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“Activists dismayed by the police killing of an unarmed, possibly mentally ill black man in El Cajon, California, demanded Wednesday that authorities release video of the shooting,” reports. “They also want a federal probe into the man’s death.
As of mid-day Wednesday, police had released little information about the incident, aside from a still photograph [above] showing the African-American man, in what authorities describe as a ‘shooting stance,’ facing off with two officers in a parking lot.
Police have not released the man’s name. No gun was found.”

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  1. Hint: When Mr. Policeman shouts orders at you with his gun pointed at you, that’s not a good time to practice your martial or marital arts.

    Darwin wins, I don’t care how “mentally ill”, angry or just plain stupid this guy was.


  2. Sounds like suicide by cop. Guy apparently pointed the ‘business end’ of a vape device at the police. Looks close enough like the barrel of a pistol in a second to justify the shooting if that’s what happened. Glad the police released that still shot, I think it at least deflates the whole “he had his hands up!” thing that was starting. ‘

    Wonder if it was suicide by cop or a bad attempt at trying to win the lawsuit lotto…

    • If that pic at the top of the article is valid, and not a position his hands were in on their way to someplace else, then yes, it sure looks like he wanted the cops to think he’d shoot them if they didn’t shoot him. It’s not an attack on an unarmed subject if he’s doing his darndest to convince you he’s armed and dangerous.

      Just like Saddam pretending to have WMDs to scare off Iran, he got the attention of the USA and we rolled over his army to get to him.

    • Just to get the ball rolling…….. Black Lives Matter….BLAH blah BLAH blah, he didn’t kill anyone first………BLAH blah blah blah……he was an outstanding citizens of the community……BLAH blah blah…………all his illegitimate kids depended on his child support………….all 15 of his babies mommies said he would never act like that supported by his probation officer………… You all get were I am going with this………..

  3. How long does it take to ship the paid protesters from NC to CA? They wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to rape and pillage out West….especially in Libtard utopia Cali.

    • No…. we shoot those people here when they come in to our neighborhoods. The only safe places to riot are LA, SF, oakland, and sacramento….. heck even in LA the korean buisness owners will shoot the rioters.

      • A tip of my three-cornered Patriot hat to those Korean shopkeepers who used their ARs to defend their stores.
        Of course, anti-gun progressive have been typing to outlaw ARs ever since and are finally close to succeeding.t

  4. I’m old enough to remember mental facilities. Staffed by professionals that didn’t have to shoot the patients every time they had an episode. Those days are long gone.

    • Everybody would have been ahead if they hadn’t turned you all out on the street.. Society would have benefited if you could have gotten your treatment in a controlled environment.

    • Well, yes, if the guy is in a controlled mental facility you can be relatively sure he isn’t pointing a gun at you.

      On the street… not so much. But I fully endorse having men in white jackets with nets go and collect the crazy people instead of police, who can stay in the donut shop and be perfectly happy about it.

    • Yet another proof of the axiom – “If you are having problems with a family member, do not call the cops.”

      The cops have no idea this guys is a nutcase and likely no danger to anyone but himself, and it does look like SBC.

      Oh well, no nuthouses means fill the jails with ’em. And we have.

      • SEE: Cook County(IL) Jail. Enormous # of violent, crazy inmates. The state is broke and there ain’t nowhere to put “em…

        • There’s several studies that show that about 50% of the prisoners in the system nationwide should be in the nuthouse.

          Scary stupid situation for the other inmates, let alone the hacks.

  5. Early reports stated that the deceased was shot and tased at the same time.

    I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but maybe the shooting was unnecessary.

    But I do know that the dead guy’s sister called the cops asking for help, and ended up with a dead brother. That’s bad on every level. If cops are seeking to build trust, this isn’t going to help them.

    Cops are their own worst enemies.

    • Some of the shoots lately look bad. Some are unclear. But something has got to change significantly on the training and equipment front or the police will continue to become further alienated from the public, and progressively less effective at their jobs. That is bad for everyone, obviously, because we need cops to be able and willing to do their jobs, and we need people to be willing to call them for help.

      It’s not an excuse for the mob behavior though. Far from it. Civilized people can raise these issues and seek solutions without going off the deep end every time a questionable shoot happens. If cops are their own worst enemies, the same holds true for the likes of BLM.

    • The solution isn’t to try and make cops into every profession, but rather to enlist those professions instead of cops for situations demanding them. Instead we just call the cops for everything. Guy acting ‘crazy’? Cops (shrinks don’t work at night and don’t want to get shot). Stray dog? Cops (no budget for animal control at night!).

      We’d all be in a better place if we would learn to stop depending on cops for everything. Yes, it might be more expensive (cops work relatively cheap compared to mental professionals, etc) but maybe we’d have less of these BS narratives.

      • Actually, most mental health folks make significantly LESS than even entry-level cops, and they don’t generally have the same access to part-time security type work, nor a union to coerce higher pay and better benefits for them, as most cops do. Counseling Psychologists for example, are one of the least lucrative of the professional fields.
        Where I live, we have cops who have special training in dealing with mental health issues, and had this incident occurred here, one of those cops on patrol would most likely have been sent to respond to this situation. Would that have prevented the shooting? Who knows; maybe, maybe not. Those cops also know first hand, that it is very difficult to predict an irrational person’s behavior, and even though most mentally ill folks are not dangerous, even the specially trained cops have no way of knowing when they arrive at the scene, whether this is one of the few who ARE dangerous.
        In any case, the inevitable consequence of BLM and the morons in the New Black Panthers advocating attacking cops, is that cops will be more nervous in the field, and this can be expected to lead to cops taking less chances than before. This makes it MORE, not less, important for citizens to follow cops’ instructions, and behave in a very obviously non-threatening manner when interacting with cops. Since this is difficult for many mentally ill folks, and is contrary to the behavior in the black community that lends “street cred” to young thugs, it is also reasonable to predict that we will see an increasing number of these kinds of incidents, especially involving members of those 2 sub-groups. Exactly the opposite of what everyone wants to see – WAY TO GO BLM and Black Panthers!

  6. I will support a protest against real racism any time and any place. Unfortunately, today, I cannot trust any claim by any black movement, because frankly, nearly every protest they have conducted in recent memory has been based on lies and has been used as an excuse to destroy, steal, and hurt people. This is intolerable.

  7. The police shoot more white men than black men (unarmed or not). The number of black men being shot hasn’t risen dramatically in the past few years (certainly not when you take into account the rising crime rate). So what has changed? The media decided that this is the story.

    Besides, 95% of the people killed by the police are men even though males make up less than 50% of the population. Why aren’t we talking about that proportion? Doesn’t that suggest that men are being unfairly targeted by police in shootings? (No, not really… but if you input race into that sentence suddenly everyone would go crazy).

    • That whites would be far more frequently shot in police encounters is a given since whites comprise ~62% of the populace. What’s really telling is that black males between the age of 15 to 45 years old are shot in encounters with police in numbers far outstripping their demographic. Blacks comprise ~13% of the total US population, but, per FBI stats from 2014, 187 blacks were killed by whites, but 446 whites were killed by blacks that same year.

      Those are aggregate statistics, including non-LEO defensive shootings, LEO involved shootings, homicide, and so forth, but that clearly shows that blacks kill whites disproportionate to their share of the total population in the US.

      In 2015, per FBI statistics, 990 people were killed in police shootings. 494 whites, 258 blacks, 172 hispanics, 38 other races, 28 of unknown racial origin. Again a pattern emerges: blacks are still well behind whites in total numbers killed during police involved shootings, but also grossly over represented proportionate to their total share of the US population. In the majority of all the deaths, the decedents were armed/aggressive and actively engaged in violent behavior (730), or holding a weapon and engaged in aggressive behavior towards the officers (216).

      The Wall Street Journal tallied numbers from 2009 obtained from the FBI BOS, showing that in the 75 largest counties, blacks accounted for 57% of homicides, 45% of assaults, 62% of robberies while comprising ~15% of the total population.

      So, yes, black men between about the ages of 15 or 16 to age 45 are, statistically speaking, more likely to have negative, and often violent and/or fatal encounters with police, but the reason why is *NOT* institutionalized racism or racially motivated bloodlust on the part of individual officers, it’s because that same demographic is grossly over represented in murders, assaults, robberies and other violent crime proportionate to their share of the total population of the US.

      • One minor quibble, blacks may be ~15% of the US population, but it’s almost exclusively black males that commit most of the crime (other than theft). So, the real number is more like ~8% of the US population commits 50% of all the murders and such.

      • Right, and as I said, men are overwhelmingly over-represented in police shootings (well over 90%) but we don’t see calls for immediate police reforms against anti-men cops and riots whenever a man gets shot (especially by a woman cop!) Because it’s a meaningless statistic when one considers (as 16V points out) that different groups do not commit violent crimes at the same rate and that makes a big difference in how people come into conflict with police.

        I think a lot of liberals would freely admit that men are more violent then women considering the relative homicide rates between both. But again, if you use the same logic and statistical comparisons to talk about races, well, you’re part of the KKK.

  8. The media is going to make us feel like this is an epidemic. When 99.9999…% of interactions with police are fine.

    Meanwhile 40,000 arrests a day (not sure year of data) a few hundred shot a year in a country of 330 million and the left acts like there’s a genocide going on.

    • An unarmed black person between the age of 15-25 literally is more likely to be killed by a dog attack or hornet than to be killed by the police.

      …that’s not even talking about the homicide rates of young black men that do not involve the police at all.


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