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As is reporting, “Several people were wounded Wednesday morning at a shooting at an UPS facility on San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood, authorities said. … A massive police response was sent to the area of 17th and Vermont along with first response medical crews. The San Francisco Fire Department said that at least 3 victims were taken to the hospital. The San Francisco Medical Examiner has been called to the scene, but there have been no confirmed deaths.” More as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Four are reported dead (including the shooter, who killed himself) in what appears to be a case of workplace violence.

A UPS worker killed three coworkers and himself Wednesday after opening fire in a San Francisco package-sorting facility, according to news reports.

The employee, believed to be dressed in a UPS uniform, was hospitalized and later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, NBC Bay Area reported.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital said it had admitted multiple people from the Potrero Hill neighborhood shooting, with a spokesperson telling “we expect more.”

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  1. How?
    San Francisco must have different laws then the rest of California, otherwise, there is no way this could have happened.

    • Simple. White, protestant, conservative, missionary, extremist terrorism as always. Do you even MSM?

    • That UPS building is at the nexus point of several different gangs (zoo block & 1000 connecticut on potrero hill, norteno’s at 16th & mission, surrenos at 24th and mission, ms13 all over that area, and all the gangs that are down town only a few blocks away). These kinds of shootings (mass shootings?) happen all the time in that area, which also happens to be right next to SF Genral Hospital (now Mark Zuckerburg General Hospital ***barf)….. the only difference is this particular shooting slipped through the libtard utopia filter and is actually in the news.

    • The guy from Illinois was obviously celebrating Trump’s birthday in his own way.
      The one in SF might be more of the same, or the timing might just be coincidence.

  2. Yes, this is obviously a lie, because San Francisco is essentially a gun-free zone, filled with peace-loving hippies, homeless, and LGBT pacifists. It’s impossible for a gun to be shot there, because it’s gun-free. Doesn’t anyone understand this? Must be a hoax . . .

    Just once, I’d like to read about one of these morons pulling a gun and getting caught in a massive cross-fire from a half-dozen legal carriers before he had the chance to rack a slide. “Gee – he must be Swiss; look at all the holes . . .”

    • Multi gun crossfire? Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong… Make sure of your target and what is beyond it. 🙂 We could draw straws to see who gets to shoot first?

      Of course, if a potential criminal shooter thought for a minute that there were armed folks in the crowd who might shoot back… they probably would find somewhere else to go. How can gun free zones possibly make any sense at all?

    • It’s a good thing it wasn’t using a suppressor or else shotspotter wouldn’t have detected it. Whew that was almost bad

    • San Francisco is proud of the fact that it does not issue CCWs. The former sheriff Michael Hennessy issued none, and his successor issued two, one each to employees of the SFPD and SFSO, respectively. Now that that sheriff is gone, I wonder if the CCWs have too. Combined with the large numbers of schools and school zones, it is essentially impossible to transport a firearm anywhere in the city unless it is in a locked container, or you are from other county that actually issues CCWs. That’s the way, unhun unhun, they like it.

        • You in San Francisco have the right to have sex in public and walk around naked on days designated by the city government. During the Folsom Street fair with 400,000 attendees, you can walk around in public with a well fitting strap on dildo. Just like the folks at UT Austin Texas.
          The homosexual power city of gay love forced the last gun store in the city, High Bridge Arms, to close. It was replaced with a Marijuana intoxication dispensary.

          You don’t need guns. You have crystal meth to improve your sexual experience. But the city will tell you what to do in the privacy of your bed room when it come to storing your guns.

  3. Will this FINALLY be the old fat white redneck Jesus loving shooter that the MSM has been searching for? If it is, we’ll hear about it for a month, if it’s another muslim, it’ll be off the news cycle in a few hours.

    • It’s almost like Gun Control is designed to give criminals an advantage killing civilized people who follow the law…

      • Gun control is intended to give criminals, free loaders and the politicians they voted for, (but I repeat myself) the ability to steal the money that civilized people created, and to kill any civilized people that objects to the theft, without endangering them in their thievery.

      • I don’t think it’s “designed” to give criminals (in the traditional sense) a leg up (contrary to popular belief they have to obey the laws too) but it is designed to give the government absolute control by way of putting its foot on the neck of the people should the need (or desire) ever arise. People who talk back and resist your plans sure are annoying

        Now would you define an armed government representative enforcing oppressive laws on an unarmed populace a criminal? Huh, maybe you’re right it is designed for “criminals” of one kind or another

        • I think they’re not “designed” to do anything but give warm fuzzies to the people who pushed for them, and the pols who wrote the law.

  4. Just another crazy Commiecrat that shouldnt be allowed to even own a gun!
    Ever notice, these “shooters” are ALWAYS, either one or both of the following, muslim or commiecrats!

  5. “Happiness is a warm gun,” just like the .40 cal I have on my hip right now… Some day the Sheeple will realize they need to take responsibility for their own safety. Until they do, you will continue to see these articles.

  6. I have seen it noted on the msm that an “assualt pistol” was used for the UPS shooting. No idea if that means AR pistol with or without brace, Glock with threaded barrel? Mac 10/11? Keltec plr? FN five seven? Or just a pistol used in the commission of an assualt?

    Curious to see what them deem an assualt pistol is.

  7. Former FuddEx worker, them places can be run badly, or they can be a model of efficient and involved management, but no one can know what’s behind your fellow employees eyes. The faster the rest of the nation understands this and starts arming up, the better. On the downside, just like in a gun free zone, this is a large warehouse with no places to run, hide, or fight back from. So the active shooter “training” is moot. The most efficient method are armed guards at entrances and exits, and at least a couple roaming within. But what the heck do I know. I’m perfectly willing to admit that like John Snow, “I know nothing”.


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