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Arizona Senator John McCain’s down with the jury’s verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman. When pushed by CNN’s Candy Girl, McCain said he could “absolutely see” why people feel justice wasn’t served. The failed Republican presidential nominee went on to concede that “stand your ground laws need to be reviewed by the Florida legislature or any other legislature has passed such legislation.” Big John rejected Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s assertion that President Obama’s attack on stand your ground laws was an attack on the Second Amendment. “I don’t draw that conclusion,” McCain said. Because . . . “I just don’t draw that conclusion.”

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    • I don’t draw that conclusion because someone found some epic dirt against me. Now I’m as useless as most of the politicians out there.

  1. TO: All
    RE: What Would You Expect….

    ….from a traitor to his oath?


    [The Truth will out….McCain is an oath-breaker….and therefore a traitor to the United States Constitution.]

    P.S. Why the jackasses in his state haven’t called for a Re-Call is beyond comprehension…..

    In truth, he served US better in the Hanoi Hilton then he has on Capital Hill.

      • Groups are gathering signatures for a recall but thats it for now. If there was anything close to an official recall the Republic would be creaming themselves to cover two R’s getting recalled. I’d love to see McCain go.

  2. Unreal!

    What would they all be saying if Z didn’t have a gun? Would these tards be sayin the jury would be wrong for convicting Martin, because by opposite conclusion of the acquittal, would be a guilty verdict for Martin.

    Not to mention that “Child”, as I here all the time, at the age of 17, would have been tried as an adult for aggrevated assault and would be doing 3-5. & I guarantee that the texts, his Weed smoking and his school suspension would have been used against him to convict him.

    • True, if GZ didn’t have a gun, everything else being the same AND both of them alive at the end, TM would be facing assault and battery charges, no question. It makes no difference what their respective race is, contrary to what the media and now even the president are asserting. TM was a thug, gangster wanna be who started the fight and kept pounding on GZ’s skull. GZ did what anybody would do in self defense. Now Obama, Holder and Co. won’t stop until GZ is in jail, and they have unlimited funds to make it happen. The senile, clueless lifetime opportunist politician McCain apparently can’t understand that either.

    • Or would they have even found him?If it had been the other way around,we would have never heard about this.There was a crime that happened in Moss Point,Ms. About 3 years ago,when a white man that was with his family,out of town going to a high school football game,on a Friday night,he got out of his vehicle to ask for directions at a curb store in a predominatly black neighborhood,he was shot dead by a 16 year old for no other reason except he was white.Ya’ll never heard about it on MSM did ya’ll?The teen was tried and convicted but the Boobama administration didn’t even investigate for civil rights violations,looks like we know how the administration feels about white folks!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  3. Coming soon: McCain introduces the “Lay Back and Try to Enjoy it” rape laws, making it illegal for women to fight back against their rapists.

    In truth, this illustrates what many already allege: the Second is no safer in the hands of Repubs than it is in Dems. When you boil it down both parties are full of statist Dbags.

    • I’ll give you this one. It surprises me how many mock the Obama voters, saying they voted for an anti-2a candidate and shouldn’t complain now. Whatever his intentions, Obama had yet to do ANYTHING with regards to a new AWB or concealed carry bans before Sandy Hook. Romney, on the other hand, had signed the current Massachusetts version of the AWB into law as governor. Yet he gets a pass for no valid reason.

      • Makes one wonder how many people complaining about Obama are flat out racists or just jumping the bandwagon. All politicians suck and don’t care about the people.

      • You’re not at all familiar with Obama’s record on the issue from before he became President, are you?

        • Obama still has scandals aplenty, hasn’t balanced the budget, IRS, DOJ, and Benghazi scandals. He’s also a “champion” for gun control and the worst health care scheme this nation has ever known was put through because of him. I’m pretty sure he’s a terrible president, but you’re welcome to disagree.

        • Traitor? Hell, that’s nothing. Matt In Florida got Schmucked once. I’ve been called a low IQ bootlicker. You ain’t trying hard enough if all you get is Traitor.

      • Personally, I have never been able to understand this line of reasoning. Obama had a very anti-2nd Amendment voting record. The reason he didn’t do anything anti-2nd Amendment in his first term as President is because he was running for a second term. How hard is this for people to understand? As for Romney, Romney signed the AWB while governor of a liberal state. How he would govern as President of the United States is a hugely different matter when, at the national level, the Republican party would never stand for his being anti-2nd Amendment.

        • Which is precisely why not enough people were willing to trust him. If Romney ain’t gonna stand up and be counted on his principles for a governorship, will he do it for the presidency? The reason Romney got votes at all was because folks KNEW what a turd Obama was.

  4. I often wonder why a guy who endured and resisted ruthless torture in Vietnam (at the hands of the enemy), repeatedly rolls over for the guy who defeated him in an election…..

      • How can you attack a man who served his country like that? Maybe he’s a hack, maybe he’s a sellout but he served this country more than you or I ever have.

        • McCain is not held in high regard by many Vietnam veterans and actually considered to be a traitor. In the early 1990’s, McCain traveled to Vietnam with Hanoi John (Kerry) with the sole purpose of shutting down all future searches for American servicemen left behind (our nation’s MIA’s / POW’s). It’s alleged that Kerry’s participation was rewarded with a sizable real estate development deal.

        • That is such a crock.
          What “service” did he provide? He wasted thousands of dollars (millions in todays depleted dollars) in tax money to drop bombs on Vietnamese people who were no threat to anyone in America, so LBJ and his war-hawk buddies could get rich(er) off the blood of innocents.
          Then he returned to the US and became a tax whore, selling his political influence to the highest bidder.

        • So did Benedict Arnold. Being a hero in the past does not inoculate you from being a tool in the present.

  5. John McCain is a crazy war hawk neocon. The only thing he cares about is making sure the USA is not outmatched in any possible future war. He would trade everything the Republican party stood for (including gun rights) if it would mean a few more aircraft carriers or boots on the ground. Unfortunately for him, McCain has become more and more sidelined within his own party due to the rise of the tea party, which doesn’t really care about foreign wars. He now spends his time acting like a bitter old man whose time has come.

    • McCain is an elitist who cares nothing about you and me.While he endured horrible touture,when he comes for my rights or allows it to happen the gloves come off.Now your messing with the Constitution and my Family.

  6. Obama & Co.: “We’re coming for your all your guns.”

    McCain: “Obama is not ‘coming’ for your guns.”


    McCain, did you perform background checks for the FSA, which in itself is al-Qaeda Lite?

    Food for thought.

    • Me thinks he’s a bit dain-bramaged from the years of mental and physical torture.
      Just give him his military retirement and make him go away.

  7. I can’t find it, because Google hasn’t indexed it yet, and I don’t remember where I saw it, but someone very recently (within the last few hours) said we were better off with Obama, who we know is “the other side,” than we would have been having McCain as “Appeaser in Chief.” I thought it was a really good point when I read it a couple hours ago, and then this pops up, and only reinforces it. Whoever you were, good on ya.

    I respect him for his service, but it’s time for him to retire.

      • i really despise him,he truly a traitor to this Country.As Benedict Arnold was once held in high regard as McCain was they both turned out to be great traitors and may McCain reap what he sows.Coward.

  8. If McCain was any more of a RINO, he’d weigh two tons and have a horn sticking out of his nose instead of his nose sticking up Obama’s @ss.

  9. Obama’s attack on Stand-Your-Ground is of a piece with his attack on the Second Amendment: both aim at eliminating your right to self-defense.

    Wish he wasn’t so consistent.

  10. Here in Arizona, Governor Brewer has already come out publicly stating there is nothing wrong with our “Justification Laws”……

    And I’m planning on phoning the Phoenix office of asshat mccain and informing who answers that the asshat

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  11. McCain is lousy senator and terrible Republican. I not surprised that the main backer of the Machin Schumer Toomey Gun Register bill say self defense is evil. Ignore him and try to see him kicked out of the GOP.

  12. McCain is not held in high regard by many Vietnam veterans and actually considered to be a traitor. In the early 1990′s, McCain traveled to Vietnam with Hanoi John (Kerry) with the sole purpose of shutting down all future searches for American servicemen left behind (our nation’s MIA’s / POW’s). It’s alleged that Kerry’s participation was rewarded with a sizable real estate development deal.

  13. Just a reminder to this doo doo head…you raised your right hand, took an oath, when you stepped on the Annapolis campus WHEN YOU WERE 17. Just like TM. He wasn’t a kid.

    Also, loyality and honoring this nation gets renewed each morning at reveille. Just because someone served his or her nation doesn’t provide a lifetime pass. There are many who served yet have helped destroy the very country they fought for. McCain long ago showed that he really doesn’t understand what our Founders handed us.

  14. As a veteran of the Korean War I honor and respect Senator McCain’s heroism and service to his country and his faithfulness to his fellow prisoners of war . He can’t raise his arm to salute Old Glory because the nice cong captors repeatedly broke his arm. But they never broke his spirit . On the other hand the presant occupier of the White House can’t raise his hand to salute the colors because his ideology and loyalty marches to a different drumbeat . Time to honor John , give him the proverbial gold watch and let him bask in the glorious sunshine of his State .
    I am certain that somewhere in Arizonna lives a young conservative who is ready to take over the reins
    Salute , Dennis .

  15. Ummm Obamas pal DF tried to push a bill with assault weapon confiscation in it…if Obama is not attacking our gun rights then Paul Rubens wasn’t attacking his Johnson in that theater.

  16. He’s a RINO,probably senile too,this is what we would have had back in2008,he seems to be just as bad as Boobama.As for the Zimmerman verdict,it was right on the money,if it hadn’t been for politicians getting involved it would not have gone to trial.Now as for the protests about the verdict,it is being inflamed by the politicians to keep us divided,and to try to use it for more gun control,we all know that Boobama is a communist and wants to take weapons out of the people’s hands so his leftist socialistic agenda can move forward to totalitarianism.There is so much in his past that points to this.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  17. An incident where race and Stand Your Ground were irrelevant, has now lead to a seemingly endless distraction about race and Stand Your Ground.

    Which doesn’t mean that race isn’t an issue. Although one might be lead to that conclusion. The reason the White House did not point to an actual example of racism is that it would lead to an examination of their own progressive policies.

    If President Obama had a son, he might look like Trayvon Martin. But if he had a city, it would look like Detroit.

  18. McCain is a washed up has been. Time to replace him with someone who knows what it means to be an American.

  19. BREAKING: A traitorous, anti Constitutional douche-bag agrees with your rights being trampled on once again.
    In other recent news, no absolutely no one that knows about McCain’s records are surprised.

    Seriously, why is this guy still a Senator?

    • I’d love it if you guys used me first comment on this entry as it’s new title in an edit by the way :).

  20. Please let this increasingly embarrassing old gentleman retire. Soon. Let him retire and enjoy the honor his military service earned for him. Let him retire before his increasingly liberal rantings completely destroy his reputation, dismantle and overwhelm the grudging respect in which he was once held. I fear it may already be too late. Retire, Senator, Retire. NOW!

  21. McCain, Flake, and Rubio have already proven that they are are not worthy of our respect, our money, or our votes.

    These candy-assed pr!cks must fail in order for the Republic to succeed.

    No love, no donation, no respect, leaves nothing but contempt for these one-nut milquetoasts.

    Including Janet Nap, I am ashamed that the great state of Arizona has foisted 3 of these four traitors onto the national scene.

  22. Time for Johnny boy to pack his bags and go retire from politics.
    He has done a 180 on just about everything he used to say.
    Now he says what O wants to him to as a senior politician.
    He must have Alzheimer’s to boot.
    He cant seem to remember what he used to stand for.

  23. It’s beyond time for RINOs such as McCain to put out to pasture.
    WHY the state of Arizona would elect such a fool is beyond me but I hope they don’t make the same mistake twice. IF Arizona doesn’t oust this fool next election they will be akin to California that reelects the likes of Pelosi, Feinstein and their ilk.
    McCain was a failure in nam as a pilot because he couldn’t stay on course and was shot down and became a POW due to his inability as a pilot and is praised by some for being a failure.
    He now resorts to promoting himself as a brown nosing ass kissing suck up to the one that defeated him. If you can’t beat them join them, even though that’s what you risk your life fighting against early on.
    He’s a traitor to America and all it stands for and against.

  24. Stand Your Ground had nothing to do with this case, so I don’t why he thinks it should be reviewed by anyone. It’s like the people making a big deal out of the Aurora shooter’s having thousands of rounds. It was completely irrelevant to what happened.

  25. Is this part where I get reminded I should have voted for THIS GUY over Obama? What else do you expect from a guy who approved having Sarah Palin as his VP?

  26. Is there any way in he11 to make sure McCain sees some of the comments about is stupidity? This just goes to show that we, the law abiding gun owners, are getting attacked by Republicans and Democrats. As a lifetime Republican, McCain makes me want to puke, WTF is this old as8hole thinking, may the good lord to some work on this p.o.s..

  27. haha

    I told you guys. I mean I f^cking told you.

    Oh no, but WLCE was just a conspiracy theorist and mental patient when he was forewarning you about neither party caring about your Constitutional rights and that you should quit supporting BOTH.

    Jesus christ. I hate to say, “I told ya so”.

  28. The WORST $150 I ever spent in my life was my donation to McCain/Palin in 2008. As I explained in a recent letter to Mr. McCain little did I realize that I was giving money to the old, white version of Obama to run against the young, black version of Obama. I asked for a refund. Haven’t heard yet.

    The BEST $150 I ever spent? A donation to Ted Cruz when no one thought he had a snowball’s chance of beating David Dewhurst in the primaries.


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