BREAKING: NSSF Announces Cancellation of SHOT Show 2021

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Despite the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s determination to hold the 2021 SHOT Show in January, the imposed restrictions and difficulties involved in gathering most of the firearms industry in once place during a pandemic were, in the end, simply unworkable.

The NSSF has just released the following announcement from President Joe Bartozzi:

Due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the world, NSSF, the firearm industry trade association, today makes the difficult announcement that the 2021 SHOT Show has been cancelled.

NSSF has remained in constant communication with Nevada officials throughout the year in our planning for the 2021 show. While there has been a concerted effort to expand the allowable levels for large gatherings by the county and state, with positivity rates peaking during our key planning period we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 show. Sadly, these spikes are currently transpiring worldwide.

Given the sheer complexities, diminishing timeline and immense logistical planning required to conduct a trade show as large as SHOT, NSSF simply could not move forward at this point with so many unknowns and variables. We truly appreciate the guidance of Nevada and Las Vegas officials in allowing us to communicate this news to our exhibitors and attendees well in advance of the show. We would also like to thank the Sands directly for their help and efforts to navigate this unprecedented situation.

The planning and work that has gone into the 2021 SHOT Show has been nothing short of remarkable. Since the pandemic began in early 2020, the NSSF staff and our show partners have been working around the clock to plan our largest show in history while keeping the health and safety of all involved as paramount.

The support of our show exhibitors this year has also been nothing short of remarkable. With three months to go until the show, floor space for both the Sands Expo Center and our expansion to the new Caesars Forum was nearly sold out, with more companies than ever before represented at the SHOT Show.

All of this positions us for a 2022 SHOT Show that will be undoubtably the best in our industry’s history, and we look forward to bringing our entire community together again at a show that will be one to remember.


During the coming year, NSSF asks for our industry’s unwavering support as we continue our fight to promote, protect and preserve our industry in these unsettling times.

Throughout this year, NSSF has remained at the forefront for our industry. As thousands of businesses across the country were shuttered as being “non-essential” during the pandemic, NSSF worked nonstop to have firearm retailers, ranges, manufacturers and distributors listed as “essential” which allowed them to remain open for business.

NSSF is your trade association. Everything we do—from education, safety initiatives, compliance and security resources, import/export guidance, consumer activation initiatives, government relations, and the SHOT Show—is aimed at helping businesses in our industry succeed. Now, more than ever, we need your continued support.


  1. avatar StLPro2A says:

    Why don’t they do a virtual show? Zoom meetings continuously looping for each company. Attendee tunes in to the companies of interest….just like walking the typical show floor……..without the tired dogs. Even with the Zoom communications costs, it would be a Hell less costly than the traditional show……and no feather bedding rip off union demands for set up/breakdown.

    1. avatar gus says:

      yep. first thing that comes to mind.

  2. avatar NORDNEG says:


    “””FREE KYLE”””

    1. avatar red wolf says:

      Does typing this whole “free Kyle” crap make you Trumpbillies feel better?

      Hope so, because it’s having precisely zero impact in the real world, where it counts.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        nordnegs tendrils of influence cast a wide net.
        let that boy go.

      2. avatar madmax3.6 says:

        Red wolf”Yuh mudda cunt”!!!!

  3. avatar MB (the real MB) says:

    Seems like the PlanDemic will be going on for a while (at least until Jan 20, 2024 when DJT leaves office) So many people and businesses complicit in perpetuation of the scam. Meanwhile, the CDC is no longer collecting data on flu… wonder why? Because there is none, it’s all COVID-19

    “Due to the impact of COVID-19 on ILI surveillance, and the fact that the state and territorial epidemiologists report relies heavily on ILI activity, reporting for this system will be suspended for the 2020-21 influenza season. Data from previous seasons is available on FluView Interactive.”

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      You didn’t hear? Trump will REFUSE to leave!

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        A damn good thing the SCOTUS is at least not hostile to election result challenges, thanks to ACB…

        1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          And we have *this*… :

          “Walmart Reverses: Puts Guns/Ammo Back On Store Shelves”

          “After civil unrest earlier this week resulted in damage to several of our stores, consistent with actions we took over the summer, we asked stores to move firearms and ammunition from the sales floor to a secure location in the back of the store in an abundance of caution. As the current incidents have remained geographically isolated, we have made the decision to begin returning these products to the sales floor today.”

        2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          can you imagine the groans when you tell them to “move that whole pile of lead back to where it was?
          how long ya had a weak back?

        3. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          Irrelevant – There hasn’t been any ammo in WalMart since March…

    2. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

      And now European countries are shutting down again, damaging their economies, all just to make Trump look bad….

      1. avatar Miner49er says:

        Wow, this democrat hoax pandemic is international in scope!

        How much are the Bidens paying Europe to shut their economies down, must be trillions!

        Everybody knows that a quarter of a million dead Americans is really “almost nothing“, just ask Junior:

        “In a Fox News interview Thursday, a day in which Johns Hopkins reported nearly 1,000 people died of COVID-19 and 90,000 people were newly infected, Donald Trump Jr. wrongly stated that the rate of COVID-19 deaths have declined to “almost nothing.”
        Trump Jr. said during an episode of “The Ingraham Angle” that he “went through the CDC data” and incorrectly claimed the number of COVID-19 deaths has significantly declined.
        “Oh, because the number is almost nothing,” he told host Laura Ingraham. “Because we’ve gotten control of this thing, we understand how it works. They have the therapeutics to be able to deal with this.”

        Wow, 1000 dead Americans every day, what a body count!

        The Vietcong and regular NVA never achieved that during Vietnam, this Trump is a great war time president.

        For the enemy.

        1. avatar Jordan says:

          when you look at how many people are in this country, that number is next to nothing. the survival rate for this disease is 99.9%. That’s a fact. people die every day in the thousands from various causes (drugs, obesity, suicide) and we do nothing. As a society we barely even acknowledge it. Don’t be a sheep. Wake up. this is all about more government control.

  4. avatar former water walker says:

    Oh well…showcasing guns,ammo & gear we can’t get. Join the club!

  5. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

    Does anyone know how much (if any) the ammo manufacturers jack up their sale prices in times like these?

    1. avatar Mark says:

      It seems the manufacturers know that a lot of people will pay the price they demand in ‘times like these’. The manufacturers can then cut their costs; cut production, cut labor, and then charge 3-4-5 times the cost per round from less than a year ago to make up for the production/volume cuts.

  6. avatar Danny says:

    Y’know guys, I’m starting to wonder if it was really such a great idea to entrust our Second Amendment rights and the well-being of our nation to a guy who thinks thinks that Rosie O’Donnell is a bigger problem than chlorine gas attacks on refugee camps.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      Are you stoned, or simply stupid Danny?

      Trump’s conservative picks for the SCOTUS insure that at the least, our 2A rights won’t be stomped on by Leftist scum.

      Or do believe 3 SCOTUS picks by Hillary would expand gun rights?

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        “Are you stoned, or simply stupid Danny?”

        I’m betting on both.

        1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

          With Leftards,both.

        2. avatar Johnny says:

          I’m with Ralph,

          Are you stoned, or simply stupid Danny?”

          I’m betting on both.

    2. avatar MAGA FOR 1000 YEARS!!! says:

      President Trump’s heroism in ‘Nam, coupled with the fact he’s a morally upstanding self made man, make him worthy of our collective awe, deference and respect!

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Nah, we just do it to p!ss you off. And it looks like it’s working.

  7. avatar Ranger Rick says:

    This is a real bummer, I was looking forward to this all year.

  8. avatar Stateisevil says:

    Because of Scamdemic?

    1. avatar Miner49er says:

      Wow, even the gun manufacturers in on the conspiracy to make Trump look bad.

  9. avatar D says:

    I have attended shot for 15 years but no way was I going to the 2021 show

    1. avatar Chris says:

      Why? Scared of a lil flu?

      1. avatar D says:

        Stop being an idiot, just stop

        1. avatar Moodock says:

          Stop being a little bitch, just stop

  10. avatar Chris says:

    99.8% recovery rate. Had covid in may, lasted 4-5 days just felt weak nothing more. I’m 50, i smoke a pack of cigs a day, I’m 285lbs and I eat.
    But I get it, they’re trying to shut down the world so economies collapse. No surprise they stopped shot this time around. Living scared ain’t living at all.

    1. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

      Well, if you personally survived it, nothing to worry about then.

      0.2% is only about 650,000 deaths; even with the greater number of permanent disabilities, nothing to be concerned about.🙄

      1. avatar Moodock says:

        Considering over 2 million people would have died in this country of normal natural causes in a non pandemic year during the time that this pandemic has been in action I would absolutely consider it to be reasonable to say don’t stop the world over .2 percent of folks. 7500 people a day in the US die, just die on every day that ends in y. If you think non of those deaths overlap with covid deaths than your an idiot. Get a grip. Lots of people die from lots of reason all the time. We all have a MUCH greater chance of dieing from heart disease than Covid.

  11. avatar TruthTellers says:

    I doubt there were going to be many new products introduced anyway.

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      As they are too busy selling everything they currently producing.

  12. avatar Anon says:

    Truth tellers: You are correct! Deploy new products when they are needed, wait til the rush is over, which will be years, then announce an amazing nuclear bullet that disappears 5 minutes are it hits it’s target.

    People in the gun industry are not stupid (except for politicians and regulators)!

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    It’s sad that we’re all going to miss out on the guns and ammo that are completely unavailable and will never be seen in the wild. Oh, well. At least the Unicorn Festival at Brigadoon hasn’t been canceled.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      where do they get their virgins?

  14. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    If it had taken place the Leftards would have had their panties in a bunch and claimed it was a super spreader event by the firearms industry.

  15. avatar Don from CT says:

    What will all the Hookers do??

  16. avatar Rman says:

    Guessing this is more to do with Nevada regs. SCI cancelled too. My understanding is the state is only allowing up to 2,500 people under one roof for conventions. Wouldnt even cover the exhibitors at SHOT

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