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“Horrific incident in our community,” tweeted Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. “We will release details as they are confirmed. Prayers to all those affected.” That’s from Various reports describe someone in a Mustang firing a rifle at a Naval Reserve recruiting Center on or near Chattanooga State university. Local TV also reports a police officer has been shot (live video link here). As always, early reports are invariably misleading or wrong in these situations. More as it becomes available.

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  1. This looks like another deliberate attack on a police officer. It’s locations is merely coincidental. This is more fallout from the racebater/Faux Libertarian alliance forged in Ferguson.

      • Because Radley Balko, Jacob Sullum and the Reason crowd supported Handsupdontshoot and were quite willing to toss both Darren Wilson’s civil rights and The Mall of America’s property rights to the mob.

        Reason types aren’t Libertarians. They believe in what a friend labeled “free governance” which is a form of anarchy. They don’t believe a public sphere, including public law exists. Everything can be written as a contract enforced by private means. Street gangs are a positive model for them. Just because they label themselves Libertarians doesn’t make it so. They have fraudulently appropriated the label. Fredrick Hayek would not recognize them as Libertarian.

        • Except that the Reason crowd didn’t support the handsupdontshoot narrative after it completely fell apart, which was almost at the very beginning – especially after the convenience store footage came out. Much less after 24 volumes of Grand Jury testimony came out which definitively put that fabrication to rest.

          The Reason crowd also doesn’t espouse any kind of “free governance” (whatever that’s supposed to mean anyway), either. No, street gangs are far from a positive model for them — or anyone for that matter. They also definitely believe in a public sphere and in the Rule of Law. The very same Rule of Law that a lot of the regulars here appear to support, at that. I don’t know where you’re getting your perceptions about them from, but what I can tell you is that they’re categorically incorrect.

        • ” . . . They believe in what a friend labeled “free governance” which is a form of anarchy. They don’t believe a public sphere, including public law exists. . .”

          Public sphere = police union twaddle.

    • Have you taken appropriate precautions? Home carry or office carry? Long gun available close by?

    • I was up US 11 a ways (Riceville)
      Bradley Square Mall was locked down entirely in Cleveland from what I heard.
      They were even locking down places in Athens.
      No fly zone declared.
      Homeland Security was putting their elite squad of mall cops together,
      It was a drama-fest all afternoon.

  2. Things like this would never happen if people simply obeyed those “no guns” signs. Amirite?

      • They just need to make a sign from robocop, where if you don’t exit the area you will be shot, as 2 large 8 barreled.50 cal gatling guns raise and lock on the unauthorised gun totoing gal or guy.

    • Yep, another federally-mandated “gun-free zone” proves its effectiveness (I thought the subsequent similarly-titled post was about this, as a matter of fact).

    • Putting unarmed soldiers in glass fronted shotgun shacks really needs rethought. But, it won’t be.

  3. Various reports describe someone in a Mustang firing a rifle at a Naval Reserve recruiting Center on or near Chattanooga State university.

    Impossible. Universities are firearm free zones. And they are institutions with highly intellectual people who have evolved beyond any manifestation of physical violence. I summarily reject any claim to the contrary because, definition, any such claim would be impossible.


  4. The cops must be in backhoes and dumptrucks. The reporter just said she was “greeted by police that had heavy machinery”. That sounds serious!

  5. East Tennessee is part of God’s country (I live about 45 minutes from Chattanooga) and most good folks know how to take care of themselves. While I strongly caution against speculation (and you know that the regressives will be grasping, almost convulsively, at straws real and imagined) it does prove once again, with monotony, that so-called ‘gun-free’ zones do nothing but cause far more harm than good. I understand that some folks will just never comprehend it or make a connection between carrying a sidearm for protection and that’s fine. But attempting to legislate away the ability to defend yourself is morally reprehensible and should never be tolerated.


  6. I live 20min south of Chattanooga, and local news is saying the shooter has been killed…

  7. If only our Armed Forces were allowed to be armed. My military ID doesn’t say Armed Forces, it says Uniformed Services because we are disarmed and Force sounds too aggressive.

  8. You can be very sure of 2 things today.

    1. Every Jarhead recruiter is a multiple tour combat vet of Iraq/Afghanistan
    2. No Jarhead recruiter in uniform is armed

  9. I don’t know if the was another gun free zone shooting. If those animated bill boards (50ft TVs) really are cost effective, I see an opportunity for gun rights group with some deep pockets…sell advertising space all year long and once the facts are known about a shooting, advertize/inform when it happened in another gun free zone. Many folks are slow and self absorbed; only began to grasp a concept after it is drilled into their unused mushy minds and only when “American Talent Idols” types are talking about it.

    • The FBI agent in charge said he did not know for sure, but stated that it is a federal facility, and federal facilities are gun free zones, so he assumes that it was.

  10. I’m begging all of you, as a military member myself, please contact your state and local representatives and tell them that military need to be allowed to carry.

    First, currently the problem is that the buildings are often leased properties, not federal properties, but military regs and laws keep them gun free as if they’re federal property. This is not only stupid in light of terrorists actively targeting us in our own home country, but stupid in light of this incident.

    Second, the problem is that this is political, as those few upper leaders I have spoken with off-record aren’t against it (so long as they follow the general military manual of arms), but it continues to stay this way.

    Tell your leaders you want this changed. Of all the people to be caught defenseless and unarmed, a recruiting station should be the last place such a thing happens, in light of the fact that this is our public “face” to the world. We have to keep our doors open to recruiting stations in order to encourage civilians to sign up.

    It’s appalling.

    • Sorry, no special treatment for the costumed elite.

      My efforts will only be directed at ensuring all Americans have rights, not just the government workers.

  11. Very sad-and unarmed too. Hoping it’s a jihad azzwhole-waco/willy/gawd you’re just a plain ole’ azzwhole…

    • Pretty sure that whoever did this was an as*hole. And so far only one of our regular as*hole trolls has shown up to support these murders.

      • I don’t think it matters who you are or what group or denomination or race or gender you belong to, if you do something like this then you fit the exact definition of as*hole

  12. They will soon trace the shooter back and much will be clarified. It’s quite simply a domestic terrorist attack. Mental illness certainly, hate, yep. Too bad the perpetrator is dead as it makes it impossible to learn more. That said, if I had been in the woods and came upon the guy I’d of had no hesitation to put a 12 ga to his head. How long will it take to blame guns and increase lawful restrictions? The MSM is doing a superior job of spinning up the story and creating fear. Questions being asked, “Was it a semi-auto? Yes, they are already going there. A-holes, stirring the pot. It’s already been reported to your anti-American president.

    • Given that there are 30 bullet holes in he glass of the Naval Reserve recruiting office, and the report of a witness that the shooter was firing a “high powered rifle” from his car, the use of an AK or AR is nearly certain, despite the refusal of the FBI to comment on this issue, other than to say he had multiple weapons.

  13. CNN is quoting a witness describing 100 rounds fired in groups of 8 to 10. I know those Marines were thinking about trying to return fire – about the only sane thought one can have under the circumstances – this is very sad. God rest their souls.

    • “…describing 100 rounds fired in groups of 8 to 10.”

      Thank the heavens for magazine size limits. Just think if all those rounds could have been fired from one clip.

      yes, sarcasm. Probably a bit off color too.

  14. LEO sources reportedly tell CBS News shooting suspect named Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, domestic terror investigation underway

    • “Not on the terror watch list.” Did he come in through southern border? I’m not ashamed to speculate.

  15. I know some of the commenters above have noticed the
    No Guns signs so prominently on the front doors of these facilities.
    I can taste the irony of this sag situation.

    As of 1400 Central time,
    4 Marines are dead and one police officer was wounded.
    The shooter is dead.
    Thankfully there appears to be only one shooter.

    I am going to check the federal law for myself,
    as haphazard as it may be.
    Some facilities forbid guns not only in their buildings,
    but also in their parking lots, such as Postal Service properties.

    I don’t know about Recruiting Offices at commercial strip malls.
    I know of several in my city alone.

    Also is ironic that our Big Brother NSA and other agencies could do nothing
    to stop this situation.
    What good are they?

  16. I have a stupid question. Why our armed forces NOT armed. A sidearm (at minimum) should be a part of every service men’s uniform at all times.

    • We don’t need more guns in the streets you ammosexual (who do I sound like? 🙂 )

      All we need to do is make all guns illegal and make sure we tell the terrorists that they’re illegal and nothing like this can ever happen again.

      (…yes…..much sarcasm above… ya didn’t catch it…)

    • @Ilya,
      The question asking why aren’t our “Armed Forces” armed, is not a stupid question.

      That’s what we are all asking.

      It was either pres. Clinton or Bush that gave an executive order that our armed forces would be disarmed while not in combat and stateside. Just like in Ft. Hood I and Ft. Hood 2.
      Their only consolation is that the all military bases have armed military or civilian police.

      Also the Military Recruiting Stations might be considered “Federal Facilities” and be off-limits for civilians to be armed. Just like Postal Facilities AND Post Office PARKING LOTS.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Tomorrow a.m. there should be a bill on the House and Senate floor revoking the previous law that left these well training combat soldier unprotected.

  17. It’s the gun’s fault for being there, and has nothing at all to do with the Religion of Peace™.

    • The gun ban for military got tacked onto a bill in the 80s by democrats.
      Years ago even high schoolers took guns to school for after school match and practice

  18. Seems like those whom would like to indenture all. That our service members are fine being armed and fighting for there said agenda, wars/conflicts or protecting certain persons or areas of interest. When it comes to Our Men and Women who protect and serve this country though, it is looking more and more as if Our Leadership in Elected offices and those officials have a DIRECT Fear of these SAME SAID Men & Women whom have and do SERVE OUR NATION and The American public.
    To me this sends up a red flag that we all should be asking ourselves why? If everything is truly on the up and up with our leaders in government and others whom interact with our armed services,
    then they should be the first to be sure that these men and women are ARMED to Protect themselves and there Family’s against those whom would wish them harm ( residents of countries where AMERICA has had armed conflict or the United States has dabbled in Foriegn affairs) and revenge is being sought. Then there is the BIGGER question as to why Our Government FEELS it is nessacary that OUR ARMED FORCES be completely at the mercy of any and all whom may or do wish them harm!!
    To me there is great conflict in this choice, as they are our line of defense against Enemies Foriegn and Domestic. So why does OUR government and elected officials have them unarmed and at the mercy of any all within our own borders? If OUR SERVICE MEMBERS are good enough to be armed fighting for Our Nation on Foriegn Lands then by All Means they are good enough to be armed within our borders and protecting themselves and ours here.
    I Believe this nation is headed for dark times and in this the Leadership has fears of those Vets and service members making a stand for that which they see as being right and constitutionally correct.
    Thank You ALL who have and do Protect OUR NATION AND WE THE PEOPLE! God Bless

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