The NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox at this year's Indy NRA Annual Meeting and Convention. Photo via NRA-ILA Facebook page.
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This just in. The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action’s executive director Chris Cox has resigned today.

ABC News has the story

A high-ranking leader of the NRA has resigned amid growing turmoil in the gun group.

Chris Cox has stepped down from his post as the NRA’s chief lobbyist and principal political strategist for the Institute for Legislative Action – the lobbying arm for the NRA, according to Andrew Arulanandum, the NRA’s managing director for public affairs.

Neither the NRA nor Cox have released a statement about his resignation or confirmed any details as to what prompted the move.

Bloomberg had it as well. No glee at Bloomberg, no, siree!

The National Rifle Association’s embattled top lobbyist has resigned after being accused of seeking to overthrow the group’s leader, a person familiar with the matter said.

Chris Cox, the NRA’s No. 2 official and its liaison to elected officials, has served in the role since 2002. He oversaw the $33 million budget of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and co-chairs President Donald Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition with the president’s son, Donald Jr.

As a member of that Second Amendment Coalition, I’m sure the mention of this is to tie Cox to Trump.  Because Trump Derangement Syndrome.

And the Huffington Post can barely contain themselves as well.

The National Rifle Association’s second-in-command has resigned in the wake of a lawsuit alleging he helped plot a coup attempt against the gun group’s chief executive, Wayne LaPierre.

Chrix Cox, the NRA’s chief lobbyist, was previously suspended following a lawsuit filed last week accusing him of engaging with the group’s former president, Oliver North, to oust LaPierre. The scheme backfired, with North forced out of his position and lawsuits flying ever since.

Frankly, I’m surprised the Trace hasn’t put on their blood-dancing shoes at the news of Cox’s resignation. But the day is still young.

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  1. Too bad Wayne LaPierre and Marion Hammer aren’t going anywhere, and won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

    • Amen but at least one turd is gone. Maybe now he can go push red flag laws for Bloomberg.

    • They still have a ton of garbage to haul out,starting with Wayne,Marion and the entire Board Of Directors,stars included ,all of them Gone.

  2. Is it just me or is LTC (ret) North bad juju when it comes to conspiracies, coups and rebellions (no matter how justified they are).

    • The board is powerless to do anything about him. I’m pretty sure at this point Wayne’s elections are the equivalent of Soviet elections.

    • The nominating committee only nominated Wayne and refused to nominate North (or others) after Wayne said North black mailed him. Wayne was the only candidate. Hence why they said it was an unanimous victory for Wayne.

      The NRA is absolutely corrupt. Political type corruption, which is legal in the United States as long as you play by the rules. They can keep doing what they do as long as the government allows it because the people can’t do a thing themselves to change them they can only withhold money. The Democrats can’t change the NRA and the Republicans can’t change the NRA. Only money or jack-booted thugs change the NRA.

  3. Anybody who thinks Wayne and/or Marion need to go, must go.
    Because the LaHammer show isn’t going away until they decide to leave or the NRA ceases to exist.

    On the bright side, Chris has almost as much wrong with him as Wayne does, so although it’s far short of a clean sweep, at least the broom picked up one dust bunny.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks a whole lot of good guys are getting forced out of the gun rights fight while LaPierre circles the wagons not to protect gun rights and the NRA organization, but to protect his job, his cronies and his platinum-plated pension?

    • John, that’s my thoughts. It seems wayne isn’t focused on the mission of the NRA but rather keeping his position and power. This has the feeling of a member of congress from a very safe district who becomes drunk with power and becomes corrupt.

      Wayne should go.

    • There should be limits on how long the NRA’s exec’s can serve. If they were term limited, they could not become as corrupt and would not have the power to put their cronies in place to protect them.

      • I totally agree. With over 5 million members the organization will survive with fresh ideas and new officers. We all can see what stagnant people in charge leads to. Look at the career political hacks in Washington.

    • I’m thinking the same thing. If in point of fact he cared about the mission and the organization we would know exactly what happened in detail. He is sandbagging us all. The Board needs to stand up. Now.

  5. This is certainly NOT the time to be dividing NRA members into factions. I hope the NRA leadership will move forward with a strategy to bring the factions together…whatever that takes! Bloomberg alone has pledged $500M to getting more Dems elected in 2020. And we all know they will bring their anti-2nd Amendment policies with them.

    • Was it time when they tepidly supported red flag laws? Was it time when they inferred that bump stocks could/should be banned?

      I’ve been a member of the NRA for a LONG time. Each time one of these divisive moments happens, I cringe and hope that they do better, or that there was a bigger plan in play. But it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them come straight out and defend our rights, unquestionably. If they aren’t willing to do that, then they are part of the problem.

      Now there PROBABLY needs to be some caution taken by all of us…how much of the news do you trust is coming from an objective source? Whether valid or not, you are going to hear far more negative about the NRA than you will positive, any hint of turmoil is going to be latched onto. Obviously with people leaving as they are, something is definitely up, but I’m certainly not putting stock in the MSM’s reporting to decide what is going on.

      • The propagandists are not forced to load their guns with blanks when the NRA and its members give them depleted uranium rounds to use. All they have to do is point and shoot. They don’t have to make up stories, they just post NRA announcements and documents. The NRA is destroying itself intentionally.

        You have to ask yourself: why would a former Democratic legislative aid take over the NRA and destroy it from within right when people are trying to make it effective at wining battles against the gun grabbers? Why would some guy who used to help Democrats in the past be helping Democrats right now?

  6. So now La Pierre is the undisputed and all powerful ruler of the Kingdom of Nothinlandia! Pretty much he’s in the same boat as I have the same title as the ruler of my Homelandia too.

  7. NRA has some s’plainin to do. The importance of the NRA is critical to support of the 2nd Amendment and gun rights, but when a guy like Cris Cox—who is himself pretty damned important—leaves I have to wonder what the hell is going on. I’m with Hickock45 on this. I’ll continue to see the need for the NRA but the NRA needs to recognize the need of it’s members to have a forthright, warts and all, discussion of what has happened. Being opaque, attempting to paper over the cracks and claim that all is well ain’t going to cut it.

    • Totally agree. My snail-mail delivered plea for money came yesterday, but
      it had no explanation of what is going on. If someone like Hickok45 is being
      stonewalled, an insignificant schlep like me ain’t gonna know nothin’…

    • What will speak volumes is where he will eventually surface.

      If he really was in it for the good fight, a major gun group will snap him up *fast*…

  8. So far the President has done almost ZERO for gun owners. (The “almost” is the court appointments and the jury is WWWAAAYYY out on those yet). In every other way he has told gun owners he’s saving the Second Amendment with selective bans and erpo’s and F**k Off!

    Seems the NRA will be Too busy covering their own asses in 2020 to have much concern for anything but fundraising to cover lawsuits and expense accounts.

    Has it been the plan all along to take gun owners for granted and for a ride? Are erpo’s the wave of future incremental national disarmament? How STUPID are we? Really………

    Not voting lesser evil. If there is to be a war,let it be in My lifetime that my children will live in Peace. We are years past the time to start killing commies (repeat criminals and bums)

    I want to see some real second amendment action or we might as well smokem peace pipe with pocahontus

    Trump may be the best most effective president ever and he also may be the wolf in sheeps clothing that screws us for decades.

    Are we just being played? Are we so needy AND stupid that we’ll fall for anything if you just please say you’ll allow us some of our rights?????? ( No proof required)

    ‘F the dems of course, but ‘F the republicans just as much……….and the NRA………all proving to be solid, self interested traitor enemies


  9. As a member of that Second Amendment Coalition, I’m sure the mention of this is to tie Cox to Trump. Because Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  10. Yet they fail to fire the biggest criminal thief Wayne pee pee la-pew pew.

    Wayne has given us gun control.

    This guy (Greg Pruett) link below went to Washington DC RECENTLY and knocked on doors of Senators and Congress offices and was delivering petitions to fight gun control & Red Flag Laws and asked them to fight for gun rights …and guess what….the office workers said NO ONE HAD EVER BEEN THERE TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT GUN RIGHTS…ONLY ANTI-GUNNERS…..THANKS NRA UR LOBBYIST GET PAID TO STAY HOME!!

    (Greg Pruett) an activist for gun rights and also helps the American Firearms Coalition with their efforts. Give him a follow on Social Media!

    • Which congresscritters? The NRA spends its resources influencing swing votes – more effective use of resources that way.

      The NRA has been effective. LaPierre has been effective. Cox has also been effective, just got himself involved with North who is a manipulator.

      Beware of anyone trying to undercut the NRA. That’s exactly what the anti-gunners want. I will continue to contribute to NRA, ILA, and PVF. Without the NRA, we’d have lost our freedom a long time ago, like the British and Australians.

      Besides, LaPierre needs to meet with bigwigs. He needs nice suits for that. That’s part of the job, and the suits are his uniforms. Let him have his suits. He’s been effective. He deserves it.

  11. You sure you want to go touting your membership on Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition, Boch?

    I mean, it’s been nearly three years, and so far Obama is way outpacing Trump when it comes to expanding gun rights. Trump and the Republicans have done quite the opposite, in fact.

    Maybe you would like to write an article about *that* for TTAG instead of just snarky EDC descriptions.

    • LOL! Obama expanded gun right? Not sure where you’re from, but smoking marijuana – even if legal under local laws – is still a federal crime if you have guns.

      • This is what is known as a “tar baby” ladies and gentlemen. It’s not a racist term, it is a reference to literature. Look it up if you aren’t familiar.

        He wants me to indignantly tell him about the things he already knows about (carry in Natl Parks, carry on Amtrak, etc) so that he can talk about the things he considers negating factors (import ban, talking about banning M855 but not doing it, etc) then we are off to the races, getting lost in the minutiae of actions of a former President instead of the real issue:

        What has your Commission accomplished, and why has Trump retarded gun rights instead of expanding them?

        • “What has your Commission accomplished, and why has Trump retarded gun rights instead of expanding them?”

          64 dimensional chess dontcha know.

      • It’s hyperbole.

        Obama was the greatest gun, ammo and accessory salesman America has had since WWII. He scared all the weak minded people into buying a lot of guns and ammo. He armed a lot of Americans with his words. He “gave” us bump fire stocks, arm braces and binary triggers. He made people show up at 2A rallies, open carry, etc. He unified gun owners with a simple speech or remark. He made many gun companies profitable. Even the Democrats will acknowledge that is what his rhetoric did; it’s in the numbers.

        Trump has done the opposite to gun owners and 2A advocates. He pacified them. He made them weak. Then he attacked them with gun control.

        Trump is a snake in the grass.

        • Yeah, I have told Urijah many times: he needs to recognize who’s with him and who’s against him.

          It’s time to realize what’s up.

          Loyalty is a strong thing for me and I respect loyalty a lot, but I absolutely despise people who are disloyal. People who bite the hand that feeds them. I cannot relate to that in anyway, shape or form.

          I certainly feel TJ is a little snake in the grass. You know? He is in here for his own benefit. So, I simply told that to him and… I mean… The truth can hurt.

  12. Still getting solicitations on an almost daily basis from the NRA. Haven’t seen a single announcement regarding leadership changes. Guess that shows whats important to them.

    • Yeah, even though already a member, I’m getting constant solicitation emails from the NRA. I’m not giving anymore until they come clean with what is going on. The question then becomes, who’s gonna do the coming clean?

  13. I will give credit where no one else will because he deserves it. Chris Cox running the nra-ila was responsible for ending gun restrictions in several public housing projects in the United States. He brought civil rights freedom to those residents.

    Many of whom were black. But regardless of the residence race they deserved to have their civil rights protected. Thank you Chris Cox for doing that. And now sir it’s time for you to leave and go on to do great things somewhere else.
    Don’t let the door hit you in your backside.

  14. I financially supported Trump’s campaign, and voted for him. I also worked hard to get the vote out in my area. After witnessing his continuous lies on issue after issue, (specially the second amendment) I simply can’t vote for the man again. I’m going to be sitting the 2020 election out, unless we get an actual Pro Constitution Candidate. No more wasting votes, I’m too old and I’m tired of the lies from all politicians. Trump ran as a strong Pro 2A candidate and this idiot (me) believed him. Shame on me. He also talked about immigration a ton, along with tariffs. Those were some of his key issues. He’s failed miserably on those 3. And now, he’s talking about suppressors. I can’t even own one here in Illinois, but it’s still maddening.
    We had both houses of congress and The White House for 2 full years. Where the heck did National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act go? I’ll tell you where, nowhere.
    Thanks President Trump. Thanks NRA.

    • Trump told Republicans not to submit the permission slip bill and the suppressor bill. Instead he asked them to stop being afraid of the NRA and pass gun control. Next thing you know the Republicans are passing gun confiscation powers for police (in 17 states as of now).

      He is one loyal man. A great American patriot. The best Republican president ever.

    • Sooo, who ya gonna vote four, Beto or anyone in the Demonrat Socialist Party…yes I’m pissed off at the NRA and Donald Trump isn’t the perfect person, butt ya gotta live in the real world.

      • The real world is fraught with deceit…is that the real world you talk about? The real world also has the rest of the world laying bare, no 2nd Amendment in its Constitutions…

        The signs are clear…man up, arm up…stand up, for what you believe in. The rest are just empty actions followed by hollowed out words.

        People lack conviction today.

  15. I wonder if Cox is setting himself up to be the NRA’s white knight. He didn’t have to resign, and he may have given up guaranteed severance income (1of 4 NRA officers to get it). Maybe he got out so he stays clean, and then can come back to replace LaPierre after all the investigations and lawsuits are settled. I don’t know the severance details. On the cynical side, maybe he quit so he couldn’t be fired for cause and lose his severance.

    • true,..but these issues need to be discussed openly when more discreet measures fail to rectify the situation….

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