NRA President Oliver North: We Stand With Brett Kavanaugh
TTAG/GSL photo by John Boch.
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Yesterday we broke the news that NRA board members asked for Wayne LaPierre’s resignation, and he refused. Later, we shared the letter he wrote in response, in which he effectively claimed that the NRA’s President as of a year ago, Lt. Colonel Oliver North, effectively extorted him in an attempt to force LaPierre’s resignation. Breaking just now: Mr. North has resigned as president.

It’s all over the news; Oliver North is out. Effectively resigned by choosing not to seek a second term. Looks like in this internal struggle, Wayne LaPierre still has weight in the NRA. Friends in high and/or low places, and he has won this fight.

Gosh, it was just a year ago when LaPierre said about North becoming NRA President, “This is the most exciting news for our members since Charlton Heston became President of our Association.” How things change.

More to come . . .

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    • This infighting by supposed like minds is proof that habitual donations to the NRA is just good money down the drain. The NRA used wicked witches like Dana to whip up the hordes into cutting larger checks than they can afford. And then doing it again. And again. The NRA had money to burn so burn it they did. And now the real 2A supporters are left with nothing but a embarrassing pile of steaming power grabs.

      Ollie was nothing to the NRA. Glad he’s gone. But Wayne will make sure the NRA is completely destroyed before he takes a hike. Hmm. How much would Bloomberg have to pay Wayne to make him drive the NRA into the ground? Best $10 million Mike ever spent.

      • Dana Loesch is wicked smart and one of the best things in the NRA if not the best. You should listen to her radio show. She’s brilliant. The only one on her level is probably Colion.

        • You must have your head in the sand. NRA TV isn’t NRA it’s the PR company NRA is currently sueing.

          • Her radio show “The Dana Show” is not affiliated with either NRA or AM. She wears many hats. She’s an employee of AM on her NRA TV gig, but she’s also the official spokesperson of the NRA and thus an NRA employee as well. I reckon she has at least 3 jobs if not more.

        • Dana Loesch and Collion Noir are Ackerman McQueen employees. They are the ones that LaPierre brought in to help bleed the NRA dry.

          • Her radio show “The Dana Show” is not affiliated with either NRA or AM. She wears many hats. She’s an employee of AM on her NRA TV gig, but she’s also the official spokesperson of the NRA and thus an NRA employee as well. I reckon she has at least 3 jobs if not more.

    • The fact that Oliver North had any position with the NRA is evidence of their moral and ethical bankruptcy. Colonel Oliver North must be a secret muslim, he put together the plan to sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons to muslim fundamentalist in Iran, against the stated will of Congress.

      He is a traitor who is working against the USA, in order to secure funds for the military industrial complex to fight a secret war in South America.

      “North is primarily remembered for his term as a National Security Council staff member during the Iran-Contra affair, a political scandal of the late 1980s. The scandal involved the illegal sale of weapons to Iran to encourage the release of U.S. hostages then held in Lebanon. North formulated the second part of the plan, which was to divert proceeds from the arms sales to support the Contra rebel groups in Nicaragua, which had been specifically prohibited under the Boland Amendment. North was granted limited immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying before Congress about the scheme.”

      • It is amazing that any member of the NRA would continue their membership once Oliver north had been placed in the upper levels of management. The fact is that Oliver north under Reagan’s Republican administration engaged in a scheme to pay a ransom for American citizens held by the Iranian government, provided millions of dollars in arms to the terrorist nation Iran, violated the US law, and then turned out to be in Donald Trump‘s words a rat, with immunity to testify against the Reagan administration.

        By selecting folks like this to represent their interests, POTG have betrayed there inner morals, and it’s not very pretty.

    • …or Trump’s cabinet…. you’re Fired! you and you and you and…….
      Maybe Mad Dog Mattis is available?

        • North is a crook. He’s been double dipping from Ackerman McQueen and the NRA and was too dirty for most board members to trust in the fight against LaPierre.

          WLP is a crook, too, but a savvier, embedded one. The board knows that if LaPierre goes down he’ll take many of them with him. The ludicrous executive salaries, the no-show jobs, the vast portion of members’ fees going to the PR firm Ackerman McQueen, and the vendors’ overbilling are going to bleed the org dry within 2 years. The NRA can’t be saved without a membership revolt.

        • North is just the LATEST CROOK to join. He was a figurehead, like Heston was. North took the job to be a sock puppet for Wayne. When he saw the actual jeopardy they were in from the NY Attorney Genera,l he tried to get him out, so some ACTUAL change would occur.

          Do not worry. Wayne will use attorneys to fight and resist the NY AG, while pleading to you via Ackerman McQueen, for more money, using NRA money. Him and a few others cashed out of the NRA Retirement fund for six and seven figure checks. He milks them for a million plus per year. No one knows what kind of kickbacks others get having positions as Ack-Mac “employees” and NRA Board and/or NRA employees too

          When NRA is burnt to the f^#king ground by the NY AG, Wayne and his pals will have a well funded retirement. Laughing at all of US.

          He’ll still be protesting he isn’t responsible when it was him and all his buddies behavior that gave the NY AG the opening to come in and destroy the NRA’s non-profit status.

          Maybe he’ll restart it as a “FOR PROFIT”, and not lie he was sucking us all dry for his and his cronies benefit.

          Not criticizing NRA’S good work, or excusing past mistakes. I am saying “FU!” to the guys destroying it. Even though the NY Attorney General is just a thug with a badge, on a vendetta to destroy a lawful organization to stifle the First and Second Amendment.

    • …..guess i’ll hold off on writing that check for awhile…until we get a clearer picture of what just transpired….

        • Agreed. When obscene laws were about to be passed in New Jersey , NRA state level people and Rifle / Pistol Club of NJ told people …. ” We’re ‘ handling ‘ things , butt – out , we’ll let you know what WE decide ” ( sit down – shut up ) guess what , NJ gun owners got screwed again.

          Those who say ” only ” the N.R.A. has clout are fools. If just HALF of N.R.A. members joined Gun Owners of America ( as many are now doing ) GOA would be at 5 Million members strong with a Lean , Mean , NO Compromise Stance.

      • What transpired? It’s rather evident.
        Yes – North is a criminal – just following orders didn’t cut for many German SS boys and it doesn’t with North either. Yes, he did his commander’s bidding but his actions were nothing short of illegal and with full knowledge of his actions’ illegality.
        That doesn’t excuse LaPierre. Making deals with the government re: what is legal and not is not exactly the kind of leadership I want in the NRA not to mention his running the organization into the ground.
        I’m a NRA Life Member and seriously question now if I wasted the money.

    • Whatever the truth about Oliver North, Wayne LaPierre, et al…our Number 1 principle is the right to keep & bear arms. I’m sure men like Bill Jordan are turning in their graves. The left wing useful idiots are over joyed.

  1. Is it too late to get Tom Selleck back? Probably. Glad Ollie is leaving. Now can we settle the AM affair without WLP being ousted?

    • Wayne is the one that created the entire situation. He brought AM with him when he took control of the NRA. Now that the NRA is collapsing, due to corruption, Wayne is stabbing AM in the back to save himself.

      There is no honor amongst thieves.

  2. There was a slight hope North would make himself useful. Hopefully the board has the stones to ditch LaPierre and AckMac, and unfuck the NRAs finances, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • Why should members worry about the NRAs Finances. They are not employees, and wont be left holding the bag. Just change to GOA or 2AF. Let the NRA eat themselves.

  3. So it turns out that extortion is illegal.

    To remove the King, you amateurs need to up your game!

  4. We need this kind of crap like we need a Democratic House and Senate with super majorities!!!

  5. It is unfortunate that things turned out this way because many gun owners do support Oliver North, and Wayne, for all the complaining people do, has grown the organization and used it effectively to counter bad legislation. No, not always perfect, and not an absolutist. If Wayne’s letter is to be believed, the NRA has paid AM for a lot of work, and AM has not quite delivered. After all, AM paid North millions of dollars for only a few minutes of undelivered tv spots, and that money came from the NRA. Might be a conflict of interest, but I think AM has got the dirty hands here.

  6. with Norths history, I never liked the fact that he was leading the NRA we need a clean record to lead

    • North wasn’t the only one involved in this. He was just the one without a “get out of jail free” card. Reagan was up to his eyeballs in it along with about 14 other officials. Look it up.

    • Hey, he was running guns to capitalists to fight commies in Latin America being supported by Democrats in Congress.

      I’d say he was the right man to lead the NRA!

      • Are you serious? Fascinating.

        The fact is that Oliver north under Reagan’s Republican administration engaged in a scheme to pay a ransom for American citizens held by the Iranian government, provided millions of dollars in arms to the terrorist nation Iran, violated the US law, and then turned out to be in Donald Trump‘s words a rat, with immunity to testify against the Reagan administration.

        So everyone claims Obama was a secret Muslim, when the fact is it was the Republican administration who was providing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms to the Iranian terrorist state.


        How anyone could still be a republican after blatant treason like this and George W’s fraud war in Iraq is a mystery.

        • 1.5 billion to the tarmac in Iran. In cash. Inflation hasn’t been that high. And the immunity turned into a big f you because he claimed responsibility for everything he was granted immunity to. Never rated out Reagan. Not a fan but get the context in.

          • Some trolls? Remember the Mueller joke is over so guess where the ” activists” are headed now.

      • Adub, you are right about Ollie. He is a true patriot. Not a bureaucrat sniffing the wind for the safest and most profitable course of action personally. The good Colonel put his professional ass on the line to combat communism in our own hemisphere when a large part of the legislative branch of our government was doing all within their power to welcome them with aid and open arms. Selling arms to Iran is not such a simple moral calculation for anyone with any knowledge of what was actually going on. The U.S. had been, during that time period, selling arms to both Iran and Iraq and only later when the outcome seemed to favor an Iranian victory began to weigh the sales more heavily toward Iraq. God save us from the ignorant and stupidly moralistic among us.

        Ollie I salute you but the NRA has become to devious and convoluted for its own and our good lately and bless you, but you were always just an outsider there. Unless things get truly cleaned up there my current 5 yr membership will not be renewed upon its expiration.

  7. How mind-bogglingly corrupt do you have to be for Oliver “Irangate” North to think you are too corrupt?

      • Kamala will explain away her behavior with #MeToo. Victim card of the patriarchy. This will work because white men, or just men, will be seen as blaming the victim of a power hierarchy instead of comforting a woman who was wronged.

        • Don’t worry about Kamala. She can’t wipe her ass without having a conversation about it and studying the tissue (sic).

  8. Okay so glad North is out on his ass. He never belonged there anyway. Now he needs some more losers to keep him company.

    I nominate Wayne LaPierre for the next former, kicked out on his lousy ass NRA EVP.

    • There’s probably 70 more people to go, maybe more. There is way too much work the older generation left for the young ones to do.

      • Do you always cry and blame everyone else for your problems? You sound like a fucking spoiled brat.

  9. I’m surprised he last this long after making the NRA a self-proclaimed terrorist organization.

  10. NRA called a few hours ago. Offered to up me to benefactor for $250. Told them when they get management sorted out, call me back.

  11. Alrighty then…just got my new American Rifleman in the mail( it was wet-we’re having a SNOWSTORM😩.Old Wayne said I have to send money-this is not a drill. And Ollie wrote about what hero’s cop’s were. The whole freakin’ NRA needs to regroup…it shouldn’t BE the story.

    • Snow. Yep, that heavy mushy “heart attack” snow. Glad it’s going away. The NRA never should have picked a politician. Charles Heston was great because he played strong good-guys in the movies. His fans were male and female. We need another good guy. The position is Public Relation, right?? Maybe Tim the Toolman/Mike Baxter Outdoor Man? He would be able to give comic relief to some of the political crap we get. Just my humble opinion.

      • Candace Owens? She sure held her own when congressmen were grilling her, last week.

  12. When did “decided not to seek re-election” become the same thing as “resigned” because they arn’t. Y’all have to realize this is the Bloomberg media running all of this. It’s not as bad as it seems.

  13. Merge the NRA with the GOA..then bring in the Pratts.. time to get rid of the people that want gun control in the NRA.. that is your problem.. dissension within the ranks.. the NRA needs to become a no-compromise unit again..

    • You mean this Pratt? The one too fucking stupid to realize he was getting played like a damn fool.

  14. Unfortunately, Tom was apparently a no show for almost all BOD meetings, from a list I read.

  15. Unfortunately, other than Tom Selleck, all the Hollywood types are for gun control not 2A. Who could be president now, I wonder? If not an actor/actress,…. I KNOW! Sarah Palin! Hey, why not? She’s at least entertaining……

  16. AM is an ad agency that also handles all signage and marketing efforts for NRA.
    Frankly, $40 mil is not a huge sum when you think of all those efforts, printing, show management etc etc.

  17. I’ve got a dollar that says Lt Col Allen West is the next President of the NRA.
    Bets anyone????

  18. Smearing the NRA is supposed to be the “job” of Democrats!! POINTLESS RANTS ABOUT THE “EVIL NRA” are not defending our right to keep and bear arms. Getting rid of LaPierre is the next priority. After than, supporting ALL gun rights organizations (especially state based) is the way to keep Democrats AND the NRA from slipping through gun control laws.

    So today is Monday Apr. 29, THE DAY the NRA board should be announcing Wayne’s “retirement.” IF THEY DON’T then help put their feet to the fire. Do not let LaPierre and his buddies on the NRA board evade the NECESSITY of making him step aside. He is nothing but a drag on the NRA costing the NRA (and us) at least $1 million per year every year he’s allowed to stay on.

    Oh and lets make sure the NRA adopts a legitimate accounting system AND gets rid of their current ad agency.

    • ” POINTLESS RANTS ABOUT THE “EVIL NRA” are not defending our right to keep and bear arms.”

      Defending the Negotiating Rights Away Judas goat is certainly NOT defending the exercise of our right to keep and bear arms. The NRA has been complicit in acceptance of gun control since at least 1934. The NRA is dangerous to liberty. It always has been and will continue to be for as long as it is in existence.

      • Assuming for a second you’re not another troll; you actually think we’d be discussing this in 2019? We’d probably be arguing about being able to possess kitchen knives, like some other people, if the NRA hadn’t been there.

  19. My God. Who would have thought the Dems were the least of our problems? They’re laughing their asses off because we’re canibalizing ourselves from the inside out. Who needs Booker, Murphy, and Feinstein when we have cancer in the 2A movement?

  20. i just recently came across this story and related comments from a couple months ago. my 48 yr NRA membership has allowed me to build some perspective on the pro-2nd Amendment argument and those who have, to varying degrees, been successful in getting results in protecting that particular civil right. in addition, after a military career, i spent 20+ years working inside the federal govt at the national level, getting a first-hand view of how the sausage is actually made. it occurs to me that many of the comments against the current path the current NRA leadership are on are made out of ignorance (in the true sense of the word) by those who do not understand what works and does not work as a political strategy such as the one the NRA has been fighting for several decades. if one looks long term from where we were on the 2nd Amendment in the late 1960s to how far we have come IN LAW (!) it is clear to me that Mr LaPierre and others have been doing a pretty damned good job!

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