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“A Sequoyah County man was arrested Monday after his eight-year-old cousin was killed in an explosion over the weekend,” reports. “Brandon Martin, 22, faces a manslaughter charge after Sheriff Ron Lockhart said he fired a high-powered rifle at an outdoor stove full of the explosive material Tannerite in Liberty, Okla. The stove exploded and critically injured Jonathan Phelan, 8, who was struck by flying shrapnel. That boy died early Monday morning after being taken to a Tulsa hospital by a medical helicopter.” Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Now what? Well . . .

It’s only a matter of time – and not much of it – before the antis hit the ‘net to exploit this tragedy to further their civilian disarmament agenda. The combination of youth, firearms and fatality will bring out the anti-gun bloody shirt wavers as sure as Michael Bloomberg brings out his bodyguards at civic events.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 5.27.03 PM

No doubt left-leaning politicians will issue a call to ban Tannerite, or at least designate the material a federally regulated explosive. Once again, an irresponsible act (by both the shooter and family members who attempted to cover-up the crime) will be used as an excuse to punish responsible Americans. Hopefully not. But I wouldn’t bet against it.

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  1. It blowed up real good! What an idiot…my sympathies to the family. Sorry I’m not too concerned by the fallout.

    • Maybe a good point for compromise. Excuse me while I go vomit after uttering the “C” word. Make these type of explosive products restricted but lift all restrictions on NFA and class II items. Deal?

      Dumb asses will still find a way to kill themselves or others. I am sorry the kid had to die and not the irresponsible adult. I in no way blame the product and put the blame on the idiot.

    • Last Fall, the shooters in my family gathered at the old farmstead and loaded up an abandoned console TV with 20
      lbs. of this stuff. Well, it went Boom and if you are old enough to remember how thick those SOB of a picture tubes are……One small piece nailed my son’s pickup and a larger one got a nephew’s big toe. Sliced right through his Reebok and off to the ER for stitches. We all thought we were far enough back. You can’t be too far back. Lessoned learned by all.

      • Come on people. If you’re going to drop coin on explosives, spend a little extra time and money on a plexiglass shield from behind which to view the event. Or barring that, at least wear safety glasses and/or some kind of helmet and get the rest of your body behind some cover.

        • Or better yet, use some restraint and common sense. If you are not an expert on explosives then use small amounts and carefully ramp up to an impressive yet safe level of boom.

          If you’ve never messed with the stuff before, treat it like you would treat showing someone who is incredibly skinny how to shoot a firearm. You don’t give a noob a 10 gauge first thing, don’t rush into a 10+ pound tannerite explosion.

          The first and only time I ever messed with tannerite I was only mixing about 1/8th of a pound, and just that makes a bang louder than my .30-06.

        • Or a book – researching how explosives work. Putting an explosive inside something (e.g. CRT Television, stove, etc.) = shrapnel. Just don’t do it. Why would anyone do that and expect something different. Education, education, education.

          Example: never point the muzzle of a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.

          Example: never put explosives inside enclosures without adequate protection from shrapnel for yourself and others in proximity.

          Familiarize yourself with how they work before proceeding.

        • I think he’s saying something more along the lines of we have a “sheeple are idiots” problem. Not everything in life can be solved by marketing. Marketing is only selling people something, usually sh*t they don’t need, and would never buy, if it wasn’t for marketing. No one will ever market knowledge and education, for it is a no profit endeavor. The money is in ignorant sheep. They can be sold anything. Informed and knowledgeable consumers are a marketers worst nightmare. Esp. when they start educating all the other consumers.

      • Safety distance for demo + metal is 1000 meters. And even then you should try to be behind cover.

        Maybe this stuff does need to be regulated; I guess this is why we can’t have nice things.

  2. So sad. What a cute little fella. My heart breaks for his family.

    Damn! It pisses me off that people can be so careless and stupid, especially around young kids.

  3. A STOVE full?!?

    I’d not want to try that from less than a furlong off; moron. And how does one “cover up” such doings?

    Personally, I doubt the antis will do much with this. Oh, it’ll wind up in their charts and graphs, but little else.

    Poor kid.

  4. the 2nd pic looks alot like one of our local shooting pits that doubles as the teenage debauchery center in the summer. pallet and tire fires. garbage fueled campfires til the wee hours of the morning. and of course, they leave the whole mess, tire belts, nails, scraps, broken bottles.
    i’ve used Tannerite. personally i would rather spend my day poking holes in paper at great distances than blowing up stuff. i’m in the minority and that’s fine. that said, this is yet another opportunity for the man to
    “do what’s best” for the public and ban something based on human error.
    my kids go shooting with me. frequently. but NOT when plans include binary targets.
    have some damn sense folks, or the .GOV will mandate it.

    • “…if they ban Tannerite what am I going to use to kill all the wild hogs that want to take up residence on my land?”

      .50 BMG HE.

    • No sorry that is not why we cannot have nice things. There is a deeper reason but things like this make simple minds react with emotion and not logic. Don’t buy into the emotional pandering that is used to push the disarmament and control of American people. You are here so I would bet that you are better than that.

  5. at least it’s manslaughter charges instead of something like ‘senseless tragedy’ and they move on. I think if a few more ‘accidental’ shootings (aka negligent) ended up with manslaughter (or stronger) charges maybe people be less dumb

    who am i kidding.

    • Darwin still gets his licks in every once in awhile despite the nanny state government.

      This clan a couple thousand years ago would have been the ones trying to go pet the pretty 400 pound “cat” trying to hide in the bushes.

    • You think that the risk of one’s death or the death of one’s loved ones is not deterrent but a manslaughter charge is?

      I’m not saying he shouldn’t be charged- he should- but I hold no faith that other morons will learn from the charge.

  6. Tannerite surrounded by metal is a very very bad idea. Come on. That’s basically a fragmentation grenade.

    Common sense isn’t that common is it…

    • Now there you go. When Big Brother introduces legislation to ban Tannerite, we will press them to ban using Tannerite in metal containers. That will make everyone happy.

      Oh, who am I kidding …

  7. My condolences to the family. It goes without saying though; you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. The fact this happened here in OK surprises me in no way shape or form.

  8. Foolish. Onviously they were too close, and filling a stove with the stuff was plain stupid. I know some people who use homemade anfo with it to do crap like this, but at least they’re smart enough to do it from a distance and leave their kids at home.

    For the record, package recommends 100 yards for 1/2 lb target.

    • “For the record, package recommends 100 yards for 1/2 lb target.”

      You think that MENSA candidate read the instructions?


  9. A prayer for the child.
    Stupidity & careless actions aside why do I think they probably would also fish with calcium carbide. One of the last gunshows I went to an idiot was selling this stuff taped to the old practice grenades & instructions how to rig a 209 primer to it. He also had thermite & video running showing it burning into an old armored truck. These are the idiots that make all gun owners as stupid & people that keep survival preps as people that forgot the tin foil beanies.

    • You sure he wasn’t undercover BATFE, or a BATFE plant? Because most Gun Shows have at least one undercover BATFE walking around making notes on anything that peaks their interest, and I can’t imagine they would allow someone to sell something like that willy-nilly. Hence the possibility that he was there seeing who would buy those.

  10. There are YouTube vids of barn demolition, fridge explosions, washer/dryer detonations and 5 gallon buckets filled with what otherwise would be target fodder with Tannerite. I have some, shot some, use as directed and some range fun. However, this is truly sad and my prayers and condolences go out to his family. Every 4th of July there are accidents and tradgedies that occur like this. I certainly wouldn’t ban it, although im sure the call to do so will be coming soon.

    • We tried Tannerite recently and found it kinda wimpy compared to the somewhat similar compound sold similarly (don’t remember the name) designed to be set off by subsonic ammo, ie rimfire stuff. I didn’t buy it or mix it, but I did shoot it! Turns out it was supposed to be divided into little packets, not the whole package at once, which is why it was sold in a container similar to the Tannerite but not bright orange, it was not intended to be shot in that container.

      Somebody help me out with a name, here, the stuff was a true explosive, complete with a fireball 10 feet across. Concussion near knocked our hats off at 100 yards, and blew the target stand (2X4s) to shreds. A nearby soda can target was reduced to slivers around 1/4 inch across.

      If you put 20 containers of that stuff together, you’d want to be so far away a .22LR wouldn’t even reach it.

  11. What a moron. You don’t have to be an EOD tech to know that placing an explosive inside of a metal container equals lethal shrapnel out to quite a distance. I just dug out a canister that I have and it says in big letters “do not use in, on or around anything that could become shrapnel” followed by a list of shrapnel creating material. That young boy looks much like my own son and my heart aches for his family, even his criminally stupid father.

  12. Never bought the stuff because I knew it was only a matter of time before it was banned. Can’t miss what you never grew attached to.

    • And you would definitely miss it. I did 1/4 of the legal limit and it was intense. I set it up on a log and it blew the log into splinters.
      I like the small ones rated for hand guns.

    • I was going to post that, but you got it first!

      I would be ok with this if the idiot who set this off did him self in, but no such luck. The parents and the shooter need their decision making abilities revoked. In time, they will be able to earn them back, too bad someone had to die for them to realize thier folly. Death is the greatest teacher, but you only get 1 lesson.

  13. Sadly, it was just a matter of time.

    A quick search of youtube will show dozens of irresponsible “tanerite” explosions. Some of which show people getting hit by shrapnel.

    There is a reason that when the pros blow stuff up, their block house uses video cameras and is a mile from the blast.

    • Yep, I watched a lot of myth busters when I was in college, and I will never forget on one of their blasts they had build some sort of structure out of steel tubing. After the blast the were walking around the site and somewhere well outside of their presumed safe distance there was a 3 foot section of angle iron that had almost wrapped itself around a tree trunk.

      I cringe when I watch people blowing old cars and structures up with tannerite. If you’ve ever watched a slow mo video of a bomb or frag grenade going off you know the shrapnel travels out even faster than the blast wave, terrifying stuff.

      As they always say though, there’s a fine line between a Texan and a blithering idiot, it’s called the Red River!

        • I hope you are joking… go look at a map and look at the fine (as in narrow) “line” that separates the majority of OK from TX and tell me what it is called.

  14. A tragedy all around, but I wish people would stop victim blaming. I bet as a 22 year old many of you did stupid stuff, hell probably even worse than this but got lucky and suffered no consequence.

    The article doesn’t say if the 22 year old who fired the triggering shot was the one who had the idea and put the tannerite in the stove, or if the kids parents were present? I’m sure it was an accident and the guy will have to live with this the rest of his life, why is everyone being so hard on him? If any of you have driven drunk even once, in my opinion you are 100x worse than the 22 year old in this story. Accidents happen, hell drunk and reckless drivers kill kids everyday. I wish people would just let the dead rest, if the victims family want to hold a grudge or assign blame let them, it’s not our place.

    • No, he is a fool that got someone killed. At the age of 22, it matters not who’s idea it was, he did the shooting. The other adults there are equally to blame because they allowed it to happen (and then tried to cover it up). This was not an accident, it was negligence, just like drunk driving deaths aren’t accidents. Accidents are events that happen despite everyone’s best efforts to do the right thing.

      • My point is that there are a lot more people to blame if blame is to be assigned, the trigger man is only one part of it. Will anyone ban Mythbusters for giving TV watching idiots the idea that blowing up a stove is fun, what about the tannerite manuf. and the spectators to the event who should know better? You act as if this is a court and what we know mere days later is absolute veritas, you’ve presumed guilty without as much as an investigation. Media sensation and appeals to emotion aside, EVERY person deserves due process and a through impartial investigation.

        I don’t understand why everyone has latched on to this, if the 22 year old is found to have been negligent he will be punished by the law and likely by karma. If this is indeed an accident (your definition of an accident excludes everything aside from force majure, even the most well intentioned humans make fatal mistakes), there’s nothing that can be done to take it back or to realistically prevent something similar from happening in the future, as banning tannerite will accomplish nothing and you can’t ban stupidity.

        • He shot a METAL stove full of explosives with at least one person not a safe distance away. Even if the boy suddenly ran closer to the target against the instructions of his elders, it still means that the shooter did not assess the target area prior to firing. Labeling him a dumba$$ (which he unequivocally is) is immaterial to his guilt or innocence of manslaughter in the eyes of the “impartial” law. And yes, accidents are only avoidable by chance and fate. Negligence is ALWAYS the result of someone not doing what they are supposed to be doing, and tragedies such as this one could have been avoided if the “adults” in the room had not been utter and complete idiots.

      • At the age of 22 I had been in the Army for 5 years doing the infantry grind (joined when I was 17). Even before that I was glad I had a Dad & Grandpa who were a bit tough on me; who had common sense and taught it to me. Yea everyone does stupid stuff but this is beyond stupid.

        While my prayers go out to the family the guy was an idiot for doing something like this and unfortunately he paid the ultimate price (actually the boy did).

      • The guy who “did the shooting” didn’t shoot the kid. Maybe he knew what he was shooting at was an explosive, maybe not. Maybe the person charged should be the one who mixed it up, placed it, and then said “see if you can hit the orange spot on that stove over there”. A manslaughter charge is gonna be hard to prove, probably ends up a plea bargain.

        • Once again, the voice of logic. I’ve been noticing that over the past week. Hear, hear.
          Very few people show any clarity of thought anymore. Just read most of the comments on this page as proof of that. The prevailing attitude seems to be: “Gee I feel so sorry for this child, I hope somebody(the 22 year old in this case, but any old warm body will suffice) will get crucified for this.”
          I thought we had progressed beyond things like crucifixions and chopping heads off so the crowd can watch them roll down the pyramid steps and cheer.
          I guess not….

    • “Victim-blaming”?

      No one here is blaming the victim.

      The VICTIM here is the dead 8 year old kid. What is wrong with you?

      • “Hey John, see if you can shoot that stove over there” BOOM. “Did that scare ya, I put some reactive targets I bought at walmart in there?”, “Oh whelp you killed a kid, guess you’re going to the gas chamber.”

        Can you tell me for sure it didn’t happen like that? I’m glad you’ve completed the investigation so completely and thoroughly Mr.Bloody shirt.

    • When did we all decide to bump adolescence up an extra full decade? I expect 12-year-olds to do stupid things, but when you’re 22 years old, you’re already three years past the threshold. You’re an adult at 22, and you have no excuse for this kind of idiocy anymore.

      “I bet as a 22 year old many of you did stupid stuff, hell probably even worse than this but got lucky and suffered no consequence.”

      Nice attempt at deflection, but no. I never did things like this because A: I’ve known and practiced gun safety since childhood, B: at 22 years of age I had a good understanding of what the laws of physics can do to a metal container when explosives are packed into it, and C: I’m not a God-damned moron.

      • Good thing we don’t have to rely on you for justice.

        Have you ever let off legal fireworks? Now imagine one flew off and burned someone’s house down? They sell tannerite at walmart in some places, how do you know anything irresponsible was done? You don’t because no one knows all the facts of this case, not even the investigators, but for some reason a pious ass like you thinks he can dictate reality and someone’s fate through a keyboard.

      • You got us dead to rights, man. We’re only condemning this guy’s thoughtless and irresponsible actions that directly caused the death of child because it’s the popular thing to do.

        • No, I think that the person loading that stove and the person knowingly setting it off (might be same person) have the lion’s share of the blame. It’s all the emotions spewed by so many online. It’s over the top and ugly. It sounds like my ex-sisters in law and ex-mothers in law. Like nails on a chalkboard sometimes.

          Someone screwed up big time. The prime suspect is a 20 something. People screw up. Younger people are notorious for screwing up. He’ll probably pay the price beyond the crushing grief and shame; and he should.

        • They all deserve the blame, and that’s why they were all arrested for their part in negligently killing a little boy and trying to cover it up (real pillars of character, these folks). The “He’s too young to know any better!” defense is not just bullshit, but it’s extremely patronizing to boot. Again, even at 22, it never entered by head to do flagrantly stupid and dangerous things like this. And I’m not patting myself on the back as some kind of great intellect; making sure to never stuff explosives into a stove and shoot it is a surprisingly low bar to clear, even for someone of middling intelligence.

          My sympathy’s with the kid and his parents. The jerks they married into can pound sand, though, and I hope they don’t expect any of us to write songs about their dumb asses while they’re rotting in prison.

        • *sigh* I wrote what I wrote and yet you still go on. Are you sure written words aren’t to you what Tannerite was to that guy? 😉

          Anywho… I wasn’t limiting blame to just one person. I also wasn’t giving a pass to anyone. My few statements are in English and are very short. Also notice that they were to my buddy there and not really directed at you until you decided to take umbrage. You apparently just want to bitch and moan. You have the floor all to yourself, friend.

        • I was attacking the guilty parties, not you. You both turned from simply being contrarian into condescending assholes when you tried to use the guy’s age as an excuse. Just because you two never learned anything by the age of 22 doesn’t mean anybody else should be held to your depressingly low standards.

          There’s also the whole “an 8-year-old lost his life to these idiots” part, which you seem to be glossing over.

        • Who said “he’s too young to know any better”? Stop putting words into people’s mouths, I simply said NONE of you people have any right to judge him. If he is negligent he will receive justice, as will the others involved. I simply pointed out that the investigation isn’t complete, and there’s no need for a lynching.

          I only hope the jury that reviews this case will review the facts not this odd emotion many of you seem to be taken over by. Better for 1000 guilty men to go free, than for one innocent man to fry.

  15. And yet that spree killer in los Angeles killed three with his bmw. The kid whose father was part of the hunger games movie? Why are those three less important than this one? Why are there no antis ranting to ban bmws, or automobiles in general? Besides the ones he stabbed, I mean…

  16. Prayers for the family. Kids need to be around guns and shooting, but not that stuff. Blowing up metal objects creates shrapnel, keep the kids away and use eyepro.

  17. Sad. I can see the misjudgement happen. Explosives (most) are not explosive until you contain them, many people simply are naive. Too bad someone died to provide the lesson.

    • Yep. Also, there are more restrictions today making it more difficult for younger ones to safely experiment. I figured out shrapnel not from books or even movies. It was from blowing stuff up and noticing the shower of random shit that used to be the container flying past my face. Before too long I realized that I didn’t want that to be anything potentially deadly flying through the air. Kids today are deprived of these experiences and might tend to be more naive as they get older. Of course, that may or may not have been part of the problem in this incident. Mine was an observation of a more general nature.

  18. Ahh man. This is upsetting. Manslaughter might seem harsh, but it I was faced with the knowledge my stupidity- not just accidental, but plain unsafe stupidity- I think I’d rather they stick a needle in me. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that my “hey kids, watch this!” got a family member killed.

  19. Dozens of children drown in pools every year. One kid died when someone was an idiot with tannerite. A tragedy to the family, but it doesn’t mater to the rest of society. Outside of a possible teaching moment for everyone else. Of course the anti’s will try to use it towards their own goals. But you can’t be afraid of your enemies. Just be aware of them.

  20. Last summer, I had to cut a shooting trip short when a couple morons started a brush fire. They set up a tannerite target in a field of dead grass. Seriously, what did they think was going to happen?

    Honestly, as much as I value personal freedom and oppose unnecessary laws and government intrusion in my life, I wouldn’t give two shits if they decide to ban the stuff. It seems to bring out people’s inner idiocy, which makes us all look bad. I don’t think the 2nd amendment covers exploding targets, nor do I think it’s a fight worth fighting (unless we can get something out of it).

    • Steve, despite your assertion, the 2nd Amendment does cover exploding targets. “Every terrible implement of the soldier” is a partial quote from Tench Coxe about what weapons a man many have. Just like anything else that can be dangerous care must be taken when using it. This is only the second death I’ve ever heard of regarding tannerite. How many thousands of explosions have been created without injury or death? While tragic I don’t think banning tannerite will solve the problem of unwise people. In 2013 there were 8 fireworks related fatalities in the U.S. We aren’t going to ban those. Tannerite is just a different type of firework.



    • Uh, stuff I used called “Tannerite” had one popular feature, it did not start fires, didn’t involve heat. Mostly a poof of water vapor. Are we talking about different things with the same name? Or an accustomed name used to describe something else? SFAIK, Tannerite would not start a grass fire. Not an expert, fire away!

  21. Asshats like this piss me off.

    Common sense ain’t too common. Gun owners need to crucify people who behave like this before they kill kids so that the rest of us don’t get blamed.

  22. Unfortunately both guns and tannerite are products that attract a fair number of idiots, and for the same reason non idiots are attracted to them. Plus the idiots don’t always have the mental capacity to handle said products, or to know their limitations(clint Eastwood quote).

    I swear, some days when I go to the gun range I wish I had a bullet proof vest on so I don’t get shot by some empty headed moron who doesn’t understand what a ceasefire means.

    This is annecdotal, but when I see tannerite stocked somewhere the people most clamoring to get it seem like people who just barely managed to put on matching shoes that day. I’m not trying to condemn the use of tannerite by smart responsible people, but unfortunately idiots don’t have the self awareness to find another hobby.

  23. It’s happened before and it will happen again. BTW I’m in OK and the people I know that mess with the stuff are smart enough to not do this stupid crap. There are more incidents in Minnesota lol.

    From the wiki… A 20-year-old man in Busti, New York shot 18 lb (8.2 kg) of Tannerite on January 13, 2013 that sent a particularly “loud boom” through much of southern Chautauqua County, New York and extending as far south as Pennsylvania, at least 3 miles away. Multiple other sounds of explosions were also reported in the incident. The explosive noise caused numerous phone calls to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office, the New York State Police, and other law enforcement in the area.

    A man was killed by shrapnel at a farm in Fillmore County, Minnesota on June 15, 2013 after Tannerite was shot at a bachelor-bachelorette party after it was placed inside some metal objects. Fillmore County Sheriff Daryl Jensen stated that in this case the Tannerite was “used with other materials” in a manner that was not included in the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    A Minnesotan man was fined $2,583 and sentenced to three years’ probation[13] on charges of detonating an explosive device and unlawful possession of components for explosives after he detonated 100 lb (45 kg) of Tannerite inside the bed of a dump truck by shooting it with a rifle chambered in .50 BMG from 300 yards (270 m) away on January 14, 2008 in Red Wing, Minnesota. The man was on probation when he mixed and shot the Tannerite and was not allowed to possess firearms or explosives.[14][15] The blast could be felt at Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant (roughly 5 miles away).

    And this event… Shrapnel killed the boy and injured a man in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma on February 9th, 2015 after a reported two pounds of Tannerite was placed in a stove and shot with a high-powered rifle.

  24. They should ban Tannerite right after they ban bathtubs, pools and buckets. After all they kill many more children each year.

  25. Check the Youtube videos. How many of them show massive, no, excessive amounts of Tannerite being detonated. A beaver dam being demolished with a 5 gallon bucket of Tannerite? Is that listed as a proper use of Tannerite? Are there hundreds of videos showing people using Tannerite properly?

      • While it may only be sold as up to a pound in a jar, it cannot be “illegal” to use more than one pound at a time, for the tannerite website that you provided states(and this is a direct quote):
        “One target will initiate another if placed/taped together. For very long-range shooting, it is best to wrap target one time with duct tape. This prevents spills from glancing blows.”

        • Well, what do you know about that?
          Still, according to what I have read, putting ten pounds of the stuff inside a stove, and exploding it constitutes “misuse”.

        • According to what you read WHERE? Are you certain that it isn’t yet another something you misunderstood, like what you said in these last posts? If so, HOW can you be so certain?
          After all, you must realize that, so far, your track record is not good.

        • I put my record of truth against anyone on this site so don’t even start that shit.
          You pointed out my mistake and I admitted it.
          How about stop trying to use me to stroke your ego, take your hand off your cock and call the phone number 877-744-1406
          And ask them if the use of Tannerite that killed this boy was misuse.

        • Well, you didn’t actually admit to making an error. All you said was: “what do you know about that”. Which sounds like you are not only very surprised that you could have misunderstood something, but is very off the cuff, as in” what does that matter”.
          So, as already stated, Your track record on this issue is not good. I know nothing about any other record you might possess on some other track, but on this track, it hasn’t been good so far.
          And the more insults and personal attacks you carelessly throw around, the worse its looking for your credibility. After all, your readings on the website you provided has already been shown to be read carelessly, what OTHER facts might you get fast and loose with next. I know these things are not pleasant for your ego to contemplate, but you can’t help but realize how badly it makes you look. And the more you insult, the worse you make it for yourself.

        • Well, I didn’t even expect a response to the first post, as most people’s ego cannot withstand the fact that they made an error, so I WANT nothing. Most have a G-d complex wherein they are unable to admit to any errors, ever, no matter how mild or insignificant. I’d say this qualifies nicely, as it matters not in the least what you, or I, or even thinks of this. Only the OK attorneys, judge, and juries opinions are in the slightest relevant.
          So if you’de just quit insulting me, that would be about the best I could expect. On the brighter side, something like: “OK, it doesn’t really say that on the tannerite package, I just heard that somewhere”, or perhaps just: “Oops, I made a mistake”, either of those would be brilliant. But even silence would be fine. And, failing those, anything other than insults would be acceptable.

        • Well if you can show me proof, then I have no problem admitting my information was wrong.
          Sorry about the flaming. I’ve been on the YouTube all day arguing with the anarchists and I was in a foul mood. I came back to TTAG to find solace when you hit me with your comment and I took it the wrong way.
          I still believe the Tannerite in this story was misused if not illegal.
          Good night. Talk to you tomorrow.

        • Hey, thanks for the civility. I apologize for thinking you were a troll. We all have a bad day now and then.
          Anyway, I have no idea what it might, or might not, say on the tannerite packaging. I’ve never used one. I like reactive targets, but I’d rather put the money into more ammo than 100 dollar targets. I use steel spinners/poppers and clay pigeons. I just saw an inconsistency between the statement that the package says more than a pound is illegal, but the website lists instructions for linking multiple pounds together. I still can’t see that those two statements jibe with each other. I was just trying to point out an inconsistency. Perhaps someone on this page can take a picture of the label and post it?
          And as to misuse, it would be awfully hard to say that this wasn’t misused, because someone got killed over it. In that area I would only say that, at least legally speaking, misuse is far from criminally negligent. That is the bar that have to be topped if the OK court intends to prove involuntary manslaughter. No one in this case is even alleging voluntary manslaughter, which means it was intentional. And the bar for criminal negligence has been affirmed over and over again, in many courts and many states, as very high indeed. Quoting: ” two types of involuntary manslaughter: (1) criminal-negligence manslaughter; and (2) unlawful-act manslaughter. The first occurs when death results from a high degree of Negligence or recklessness, … Criminally Negligent Manslaughter A homicide resulting from the taking of an unreasonable and high degree of risk is usually considered criminally negligent manslaughter.”

          OFC, the term ” high degree of Negligence or recklessness” is somewhat vague, as a lot of statutes tend to be, but its hard to see how simply shooting at a legal target could be considered criminally negligent. Unless he had the kid sit on the stove, or stand next to it, etc. But those would actually be voluntary manslaughter. In fact, assuming that the kid was right there with the rest of them, it would seem very difficult to prove awareness of the risk, for the rest of them would have then been taking the same risk of death as the minor, and were just luckier.

  26. The late Senator Lautenberg had tried to get it banned for years. In fact, he gave Harry Reid a bill to file just before he died. It is still in the Senate somewhere.

  27. Condolence to the family who was not involved. This is not a firearms or target issue. It’s a matter of negligence. Placing a target in or on metal is illegal and not the intended use of the product. Meanwhile 740 kids were killed on bikes last year (not counting paralysis and other grave injuries) and nobody bats an eye…..
    No person has been injured with Tannerite when used in accordance with directions, in the 20 years it has been around.
    Just sayin

  28. Ah man… If they ban tannerite then people will have to go back to shooting gasoline cans and propane tanks…. You’d think they’d be more fun since they’re both less stable than tannerite.


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