Knoxville school shooting
Courtesy Knoxville Police Department
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Knoxville, Tennessee police are responding to reports of multiple gunshot victims at Austin-East Magnet High School.

According to a report, the situation is no longer considered “active.” As you should have learned long ago, discount any and all early media reports in a situation like this.

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    • Again and again and again. The shootings will continue until their control improves. And then after that, they’ll still continue.

    • No, these will continue until society addresses the real problem. Today’s kids are raised in a world where they earn popularity points everywhere from in person to online. They base their worth on how many likes they have or how many followers they have. Their entire society is based on ridiculous parameters. Bullying went from locker rooms to everywhere. There’s no where to hide from the all the social media insanity other than ditching the cell phones and that’s not happening these days. Parents raise these kids to believe every child is a special flower who deserves the best of everything whether they work for it or not. Kids aren’t taught to work hard to get what they want, they just expect it to be given to them and they lose their minds when they find out that’s not how the real world works. They don’t then blame their raising, no, they blame the world. It’s not sustainable and we keep seeing that over and over.

      We never had these problems before the hippy unicorn and fuzzy puppy crowd began having enough kids to pass on their unrealistic world ideas to their kids. Now those kids have had kids and we see the fallout over and over. This has never and will never be a gun problem, it’s a people problem. The left has created this completely unrealistic utopia in their minds and raised their kids on the idea. And when reality keeps popping their bubble they are too soft headed at that point to handle it. These shootings are the inevitable result. And what does the media (right and left)? They put these shooters on a pedestal, giving them all the media coverage they crave. They know when they do these things that they will become famous and they crave it. Why the eff are we giving them the attention they seek? Because nobody wants to address the real problem. It’s too hard to tackle. It’s just easier to blame guns. And because the media, like these delusional kids, survives on their equivalent of likes, views and followers.

  1. There’s a correlation here between changing of the guard in D.C. and the spike in nutbags comin outta the woodwork. Coincidence? I think not!!

  2. What “media” reports? MSDNC, Clinton News Network, FOX News, Newsmax… NOTHING but Chauvin trial, commercials and regular programming.. Local news networks ???? NOPE… Maybe saving it for the 5 o’clock news…

    • Local news leads with Covid bullshit, Minneapolis shooting, more Covid, weather…. WAIT, one station gives it 30 seconds… Still nothing on BIG MSM…

    • Certainly to the local PD, but the school board refused to press charges because it stigmatize the “real victim” the perpetrator. /sarc

    • I wouldn’t bet against you on that wager. It’s highly probable, that whomever the Perp is, he was on the radar, and nothing was done to nip it in the bud.

  3. Another one. Remember when Biden wasn’t here pushing gun control and we didn’t have a public mass shooting a week?
    Let’s see if this was a white or black guy to find out if this is a national news event or just a minor local thing that will be added to the statistic, but the details will never be mentioned…

  4. I have been watching news all day (three national, three local channels), and the only news coverage I’ve seen of this event so far is local news at 4pm, then another local news at 5pm.

    As of 5:27pm- ZERO mention on any national news!

    • As of 5:27pm- ZERO mention on any national news!

      Yeah only local ABC affiliate in Orlando covered it here, missed four o’clock but saw 30 seconds at five…

    • One person dead, officer injured after shooting at a high school in Knoxville, Tennessee
      By Amir Vera and Kay Jones, CNN

      Updated 6:52 PM ET, Mon April 12, 2021

      Shooting at Knoxville, Tennessee, high school leaves 1 dead, police officer injured
      One person has been detained after a shooting at Austin-East Magnet High School.
      ByCelia Darrough
      April 12, 2021, 5:43 PM

  5. While in college and doing my student teaching in the elementary schools, I was NEVER unarmed. As I stated before I’m not lucky enough to be able to carry my ruger p89, all the time. So I carried my beretta 21a in 22LR. And I have been practicing shooting out to 25 yards for years now. Most people have no idea, just how long school building hallways really are. Many are over 50 yards long.

    The Obama’s had guns guarding their school age chidren. Same for the clintons. Your children are not valuable enough for that.

    • MK ULTRA???

      You need to get of the 50s, 60s… project was ended in 1973, CIA moved on to bigger and better things… Now using direct chip implants in the brain, much more reliable and easier to control without those nasty side effects like flash backs, bad trips, the need to sleep for days after, fascination with colors and sounds…

  6. Any bets on any of the following:

    Payback for bullying
    Someone felt they were “disrespected”

  7. Get ready people,,, there coming for your shit…
    I really hope the patriots stand up & say no to the flows coming to get you stuff , but we need unity to stop them, one by one ain’t gonna work.
    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, YOUR part of the prob.

    • I agree, and it’s something I’ve put a lot of time thinking about ever since Obutthead got (S)elected.
      We’ve a problem, and I still think Community organization is where it needs to start. Unfortunately though, every group of like minded I’ve joined over the last 12 years has self imploded. Usually due to personality disputes and dick measuring competitions. It’s infuriating to watch happen, and a definite deterrent to joining another group.
      Unless we get our ducks in a row and soon, there’ll be a lot of individual martyrdom

      • “We’ve a problem, and I still think Community organization is where it needs to start.”

        Oh no, you do realize you’re advocating for ‘community organizers’, right?

        I thought most Republicans and conservatives had a poor opinion of community organizers, Sarah Palin said she didn’t even know what that was.

  8. One person is dead and a police officer was injured during an officer-involved shooting at a high school in Knoxville, Tennessee, police reported Monday. Knoxville Police Department officers responded to Austin-East Magnet High School in northeast Knoxville after reports of a male subject who was “possibly armed in the school,” police said. As officers approached the subject, “shots were fired,” police said. One officer was shot at least once and was transported to the UT Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. One male was pronounced dead at the scene.

    More STUFF you won’t hear about… Gun violence continues in Philadelphia after 11 shot in 24 hours

    • The main stream media had the Philadelphia story up hours ago:

      Gun violence continues in Philadelphia after 11 shot in 24 hours
      The city is on pace to surpass 600 shooting deaths in 2021.
      ByJulia Jacobo
      April 11, 2021, 1:49 PM

      • Must have missed that particular 15 seconds on CNN or MSN or where ever YOU found it… I shouldn’t have to SEARCH the internet for that stuff and unless YOU sit in front of a dozen TVs and have the ability to absorb every piece of information (hahaaahaaha) you didn’t know about it til I posted it and you searched it…

        • “I shouldn’t have to SEARCH the internet for that stuff“

          I think I found the reason that you are ill informed about current events.

          Do you just expect CNN to call you up personally to inform you about new stories?

        • Do you just expect CNN to call you up personally to inform you about new stories?

          I don’t EXPECT anything from the Clinton News Network other than lies, misdirection and Leftist talking points… One 15 second blurb of actual facts does NOT make them relevant… Besides I can always count on you to copy/paste anything of consequence from any of the “corporate” news outlets, then all I need to do is sort out your “creative editing” and I have all I need to know… Thanks..

  9. Sounds like it was just another day on MLK Drive.

    “Four Knoxville teens who currently or used to attend Austin-East have been killed by gun violence in the past few months, sparking community concern and calls to action.

    Janaria Muhammad and Justin Taylor were 15 years old when they died. Stanley Freeman Jr. was 16. All three were students at Austin-East High School.

    Jamarion Gillette was 15 years old. Knox County Schools officials said he last attended Austin-East in the fall of 2020.”

  10. East or West that school was a bullet Magnet..
    Gee whizz Obama, Bidens going to have a better score then you had on your school shootings.
    Remember Obama?, just about had to stand guard at schools when he was prez.
    Oh well, take the gunms away from the law abiding , that’ll fix it.
    Mr President, China is preparing to annex Taiwan, Mr President, Russia is going to invade Ukraine, Mr President illegal immigrants are flooding our boarders, Mr.President covid is spiking. Mr. President,, Mr.President,, do you have any answers?
    “Well I’m doing the best I can to abolish the Second Amendment.”

  11. Being a local to the area (West Knoxville is best Knoxville) , Austin East’s student body is over 80% “minority”. I wouldn’t be surprised for this to be some typical gang or drug dealer rival feud instead of a typical mass shooter event.

  12. The socialist left does not care how many of us have to die to get what they want. That is to take away our Constitutional right to bear arms. This among all our Constitutional Rights are God given and absolute ! These shootings all of a sudden popping up all over the place at this moment in time is proof that the Democraps are planning all these shootings. That want a public outcry from the ignorant !

  13. I’m guessing the student didn’t have an AR pistol or a “ghost” gun. No narrative to push so this will soon be forgotten. I’m sorry for the loss of life. That poor kid didn’t get to choose his parents.

  14. Is it amazing how when the Democrats start ramping up Gun Control Legislation attempts these so called mass shootings seem to ramp up???


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