sure that I don’t break the law but obviously I f***** up this time didn’t mean to mislead anyone. Thanks for the correction.

        • Is it legal to have a concealed firearm on Airport property? Because we take private planes down to Key West and we land at the big airport where the Jets land and we all carry when we’re landing and then we get into the rental car and drive away after we have our plans hangers. Just want to make sure on this.

        • Not legal to carry in an airport terminal in Florida. On the property? Not sure that’s really covered. Personally, I’d keep everything concealed and stay out of the terminal.

        • Honorable response, Dave. Good man.

          On the other side, you actually walked into a ‘gun free’ zone with a firearm and no one died? That’s absolutely amazing… shows the logic of ‘gun free’ zones, and that they don’t keep anyone that has no ill intent from carrying into them (and causing NO problem), but it also doesn’t do anything to stop criminals WITH ill intent from carrying and causing problems, either. It’s more effective, though, at reducing the number of law abiding citizens from carrying, than criminals… In this case, especially.

    • What has me SMH is how a relatively small event, relatively…not meaning to diminish the tragedy to the victims and loved ones and witnesses to this barbaric attack, is that an international airport, a small town in affect, can be petrified. Because…gun. Look at the footage of the passengers evacuated onto the tarmac of a restricted area. Then marched with hands in air by our earthly supreme commanders to a holding area…over a dozen 9mm projectiles contained to a specific local. I understand shutting down terminal 2 baggage claim. But diverting all incoming flights for a case of air rage is unacceptable.

    • Hmmm… SB 140 is coming up for a vote on 1/10/17. Now isn’t this convenient?
      And how the heck did CNN get all of their reporters their and cameras up in less than 30 mins. Many wrong things about his ‘story’ if you look at it with a bit of skepticism.
      Imho, this is a staged event/false flag. I know, mostly everyone calls me crazy but I’m actually an intelligent, logical, analytical person; a CPA even. I know how to research and analyze.
      The gov wants your guns to finalize the destruction of this country and initiate their new/one world order. No secret – it’s been said by many, over many decades.
      All of this stuff happening is almost always contrived to bring FEAR to the woosified populace. Peace and safety for food and ‘security’. People need to wake up. IF Trump can/will do anything he darn well needs informed, intelligent peeps keeping him accountable and supporting him. He was a ‘birther’ ya know? As if that’s a dirty word. I wear with pride. God bless

      • Laura, I don’t think it’s at all “nuts” to question Barry Soetoro’s birthplace. I am a retired HS teacher, 30 yrs service, and have a Masters (+30) degree, and I believe the entire “born in America” story is a hoax. I didn’t always think that way but the recent massive media campaign to destroy Donald Trump proved to me that the elites play us like a fiddle for their own selfish ends; they have no respect at all for democratic principles. And the Left never gives up. They will do their best to limit our 2nd Am rights even with Donald in the White House. So, Laura and friends, now is NOT the time to relax our guard. Personally, I’m going to do several things immediately to “contribute to the cause”: next week I’ll pick up my first revolver, a “Trump Celebratory S&W” to carry in my pocket on cold winter days. Gun sales have slumped as 2nd Am defenders relax their vigilance after Crooked’s defeat. Then I’ll extend my NRA membership to “Life Member Status” taking advantage of the latest monthly pay plan they are offering, a very good deal. I urge others to take similar actions, especially to join NRA if they’re not already members. We’re 5 or 6 million now, but if the membership were, say, 30 million ( or even every gun owner in the US), no politician, Dem or GOP, would ever dare pull the stunt Crooked Hillary tried to pull off in 2016. She would’ve disarmed us as clean as leftists did Australia if we’d given the hag even a slight chance!

    • LOTS about this don’t make sense. MKUltra operation makes the most sense. Plenty of circumstantial, but meaningful, evidence that this was staged or false flag. Youtube has lots if you’re interested. God bless and stay safe.

      • Alaska apparently.

        Possession of a handgun in Canada is not easy, though not as bad as England or Washington DC.

        Americans frequently take hunting weapons (shotguns and bolt-action rifles) to Canada without much hassle, but I know that Alaskan bush pilots have had problems with handguns.

        • When I was in flight school in AK in the 90’s, a gun and ammo were on the list of State-required safety equipment for the airplane. They took that off of the list after the 9/11 attacks. The one commercial bush pilot I knew well back then carried a 442 in his pocket just to be compliant. He wasn’t too worried about bears.

        • Based on the description of his firearm, SW Shield, as far as I know this is banned in Canada because the barrel is too short. Ruger switched their barrel length on the GP100 from 4″ to 4.1″ to make it legal.That 1/10th of an inch makes all the difference you know.

        • That 1/10th of an inch makes all the difference you know.

          That’s what the ladies tell me anyway.

  2. If it’s a shield then if my memory serves me right I haven’t shot mine in quite a while or carried it I think they carry with the extended magazine 9 rounds I believe a nine-millimeter possibly 8 plus one in the chamber so that’s 25 or 28 rounds total. Very far from 50.

    • I don’t see how magazine size or rounds fired matters.

      There’s always spare mags. I have at least five for most of my pistols. It’s not like it’s hard to reload when you’re shooting at unarmed people who are mostly fleeing.

      • It has long been proven that magazine capacity has no impact on casualty count. It is simply impossible to assault the bad guy from cover while the bad guy is changing magazines. This is also true if a bad guy brings multiple guns to a fight and simply switches between guns instead of reloading them. Now, if the bad guy is in the middle of a reload, it could give several victims the courage to assault the bad guy simultaneously, and in that case, one of the victims may reach the bad guy and restrain him. Generally, in these mass shootings, most people’s instinct is to cower under a table waiting for their inevitable death hoping TJ Hooker runs in and shoots the gun out of the bad guys hand and finishes the day with a big fight scene.

        • I’m aware that this has been studied to some degree and IIRC the most notable exception to the rule is if the BG wades into a crowd Jared Loughner style.

          Personally I’d think every situation is different. If the 21 foot rule applies to drawing and shooting a guy with a knife then theoretically there is some range that can be covered by an average good guy before the average bad guy successfully reloads. Of course the 21 foot rule doesn’t assume our knife guy is hiding in cover or concealment or has to change directions to face the person with the pistol.

          This is one of those things I’d like to see someone do a serious workup on in the same sort of way that the 21 foot rule was generated.

  3. Gotta love how people are talking about how flying with a gun in checked luggage is some sort of crazy thing that never occurs. I’ve even seen calls to screen all the bags that are currently on flights that are airborne. ROFL!

  4. I didn’t think you could own or transport a pistol in Canada without loads of restrictions and this guy just had it in his luggage?

    • I read that he recently lived in Alaska. There are Air Canada flights from AK to the lower 48.

      Also, IIRC you can transport a pistol or rifle in checked baggage through Canada if you’re not stopping in Canada for more than a layover where you wouldn’t have access to the bag anyway. For ground transport you have to follow the laws and, if moving to AK, have your weapons transported by a moving company that has the proper licenses.

      I haven’t thought about doing any of that in a few years though since the wife no longer has a job offer up in AK.

    • Certainly not easy – I wonder if he flew from Alaska to Florida, and transferred in Canada but didn’t retrieve his baggage in Canada?

      • Dunno? I guess if he planned to gun a bunch of people down, he decided not to bother with that gun-free zone thing.

        • I’ve lived in Florida for 54 years and there is no such thing as a gun-free zone in the entire airport they have what they call Common Ground areas which people with licensed cwp permits can carry a concealed firearm these are called common grounds in the airports in Florida. They have what’s known as sterile areas as well these areas are the actual terminals that connect to the planes for loading these areas it is against the law to carry a concealed firearm or any weapon past the secure station point which is usually armed by an airport security and a local uniformed police officer that is armed they also have metal detectors and if they want they can pull you aside into another room and actually strip search you. Or deny your ability to get onto the aircraft.

        • Again, WHEN did that change? Current law that I’ve looked up defines the terminal as the terminal, no differentiation between secured and unsecured areas. Baggage claim is still in the terminal, so it would be a ‘gun free’ zone. Not that any ‘gun free’ zone EVER stopped a mass shooting; rather, they seem to be magnets for them. But law is law, so when did it change?

        • Dave,
          Look it up. Fla Statute 790.06 (12)(a)(14)
          A CWFL holder commits a second degree misdemeanor if the CWFL holder openly carries a handgun or carries a concealed weapon into the inside of the passenger terminal AND the sterile area of any airport.

    • Indeed. Restricted weapons permit and an authorization to transport. In addition the shield is a prohibited handgun in canada(too small).

    • Not sure why my comment is waiting for a mod…

      I read that he came from Alaska and Canada relaxes some of their regs for people who are in transit through their country and don’t have physical access to the firearm. For ground transport you have to use a carrier with a license to move your stuff up to AK.

      IIRC the rules for airports allow a firearm in checked luggage so long as you don’t have access to it, so coming to the US via a lay over in Canada should be acceptable since you wouldn’t have access to your gun except in US territory on both ends of the trip.

  5. I know when we went hunting in Alaska we flew into Canada from Florida and I had two pistols revolvers in with my checked luggage and my two rifles and basically they never took the luggage anywhere where I could get to it they transferred it from one plane to the other because of the tagging that was on the luggage and gun cases so basically I couldn’t have gotten that my luggage in Canada at all.

  6. I thought Canada had a 4.2 inch minimum barrel requirement for handguns. I’m not sure how things work bringing guns to and from that country.

    • As far as I know, without the proper permits you can’t even touch down in Canada with a prohib, whether you have contact with it or not when on the ground.

  7. Yep, the news media is going to spin it, speculate, and out-and-out lie about the details for the first few days, and then when the story starts falling below the fold and most people aren’t paying attention, then the truth will come out. Unfortunately, the low-information citizen will never bother to read the truth after it is no longer on the front page.

  8. Assume you are in a war zone at all times, armed or not. Better to be paranoid and alive, than blissful and dead.

  9. Generally mass shooters only stop when they’re confronted by force; they either get shot/killed or they kill themselves.

    This guy didn’t. He shot and met no resistance at all. The only reason he stopped shooting? He ran out of ammo.

    Expect the antis to push for magazine restrictions even harder now.

    • They generally customize their response to whatever details they can exploit regardless. The bigger negative would be if this guy is an Islamic terrorist… Donnie boy’s already said he’s open to “No Fly, No Buy”… because, you know, secret government lists are infallible.

  10. My understanding is he came from Alaska. A quick Google search indicates there aren’t any/many direct flights, so he likely connected, and that would be the “Canadian flight”. Makes sense, as his luggage would obviously transfer as well, and if he didn’t leave the terminal there would be no customs.

  11. Looks like the attacker likely flew Delta, and came from Anchorage to Ft. Lauderdale, through MSP.

    Canada/Canada Air appears to have been false information.

    • If so, then I as I understand it he could have checked the pistol legally in AK, regardless of whether he had a FL permit. For what that’s worth, since shooting innocent people was the actual crime of course. Regardless of whether he transported the pistol legally, now Dems will have a new issue to champion. Bills proposing to make it illegal to check guns on planes, and to cross state lines with a gun, incoming. As others have suggested, the no fly list thing will come to the forefront again, even if there was no way the shooter would have been on such a list.

      • “If so, then I as I understand it he could have checked the pistol legally in AK, regardless of whether he had a FL permit.”

        There is nothing illegal about interstate air travel with a pistol provided you follow the laws of the place you are going, properly case and declare the firearm and have it unloaded in your checked baggage. Past that the airlines don’t care. They don’t know the laws and they don’t care if you end up getting raped in prison. They will allow you to check a gun when going someplace having it is a flat out no-no to have it. Knowing and following the laws of where you’re going is 100% on you. The only way they’ll turn you in is if you show up at a counter to declare the gun while in a state that you’re not supposed to have it.

        Going to NY, NJ or other bastions of US flavors of totalitarianism does pose a problem. Florida doesn’t. I carried last time I traveled there because they honor my permit anyway.

        Traveling with firearms really isn’t that hard. The only pain in the ass is if you’re going somewhere your gun is legal and get diverted to some place it’s not. There’s no marker on your bag as to it containing a gun and the airlines don’t care so you won’t get caught on arrival. BUT declaring it at the counter when you try to leave whatever Leftist shithole you’re stuck in becomes an issue because you’re fucked no matter what you do. Declare and you’re admitting to violations of state law. People have been arrested, charged and I believe convicted in both NY and NJ for this sort of thing. Fail to declare and you very likely will get caught and charged with breaking federal laws/rules about legally transporting a firearm on an aircraft (failure to declare, declare it unloaded etc).

        If you find yourself diverted to some place behind enemy lines while traveling with a firearm (or find out you fucked up on your research before getting to your destination) do yourself a favor: tell no one what you have, rent a car and drive to a free state before doing any thing else. Otherwise you run a very, very, very high risk of ending up in some variety of prison for a lengthy stretch. I don’t care what that rental car costs, rent it. No matter what they charge you for the vehicle it’s cheaper than the legal fees you will incur in a felony case you are basically guaranteed to lose. Even if you rent a Maserati it’s gonna be cheaper, not cost you literally years of you life and a felony record. Plus you get to drive a Mas!

        Just make sure not to drive it in ways the state deems too “fun” until you’re in the aforementioned free state where that heater you have won’t get you busted and sent to prison over some bullshit traffic stop like doing 110mph in a 25mph school zone.

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking when you said ‘diverted’. No matter the cost, rent a car, shut up, and get out of that state to a free state as quickly (legally) as possible…

        • I remember hearing a story about a guy who was traveling with his handgun and got diverted to New Jersey and didn’t think anything about it got his luggage and actually went to a hotel room for the night and caught a connecting flight the next day and when he went to declare his luggage he was arrested ended up costing him in the neighborhood of around $50,000 of attorneys fees just for the state to finally dismiss the charges. He was lucky.

        • And the tyrannical state, with their unlimited funds (confiscated from the public), cares nothing about your bankruptcy at the hands of their unconstitutional laws…

  12. In 2016, the shooter walked imto the Anchorage FBI office, and claimed he was being forced to fight for ISIS. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

    Air Canada claims he wasn’t on thier flights

  13. So was it a Shield or a Walther? I belong to a yuge Shield FB page. I did hear “rifle” on lamestream media. Look for push for no guns even in suitcases. We’ll see how Trump responds…

    • How many times will this happen in Mexico? How many times wil this happen in Venezuela? How many times will China have standings and bombings?

      How many times will a good guy(s) with a gun stop the bad guy with a gun?

      How would you stop an armed attacked? Would you blow a rape whistle, hide under a desk, or call 911?

    • It’ll keep happening until we finally get rid of these fictitious ‘gun free’ zones that disarm no one but law abiding citizens, and encourage our free people to take seriously their right to self defense. Keep in mind that your bastion of tyranny, the UK, has FOUR TIMES the violent crime that we have in the United States. That’s because they’re disarmed, and the criminal knows he can get away with anything, and probably get a lifetime retirement check at the expense of his victim, while, in the States, they know there’s a distinct likelihood of them getting killed, or shot and spending time in prison, if they don’t catch the revolving door of injustice. That how long it’ll keep happening. Tell your buddies over in the criminal element and the loony bin to quit screwing things up, and we’ll be fine.

    • So, a Republican House and a Republican Senate are going to pass, and a Republican President Trump is going to sign, a law prohibiting firearms in checked luggage?

      Tell me more…

      • Soooo…a Republican majority in congress,the senate and SCOTUS and they didn’t do squat. Tell me more Chip…

        • You forgot one small detail — Obama in tbe White House and no supermajority in Congress. Constitutional illiteracy at its finest.

      • This is my thought. It was staged and planned a long time ago when this administration was almost positive their selection was to win. She didn’t. However this was planned and these bought and paid for actors and shills were already hired. Had they not carried it out, these folks would sing like a canary that it was staged. Just a thought…..Makes sense.

  14. So, it seems that the shooter might indeed be a jihadi (which doesn’t rule out mental illness; one could make a decent case that all jihadis are mentally ill in a sense). Anyway, some more here, including a picture of the shooter wearing a Kaffiyeh and flashing the sabbabah sign.

  15. This doesn’t fit for terrorism. There’s just no way that this is good tactics for someone who has thought it out at all. It sounds a lot like somebody just snapped.

    • I was going to say much the same thing. 3 magazines for one handgun? This wasn’t planned well in advance, it had to be a spur- of-the-moment thing.

  16. “Concealed carry is illegal within the terminal buildings of an airport in the state of Florida even with a concealed carry permit.”

    I don’t think he cared. I also don’t think it counts as concealed when you walk out shooting.

  17. something isn’t correct with this story:

    1) Canada hardly allows easy handgun transport (it was a handgun per reports)
    2) Americans aren’t likely to have brought a handgun from Canada to USA
    3) He was just in a psych hospital in November in Anchorage
    4) Air Canada has no record of him on the manifest

    • 1) Canada isn’t relevant to this; he left from Alaska
      2) See 1
      3) Unless officially adjudicated irrelevant
      4) Because he was never on an Air Canada plane; he flew Delta out of Alaska. They codeshare with Air Canada.

      • You have yet to surface up with facts. Your are just speculating until you can back it up. Where did you come from anyways? Why aren’t you telling this truth news called CNN?

    • Which is, again, why you should ignore early reports because they’re almost certainly going to be found wrong shortly thereafter.

      • Is that so? have all of the solutions and statistics. You go tiger! I’d run and tell the “experts” ….Ask them if they are hiring new “experts”

  18. Just to reiterate, nothing to do with Canada. He didn’t come from Canada, change planes in Canada, probably didn’t even have Canadian beer.

    He flew Delta flight 1088 out of Anchorage connecting to Delta flight 2182 in Minneapolis.

    • Good work maestro. Now go tell Chip LaMarca to get his stories straight the first time. Hmm…Looks like it was the wrong computer that Mr LaMarca looked on. Perhaps he relied on a carrier pigeon to get his information on. Can you let us in on your secret?

    • Did he fly from Uranus to Topeka during a full moon? Ok the dude has a registered gun and you can’t even come up with anything. Why are you in here? If you have the answers….By God…i’d be telling this true news corporation called CNN. They are so honest…we need honest folk just like yourself.


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