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“A North Carolina man has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the shooting of a young Muslim couple and their sister Tuesday in Chapel Hill,” reports. “One of the slain was a student at North Carolina State University. Another was at the University of North Carolina and the third was planning to enroll at UNC dental school this year.” Although there’s no evidence as to the killer’s motivation, the victims’ religious affiliation has already lit-up the Internet with the assumption that they were killed because of it. We should know soon enough as  . . .

CBS affiliate WRAL reports that 46-year-old alleged shooter Craig Stephen Hicks turned himself in to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office.

The WaPo reports that the hashtag #muslimlivesmatter has taken off. Bloggers unearthed the following month-old Tweet from one of the victims, Deah Barakat. It has “enraged” social media activists (if that’s what you call them).

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 7.00.14 AMRegardless of the killer’s motive, or how and where he got his gun, the murders are sure to ignite calls for gun control and dire warnings about right-wing domestic terrorists. (The fact that The National CounterTerrorism Center told Congress that more than 150 Americans or U.S. residents are fighting for ISIL will not make the news.) Leading to more calls for gun control.

“‘Good Guy with a Gun’ executes three Muslim college students in cold blood,” the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page proclaims, intimating that anyone who claims to be a “Good Guy with a Gun” is a potential murderer. Like that.

Meanwhile, the daily toll of gang bangers shooting and killing each other and preventable (though not by gun control) firearms-related suicides continue apace.

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  1. Any word on the amount of weapons and bomb-making materials found in the corpses apartment yet?

      • Go fk your mother, Nazi scum.
        And Farago’s too, while you’re at it, for allowing this garbage on his site.

        • Where is your outrage when innocent Christian children are beheaded and crucified. Do you scream nazi when Muslims cry for the slaughter of all non believers? I doubt it. When the rest of the muslin world condemns the actions of radicals then maybe I’ll blink when one loses their life in a RANDOM, UNCACULATED, act of violence….after I get finished fling my mother of course….douche

      • …your words only stand to illustrate your own perception, which quiet frankly, seems rather child like and close minded, as well as ignorant..but hey, what do I know? principles and morals, although debatable, are what distinguish us above other animals and allow for us to live civily. Its ignorance and fear that cause hatred and bigotry. Aloha

    • If he has a bolt action rifle, a pump shotgun, and a revolver, expect to read stories about his “arsenal of assault weapons.”

    • The same standards (should, at least) apply both ways. This isn’t about politics (although the left will be on it like white on rice, won’t they?). Murder is murder is murder.

    • You really should read the article. The murder happened at the student’s home so how can it be workplace violence. They were all students so probably sour grapes on the perps part.

      • —-General Comment on Media Bias—>

        -CW3 Crusty-

        It’s not always about the specifics of a particular story.

        And, to soften my comment a bit: 🙂

  2. It sure would be nice if people would leave other people alone. Alas, that isn’t reality. And that is why I choose to be armed … in case I have to defend myself from someone who refuses to leave me alone.

    • That’s the crux of it right there. If people would leave other people alone, keep their hands to themselves and off other people and their shit, this world would be a lot better place. But unfortunately that’s not what the human animal has ever been capable of doing.

  3. We (those of us on the right) have long argued, and rightly so, that good, decent and non-violent Muslims in this country needed to do more to ferret out and stamp out the terrorist element from their midst. Well, we have a moral obligation to try to do the same. We have a loon element, too, and hopefully, no one had a clue about this dude’s intentions before he did it, but often someone had an inkling yet did nothing.

    To be fair, we don’t know his motivation for certain yet, but it’s hard to ignore the obvious commonality in the victims, and if it’s as all are suspecting at this point, the shooter not only murdered 3 people in cold blood, but they sure didn’t seem like 3 terrorist suspects, did they?

    Again, IF it’s as we suspect, this nut is “helping” the cause of the right and the 2nd Am. like the Ferguson “protesters” who are helping the left by murdering random cops in retaliation. Like one of the victims ironically tweeted, I’m just SMH.

      • A despicable crime no matter who committed it, but from the PJ Media article, looks like he was definitely not in the tea party or conservative ranks:

        A review of the Facebook page of the man charged in these murders, Craig Hicks, shows a consistent theme of anti-religion and progressive causes. Included in his many Facebook “likes” are the Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Freedom from Religion Foundation, Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” Neil deGrasse Tyson, gay marriage groups, and a host of anti-conservative/Tea Party pages.

        Remarkably, one of the four Facebook groups he had joined was “Religious Tolerance.”

        The only thing missing were links to gun control groups…

        • I’ll have to keep this in mind if my “inclusive” atheist liberal friend out in California decides to pin this on “Tea Party Haters”.

    • We might have some idea of his motive. In the words of the alleged shooter himself:

      Hicks, the alleged shooter, frequently shared links about atheism on what appears to be his Facebook page. One such post reads: “People say nothing can solve the Middle East problem, not mediation, not arms, not financial aid. I say there is something. Atheism.

      (Cue the media and the left blaming it on the TEA party, Christianity, right-wing extremism, etc…)

      But motives shouldn’t matter; it was pre-meditated murder, and he should be charged, tried, convicted, and executed accordingly.

    • If he were simply intent on killing Muslims, then why would he only target one household? Why not go to a “muslim-student rally”? Or a mosque? Or keep killing after he killed these people?
      It seems these particular people were targeted for one reason or another.

    • “Well, we have a moral obligation to try to do the same. We have a loon element, too,”

      You are right, but I gather from your “tone” here that we DON’T try to do what we are asking the Muslims to do.

      But, where is the evidence for that? We call out and ‘condemn’ (figuratively and literally) criminals. No one here gives a murderer a pass because they are white/black/Christian/Jewish/male/female….whatever.

      We can debate til the cows come home whether a “shoot” is good or not, or police abuse, etc…but much of the time, those debates stem from lack of facts about the incident itself.

  4. … And yet, Muslims are one of the most infrequent victims of “hate crimes” in the US. (With the exception of “white” people who apparently can’t be victims of “hate crime”.)

    They need to work on that, I mean seriously, they are letting the Jews beat them again. [/sarc]

  5. The perp was a gun owner per his Facebook page. Wonder if he had a concealed handgun permit and how he passed the background check.

    • Probably, he had a photo that said something along the lines of he concealed carries not to kill people but to stop people from killing him. Along with a pic of a 38 revolver in a holster on a scale.

  6. No comment on this story until more details are available. However, it is likely statistically speaking that 3 (almost certainly black) people have been murdered in Chicago and a couple of others injured due to gun fire today. Never mind those injured with other weapons. And we won’t hear a damn thing about them in the MSM or anywhere else unless you go hunting for the information.

    Do Muslim lives matter more than “Black Lives Matter”? Of course not, but you wouldn’t know it by watching the news.

  7. You know it’s super serious when they assign a hash tag to a murder. This is when you need to pay attention unlike other run of the mill murders.

  8. Well if this left wing atheist nutters motive was because they were Muslim, is this not the religion of peace reaping what it has sown?

    • Um, no, because the three individual human being killed were in fact individual human beings and not avatars of the Muslim faith. And you should know better.

      • Big thumb’s up.

        See ’em as human being FIRST. Lot’s of “solutions” could start with THIS as the premise.

    • That story is interesting.

      At one point, it says the shooting was over an ongoing dispute over parking. A few paragraphs down, it says the police say the motive is unknown.

      I did notice this comment, which stood out from the ones offering condolences and prayers:

      Bruce Lightner · Top Commenter · Shaw University
      I remember a few months ago I predicted that one day soon there would be numerous gun killings in the Triangle and simply asked for more laws restricting so many guns in society. I was called everything imaginable by the gun nuts. Maybe, just maybe, this tragic shooting will resonate with sensible people.

      Shall we pray.

      Neighbor BELO”

  9. Prediction:

    Shooter was an aetheist, this will go nowhere.

    If he was a Christian it would be all over the news.

    Condolences to the family and those killed.

  10. From the Washington Post:

    Police said initial investigation suggested that the issue stemmed from an argument over parking.

  11. I agree murder is murder and this act was completely wrong.

    One irony, though, is a statement made by Anjem Choudary, the radical imam who posted an editorial in USA today after the Charlie Hebdo attack. He said to the effect that if non-Muslims continue to show disrespect for Islamic values and Sharia Law, “many will take the law into their own hands, as we often see.” He essentially blamed Western governments for the Hebdo attacks because they allow public disrespect for “The Prophet.”

    Okey dokey. Let’s turn that argument around. If radical Islamists continue to show disrespect for American values, with American citizens and/or on American soil, to use his words, “many will take the law into their own hands, as we often see.” I think Americans have been amazingly patient with this ISIS BS so far. I think we are not far away from some serious vigilantism. I don’t condone that, but I understand it.

  12. You guys are no fun. I want to hear more about this “couple” and “THEIR sister””. I suspect polygamy.

  13. Killer was sick, but the comments in this thread aren’t much better.

    But hey, if you want all gun owners painted with the same Islamophobic, murderous brush, than good for you.

    I’d rather hang onto my humanity.

    • First, welcome to the internet. Make sure you buckle your seat belts, because it can be a bumpy ride.

      Second, I don’t equate anonymous comments that you perceive to be wrong only a little much better then what the Killer did to these three students.

      Looks like you lost your perspective on humanity when you almost try to equate speech to murder.

    • “Killer was sick, but the comments in this thread aren’t much better.”

      Sorry, but which “the comments” are you referring to, specifically?

      I find it incredibly ironic your comment is slamming painting with broad brush and in your basis for doing so is exactly an over generalization of the comments in this thread.

    • I’ve only seen one or two anti-muslim comments here. The vast majority seem to agree murder is murder, regardless of the victim.

  14. the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page proclaims, intimating that anyone who claims to be a “Good Guy with a Gun” is a potential murderer


    All law enforcement agebts officers and elected and armed forces personnel are either potential murderers.


    Are not good guys.

    You decide

  15. I am a muslim and I carry concealed but I unfortunately can’t carry into my mosque in Texas because of the ban on carry in houses of worship. Hopefully Gov. Abbott can work to change that so that I can protect myself everywhere I go.

  16. As much as it is tempting to shout that it was over religion, the court of law will answer the question definitively.

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