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“Senate Democrats ended a nearly 15-hour filibuster early Thursday after Republican Party leaders reportedly agreed to allow votes on two proposed gun control measures,” reports. “Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, said that a compromise had been reached. Votes would be held on whether to ban people on the government’s terrorist watch list from obtaining gun licenses and whether to expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales, he added. ‘We did not have that commitment when we started today,’ Murphy said.” Here we go again . . .

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    • That’s how you can tell Chris Murphy knows more about this serious issue than you. /sarc

      • Actually it says a lot about his ignorance. Most states, like my own, do not require a “gun license”. As usual, the people making the laws know nothing about the subject at hand. Just more pandering.

        • I’m sure at this point he knows as much about firearms as we do but keeping up the misinformation is more important.
          CT now also has a number of licenses:
          1 – Pistol Permit
          2 – Pistol & Revolver Eligibility Certificate
          3 – Long Gun Permit
          4 – Ammunition Permit

    • There are licensing/permit requirements in some states including my own. I have to keep my Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) current and report address changes and the like promptly or my possession of any firearms becomes illegal.

    • “WTF is a ‘gun license’?”

      That’s a piece of paper issued by the government, that they have a copy of, that tells the government who owns guns.

      ‘Universal background checks’ (including *all* private sales) will be tied to that ‘license’ to provide a convenient way for the JBTs to take your guns.

      Background checks on all private sales will be necessary to close that ‘loophole’.

      But don’t worry, they will only take the guns that they say that “Nobody wants to take.”

      I’m more concerned with the news the other day that DHS considers firearms under its jurisdiction.

      I’m convinced in the *very* near future AP-platform and similar firearms will be deemed a threat to ‘Homeland Security’.

      I expect that shoe to drop after the election, when Obama becomes the most lame duck possible, with zero fear of political reprisal.

      Something very wicked this way comes, people…

      • well you do carry your voting license, your speech license, and your religion license in your wallet don’t you? how would this be any different?

      • Term I instantly hated: No-Fly, No-Buy

        It perfectly encapsulates something that seems so reasonable, but is rotten to the core. Ranks right up there with “Patriot Act”. Our Congress would write a bill to sell the country to N Korea and call it “F*ck yeah Murica!”

    • A mistake the writer made. Great editing. Also gun buyers on the internet go through a background check. Our so called lawmakers are really stupid. Why are we paying them to be so uninformed?

      • We aren’t paying them to be so uninformed. We are paying them so they can uninform others.

    • A “License” is what every American will need in order to possess a firearm if Hillary is elected with a democrat Congress. Her SCOTUS appointees will turn the court anti-gun leftist – Permanently. Australian Style Gun Control, or worse, WILL be the law of the land. If passing NoFly-No Buy and Universal Background Check legislation will help defeat Hillary, it’s fine with me. Politics in a democracy is all about compromise, you take the best deal you can get or you likely end up with nothing..

  1. So…if they couldn’t get these through after Sandy Hook, why would this vote be any different with even more R’s in the seats after the 2014 midterms?

    All just a plot so the D’s can say they tried something and the eeevil Republicans denied them?

    I also really wish R’s would look up the definition of a compromise.

      • I’m no R worshiper, but if they know they have the votes to comfortable squash it, why not put it to a vote? The longer it drags out, the more attention is put on it. Kill the D’s attempts at dramatic theater with a vote.

        • The concern is now that the Senate is beyond the filibuster, are there the votes to stop either. Manchin-Tommey fail to clear the filibuster but was close to passing at 46-52. If the Dems stay in lock step, which is likely, only 4 Republican votes are needed. Kirk, likely Tommey are on board. What about Flake, Collins, McCain, Cornyn?

          If they do either of these, the Republicans just lost the Senate in November.

        • If Kirk votes against this bill, I’ll vote for him in November holding my nose. I really am of the belief that I’ll be voting for the Democrat to run him out of office so maybe we can get someone who gives a damn about 2A issues to run next time.

      • nope…”R’s” are doing proper damage control. give up a somewhat minor “no fly list exclusion” now, which can be changed later, to keep focus on big issues. sorry, but compromise is required all around if we wish to keep the big wheel turning. good business persons, and good politics, require ability to compromise to achieve big goals – otherwise, we/you will lose.

        • There are a lot of undecided voters who favor these and they may move to the GOP.
          The only things that matters is to defeat Hillary and keep a GOP Congress. The GOP is the far-lesser of the two evils.

          If we get Hillary and Australian style gun control, the Brits, with their straight pull ARs that many Americans like to ridicule, will be chuckling at us. We will have to go the Britain to shoot an AR.

        • You may have something here. Suppose the Republicans got smart. (Fat chance). They could offer a compromise. OK, No-Fly, No-Buy plus:
          – due-process to get off the no-fly list;
          – National Reciprocity
          – roll-back gun-free schools and post offices.
          Now, the Democrats would have to oppose their own bill. They would have to argue against due-process, national reciprocity and explain why Criminals & Crazies Free-Fire Zones work so well.
          Politics is a game; the Democrats play it very skillfully. Republicans do so only to the extent that they get themselves re-elected; they fail to show their political talent when it comes to the 2A, fiscal responsibility or anything else on our agenda. I think we need to vote some Democrats into Republican seats to show the weak-of-heart that they will be punished. Sen. Toomey, you are up this year in my state.

      • The winning presidential candidate usually gets a congress from the same party, so if Hillary wins, she will be able to make all the laws she wants. The republicans are burdened by having Trump as their candidate. He has cost them the support of many otherwise conservative independent voters.

    • And this is after the Orlando shooter was shown NOT to be on the no-fly list, and have passed enhanced background checks to work for a DHS contractor? What is wrong with these Republicans. Is this the exact same bills with the exact same problems as last time?

    • I’m sure they have, but obama rewrote the definition when he came into office.
      The new obama meaning of ‘compromise’ is “If you don’t do what I want, I’ll go on national TV and cry and pout and call you teenie weenie meanie dum dum doodoo heads.”

    • Cornyn (R-TX) for one, it would seem (there’s no longer any light between him and Feinstein on Natl Security issues)


      • I hate that I can say, I told you so, with regards to Cornyn…but, I have posts on this very blog from years ago mentioning what a traitorous untrustworthy sleaze-bag Cornyn is.

    • They should understand that whether they vote for this or not, it is on their head if it passes.

      They are responsible for the other members of their party, and if they allow this to pass then I will boycott the election, and encourage my friends to do so as well since there will be no one worthy of an honest man’s vote.

      • Conservatives boycotting election because those running aren’t conservative enough for them just guarantees more liberals in office because the gimmiedats never met a liberal giving them free stuff that they wouldn’t vote for.

        • Its not really that there isn’t anyone conservative enough, its the fact that there isn’t a conservative running. The choice right now is between two lying authoritarians who could give a shit less about the people. Clinton/Trump, two sides of the same coin

        • Hillary has a proven record as a fascist. That is beyond discussion.

          Donald Trump has never held office before, but in the last year has admitted certain truths that not one of your “conservative” picks had the guts to utter out loud.

          You know who the clear choice is, but you’re still sulking about your weak primary candidate biting the Trumpster’s dust. Grow up. Help Donald Trump win, and maybe next time around everyone will have learned that saying the truth isn’t a death-sentence to a political campaign.

    • LOL…this gun control vote will show us who needs to be kicked out, you say?

      Neither ‘you’ nor ‘we’ are going to kick anyone out.

      If you or ‘we’ were, it would have been done en-mass and repeatedly already and it would have been widespread because nearly all in the Legislative Branch are domestic enemies of the Constitution and have proven it time after time after time…

      Neither ‘you’ nor ‘we’ do jack-shit except in very rare and coincidental circumstances…equating over-all to doing nothing, time after time after time…

      My question would be…when, not if, guns are either legislated or court-ruled to be baned or so restricted as to make Amendment II null and void, what are ‘you’ going to do then?

      I am, of course, sceptical of the vaunted ‘people of the gun’ since they have overwhelmingly (with scant exception) demonstrated cognitive dissonence, pathetic-indoctrination, herd-think and the predictability of regularly falling in line each election for the ‘lesser-turd’ selected for them who will also further the global-state…time after time after time….

      And so goes the fall of the Republic and the eradication of Liberty itself.

  2. Repeat after me:

    Republicans always cave.
    Republicans are beautiful losers.
    Republicans always cave.
    Republicans are beautiful losers.

    • Yea, I have been a lifelong Republican up until about 6 years back when I bailed.

      This is why.

      Republicans caving is like predicting the sun will rise in the east.

      • The sun doesn’t always rise in the east. Sometimes, it rises in the east instead.

        Republicans don’t always cave. Sometimes….

  3. Time for gun owners to make a vote no vote list. If you vote for these pieces of legislation we dont vote for you.

  4. So torn on this one,

    First – that a vote on a liberty is even considered. Second – that ending this via a vote to retain said liberty would at least stop the conversation and pandering, and show which elected officials support liberty.

    • Why will this end it? The 72hr hold was already a compromise, yet here they are again. We already stopped them on this after San Bernadino, yet here we are again with the exact same players (even Trump, Feinstein, and Cornyn)

  5. if I say something to the effect of strongly wishing something painfully unpleasant upon them would it be in conflict with this site’s content policy?

    • You must always hope nobody is ever needlessly injured. For instance, it would be an unspeakable tragedy if Dianne Feinstein were to be struck by a speeding taxi driven by Habib Abdallah and dragged down the street.
      A real heart breaker I tell ya!

    • I don’t know about this sites policy but that same person would put you on these secretive terrorist lists and deny you your constitutional rights because you said something negative about people who want to deny you your constitutional rights. Although we do need to stand up for our rights so say what you want.

  6. How does one expand background checks to Internet sales, exactly? Will there be a digital NICS before the firearm is sent to your FFL where you complete another NICS?

    • You hit the exact point I was wondering about.

      There ALREADY is a background check on internet sales and at gun shows. What the hell is really going on here?

      • Whats really going on here is that both issues are the same issue and they are either knowingly using incorrect terminology to disguise real intent or they dont understand how to ask for what it is they want.

        What they want are background checks for all private sales. They see private individuals selling to each other in or around a gunshow, as a gunshow sale w/o a BCG. And they see ArmsList arranged in-State sales as selling over the internet w/o a BCG. In short they see any private sale, regardless of circumstance or medium as a giant loophole they need to close.

        • Yep. I like to call it the Yard Sale Loophole. Your freedom to dispose of your own possessions in whatever way you choose — that’s the loophole they’re closing.

    • You are making the rookie-mistake of thinking they have to know something about the workings of the issue in order to craft legislation about it. Haha. *sadface.

    • I believe it’s meant to target private sales between individuals (like on Armslist or gun shows), which are allowed in states like FL.

      • With Scalia dead, I guess it doesn’t matter, but that really should be DoA under the Constitution. There’s no “interstate commerce” hook there at all. So if this survives a Constitutional challenge, it’s not just bad for 2A – it’s another nail in the coffin of federalism generally.

        • Oh sure there is an interstate commerce issue. If you buy a gun in person from someone in a private sale that doesn’t require a background check that affects interstate commerce because if a background check were required you may have purchased from an out of state source. At least that’s the type of argument I figure they’d use; just think of it as something close the growing your own wheat interstate commerce case.

          Also, fellow CT anon here. Too bad our leadership is leading the charge into infringement and bankruptcy…

    • And it almost certainly assures that they will lose control of the Senate. After all the hard work on our part to give them control, just look at how they turn their backs on us.

    • CarlosT,

      For at least the last 40 years, all Republicans have done is slow down our rate of descent into a full-blown Progressive nation. The trajectory has always been down.

      Someone recently said it best: Democrats and Republicans simply play the “good cop, bad cop” dynamic. Whether Democrats or Republicans are the “good cop” or “bad cop” in any particular circumstance is simply a function of the issue at hand. No matter how you slice it, though, both are “cops” in the same organization working to the same end goal.

      • I don’t know if I am the only one who has said this, but I have made this point.

        And I do think it’s true, at the leadership level at the least.

        This does two things for them – obviously it gets whatever law they are pushing passed eventually. It also something the leadership uses to prevent ‘radical’ (real conservative) Republicans from gaining too much power. “See, we are really trying to [push some conservative agenda], look at all the things I have *said* that I support [whatever].”

        Same with the way they play the committee votes that can allow or prevent bills from going to the floor for a final vote. Senator whatshisname voted against some bill! So he obviously doesn’t support it. But in reality the same senator voted in committee to allow the bill to go on to a floor vote where they didn’t need Republican support to pass, all he needed to do to kill the bill was withhold his vote, which he didn’t do.

        These people are expert in playing this cat and mouse game to push things they really want and still pretend to be conservatives.

        Add to that the fact that the American public can’t digest anything if its more than 40 characters, and it’s easy to play them and hide the truth.

        • “. . . something the leadership uses to prevent ‘radical’ (real conservative) Republicans from gaining too much power. ” THIS is IT. We have to break-the-back of the seniority system that puts ALL the power of Congress into the hands of the Speaker and Majority Leader. (Not much of an exaggeration.) Here is the way to do that.
          In each Congressional District and State we push the Republican candidate (and the Republican primary candidates) to take a pledge to vote for no “Senior” for a leadership position; i.e., no caucus member who is serving his 4th term or more. Only a “Junior” (3’rd term) who could serve in a leadership position for just one term; or, “Freshmen” or “Sophomores”. Now, some of our guys who have taken the pledge get to Congress and are told to vote for the old-guard for leadership positions. They respond that they can’t or they will be voted out. Gradually, Freshmen will free themselves from coercion from the old-guard and elect their leaders from among “lower class-men”. This is something voters could do in just 1 Congressional District; or 2 or 3 or a few more. We just have to be creative.

  7. “whether to expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales” … do they fact check anything? Has anyone bought a gun from a valid FFL that DIDN’T already require a NICS check? Has he been reminded that anyone can sell a gun to anyone outside of gun shops and online without checks? We’re just moving that much closer to them wanting a ‘national registry’ of all guns/gun owners.

    • If the R’s were smart, they’d just use this terminology against them. Agree wholeheartedly to expanding background checks to “internet sales” and “gun shows” (where FFLs in attendance do so anyway). Pass it and enjoy watching the idiot left realize that these things already exist.

      • I suspect that’s exactly what the bill will do. The No-Fly – No-Buy bullshit is unlikely to pass, better yet, it’s going to get smacked down in court so fast it will make your head spin.

        • What makes you think the courts will invalidate any laws associated with the no-fly list? That list violates the unalienable right of the people on that list to travel any way they want. Surely the courts would have immediately struck-down an executive-branch institution that deprives people of their unalienable right to travel, correct? Or not.

          The no-fly list — and any associated restrictions on firearms purchases — will survive judicial scrutiny because government attorneys will once again invoke the magical incantations “compelling government interest” and “public safety”. In the wildly improbable event that the courts reject those magical incantations, government attorneys will then simply invoke the “nuclear option” and tell the courts that the “interstate commerce clause” empowers fedzilla to “regulate” (which really means “restrict” in the case at hand but who cares?) firearms sales via the no-fly list. After regaining their composure (after hearing the powerful words “interstate commerce”), the judges will promptly rubber-stamp the no-fly list prohibitions on firearm sales.

        • As a U.S. citizen, you have the right to travel freely between states (without being taxed, fined, etc. as you cross state lines). However, flying and driving are privileges, not rights. I understand your point, but the no-fly list is probably constitutional no matter which way you shake it. [Some “Freemen” will disagree, but I’m basing my opinion on supreme court precedent, not ideological interpretations]. Now, using that same list to deprive people of true civil rights, such as the right to own firearms, the right to privacy, right to be free from unwarranted search or seizure, or the right to vote, is an atrocity. Further rant in post below.

        • JK,

          “… flying and driving are privileges, not rights.”

          How do you arrive at that conclusion? What does my method of locomotion or conveyance matter?

          Which of these modes of travel are “privileges” and which are rights:
          — Walking on my hands
          — Snow-shoeing
          — Cross-country skiing
          — Sledding
          — Downhill skiing
          — Zip lining
          — Riding on horseback
          — Riding in a horse-drawn buggy
          — Human powered canoe
          — Wind-powered boating on water
          — Wind-powered buggy on land
          — Motor powered boat

          I hope this list makes it painfully apparent that anyone who claims driving and flying are “priveleges” are making totally arbitrary determinations of what is a “right” and what is a “privilege”.

        • Seem unlikely that the courts would stand-up for the individual against the President . . . until you think about the unpleasant prospect of a Republican being elected to the oval office. I know it’s hard to imagine, but suppose someone of the character of Richard Nixon were so elected some day. His appointees could slip a name or two onto the no-fly list every day. Important Democrats and their donors would find themselves standing at the check-in counter with tickets not worth the price they paid for them. How would they get themselves off the no-fly list? The list exists for important national security interests. It’s for the children. Democrats would have to take the train, or a bus. They do so all the time on the Eastern Corridor. Why can’t Californian Democrats commute between the coasts by train?
          OK, GAME ON!! See where due-process gets you in the courts with the prospect of an unpredictable Republican running for President!

      • Where are the background checks for first amendment exercise…. you know that pen is mightier than the sword and all

        • As a U.S. citizen, you have the right to travel freely between states (without being taxed, fined, etc. as you cross state lines). However, flying and driving are privileges, not rights. I understand your point, but the no-fly list is probably constitutional no matter which way you shake it. [Some “Freemen” will disagree, but I’m basing my opinion on supreme court precedent, not ideological interpretations]. Now, using that same list to deprive people of true civil rights, such as the right to own firearms, the right to privacy, right to be free from unwarranted search or seizure, or the right to vote, is an atrocity. Further rant in post below.

    • Struck down after a decade of abuse, if we’re lucky. But sure, lets see how close we can toe the line of an event horizon.

      • If Hillary becomes president and appoints people to the supreme court it would be more like decades of abuse before maybe having a small chance of being over turned after a couple republican presidents.

      • Struck down… The way the Supreme Court did with Obamacare? Oh wait, they just illegally re-wrote the law and upheld it. That’s not an avenue I have faith in given that almost 50% of current federal judges are now Obama appointees.

    • Meanwhile, while all this political theater is going on and the D’s get to claim some sort of meaningless moral victory, the seeds of the next attack are sown.

      The real issue is being ignored.

  8. Mandate background checks on purchases that already require a background check? I swear Chris Murphy needs to wear one of those brightly-colored helmets around so he doesn’t hurt himself.

  9. If they can’t even phrase the circumstances of the issue correctly (BGCs @ gunshows/internet?), then how the fuck are they supposed to craft a solution to the issue correctly?

    Idiots. There is no other explanation.

    • You assume they’re interested in solutions. All they’re interested in is creating as much theater as possible to mask their power grabs.

    • That’s all just buzzwords for the media lapdogs to pick up and run with. The text of the law will likely go much further (like ban all private sales at a minimum) and be far more damaging. Writing it off as “pointless” or “redundant” is very dangerous.

  10. So, what are we (POTG) getting out of this in return? National reciprocity? Or is this just another slice of our cake?

    • What cake? We’re licking the crumbs off the serving tray. Yet now they even want the crumbs. Compromise!

  11. Neither of the proposed laws would have had any impact whatsoever on the Orlando shooting, or the San Bernadino shooting, or Sandy Hook etc. This is to appease the idiots, and to chip away at the 2A. The terror list is what is going to ultimately be used to weaken the 2A. In the near future just wanting a gun will get you on the Terror watch list…thus disqualifying you from being able to purchase a gun.

  12. The Orlando shooter was more or less a poster boy of gun control regulations: multiple background checks (for job and when buying guns), annual training and paperwork to renew his license, 60 hours plus of gun training, mental health assessment (for his armed security license), and multiple FBI interviews (which he was deemed “not a threat”). How exactly would more gun control, but especially universal background checks, do anything that would have stopped this evil POS?

    • Excellent points… if only he would not have been able to buy those evil black guns. Maybe if they made them in white the anti-gun people would feel more safe.

  13. They’re all self-serving scum. We need strict term limits on all members of Congress. Political service should be a civic duty and never a career.

  14. “expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales”

    Both which ALREADY require background checks if you are buying from FFL’s. They are (AGAIN) using weasel words to hide the fact that they want all private sales to banned. Which would really only effect the law abiding, and such a small percentage of criminal as to be meaningless.

    Average people respond very differently to the words “closing the gun show loophole” vs “banning all private sales and transfers”. One sounds like an obvious thing and other may actually give them pause.

    I wonder what the easiest way into a LEO exemption is? Without, obviously, quitting my engineering job and becoming a LEO, which I have zero interest in. Some sort of volunteer under deputy sheriff?

    So the republicans caved because some a-holes talked for 15hrs? I’d have just sang the “Your a Spineless Traitor” song over top of them the whole time. Or shat on the floor and walked out. So what do we get out of this “compromise”? Sounds like a few feet deeper into the hole of fascism.

    • Way back in the 60’s a distant relative got a NJ carry permit (and, shock! a handgun) by becoming an auxiliary policeman. I serious doubt he did that so he could stand in the parking lot directing traffic at Little League games. So yes, an under-deputy or whatever would probably do it.

    • Absolutely. If you are on any of these list, it is just too dangerous to allow you to buy a gun! Come to think of it, it is too dangerous for you on have access to knives, fertilizer, gasoline or pressure cookers. It’s too dangerous for you to be allowed to walk freely in society. We’ll call it protective confinement. On an unrelated note: the NYC just named the NRA complicit in terrorism. Onto the list NRA members

  15. Wtf is a BGC on an internet sale?

    Does that mean i can side step the LGS transfer fee?

    This is my shocked face


  16. Doesn’t anything they pass also have to pass the House?

    If so, good luck with that.

    Maybe the House could add a bunch of pro-2A stuff.

    • Pro 2A stuff would be scrapped in conference committee to resolve differences between bills, and the worst possible version would be sent to the president. That statist jerk would sign into law in a Mark Zuckerberg nanosecond.

  17. Sounds like they will try to pass what Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and company rammed down Washngton State’s throat via referendum 594.

    Except under narrowly defined circumstances private sales and transfers must go to a FFL for background check screen. Only problem here is I don’t believe anyone has been arrested for violating it. It will be largely unenforceable, my guess is it will be applied retroactively as an additional charge after you have already broken some other law. So, once again, it will only affect law abiding citizens and have no affect on criminal activity

  18. This should come down to one SCOTUS decision, and if they get it wrong we’ll just have to have-at. Either way, I’m demanding some pre-emptive and injunction relief from my state. If they can’t help me, I’ll have to help their replacements.

  19. BAH! And the Tone Deaf GOP will whine and cry about how Trump caused all of their down-ticket losses in the General Election.

  20. Wow. Yet again, reactionary BS that wouldn’t have stopped anything. Why is everyone so quick to overlook the fact that the shooter likely wasn’t on the no-fly list?? He recently flew to the Middle East on numerous occasions. Unbelievable. Everyone is so quick to demand due process for illegal immigrants (whom have no constitutional rights) while U.S. citizens can be arbitrarily and secretly placed on some shadow list and deprived of civil liberties without concern for notice or due process. Oh you want to contest your placement on the list? You can appeal to some super secret court that no one knows how to access. This is what fascism looks like people. LISTS created by the government are always bad news. Just ask the Jews. Oh that won’t happen here you say? How about the Japanese in WW II? Communists in the McCarthy Era? Conservatives applying for a 501(c)(3) exemption? This is flat out scary.

  21. Not only “All of the above.”, but would either of these proposed measures passed at the Federal level have prevented the Orlando Jihadi from turning the PULSE club into a slaughterhouse? No! Is there any protection for Citizens being arbitrarily put on the “No Fly List” or “Terrorist Watch List” without any semblance of due process or recourse to get off those lists? No!
    This is just a Democrat grand stand play to make it look like they “did something” so HiLIARy can claim a victory for its version of “common sense” and Obama can claim it for his “legacy”. The Republican’s complicity in this, if these measures are passed, is inexcusable, but not surprising. I am betting Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are banking on the Republican-controlled House voting these things down to save their miserable butts and put the onus of backlash onto Donald Trump to weather, since neither of them wants Trump to win in November. I think they figure they can ride-out another four years of POTUS vs COTUS stalemate if Hildabeest wins, but are more than a little scared of POTUS Donald Trump.

  22. First thing is that there are background searches done through the FBI anytime you buy a weapon from a dealer at gun shows, sporting goods stores and even pawn shops. I have been checked in all of those places when I purchased weapons. The background check legislation is on the books. All one needs to do is follow it. Background checks are not going to be considered if someone is looking to buy or sell a private weapon illegally. Remember the DOJ / AG using Fast and Furious? Yes, some states do require a license to ok wn a weapon bot most do not. All but one or two states have the ability to issue concealed carry permits. That would be tge license they refer to. As for the No Fly List…If you are not allowed to fly on a aircraft thrn you also should not be allowed to be in possession of a firearm. That is really just common sense. Same goes for illegal immigrants and refugees as well as those on Terrorist Watch lists. Those on the terrorist watch list should be jailed, sent to Gitmo or deported at a minimum.

  23. “expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales”
    Well go on with your bad selves Senators. In Texas, on-line sales require have to an FFL ship to another FFL for NIC check, pretty sure already federal law anyway. Gun Shows? All the ones I’ve been to, only gun sales were by local smaller gun shops with laptops or cell phones to do the check.. Oh I’ve seen dudes walking around with flag in the barrel trying to sell a weapon, but never seen an actual sale take place inside the building.

  24. First thing is that there are background searches done through the FBI anytime you buy a weapon from a dealer at gun shows, sporting goods stores and even pawn shops. I have been checked in all of those places when I purchased weapons. The background check legislation is on the books. All one needs to do is follow it. Background checks are not going to be considered if someone is looking to buy or sell a private weapon illegally. Remember the DOJ / AG using Fast and Furious? Yes, some states do require a license to ok wn a weapon bot most do not. All but one or two states have the ability to issue concealed carry permits. That would be tge license they refer to. As for the No Fly List…If you are not allowed to fly on a aircraft thrn you also should not be allowed to be in possession of a firearm. That is really just common sense. Same goes for illegal immigrants and refugees as well as those on Terrorist Watch lists. Those on the terrorist watch list should be jailed, sent to Gitmo or deported at a minimum. All sales on the internet for weapons require you to pick up the weapon at a local gunship scheduled. You pay 25 dollars and if you pass, you get your gun. If not, then the internet gun company is required to refund you money. Been there, done that and…it works, if you have nothing on your record.

    • Sarge, “If you are not allowed to fly on a aircraft then you also should not be allowed to be in possession of a firearm. That is really just common sense.”
      That sounds all logical and good, until we realize who adds people to the list and for what reasons and how does one get off the list if they incorrectly added to it. With a secret government list like this, it would not be long before any enemy of the current administration would be added to the list, and thereby denied rights merely at the whim of the administration. We could easily have any member of or donor to a conservative non-profit added to the list, all the members of the NRA, GOA, SAF, etc., all members of any local shooting club or gun range, perhaps even anyone who has visited certain web sites or posted certain types of information on social media.

      This is CRAZY SCARY

    • Yeah, lets just completely ignore our other so called right to due process of law before we deny an American citizen their constitutional rights. After all, we have to compromise somewhere, right? Maybe we can just scrap the BOR because it gets in the way.

  25. So if they get these concessions, the gun control people will shut up and leave us alone, right?


  26. The Orlando shooter wasn’t on the no-fly list. Once again, legislation is being proposed that would not have stopped or remotely hindered the tragedy that spurred the legislation.

  27. A couple more terrorist attacks, which will surely come, and guns will legally go bye bye. I mean, what better way to defeat an enemy than to disarm yourself? I miss the USA.

  28. And our Rights vanish from a another of a thousand cuts. Little by little, all in the name of security.

  29. THIS affect ME(in Illinois) not a whit. I already have to do a background check on ANY transaction-including my brother(he bought a gun from me-I bought a gun from him before),internet crap and Armslist(I have NEVER seen a good deal AL). To arms fellow travelers…

  30. This will clearly fail in the House.

    The question is do the Republicans want to lose the Senate… and the White House.

  31. The Democrats have a platform that includes anti-gun. An up and comer in either party has to kiss the back end of the old guard, and agree with and support the platform no matter what and so we have this immense waste of sperm walking around the capitol both state and federal and wasting our hard earned tax dollars on gun control so they can stay entrenched within their party.

    As some have said, these officials are supporting party platform to get ahead even where their support and actions are opposed to the Constitution. No due process is OK. Ignoring the constitution is OK (I love CA’s new shall [not] issue laws where it seems only a murder victim warrants a firearm – CA not the only state).

    Anyway, blah, blah, blah, take away assault weapons and save people. Make and pass a bill that will protect people from evil. Then appoint judges and DA’s that don’t prosecute those that break whatever law you just passed and you what … don’t care. Such as a women that bought a semi-auto pistol with max magazine and gave it to her criminal boyfriend, and then criminal kills a cop – no jail time for missy last I heard.

    Preaching to the choir here. Any law on the books and any law contemplated now would not have stopped Sandy Hook, Orlando, etc.

    One low cost solution and my suggestion since Sandy Hook is to require man-trap door units at schools and government locations and require or strongly suggest the same for other public locations. No, I am not a door installer / contractor.

    Once all happy gun free zone attendees are inside (such as at Pules), activate the man-trap. This setup is simply a set of two doors where one walks in the first door, it locks and the second door remains locked and when someone shows up uninvited, that’s as far as they get. If they show up uninvited with a long gun, intent to steal a kid, or do other mean, nasty things; both doors remain locked. These setups can range from reinforced metal doors to the full enclosure including the doors and walls and any security station(s) being bullet or at some level bomb proof. Depends on the risk as to the level of protection.

    If our elected officials really wanted to protect folks in gun free zones this would be a first relatively low cost step to consider (‘free’ if they diverted moneys wasted now) We would even have a small lift to local economies by the purchase and install of these by local contractors.

    In favor of real common sense solutions!!!

  32. This is big. It’s not even about guns. It’s about whether we can have our fundamental rights taken away in secret, without due process, without trial, and without the ability to confront our accuser or defend ourselves. This is an attack on the fundamental principles on which our system of government is based.

    If the forces of darkness win this day, the precedent will be set, and all of our remaining rights under the Constitution become meaningless.

    This is Thermopylae. This is where we make our stand.

    • I think the lack of due process (if it actually makes it into law) is the one item that SCOTUS will rule against (even the liberal justices) because it takes power away from the judicial branch.

      It might even be a unanimous decision.

      • The same issue would be at play if a state had a list of suspected bad doctors and forbade persons on such list from practicing medicine. Practicing medicine is not a civil right, but if a state chooses to regulate the practice, a state may not arbitrarily prohibit persons from practicing medicine based on mere suspicion of unfitness.

        (I suspect the ruling regarding concealed carry in California will be overturned on equal protection grounds.)

  33. These bills will pass because no one in washington is on our side. It is all power and money and getting elected or reelected to spend years in washington doing nothing. Make not mistake about it republicans are just as bad as democrats. They don’t care about the 2nd or gun rights or 50 dead bodies in florida. And if anything good comes out of this mess it will be that the real traitors will be revealed and they are republicans and democrats alike. We have no allies in washington. None. We are on our own.

    • No. They will carve out an exception for themselves, their minions, and loyal enforcers. They seem to be putting all the chess pieces in place for Revolution 2.0, and I am really not liking it.

  34. There is one small category of internet sales that don’t currently have to go through a FFL. If I buy a rifle or shotgun from someone else in my state, they can legally mail it to me with no background check/FFL.

    Many (most?) online sellers refuse to do so but it is technically legal. Otherwise the sale either has to go through an FFL or be done face to face. I don’t see how you can mandate background checks for face to face sales of guns advertised on the internet, or at least how you could know who complies.

    These largely symbolic and essentially harmless issues are precisely where we want to be fighting. Keep their focus on areas that won’t truly matter if we lose.

  35. innocence presumption turn …………
    If the fed don t like you you are a criminal

  36. Call Chris Cox N.R.A office at 703-267-1141 ….. Tell NRA that It’s NOT Due Process , if you must prove your innocence after being put on one of MANY ‘ Watch Lists ‘ ………. N.R.A. must not cave in like always , call them and your senators.

  37. Sent NRA Email and my own Emails to my Congress critters for what it is worth. I may send some more. RINOs will screw us in the end.

  38. There was every indication that the FBI wasn’t going to stop this guy. Incompetence or political correctness? Like the kill zone that is Chicago, what good are these laws if you’re not going to enforce them?

  39. McConnell (however you spell the loser’s name) is just that, a RINO loser who should be sent home in disgrace.

  40. So, does anyone know when this so-called ‘vote’ will actually happen? Like thieves in the night, I’m sure, but I’d still like to know.


  41. The thing that cracks me up the most is the same people who support “no fly – no buy” are the same people who would be rioting in the streets about secret government lists in the 60’s. And, probably would be on them.

  42. I also know that the people who are lighting candles and holding vigils for the 50 would be dancing in the streets if 50 NRA members were murdered at a convention. The hypocrisy of the left amazes me.

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