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Gee, looks like there are guns on college campuses no matter what their official policies might be. Who knew? From “Two people are in custody and three people are injured after a shooting at a Lone Star College campus in North Harris County. The shooting happened just after noon Tuesday on the LSC campus in the 2700 block of WW Thorne Drive. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says four people were taken to nearby hospitals.” From early news reports (and as Sandy Hook demonstrated, early reports are frequently wrong), this was apparently not a random shooting. Rather, it was a dispute between two individuals that erupted in gunfire. More as it becomes available.

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    • It was a gun free zone according to their policy.

      II.F.1.01 Firearms/Weapons – Illegal
      A person shall not knowingly, intentionally or recklessly go onto the physical premises or passenger transportation vehicle of the System with a firearm or any prohibited weapon listed in Penal Code 46.05(a) unless pursuant to written regulation or law, or written authorization of the System.
      Violation of this law is a third degree felony. Penal Code 46.05 (See also Section: Student Code of Conduct, Section VI. Students, of Board Policy Manual).
      The physical premises of the System means any grounds or buildings owned or leased by the System, including, but not limited to, lots and land under the control of the System, or upon which a System building is located

      • Don’t you need to have a ‘30.06’ sign posted if you’re barring concealed carry on the property? Or does that not apply to educational institutions?

        • Doesn’t apply to schools, can’t carry there. You can keep it in your car though. Interestingly, you can’t have one in your car at a post office parking lot.

      • PC 46.05 (a) is concerned with “Prohibited Weapons”.
        PC 46.03 covers “Places Weapons Prohibited”.
        Public or private sidewalks / walkways, driveways, streets and parking areas are not prohibited by law.

        • Hi,cwegga,
          Thanks for your reply.
          I don’t use USPS much. An occasional envelope placed in the mailbox for the postman to pick up.
          Haven’t been in a post office in years.
          Figured this might be some good information to pass along.
          But I try not to make statements without something to back them up and could find nothing on this subject except speculation.
          The article you posted is the best I have seen so far.
          Thanks again.

  1. But if they only followed the law! We clearly need more laws to stop these criminals. A magazine and assault rifle ban will surely stop this form ever happening again! (Yes, sarcasm) As CHL holder, who is a veteran, and just returned back to college in Texas, it pisses me off that I am prohibited from legally arming myself for the majority of my day.

  2. Gun free zones really work!!! That stupid plastic sign that has a circle, slash and a gun in the middle DID a GREAAAT job at protecting those college kids. (SARCASM in case you didnt catch)

  3. I think it’s time we all stop this silly nonsense about guns, and start to focus on the dangers of school. I support a ban on education.

    Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

  4. This shooting clearly demonstrats that Gun Free Zones don’t work nor does Gun Control stop criminals from engaging in gun violence.

    This shooting involved to street thugs illegally in possession of handguns (it was said they were males between 18-20) in a Victim Disarmament Zone.

    Texas needs to hurry up and pass legislation granting law abiding students the ability to carry concealed on college campuses.

    The only thing that will protect you from a Bad Guy with a Gun is a Gun!

  5. I can pretty well confirm that it wasn’t a random shooting, as I only heard 7-8 shots in rapid succession, then no more. My guess is it was gang related or a personal dispute. A bill allowing licensed concealed carry of handguns on public campuses has been introduced, and would have been comforting.

  6. I can pretty well confirm that it wasn’t a random shooting, as I only heard 7-8 shots in rapid succession, then no more. My guess is it was gang related or a personal dispute. Maybe if concealed carry were legal on campus I would have stuck around to see if I could help.

    • If the rumors I’m hearing are accurate, this incident is unlikely to advance the narrative.

      Of course, rumors tend to be unreliable, that’s why they’re ‘rumors’, not ‘news’. But yeah, it sounds like this was a couple of gangbangers asserting themselves, no assault rifles involved.

  7. do the cops in the pic have backpacks and helmets? wtf? if they didn’t waste so much time getting booted up, maybe they would’ve caught the guy. same deal with Newtown probably. 20 minutes.

  8. Can someone tell these asshats to stop shooting at each other. Its really hard to defend our position to the antis with all these school shootings going on. Just saying, pass the word that we could do without a shooting once a week.

    • It does get very depressing. Intellectually, it’s obvious that people will shoot each other if they want to badly enough, laws or no. When you see shit like this though, it’s pretty obvious how it looks to someone who’s never touched a gun – “Ban ’em all, what good can come of them anyway?”

      The second amendment is a remote thing in the minds of most, a government so tyrannical that the vast majority of its citizens feel the need to overthrow it an even more remote thing.

      In general, we’re just not understanding when it comes to the human desire to kill someone. We think they’re insane, or if they didn’t have access to something that made it any easier than using a rock, it wouldn’t have happened. Human beings are violent. And human beings that desire violence will use the best means possible to accomplish it.

      We’ll never be able to see the universe where literally every possible instrument that could be used violently is banned. And because of that, it will always be something people hope for.

      People will believe anything else before they’ll believe that their fellow humans will resort to violence to the point of killing another person. It was the fact a gun was available. Or poison. Or a bomb. Or a knife. Or a rock.

      We’ll never be free of that either – there will never be a world where guns are viewed as nothing more than tools without will of their own.

      Ending up a nanny state like Britain seems almost inevitable, where we end up debating what kind of knives should be illegal.

  9. Sorry for the double post above, I’m new (to posting) here. Yes, I was at the school, on my way to the library, oddly enough, when I heard the shots. I found it strange no one was screaming or running from the school, even those who knew what was happening. I debated investigating further, but with no legal means of carrying my weapon on the campus, and no more shots being fired, I thought it best to leave. I expect this will be a more interesting semester than I’d planned.

    • “…but with no legal means of carrying my weapon on the campus…”

      I notice and applaud your ballerina-like tiptoeing there.

  10. Unless the gang angle pans out, this is exactly the kind of ammo we don’t need to be giving to the gun grabbers. Two concealed carriers who get into a fight and end up shooting innocent bystanders in the crossfire? Just f-ing perfect.

  11. Texas, I’m ashamed of you. Your marksmanship bl0ws compared to Chicago’s. When Chicago drug thugs get into a gun fight, there’s nobody left to take to the hospital.

    Also, late reports have one bystander (a janitor) shot in the leg, and another having a medical event, whatever that is. She was not shot and nobody’s dead. But then again, taking them to a Houston-area hospital has its own dangers.

  12. it’s unfortunate that shooting tragedies can’t be used to impart some levels of sarcasm. I would’ve posted a link to this on my social networks and just write, “but I thought you said this was a gun free zone”

    Pretty sure I won’t win any “likes”

  13. I am saddend beyond speech that I have to be saddened at the lose and injury AND the political fall-out this will give Zeke,almost as if it was planned!


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