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All the usual suspects spouting all the usual talking points following a widely publicized shooting (what likely would have been a mass murder if not for the presence of a good guy with a gun). Civilian disarmament advocates like The Atlantic editor David Frum rush to dance in the blood further their hoplophobic narratives, frequently beclowning themselves by exhibiting how very little they know about firearms or the plethora of laws already in place to regulate them.

With the GOP in control of the House, Senate and executive branch, is it anything more than sound and fury signifying nothing? It may be infuriating, but does any of it make any difference at all?


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      • In Virginia, it is a Concealed Handgun Permit. The shooter is not from Virginia, and Alexandria has a ban on OC of long guns anyhow. None of these apply.

    • shooter is from Illinois,where all those points are false. looks like a little willful ignorance to me

    • LMAO. The gun contol nuts are wrong on the facts again. what does concelaed licencing in VA have to do with long guns!?

  1. Ha! no background checks…sad thing is too many people will believe these lies and parrot them

      • Look up the truth before you post. Illinois is not gun free. We may not have the most 2A friendly laws on the books, but we’re way better off than a lot of the north east and west coasts.

        • learn to read before you reply. chicago is virtually gun free in the 2nd amendment sense of the word. his points are very valid. your post is pretty much without point . getting hung up on technicalities and word meaning debates is not productive.

        • Chitcago politicians might hate guns, and when it was first enacted the FOID was quite a major prior restraint on 2A rights.
          But now, anybody with a valid FOID can walk into a gun shop and walk out with a M4gery with no more hassle than in most other states.

        • @miforest You’re way off base in your assertions. Omer Baker is correct in stating that Illinois is not gun-free, just gun-unfriendly.

          “John” above him is flat-out wrong. He claims Illinois is gun free and the shooter had a military M4. Illinois is not gun free and the shooter did not have a military M4. A military M4 is select-fire; his was semi-auto. Whine about semantics all you want, but you and John are wrong. He did not have a military rifle. In addition, incorrect points are not valid. The topic was never about Chicago gun laws, but Illinois being “gun free,” so John and you are wrong. Arguing over facts is not “getting hung up on technicalities and word meaning debates.”

        • CBS said it was military style M4 super-death-spraying-Nazi-promoting-automatic-evil-machine, so it must be true!

        • Exactly, where is it that it was an M4, because of Evy Poumpouras absurd “pew pew” description when describing semi-automatic vs … semi-automatic?! All reports indicate it was an AR15, so probably a Hi-Point carbine.

    • Everyone needs to be able to defend themselves, “gun free zones” like that stadium leave everyone defenseless, except the criminals

      • The stadium isn’t a gun free zone. The Capitol, in the District, where they had to be in a few hours, is the gun free zone. It’s not practical to carry in VA if you then need to go into DC without going home first to drop off the gun.

        • Exactly. Not technically a gun free zone but for members of congress and their staff there, or anyone who might go into DC on short notice, it was for all practical purposes a gun free zone there, like all of northern Virginia. If they got called in on a vote etc they all be committing multiple felonies bring their guns into DC, even if they unloaded and locked them up in DOJ certified gun safe in their cars.

    • “More republicans may choose to start carrying…”

      Mama is on the right track.

      This is the *perfect* argument for 50 state carry reciprocity…

    • When I first met congressman at a town hall I was surprised by the lack of security. I thought his district director was security (all the other staff had tucked shirts making a concealed gun unlikely and he fit demographically, plus he was standing at the back watching the crowd) till I met him and learned who he was (I latter asked him if he shot recreationaly and he only did a few times with his brothers, so he may not even be a CCW holder).

      The next town hall I went to had campus security, as it was on a college campus, at the entrance and seemingly absent during the speech itself. Congressman had reserved the front rows for veterans, which seems like a good security move as it would put the Congressman out of range of handguns and there may have been people at the doors. Not sure if this was planned as a security move, but it seemed to be a decent setup. The one after that was similar but reserved the front for students of the institution.

  2. Will this change things? Let’s see. The Left will continue to vomit invective at their stereotypes of gun owners, the Right will continue to point out how stupid they are because the Left doesn’t understand firearms laws, firearm nomenclature, firearm operating principles, or general firearm familiarity.

    The Bloomberg Brigade will trot out their pre-spun hodgepodge of patently false statements that are “their” version of alternative facts. The media will excrete their every day sputum about GHON VIELENZ, taking up the Obama anti gun baton. It’s easier to get a gun than breathe air, sort of nonsense.

    What WILL change is the Left will realize that this attack could have been any one of THEM, and they will finally understand the worth and purpose of the 2nd Amendment; … NOT ! Nothing changes, except the grandstanding and opportunistic vehemence of the Left grows unabated. They can use this to push back against the necessary HPA decision, if they can block, they are guaranteed to. I simply trust nothing at this point, politically, and I will believe the HPA is passed when the rest of you comment about how much better your lives are now with it’s passage. Living in, well, HERE, my ability to partake in some metal tube’n is moot since Fiendstain AND Harrass (Fienstein and Harris) are my representatives.

  3. I doubt it. The rabid left is too deep in the cultural Marxist hole to dig their way out and the GOP is reluctant to properly deal with left wing terrorism.

  4. This is the time to be especially vigilant with our God-granted and Second Amendment-recognized rights. These cowards whether or not they are religiously or politically motivated, are going to influence our rights one way or another when they decide to randomly attack folks. Just because our president graced the NRA this year, doesn’t mean we have won the battle. The mainstream media will continue to crucify the American family while allowing and supporting enemies to our way of life to gain a foothold. Make no mistake, these feminazis and bearded espresso guzzlers are after anything that doesn’t agree with their morally deficit thought process. Keep them clean, keep them loaded

  5. Since all of DC is essentially a gun free zone, where you can be imprisoned for unlicensed possession of a single shotgun shell in your own home, can anybody tell me if there are nonresident licenses available to people like Rand Paul? I’m wondering if Paul was unarmed because it was legally impossible or because he didn’t bother.

    • My reading of Article I, Section 6 of the US Constitution is that neither Senator Paul nor any other member of Congress has any need of any sort of gun permit. “They shall in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any speech or debate in either house, they shall not be questioned in any other place. “

      • ” “They shall in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest”

        There’s the rub – Firearm carry in DC without a permit is a felony…

        • Carry? Firearms possession without a specific DC registration of the firearm is a felony. The ammo even if unloaded is also a felony, And if your firearm is unapproved for DC, say if it has a 12 round mag, that is a third felony.

    • FedUp says:
      June 14, 2017 at 12:23
      “Since all of DC is essentially a gun free zone, where you can be imprisoned for unlicensed possession of a single shotgun shell in your own home, can anybody tell me if there are nonresident licenses available to people like Rand Paul? I’m wondering if Paul was unarmed because it was legally impossible or because he didn’t bother.”

      Let me explain this since I have a Va carry and work in DC.
      Technically speaking you can get a non resident carry in DC. But this is irrelevant since it s not only may issue, but DC has given out 60 total resident and non resident carry licenses, mostly to cops family members. You have to have a specific, police reported and verified threat to you (not to a class of people like members of congress) also once that threat is three years old you are no longer qualified and will lose your license (which requites about $600 in training and fees).

      So carry is pretty much out. That leaves your alternative as registration of a firearm with no carry permission. This is also a circle jerk with what DC address you can use, and for other reasons leaving you exposed to committing a felony possession 50 times per year due to unreported movement of firearm from “registered address.”

      Non residents of DC are allowed to registered firearms at a DC address. BUT you cannot use an address where firearms are not allowed, such as any federal or DC government office. No congressional staff worker or say HUD employee or of course teacher can use their work address. You also can’t use the work address at a DC hospital or anywhere where anyone has hung a non guns policy sign.

      If you work in a private office or say own a retail place in DC you often can use that address.

      .Meaning if carry in Virginia, but before leaving Virginia you unload and put your firearm in a lock box, drive to DC, you are allowed to keep that gun during the day in DC, loaded while at your office, and unladed and locked when traveling.

      BUT if the firearm is moved from there you must notify DC in writing within 48 hours. Meaning on Friday at 6 pm if you lock up the firearm, put it in your briefcase, put it in your trunk and drive home — but do not formally and in writing apply to the DC MPD firearms office by Sunday at 6 pm you are committing a felony.

      On top of that if you and your spouse have a carry firearm and you take your spouses, you are committing a felony as each firearm must be register in DC by serial.

      In short it is technically feasible for some (but certainly totally impossible for any staff who works in on the hill) for practical purposes it is impossible since there are a lot of technical violations possible at the felony level, and possible over and over (eg every weekend).

  6. No prison barges filled with the evil (D).

    The “Tipping Point” isn’t always a “push”, and the next civil war will likely start on such a “pull”.


    With the “We’re F’d up, we need to fix you so that we can do tyranny” plans from the evil (D).


  7. Dear David Frum:

    What do Virginia’s firearm laws have to do with an Illinois resident?

    Bonus question: what would any of your laundry list of infringements have done to stop that shooter, whether a resident of Illinois or of Virginia?

    • He’s a “Dreamer” doing the jobs most Americans won’t do. Like FING WITH OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    • Yeah, he got a $99 dollar Hinkley-special discount at a local pawn shop, and (having never fired a semi-automatic weapon) was able to load, charge, and leg shoot a Rep at 90′ from one?

  8. Yeah it changes things for ME… now I’m definitely buying an AR15 after flip-floping for months…”interesting times”.

  9. What if no one at the baseball diamond had been armed and the shooter had been able to massacre many Republican Senators and Representatives? Imagine Democratic Governors appointing Democrats to slain Republican seats. This one Bernie campaigner could have totally changed the balance of power in Washington or at least mired the U.S. in huge political crisis. Trump’s agenda would be hopelessly undermined just like George Bush presidency was forever warped by having to deal with 9/11. The Democrats need pay a harsh political price for using violent tactics to attain their goals after they failed at the ballot box.

    • …are you suggesting that this yahoo was directly controlled by the Democratic Party to carry out the attack?

      • I would be shocked if they did. The Democrats have basically copied the Islamic model that proves that with enough radicalization you do not need to directly control anyone to achieve your idealogical goals. ISIS does not have to directly order anyone to attack the west just provide a steady stream of propaganda and inspired individuals do the rest.
        As such, the Democrats have made their wishes known and whipped their followers into a frenzy. The party leadership now just has to sit back, let events unfold, and perform perfunctory deflection like blaming guns.

  10. i just don’t get how these Dems and Liberals are so damn…ignorant and blind. i would love to hear how he thinks ANY or ALL of those laws would stop this person. How the hell do you have a conversation with someone that thinks laws ( words on paper) literally stops bad people from doing bad things? I usually try to engage with these types of people regularly and some will admit that laws don’t stop criminals. But most just double down and stick their head in the sand. I just don’t understand the left anymore. It seems everyday they get crazier and crazier.

  11. The drafters and supporters of the Second Amendment Guarantee Act in Buffalo, NY certainly think that this shooting should change things.

    If entered and passed, the Second Amendment Guarantee Act would allow Congress to prohibit state Second Amendment infringements through congressional civil rights enforcement power, and also make certain federal funds contingent on respect for the Second Amendment.

    Congress has the power to prevent unconstitutional state assault rifle bans and Second Amendment infringements. Call your representatives and demand that they put their support behind the Second Amendment Guarantee Act.

    • Congress supposedly has the “power” to do a lot of good things. So far, not much action on those things from them, regardless how much they bloviate. Still waiting for congress to separate school, medicine and lots of other things from “state” (every level) control. Oh wait! They all LIKE state control of our lives and property. Why in the world would they do anything to begin restoration of individual liberty?

      Forget about congress. The only ones who will protect our natural right to self defense, by any means necessary… is US – you and me.

      • “Forget about congress. The only ones who will protect our natural right to self defense, by any means necessary… is US – you and me.”

        We appreciate your commitment to liberty and constitutional protections While everyone would like to “forget about Congress,” we cannot forget about the unfair and unconstitutional violations that occur every day in the the state of New York. The New York SAFE Act has exposed numerous individuals to prosecution, harassment, and criminal sentencing. Republicans in Congress must be held to their commitment to protecting the Second Amendment.

        • Not my problem. I can’t do anything about what goes on in New York, or congress for that matter. All I can do is live my life with integrity, responsible for myself and my safety, as well as offer support for those neighbors who want to do the same. The people of New York have the same options, and the same obligations. They need to work together to obtain their own freedom. Just like everyone else. They don’t need excuses… anymore than people in Chicago or wherever they live. Excuses and avoidance of personal responsibility is pretty much what got us here…

        • “Not my problem. I can’t do anything about what goes on in New York, or congress for that matter. All I can do is live my life with integrity, responsible for myself and my safety, as well as offer support for those neighbors who want to do the same. The people of New York have the same options, and the same obligations.”

          Anti-second amendment laws are a national problem, because what goes around comes around. Anti-2A laws in states like New York and California have a way of getting enacted in places like Colorado and – if control of Congress flips – throughout the nation.

          • Sure, but what do you – personally – plan to do about it? Write a letter to your congresscritter? Big joke.

            Your personal life, and support for integrity and self government, where you are, is the only thing you can actually DO about it. And the more people who do that, the better.

            You can’t affect the national situation any more than I can. But you can waste an awful lot of time and effort talking about it.

            Forget congress. They have never been interested in individual liberty or YOUR safety, and they never will be.

      • “Sure, but what do you – personally – plan to do about it? Write a letter to your congresscritter?”

        The tens of thousands of members of Rep. Chris Collins’s legislative district are going to hold him accountable to his support of this bill. Republicans need to know that our vote is not to be taken for granted.

        • Lots of luck with that fantasy, of course. But what would it hurt if you took my advice along with it? Remember the old saw about pissing in one hand and wishing into the other… to see which one gets full faster?

  12. Republican and Democrat Representatives practice baseball regularly but can’t get together on important legislation.

  13. Hrmmm…

    What will change? I don’t know but maybe, just maybe, some Dems will recognize that a “good guy with a gun” is pretty much the ONLY remedy for a bad guy with a gun (unless you have C4 and a robot).

    Then, maybe they’ll recognize that without such a service a bunch of their co-workers wouldn’t be breathing right now.

    In some bizzaro world maybe they’ll then realize that most of us don’t have/can’t afford such a service and come to the conclusion that they would leave us the fuck alone when it comes to protecting ourselves, our families and those around us if/when some nutbar goes all Murder McFuckface.

    It won’t happen, but a man can dream can’t he?

  14. David Frum is a slave born and raised in Canada.
    He stated he was against the second amendment but he became an american citizen any way. He is still against the second amendment.
    He is no different than a Muslim or African who came to Europe and wants to change it to the hell hole they came from.

  15. Updatre. Frum WRONG on every single claim.
    Gun is SKS. most models of SKS are legal in Illinois, legal in CHICAGO (legal in Norway and legal on Frum’s home country of Canada too).
    Shooter is qualified to buy and own it whether he bought in Virginia OR IN ILLIONIOS.
    Shooter pled down his domestic assault and had no disqualifying arrest.

    NOT ONE SINGLE GUN CONTROL PROPOSAL BY FRUM — not one — nor any proposal by any major gun control front, would have stopped or deterred this guy having this gun at that place.

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